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Topic: Essequibo

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  Essequibo River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Essequibo River is the longest river in Guyana, and the largest river between the Orinoco and Amazon.
Venezuela claims that the Essequibo is the true border between it and Guyana, claiming all territory west of it (roughly 70% of Guyanese territory).
Essequibo is also the name of a former Dutch colony founded in 1616 and located in the region of the Essequibo River that later became part of British Guiana.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Essequibo_River   (353 words)

 essequibo river   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Essequibo river is the queen of rivers all
Essequibo bosun is the chief of bosuns all
Essequibo sailor is the chief of sailors all
www.dehondsrugzangers.nl /songteksten/essequibo.htm   (96 words)

 Guyanaca.com: Feature-The Trail of Diplomacy-Part 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The colonies of Essequibo and Demerara were in Dutch times distinct from Berbice — that of Berbice was for a long period the chief settlement — and besides, the district of the Essequibo and its tributaries included the rivers and the districts of Pomeroon, Waini, and Barima on the west.
After the Treaty of Utrecht, the Governor's residence in Essequibo was removed in 1718 from Fort Kykoveral to a residence called "Het huis nabij" (the house nearby), situated at Cartabo on the point between the mouths of the Mazaruni and the Cuyuni.
Upon the Essequibo, the Mazaruni and the Cuyuni, plantation was not extended at this period because the soil above the estuary was not sufficiently fertile.
www.guyanaca.com /features/trail_diplomacy_pt1.html   (18327 words)

Following a war between Britain and the Netherlands, the French Revolution, and the Napoleonic wars the colonies of Demarara and Essequibo were ceded to Britain by the London Convention in 1814.
In 1833 the colony of Berbice was united with Demarara and Essequibo as Brithish Guiana.
The Essequibo River boundary was not acceptable to the British.
sio.midco.net /dansmapstamps/venezuela1.htm   (548 words)

Shanklands is carved from the tropical rainforest on a majestic cliff overlooking the silver water of Guyana's largest river, the Essequibo.
White colonial style gingerbread cottages are set amidst twenty-five acres of rolling lawns with views of the Essequibo and Mazaruni Rivers and the gold mining town of Bartica.
The Essequibo River is Guyana's largest with its head waters in Brazil, the mouth of the river is 21 miles wide and has 365 islands.
www.wilderness-explorers.com /shanklands.htm   (322 words)

 A History of the Republic of Guyana, South America
A third settlement, Demerara, situated between Essequibo and Berbice was established by the Dutch in 1741 and the three settlements were granted the status of Colony by 1773.
The jurisdiction of the West India Company was transferred to the Estates' General in 1791 and in 1792 the United Colony of Demerara and Essequibo was established by the Dutch with the Colony of Berbice as a separate entity.
The United Colony (Essequibo and Demerara) and the Colony of Berbice became the Colony of British Guiana in 1831.
www.guyanaguide.com /history.html   (4358 words)

 Essequibo River Region
The Essequibo river region, encompassing Regions Three, Seven and Ten, with its rich cultural and natural heritage, is home to various historical sites.
Fort Island, approximately 16 km from the mouth of the Essequibo River, is rich in Guyanese history.
Life in Saxacalli is based on small-scale logging, farming and some tourism, mainly from the use of the Saxacalli beach by day-tour operators.
www.visitgt.com /travellogs/essequiboregion.html   (876 words)

 Guyana Caribbean Politics: Book Shelf
What Essequibo does for Guyanese anywhere in the world is what great art does for places we've known all our lives: it makes them places of enchantment.
Born and bred Essequibians might be delighted to discover their birthplace for the first time, like the old lady in one poem who "grows to love" what she's grown accustomed to.
In Essequibo's forests and rivers you could marvel at the familiar made marvelous; make yourself a stranger, if you wish; bury midlife regrets, those false starts of youth; find out what you could become anew in the world.
www.guyanacaribbeanpolitics.com /books/essequibo.html   (765 words)

As economic growth accelerated in Demerara and Essequibo, strains began to appear in the relations between the planters and the Dutch West India Company.
Disturbed by plans for an increase in the slave tax and a reduction in their representation on the colony's judicial and policy councils, the colonists petitioned the Dutch government to consider their grievances.
Both Berbice and the United Colony of Demerara and Essequibo were under British control from 1796 to 1802.
www.country-data.com /cgi-bin/query/r-5370.html   (612 words)

Demerara, situated between Essequibo and Berbice, was settled in 1741 and emerged in 1773 as a separate colony under direct control of the Dutch West India Company.
Although the Dutch colonizers initially were motivated by the prospect of trade in the Caribbean, their possessions became significant producers of crops.
The growing importance of agriculture was indicated by the export of 15,000 kilograms of tobacco from Essequibo in 1623.
countrystudies.us /guyana/5.htm   (728 words)

During the eighteenth century, the Posts maintained by the Dutch were at strategic positions so as to control respectively the upper Essequibo, the upper as well as the lower Cuyuni, and the coast district, together commanding the whole area claimed by the Dutch.
In 1748, when the Spaniards began to attack and kidnap Amerindians in the area near the head-waters of the Cuyuni River, the Spanish Commander was warned by the Dutch Commandeur of Essequibo, Laurens Storm van Gravesande, of the consequences which might ensue from such conduct.
But this was only temporary, for the Essequibo Dutch made friends with these Caribs by the end of the century.
www.guyana.org /features/guyanastory/chapter38.html   (651 words)

 Chapter II
During the seventeenth century Dutch traders penetrated far into the interior of Guiana from Essequibo, Berbice, and from another settlement on the Pomeroon which lasted until it was conquered and disbanded by the English in 1665.
Although the colonies of Essequibo, Demerara, and Berbice were not finally ceded to Britain until August 1814, British influence was increasingly felt from 1781 onwards, and effective British control dates from 1796.
The Essequibo settlement had been founded a little before 1621 and until about 1690 its affairs were administered solely by a Commandeur appointed by the Company.
home.uchicago.edu /~rts1/chapter_ii.htm   (5412 words)

Four major rivers cross the Guyana coastal plain - (from west to east) the Essequibo, the Demerara, the Berbice, and the Courantyne.
The Essequibo is the largest river in Guyana.
The Essequibo River is fed by many tributaries, including the RUPUNUNI, the Potaro, the Mazaruni, the Siparuni, the Kiyuwini, and the Cuyuni.
www.geocities.com /TheTropics/Shores/9253/Rivers.html   (708 words)

 Essequibo - Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Essequibo Coast - Lakes Description There are 3 large lakes on the Essequibo Coast: Capoey, Mainstay and Hot and Cold.
The Essequibo River is the longest river in Guyana, and the largest river between the Orinoco and
Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo (Region 9) is a region of Guyana, bordering the region of Potaro-Siparuni to the north, the region of East Berbice-Corentyne to
infofeedtech.com /ifft/essequibo.htm   (413 words)

 Another hit- from Guyana: Land of Six Peoples
The move is the latest in Veneuela's campaign to discourage investment in the Essequibo area which it claims as its territory in contravention of the 1899 arbitral award which finally settled the boundary between the two countries.
Rodriguez was reported in an earlier edition of the daily (August 2) as commenting that Guyana had taken advantage of the fact that Venezuela's claim to Essequibo had not been actively pursued during previous administrations, but that he expected that the Guyana government would show good sense.
El Nacional said that on July 13 the Venezuelan authorities had written to Exxon which together with Mobil is a partner with PDVSA in various projects, that any work it does in the 60 000-square kilometre concession granted to it by Guyana could be considered as illegal and contrary to the sovereign interests of Venezuela.
www.landofsixpeoples.com /news/ns00806.htm   (703 words)

 Venezuela Will Grant Oil Concessions in Disputed Essequibo Region - Global Policy Forum - UN Security Council
Venezuela maintains it was unfairly stripped of the Essequibo region in a 19th century arbitration decision.
The Essequibo region comprises two-thirds of Guyana's land area of 83,000 sq.
The long-standing dispute between the two countries was exacerbated last year when Guyana sold 100,000 acres in Essequibo to U.S.-based Beal Aerospace Technologies, which plans to build a satellite launchpad there.
www.globalpolicy.org /security/docs/oil6.htm   (266 words)

 Guyana OnLine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Johnson, bowling leg-spin, grabbed five for 61 in both innings to finish with the impressive figures of 10 for 122 in the match.
Resuming yesterday on 79-4, the Essequibo batsmen faltered after Johnson and Wazir Mohamed wrapped up their innings early.
The pick of the bowlers for Essequibo was medium pacer O. Payton who picked up two for 30.
www.guyanaonline.net /news/index.php?C=Sports&F=Details&A=8969   (336 words)

 Essequibo - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
ESSEQUIBO [Essequibo], longest river of Guyana, c.600 mi (970 km) long, rising in the Guiana Highlands, S Guyana, and flowing generally N to the Atlantic Ocean.
Most of the river's course is broken by rapids and waterfalls.
Bartica, the chief town on the river, is at the head of oceangoing navigation; gold, diamonds, and timber are moved on the river.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-essequib.html   (200 words)

Further the pH of the Essequibo River water, is acidic, normally between a figure of 4
Essequibo has the effect of increasing its toxicity.
The fact that the Essequibo is tidal, as stated above, results in the toxic waste not only
www.saxakali.com /omai/sc6.htm   (290 words)

By the middle of the eighteenth century the Dutch had established themselves in all sections of the Essequibo region.
The Essequibo River was established as the main communication route and by the third decade of the century, a post was set up at the junction of the Siparuni and Essequibo Rivers.
A Frenchman, Ignatius Courthial, contracted by the Dutch authorities in Essequibo, thought of using this trail to build a road from Demerara to the upper Cuyuni.
www.guyana.org /features/guyanastory/chapter29.html   (604 words)

 Office of the President of Guyana   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
I want to say to the people in Essequibo we will continue to expand the services here,” President Jagdeo told the gathering at the commissioning ceremony on the lawns of the Court.
The people in Essequibo will no longer have to travel to Georgetown to have their judicial matters dealt with, as these will now be addressed through a functioning judicial system in the county thereby adding efficiency to the Judiciary,” the Supreme Court Registrar noted.
He along with many residents noted that their greatest benefit to be derived is avoiding the ravel to the City to have their judicial matters addressed.
www.op.gov.gy /stories/050714.htm   (1344 words)

The 600-mile Essequibo was polluted with about 825 million gallons of cyanide-treated wastewater from the huge pond.
The mine's owners said there was no major damage done to the river and no evidence of loss of animal or aquatic life in the Essequibo, a claim that few took at face value.
President Jagan issued a radio appeal not to drink water from the Omai or Essequibo rivers as dangerous levels of cyanide continue to flow downriver.
www.monitor.net /monitor/9-2-95/guyana.html   (1210 words)

 Guyanaca.com: Feature-The Trail of Diplomacy-Part 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Venezuelan claim to all lands west of the Essequibo River - as displayed on Venezuelan maps after 1970 - became a new claim, since up to the period before 1970, a part of the Essequibo coast east of the line connecting the mouth of the Moruka River with the Cuyuni-Mazaruni junction was not claimed.
Developmental activities of the Guyana Government in relation to the county of Essequibo, like all development, are in exercise of Guyana's sovereign rights and in discharge of the Government's sacred duty to improve the living standard of its people after almost two centuries of colonial rule.
These articles were aimed at stirring up a fanatical nationalism over the Venezuelan claim to western Essequibo, while at the same time unleashing a scathing attack on the political and economic policies of the PNC regime in Guyana (which was classified as the South Africa of South America).
www.guyanaca.com /features/trail_diplomacy_pt6.html   (13775 words)

 The Essequibo River
The Essequibo is an extremely large river as you will see in this picture.
We were told that they were waiting on this ferry to take their farmed goods to market.
This one's tough to make out, but it is what is left of an old army fort on an island in the middle of the Essequibo River.
members.tripod.com /steve-powell/guyana/pictures/country/river/river.htm   (258 words)

 Guyana Jottings on SilverTorch
Bartica is a township located at the confluence of the Essequibo and Mazaruni Rivers.
Later, the administration of Demerara and Essequibo was combined.
Examples are: Demerara bauxite (some of it, from Berbice), Demerara sugar (from any of the counties), Demerara greenheart (most of it from Essequibo).
www.silvertorch.com /jottings/guyajots2.html   (4117 words)

 Guyana Guide Part Two: Navigation
The charts that are available for the Essequibo River are older charts and are certainly not WGS-84 Datum, so that may be part of the problem.
The current in the Essequibo River probably runs about 3 knots at slack tide, maybe 4 to 6 knots with a falling tide, and maybe 1 to 2 knots reverse current (upriver) with a rising tide.
We timed our travels up the river to coincide with a rising tide for two reasons: If we ran aground, we hoped to be floated off by the rising tide, and we wanted to be carried upstream by the rising tide, rather than fight the current of a falling tide.
www.caribbeancompass.com /guyanaguidetoo.htm   (1941 words)

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