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In the News (Fri 16 Aug 19)

  Estonian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Estonian belongs to the Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric languages.
Estonian is thus related to Finnish, spoken on the other side of the Gulf of Finland, and is one of the few languages of Europe that is not Indo-European.
Estonian palatalization is thought to be of Uralic origin, and is different from Russian.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Estonian_language   (1427 words)

Estonian is spoken by 1.1 million people, mostly in the Republic of Estonia with small pockets of speakers in Australia, Canada, Finland, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, and USA (Ethnologue).
The direct object in Estonian is expressed by the nominative, genitive or partitive, in the singular, and by the nominative or the partitive in the plural.
Estonian is considered to be a category II language in terms of difficulty for English speakers.
www.nvtc.gov /lotw/months/march/Estonian.html   (793 words)

 BBC Education - Languages
Estonian, along with Finnish, is part of the Baltic-Finnic sub group of the Finno-Ugrian languages, and is not an Indo-European language.
Estonian uses the Latin alphabet, plus Germanic additions of ä, ö and ü; as well as õ, š, and ž.
As the national movement in Estonia strengthened, Estonian grew in strength, from a domestic language to a literary language to an official one.
www.bbc.co.uk /languages/european_languages/languages/estonian.shtml   (117 words)

 Estonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the Estonian Liberation War and Treaty of Tartu signed in February 2, 1920 Estonia maintained this independence for twenty-two years, and the very same parliamentary government was reinstated in 1992, after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The Estonian economy is growing fast, partly due to a number of Scandinavian companies relocating their routine operations and Russian oil transit using Estonian ports.
The Estonian government is intending to adopt the Euro as the country's currency on 1 January 2008 due to continued high inflation, and finalised the design of Estonia's Euro coins in late 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Estonia   (1955 words)

 Estonian language, alphabet and pronunciation
Estonian is an Finno-Ugric language closely related to Finnish spoken by about 1.1 million people in Estonia.
Estonian has a system of vowel harmony, which means all the vowels in a word have to be of the same type.
Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Komi, Livonian, Saami, Võro, Votic
www.omniglot.com /writing/estonian.htm   (327 words)

 Estonica : Society : Development and status of the Estonian language
Along with Icelandic, Estonian is at present one of the smallest languages in the world that fulfils all the functions necessary for an independent state to ‘perform’ linguistically.
Estonian is used in the army, in the theatre, aviation, journalism — in all walks of life.
In 1919, a professorship of the Estonian language was established at the University of Tartu where Estonian became the language of study in the same year.
www.estonica.org /eng/lugu.html?menyy_id=61&kateg=38&alam=44   (603 words)

Estonian belongs to the Finno-Ugric group of languages.
Closest to Estonian are the Finnish languages: first of all Finnish, but also the languages of several tiny ethnic groups living in the St Petersburg region such as Karelian, Vepsan, Ingerian, the practically extinct Livonian, and Sami (or Lapp) - the language of the reindeer people in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
Most Estonians (especially those who come from the northern part of the country) can understand quite a bit of Finnish.
www.flw.com /languages/estonian.htm   (144 words)

 UCLA Language Materials Project Language Profiles Page
Estonian is the official language of the Republic of Estonia.
Estonian is closely related to Finnish; the two are mutually intelligible and share an estimated 83.5 percent of their respective vocabularies.
In South Estonian, for example, there are two additional divisions: the Mulgi dialects in the southwest, and the Voru Setu dialects in the southeast.
www.lmp.ucla.edu /Profile.aspx?LangID=28   (1153 words)

 Estonian Rock Diagram @ ArtLives.com (Art Lives)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The Estonian rock scene is one of the more active scenes out of the former Eastern Bloc.
Nevertheless, by the middle of the 1970s, progressive rock was a major part of the Estonian music scene.
The band Meie and Sven Grünberg's Mess were among the earliest bands to arise during this time, and they were followed by the improvisatory Psycho and Noor Eesti, who introduced the bassoon to progressive rock.
artlives.com /encyclopedia/Estonian_rock   (452 words)

 Estonian - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Estonian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
There are 1 million speakers of the Estonian language, a member of the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic family.
Distinctive costumes are worn, especially on the island of Kihnu, when the Estonians gather for song festivals.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Estonian   (88 words)

 Estonian - Cunnan
Estonian is a Finno-Ugric language, and is therefore related to Finnish and (more distantly) Hungarian.
Written sources for Estonian begin in the 13th century with the arrival of German and Scandinavian crusaders.
The Latin chronicles of the Estonian crusade by Heinrici Chronicon record a number of Estonian words and partial sentences.
cunnan.sca.org.au /wiki/Estonian   (99 words)

 Breeds of Livestock - Estonian Native Horse
The Estonian Native is one of the few breeds which has retained the characteristic features of the native northern horse and were not significantly influenced by crossing with other breeds.
The Estonian is long lived; the mare Tenki, born in 1946, was still alive in 1983 at Sõrve state farm in Kingisepp region.
The 2000 m walking draught record with a pull of 150 kg is 17 min 26 sec; the 2000 m trotting draught record with a pull of 50 kg is 6 min 25 sec; draught endurance with a load of 9 tons was 208 m.
www.ansi.okstate.edu /breeds/horses/estoniannative   (544 words)

 LLRX -- An Overview of Estonian Law and Web Resources - Update   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The grounds of Estonian state order have been set out in the Constitution of the Estonian Republic, approved at the referendum held on June 28, 1992, and enforced on July 3, 1992.
Estonian bankruptcy law is mainly governed by the Bankruptcy Act adopted on June 10, 1992 (entered into force on September 1, 1992).
Estonian property law is based on the Law of Property Act adopted in June 1993 (entered into force on December 1, 1993).
www.llrx.com /features/estonian1.htm   (2510 words)

Among the Balto-Finnic nations the similar image is referred to by the Estonian dialectal (Saaremaa) word for rainbow ammukaar, and Finnish and Karelian idiomatic ukon kaari (Ukko as a mythical impersonation of a god of thunder).
A couple of Estonian riddles are referring to the colours of the rainbow, as generally the connection between an object and its colour is much more common to the riddles.
Finnish folklorist Uno Harva has referred to an Estonian Swedish variant (the Estonian Swedes lived in the western part and on several islands of Estonia from 13th century to 1944, their selfname was aibofolket): Iwe wärde raunträ in connection with the Finnish deity Rauni.
haldjas.folklore.ee /folklore/vol6/rainbow.htm   (3383 words)

 Partapuoli, Kari Helene: Formal Estonian Business Culture and Informal Networks
Estonians will be eager to tell you how they do business more properly than not only the Russians, but also than Scandinavians and other Europeans from countries which have at least 50 years longer experience in doing business than the Estonians.
Estonians therefore had learned to keep information about what was going on within the networks secret and this made it even more difficult for Norwegians to get access to Estonian networks.
The Estonians on the other hand, seemed to be able to move between the different networks and use friendships in a business setting without loosing the emotional part of their friendships in other more private settings.
www.anthrobase.com /Txt/P/Partapuoli_K_H_02.htm   (4045 words)

 Estonian citizen's passport - Kodakondsus- ja Migratsiooniamet
As a general rule, Estonian passports shall be issued with a period of validity of up to ten years if the holder of a passport is 15 years of age or older.
Estonian passports with a period of validity of up to five years shall be issued to Estonian citizens under 15 years of age.
Applying for Estonian passport repeatedly, you may apply at the representations of the Republic of Estonia or send the application by post or digitally (see www.pass.ee).
www.mig.ee /eng/identity_documents/estpass   (950 words)

 Chronology of Estonian Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
In 1840, Estonian mixed and male choirs are established throughout the country.
The program included the first Estonian patriotic songs, Sind surmani (You until I die) and Mu isamaa on minu arm (My fatherland and is my love), written by composer, Aleksander Kunileid.
Estonian music breaks free from behind the Soviet "iron curtain" and is heard at music events around the world.
www.pitts.emory.edu /theoarts/multi/Countries/Estonia/chronology.html   (1689 words)

 Selected Literatures and Authors Pages - Estonian Literature
Estonian Literature of the Stalinist Terror Period (1940-1953).
Estonian Television received a record 153 songs for their 2004 national final, the Eurolaul.
Estonian Gothic (Eesti gootika) by Ervin Õunapuu - In Your Memory, Whoever You Are and Wherever You Are (Teie mälestuseks, kes iganes te olete ja kus asute) by Ervin Õunapuu.
learning.lib.vt.edu /slav/lit_authors_estonian.html   (1381 words)

 How to find relatives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Director of Estonian Biographical Center is a professional genealogist Fred Puss who has BA degree in archival studies from the University of Tartu.
If these possibilities are too expensive for you, then theoretically there is also a cheaper way - if you know which region of Estonia your relatives are from, you can write a letter or e-mail, or call to the corresponding regional Family registry office and ask for their help.
Most of the records before 1918 are in a mixture of German and Estonian, with a short period from 1890 to 1918 also in Russian.
www.aai.ee /~urmas/urm/vast.html   (807 words)

 pronunciationguide.org: Finnish and Estonian
Estonian also uses the tilde (õ) to change the sound of the letter o.
Any vowel may be doubled, which elongates the sound but does not change its quality; for radio purposes, aa and ii are basically the same as a and i (these are analogous to the accented vowels in Hungarian and Czech).
Otherwise Finnish and Estonian vowels are fairly predictable.
www.math.nyu.edu /~wendlc/pronunciation/Finnish.html   (467 words)

 DefenseLINK News: Estonian Soldiers Help Armor Unit Protect Supply Routes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
A platoon of Estonian soldiers is working with soldiers from 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, N.Y., as part of Multinational Corps Iraq to secure a 15-kilometer section of road in western Baghdad.
Estonian Army Capt. Neeme Brus, a media relations officer with Multinational Corps Iraq, said Estonia knows the value of freedom and the need to fight terrorism here, before the fight ends up in their own back yard.
The Estonian parliament is preparing to vote in March on continuing their involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and the outcome will be known shortly thereafter.
www.defenselink.mil /news/Mar2005/20050311_149.html   (779 words)

 Estonian translation by Estonian translator - Immigration documents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Estonian Language Enriched by: Estonian is influenced by Low and High German, Swedish, and Russian.
Estonian language was the most powerful tie to keep Estonian identity during Soviet regime.
Estonian language is included in the Speech Assessment Methods Phonetic Alphabet (SAMPA) which is a computer-readable phonetic script using 7-bit printable ASCII characters based on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).
www.online-languagetranslators.com /estonian.htm   (803 words)

 Välisministeerium : Christmas Customs in Estonia
For Estonians, Christmas is a mixture of the traditional, the modern, the secular, and the religious.
In Estonian folk-tradition, Christmas has a double meaning: on the one hand, it is marking Christ's birth, on the other, it marks the whole period of mid-winter holidays.
The habit came to Estonia probably from Western and Southern Finland and was at first popular mostly among the local Swedish-speaking population, especially on the island of Vormsi where the inhabitants maintained close contact with their kinsmen in Sweden and Finland.
www.vm.ee /eng/kat_174/1191.html   (1584 words)

 Estonian Biographical Center - Genealogy, Family History, Family Tree, Ancestors, Biographics, Archival Research, ...
There are not many resources available on the Internet to assist in searching for data on Estonians in general, not to mention peasants of the 19th and earlier centuries.
Descendants of an ancestor who received the surname (surnames were given to Estonian peasants in the period 1822-1835) and carried this surname.
When the family was mobile and moved often (myths about Estonian families having lived in the same farm for centuries are not true in most of the cases) then it takes more time.
www.isik.ee /english   (2883 words)

 Estonian Media Landscape   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
The Estonian media is a vibrant sector moving at the forefront of change of Estonian society.
The number of daily papers is a staggering seven (close to a world record of dailies per thousand of population); there is a plethora of weekly papers and magazines; viewers face a choice of four domestic television channels and a host of radio stations, all for a population of just 1.4 million.
Tarmu Tammerk is Managing Director of the Estonian Newspaper Association, in charge of the organisation’s day-to-day running, including special projects such as Newspapers in Education and Freedom of Information campaign.
www.ejc.nl /jr/emland/estonia.html   (2267 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Estonian troops relish Iraqi patrols
US allies are quitting Iraq in droves but the coalition of the willing is not quite dead: 40 Estonian soldiers hope their corner of Baghdad will remain forever Baltic.
The light infantry platoon, Estonia's sum contribution to the war, is responsible for Abu Ghraib district, a cauldron of rubble and violence.
Since 2003 two Estonians have been killed and 10 wounded, a high proportion for a tiny force, but Captain Andrus Merilo, 31, was upbeat.
www.guardian.co.uk /Iraq/Story/0,2763,1561815,00.html   (423 words)

 First Russian translations / translate from Estonian, translate to Estonian
Comments Dialects are grouped into three: Northeastern Coastal Estonian (between Tallinn and Narva), North Estonian (island, western, central, and eastern dialects), and South Estonian (Mulgi, Tartu, Voru).
Voru, Setu (a subdialect of Voru), and island are clearly distinct from standard Estonian.
Estonian has remained the language of education, including universities.
1russian.com /languages/estonian.php   (294 words)

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