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Topic: Essa Rios

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  essa rios and lita   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Using an aerial attack, the high-flyer decimated the former Duane Gill, and following the match, Lita showed the world that she had skills as well after hitting a moonsault to finish off the fallen opponent.
Essa Rios is an aerial wizard who strikes with deadly accuracy.
Only time will tell how far the aerial attack of Essa Rios and Lita will take them.
mike.wrestling.tripod.com /rios.html   (110 words)

  Mr. Águila - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is best known for his work in the World Wrestling Federation as Essa Ríos and for his work for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, CMLL and AAA as Mr.
He debuted in the WWF on the November 3, 1997 episode of Raw is War as part of its newly relaunched Light Heavyweight division at the age of 18, wrestling under the names Águila and Papi Chulo.
During his time as Essa Ríos, he was managed by Lita who would often repeat Ríos's finishing moves on wrestlers he had just beaten after a match.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Essa_Rios   (460 words)

 Hire Back Essa Rios Petition
Essa Rios was easily one of the most talented, exciting, and fun-to-watch young superstars in the WWF, always garnering big pops when he entered for his matches.
Essa was seriously under-utilised, being kept on Metal and Heat, yet he still managed to have some great matches, managing to take what would seem like a shambles, and turn it into a memorable match.
The Hire Back Essa Rios Petition to The World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon was created by The Fans of Essa rios and written by Chris Skillicorn.
www.petitiononline.com /hbESnow/petition.html   (323 words)

 WWF Metal/Jakked Report 9-2-01
Armbar applied by Rios, Essa Rios backed up on the ropes, hard shoulders to the mid section of Essa, followed by a right hand, Kanyon whips Rios across the ring, backdrop from Kanyon, Rios lands on his feet, Kanyon sent to the outside.
Essa Rios hits a powerbomb from the top turnbuckle to Kanyon giving Essa the advantage, both men stagger to there feet.
Essa uses the ropes as a springboard, twist mid air with Kanyon's arm locked, hits the mat and ends up executing a powerslam.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/articles/99945558871481.html   (1199 words)

 2000 Updates - Lita
Essa, who was seconded to the ring by his valet Lita, wowed the crowd with numerous high-flying maneuvers.
Essa finished Joey off with his signature moonsault while Lita followed up with the same maneuver which almost missed Joey who was laid out in the middle of the ring.
Chyna gave Essa Rios a second chance to team with Eddie Guerrero, this time against the Dudley Boyz, before warning Lita not to screw up like she did on RAW (Guerrero was in a good mood after passing his GED test).
www.owow.com /RingsideWith/Lita/00Update.htm   (8718 words)

 Arts of Gratitude!
Essa finally got in his Moonsault and pinned Bull for the one two three….The Boss Man rushed in and hit Essa in the back with his nightstick and so began the double teaming….Eddie Guerrero the appeared through the crowd and threw Lita into the steel steps and aided Boss Man and Bull in their attack.
We has come to Essa Rios’ aid because he was our companion and had taken a huge risk to save Jeff…We were grateful for that and that my dear JR…Is why we came to his aid…If you ever have the time to ask…We’ll explain it to you.
Essa went for Bull…It wasn’t until I heard the gong that I knew that we were in deep trouble.
members.tripod.com /kcfic/id126.htm   (17409 words)

 IGN: WWF No Mercy Reader Heat
Essa Rios is one of the best high flyers I have ever seen, he is very capable of getting to the European belt level, but like Perry Saturn he is being held down.
All Essa needs is a gimmick, I think the best thing he could do is team up with Eddy Guerro and become the new tag champs with a funny tag team name like Latino Heat Extreme or something.
Essa brings back the good ol' Lucador style of wrestling with all his highly gymnastic moves (like the move where he jumps on the top rope, drops to his ass, bounces back to his feet facing the other way).
ign64.ign.com /articles/086/086648p1.html   (829 words)

 ProWrestling.com > Fantasy > WWF Monday Night RAW
Essa Rios climbs to the top turnbuckle and once Chavo Guerrero is up, he look’s for a double axe handle, but Chavo dropkick’s Essa in the stomach, while he was coming down and Rios stumbles into the ropes.
Essa Rios irish whip’s Red into the ropes, but showing his amazing talent, Red comes off the ropes with a spinning heel kick, that sends Essa over the third rope and onto the ring apron.
Essa climbs into the ring and is put down by a arm drag, Rios is quickly up to his feet and shoulder block’s Red down, he goes for a short moonsault but Red is now up and, Essa hits the mat.
www.prowrestling.com /articles/fantasy/625.shtml   (10355 words)

 WWF Jakked/Metal Results
Essa and Sean lock up, Sean shoots of the ropes and Essa with a few reversals before Essa clotheslines Sean to the outside.
Essa Rios then hits a somersault leg drop over the turnbuckle to the outside.
Essa its a northern lights suplex and a moonsault and gets a 3 count from the cover to win the match up.
www.lordsofpain.net /news/articles/99279369482661.html   (616 words)

 PowerWrestling.com - Pro Wrestling News, Profiles, Results & More!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Essa tosses Eddie to the outside of the ring and then he goes for a high cross body, but Eddie side steps him and Essa lands on the arena floor.
Essa Rios jumps on Eddie Guerrero on the outside of the ring with a spring board moon sault.
Essa Rios goes for a moon sault from the top rope, but Eddie gets his legs up and drives them into the mid section of Essa Rios as he lands.
www.powerwrestling.com /reports/results/2000/april/backlash00.shtml   (5904 words)

 Essa - Made in Palestine -Mervat Essa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Essa Salmon Festival and Riverbank Salmon Derby is held annually the second weekend in September.
ESSA is a non-profit association established to support ESS volunteers and communities in British Columbia in the development and maintenance of their
Mervat Essa lives in a small town in northern Israel not far from the town in which her grandmother lived until Al Nakba.
infoseeknow.com /ifsn/essa.htm   (383 words)

 Duane Gill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gill made one last appearance in WWF using the "Gillberg" gimmick on a February 2000 edition of Sunday Night HEAT, dropping the title to Essa Rios in a very short match.
After his victory, Rios signaled his partner Lita (in her television debut) to hit a moonsault on the prone Gill.
Gill was scheduled to participate in the Gimmick Battle Royal at WrestleMania X-Seven in 2001, but was not used in the match for fear that the crowd would begin to chant for Goldberg as the WWF had just acquired WCW the preceding Monday, and fans were anticipating appearances by WCW wrestlers during the event.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Duane_Gill   (609 words)

 Essa Rios - Review - WWF Essa Rios   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Essa Rios comes to mind as a great performer but he is held down in the WWF For two reasons, his size and his lack of mic skills.
He then came in as Essa Rios and upon his debut on HeAt scored the Lightheavyweight title win over current parody champ " Gillberg " So all was looking good with Lita by his side they were making a fairly good impact.
Essa is a small man and is great at performing high risk - high flying moves.
www.ciao.co.uk /Essa_Rios__Review_5146183   (307 words)

 ProWrestling.com > Fantasy > RFI- WWF Armageddon
Essa Rios “helps” the Man of 1,000 holds up and look’s to suplex him but Dean blocks it and comes back with a snap suplex, looking for another cover, One…two…Thr, Essa kicks out.
Essa Rios counters sending the Iceman over his back and to the canvas, Essa has a bridge over him, One…Two…Thre, Dean kicks out at the nick of time.
Essa Rios is out cold and has no other option but to submit to the move.
www.prowrestling.com /articles/fantasy/638.shtml   (11849 words)

 História de Curitiba Paraná - Fotos e Dados Históricos
Essa expedição bandeirante partiu de Cananéia em busca de ouro e prata na região dos Incas, seguindo uma trilha indígena que passava pelos arredores da atual cidade de Ponta Grossa.
Em meados do século 16, surgiram as primeiras informações da existência de minas de ouro nos campos de Curitiba, atraindo os primeiros garimpeiros para a região.
No início do século 18, caravanas de tropeiros abriram o caminho para o transporte de gado desde o Rio Grande do Sul, até a baixada paulista e os campos de Minas Gerais.
www.curitiba-parana.com /historia-fatos-historicos.htm   (3091 words)

 Essa Rios Net: Your #1 Source for Essa Rios
Essa Rios Net: Your #1 Source for Essa Rios
Aguila was on AAA Sunday and fought in a 8-Man Match.
- Also, if you would like to be one of Essa Rios Net's affiliate E-Mail Me - If you have any Pictures, Information or anything else that is related to Essa Rios please send it to me. Starwrestler@peoplepc.com
www.angelfire.com /biz6/essarios   (67 words)

 WWF Heat - 02/11/01
The (re)debuting Essa Rios (w/the debuting Lita) run out and squash the ever loving crap out of him, to win the title.
Essa Rios (fl and red-purple No Destiny) vs 3 Days Ago On Smackdown - Hey, Essa wearing the same tights in that shot.
And Essa, congratulations, because after tonight, you will have the honor of telling your future illegitimate grand children you lost to the very best.
www.geocities.com /thecubsfan/misc/20010211heat.htm   (2190 words)

Essa Rios (the former Papi Chulo) accepted, and was accompanied to the ring by Lita.
The next night on Raw, Essa Rios was victorious over Crash Holly after Lita delievered a hurricanrana from the ring steps.
Essa became very angry and delivered a powerbomb and moonsault to his valet.
www.accelerator3359.com /Wrestling/bios/lita.html   (1146 words)

March 17, 2001: Crash Holly defeated Scoot Andrews...Kaientai defeated Frank Kazarian and Keiji Sakota...Grandmaster Sexay defeated Essa Rios.
June 16, 2001: Essa Rios defeated Sean Evans...Raven defeated Brad Hunter...K-Kwik and Jacqueline defeated Haku and Ivory...Jerry Lynn defeated Taka Michinoku.
June 30, 2001: K-Kwik defeated The Inferno Kid...Raven defeated Low-Ki...Jerry Lynn defeated Essa Rios...Crash Holly and Hardcore Holly defeated Kaientai.
groups.msn.com /wwerulezzz/jakked2001.msnw   (1107 words)

 CRZ.net [slash] Wrestling [slash] Jakked [slash] 26 February 2000
Rios does some flippy cartwheeling stuff to avoid Abs, and connects with a spinning heel kick.
Rios regains control and lands a swinging 'rana from the top, and finishes things with a moonsault press to put away Abs at
I was seriously amazed that a WWF women's match would be the one to have the rollups I've never seen before, with Essa Rios, Joey Abs, and Shoichi Funaki on the same show.
slashwrestling.com /jakked/0002261.html   (862 words)

 Piper vs. Carlito in WWC, ECW One Night Stand ad and Essa Rios rumor
Rios had a run in WWE from 1997 to December of 2001 until being released by the company.
There still remains no word on how accurate this article is, although many rumors have been making the rounds that Rios and Juventud Guerrera were possibly coming to WWE after Psicosis and Super Crazy were recently signed to contracts with the company.
Many of these lucha stars are scheduled to debut later this year in what looks to be preparation for the new deal WWE signed with Telemundo, although original reports stated the only WWE programming on the channel would be spanish versions of RAW every week.
www.wrestleview.com /news2005/1115535244.shtml   (349 words)

 raven > match results > august 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Essa with a dropkick, followed with a clothesline that sends Raven outside.
Essa hits the slingshot crossbody onto Raven below.Back in the ring, Essa throws Raven into the turnbuckle and goes for the hurricanrana, but Raven blocks it and sends him down.
Raven grabs the prone Essa and the Raven Effect impales Essa for the 3 count.
www.theraveneffect.com /results/activity36.html   (2604 words)

 WWE: Inside WWE > Title History > Light Heavyweight > 20000210 - Essa Rios
When Essa Rios defeated Gillberg for the Light Heavyweight Championship in February 2000, many thought Rios would be the future of the exciting division.
Rios, however, lost the championship to Dean Malenko a little more than a month later.
U.S. law may be different than the law of your home country.
www.wwe.com /inside/titlehistory/lightheavyweight/357168   (170 words)

 Wrestling1.com, #1 Resource for WWF Wrestling News, Wallpaper, Themes, Screensavers, merchandise
Essa Rios is on his way to the ring, and he does not have Lita with him as he usually would as they split apart recently.
Essa Rios fights back with some elbows, and then he gives Saturn a drop kick.
Essa grabs Saturn by the arm and gives him an arm drag and then he gives him a power slam into a pin for a two count.
www.wrestling1.com /news135.html   (2011 words)

 Fantasy Wrestling · World Wrestling Federation
Essa Rios then says, "I heard that Juventud Guerrera has just signed a 5 year contract with World Wrestling Federation.
Essa Rios then says, "I see you won your new title, well I just talked to Vince and Shane McMahon and they said I will face you at Wrestlemania for your Light-Heavyweight Championship!" Ultimo Dragon then looks shocked and the scene fades.
Rios was talking to ‘The McMahon Boys’ I was talking to the ‘McMahon Ladies’ and they told me that at Wrestlemania I will be going after the European Championship and I get to chose my opponent.
www.freewebs.com /wwf_wrestling_fantasy/shows.htm   (11402 words)

 Kurt Angle
Essa pushes Raven towards the ropes, Raven ducks down and Essa is met with a punch from Kurt who is standing on the ring apron.
Essa runs off the ropes at Kurt, Kurt tries for a clothesline and Essa runs under him, and as Essa comes off the ropes Kurt stops him and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex.
Essa throws Kurt to the opposite corner, runs at Kurt, but Kurt puts his leg up and catches Essa with a boot to the face.
pubpages.unh.edu /~gwd/anglefebruary2001.html   (11309 words)

 ///::Where Will You Go - Part 8::\\\
He could only imagine what had caused her to have to go to a doctor, but he knew it couldn't be anything good.
His thoughts shifted to Essa Rios, the man with whom the diva kept company.
It was Essa Rios, just as he'd suspected - and the man was shouting at Lita and Tori.
www.adam-on-the-edge.net /go8.html   (755 words)

 Test read -- WWF RP board
Scot Norton and Essa Rios, are looking at him like hes crazy.
He clotheslines Essa right out of his boots and turns to a pissed off Scott Norton.
Rios, who has gotten up by this time jumps from the top rope with a hurricanrana of his own.
www.voy.com /76237/8.html   (1054 words)

 CRZ.net [slash] Wrestling [slash] Metal [slash] 10 March 2001
Lockup, Essa kinda hiptosses Martin in the corner (Martin looked like he went there almost on his own), follow up clothesline, kick, kick, Essa goes for a punch but the ref warns him about the closed fist.
Now, Essa is supposed to dropkick him in the midsection as he comes down, I assume because that's what usually happens.
But Essa kinda mistimed it and kinda hits him square in the face.
slashwrestling.com /metal/0103101.html   (1507 words)

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