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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

 Republic of Replicants: May 2005
Fan-favorite artist Ethan Van Sciver (GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH) joins writer Geoff Johns for an action-packed tale that pits Hal Jordan against the deadly new Shark as alien abductions across the West Coast increase dramatically!
Mega-hot writer Geoff Johns (JSA, THE FLASH, TEEN TITANS) and artist Ethan Van Sciver (BATMAN/CATWOMAN: TRAIL OF THE GUN, New X-Men) reach the penultimate chapter of the stunning tale that restores Hal Jordan as Earth's Green Lantern!
GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ethan Von Sciver, not only impressed readers and critics but also sold out rather quickly. /2005_05_01_reprep_archive.html   (7251 words)

 Cinescape - Home - Editorial
The Flash: Iron Heights team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver are set to explore the underbelly of Marvel's X-Men universe in a new four-issue mini-series entitled The Morlocks, set to debut in early 2002.
"The idea is simply to add weight to the premise that most mutants don't have the option of becoming X-Men," Van Sciver told X-Fan regarding the series' premise. /0/Editorial.asp?this_cat=News&obj_id=27785&aff_id=0   (109 words)

 Comic Book Resources - CBR News - Features
Ethan Van Sciver: The "Morlocks" thing is something that Geoff Johns and I wanted to do after The Flash book we did.
Starting out as a kid who drew a character called "Cyberfrog" for a small publisher, Ethan Van Sciver has gone on to pencil a successful run on "Impulse" and a one-shot on "The Flash: Iron Heights" for DC Comics.
He also landed the job to handle fill-in art on Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" title and is setting his sights on a new "Morlocks" mini-series with celebrated writer Geoff Johns early next year. /news/newsitem.cgi?id=659   (2239 words)

 Glyn Johns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Glyn Johns is the father of Ethan Johns, also an accomplished producer who has worked with acts such as Ryan Adams and the Kings of Leon.
Glyn Johns (born 1942 in Epsom, England) is a recording engineer and record producer who has worked with such artists as The Beatles, The Steve Miller Band, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, The Clash, Midnight Oil and the Blue Öyster Cult Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and others.
Johns compiled several versions of the album, which were all rejected by the band, before the project was eventually turned over to producer Phil Spector. /wiki/Glyn_Johns   (217 words)

I have faith in Geoff Johns, hes great, and he hasnt let me down yet, so I will buy it, hell i would buy it anyway with ETHAN doing the art.
Geoff Johns is the man and absolutely my favorite writer currently in the comics industry.
I have 100% confidence in Johns and Sciver, I was a little worried about the whole "Hal returns" storyline but when I found out the creators were these guys all my fears were put to rest. /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12393   (2029 words)

 Jelly review: Tift Merritt
The arrangements and production - thanks to Ethan Johns, who has worked with such folk as Ryan Adams and Counting Crows - are solid.
What is a wee tad irritating is the disappearance of the Carbines.
The band on the CD is indeed the Carbines with Benmont Tench (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) sitting in on keyboards. /2002/tift.html   (2029 words)

 The Perception of Fish - official Fish site. Archives pages: Biographies
Musical experience: Drummer, guitarist and producer (taking after his Dad the legendary producer Glyn Johns), Ethan worked with John Hiatt playing Guitar, Mandolin, Drums, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals, before playing drums on Internal Exile in 1991.
Since then he has played with David Crosby, Stevie Nicks, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Joe Satriani, Linda Ronstadt, before teaming up with Stephen Still's son Chris in 1998 producing and playing Dulcimer, Banjo, Dobro, Mandolin, Percussion, Pedal Steel Guitar, Organ (Hammond) and Vocals on Chris's album '100 year thing'. /hethan.htm   (102 words)

 Welcome To Dynamic Forces
ETHAN VAN SCIVER: At DC, my dream assignment would be for Geoff Johns and I to be given absolute control over the Wonder Woman franchise.
ETHAN VAN SCIVER: I read a lot of conspiracy nonsense that I'm well aware is fiction, but I like the illogical logic of it.
Ethan Van Sciver began his career in the comics industry in 1994, when he created Cyberfrog for Hall of Heroes. /htmlfiles/interviews7.html   (1152 words)

Under the guise of writer Geoff Johns and artist Ethan Van Sciver, the five issue miniseries will see Hal Jordan back in the green and white costume he was born to wear.
Ethan is a great artist with loads of detail.
Newsarama took a moment to sit down with Van Sciver to talk about Rebirth and the franchise DC is hoping will become one of its top three series. /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=14955   (2890 words)

 Paperback Reader : Review of Green Lantern: Rebirth 6
And Johns and Van Sciver have not been insensitive to the fans of other Green Lanterns.
Van Sciver really does a fantastic job of visualizing this, with each member of the team is given a unique signature in the use of their Lantern powers.
Sciver actually responded to something I asked on newsarama and it turns out we both like the band the Thrill Kill Kult. /review.php?ReviewID=590   (519 words)

 Montreal, 25 September 1775
While undertaking a siege of St. Johns, Montgomery sent Ethan Allen and Major John Brown ahead with separate detachments to recruit Canadian volunteers.
Allen and Brown did manage to recruit some Canadians and, meeting together, conceived a risky plan for a converging attack on Montreal by two forces totaling about 300 men.
On the night of 24-25 September, Allen with 110 men crossed the St. Lawrence north of the town but was left to fend for himself when Brown failed to meet him. /cmh-pg/art/p-p/revwar/Mtrl.htm   (232 words)

 Ethan Van Sciver
Ethan Van Sciver is proudly powered by WordPress
” Asked if readers will see Ch’p, a “chipmunk”-style GL, Johns said Van Sciver is a “giant fan of rodents”, and can actually make them look cool like he makes Kilowog look cool.
Anyhow, the part I paid attention to was titled “How Can I Have Any Pride In This Hobby?”, and it was about Geoff mentioning the imminant return of the GREEN LANTERN squirrel.   (4270 words)

 Aspen Comics Community: Green Lantern: Rebirth
I was at the Geoff Johns Website and in Ethan Van Sciver's Room he said:
I read in wizard that Ethan is doing such a good job that after [Carlos] Pacheco's run Ethan will do another arc.
ethan van scivers work are best fitted w/ green lantern! /community/forum_posts.asp?TID=520&TPN=3   (531 words)

NEW COVER-Written by Geoff Johns Art by Ethan Van Sciver & Prentis Rollins Cover by Van Sciver /YourVirtualStore/html/p14368.htm   (129 words) 6/18 DC COMICS CLAIMS DIAMOND TOP SPOT
The top-selling comic book for the month was the new GREEN LANTERN #1 (MAR050403), written by Geoff Johns with art by Ethan Van Sciver, Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino and a variant cover by Alex Ross.
DC held four more of the top ten bestseller slots for May. Following GREEN LANTERN #1, GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH #6 (JAN050302), written by Geoff Johns with art and cover by Ethan Van Sciver & Prentis Rollins, was at #3.
DC Comics is in the top slots for dollar and unit sales for the month of May, according to information released by Diamond Comic Distributors earlier today. /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=37&t=004901   (277 words) Artist Of The Week Archives
Bernie Leadon (vocals, guitar, tiple, banjo); David Kemper (drums, percussion); Michael Rhodes (bass); Tommy Burroughs (guitar, tiple, mandolin, fiddle, mandocello); James Hooker (piano, organ); Ethan Johns (mandolin, slide guitar, organ, percussion); Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Davis and Jim Photoglo (backing vocals); Jim Horn (horn arrangements); Chris Dunn (euphonium); Steve Patrick (cornet); Chris McDonald (bass trombone).
Leadon is actually a killer songwriter…the record is sonically superb, and glorious touches abound, delivered by way of a top-shelf supporting cast, Ethan Johns' adventurous production and Leadon's own skill and artistic vision."
I just sort of chilled." Leadon was 28 at the time and already a 13-year veteran of the Southern California country-rock scene. /artist_of_the_week/archives/leadon.html   (734 words) VAN SCIVER ON BATMAN/CATWOMAN
Also, working with people like Prentis Rollins, Geoff Johns, Ann Nocenti, and Joey Cavalieri is enough to recalibrate when things don't seem to be going my way.
BY JENNIFER M. Ethan Van Sciver is bringing the Dark Knight and his Feline Companion to life in DC's upcoming Batman/Catwoman series written by Ann Nocenti.
Anyway, I was already excited about reading a new Ann Nocenti story long before Ethan Van Sciver came along to draw it. /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=36&t=001173   (3067 words)

 CD Reviews - Pop & Rock
In recent times, Leadon and Ethan Johns have toured and recorded various times and they hit paydirt at the helm of Leadon’s first solo album since his 1977 album, Natural Progressions.
Enhanced by Johns and a range of fine players, Leadon’s patented songs, singing and guitar playing is revived in fine shape on Mirror.
The 2004 CD release of Mirror echoes that classic, California pop sound of the early Eagles layered with the legendary arty production sound that seems to follow the Johns moniker. /archive/nov-dec2004pop.htm   (1174 words)

 hip online: artists: leona naess
Produced by Ethan Johns, Leona Naess is simple music for complicated times.
Naess and Johns retreated to a homemade space in North Hollywood which they dubbed "Alley Studios," a wooden-walled room with no TV, no computers and no isolation for the recording console.
Naess sang and played guitar, Johns handled everything from drums to dulcimer and Richard Causon was on piano. /artist/music/n/naess_leona   (841 words)

 Mutual Admiration Society: Mutual Admiration Society
Back in 2000, the four musicians, with the help of session players Jen Condos and Richard Causon and producer Ethan Johns, started laying down tracks for an album that has just now seen the light of day.
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Johns (Ryan Adams, Leona Naess) in a mere six days, Mutual Admiration Society is a creative, yet modest piece of work.
Overall, I still think Johns and this album come out on top. /2/reviews459.html   (343 words)

 Paste Magazine :: Review :: Kings of Leon - Youth & Young Manhood :: RCA (Page 1)
Now, on the heels of Holy Roller Novocaine, a tight debut EP produced by the currently chic Ethan Johns, Kings of Leon are emerging from the studio with Johns at the wheel again for Youth and Young Manhood.
In addition to this Bible-belt, family-tree schtick, they average 19 years in age, they’re good looking, and they fit their music neatly between the history of the Rolling Stones and the presence of The White Stripes.
So Kings of Leon seems to have accomplished what it set out to achieve with Youth and Young Manhood, an album full of light-hearted situations from the lives of young men. /action/article?article_id=147   (343 words)

 Comic Book Resources - CBR News - Features
Ethan Van Sciver: The "Morlocks" thing is something that Geoff Johns and I wanted to do after The Flash book we did.
He also landed the job to handle fill-in art on Grant Morrison's "New X-Men" title and is setting his sights on a new "Morlocks" mini-series with celebrated writer Geoff Johns early next year.
The thing about the Morlocks is that not every mutant is lucky enough to meet Chuck and live in the mansion. /news/newsitem.cgi?id=659   (2255 words)

Kweller sought the expertise of Ethan Johns, whose legendary producer/father, Glyn Johns, put out masterpieces such as the early Rolling Stones records, Led Zeppelin's "One" and The Beatles' "Let it Be."
Kweller accounts the Folds comparison to the fact that there aren't many male rock singers who also play the piano--and, of course, they have the same first name.
Kweller points to The Strokes, The White Stripes and Bright Eyes as examples of bands who have not let the music industry compromise their music. /News/FLS/2004/042004/04012004/1315803   (1189 words)

Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Grant Morrison (W)/Igor Kordey (P) Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Grant Morrison (W)/John Paul Leon/Bill Sienkiewicz (P) Special stand-alone issue!
Cover by Scott Kolins & Andy Lanning Geoff Johns (W)/Scott Kolins (P)/Andy Lanning (I) with ads/FC/MARVEL PG $2.99
Paul Jenkins (W)/Humberto Ramos (P)/Wayne Faucher (I) The crazed conclusion to the Green Goblin saga! /nice/text/0602mv.html   (1189 words)

 Kings of Leon rule before an audience - The Washington Times: Entertainment - February 28, 2005
What emerged is a very crafty hybrid -- hillbilly new wave, you could call it -- nursed into being by producers Ethan Johns (who has a blood connection, through his recording engineer father Glyn Johns, to the old sound) and Angelo, an inveterate Nashville songwriter.
Eventually the temptations of skirt-chasing, whiskey and rock 'n' roll proved irresistible, and so the native Tennesseans, along with guitarist cousin Matthew, moved to Nashville and landed a record deal before they ever played a note in public.
While its origins are less than organic, Kings of Leon is growing into the bubba-rock part. /entertainment/20050227-095301-1340r.htm   (513 words)

 An Introduction
So on Wednesday I decided to relieve Ted of the album (and it was a relief to him!) and pull in Ethan Johns.
Ethan is signed to Polydor and is a singer/songwriter himself who had worked with Chris Kimsey on his first solo album.
It's Thursday the 1st of August and I've escaped to the house from the world of mayhem, the circus of chaos on the other side of the office door like some sort of rock 'n roll wardrobe created by CS Lewis. /the-company/usa/5pg1.html   (513 words)

 The Daily Collegian - "He could be the next Ray Lamontagne"
The album was put together with the effort of Ethan Johns, producer, and son of legendary producer Glyn Johns.
I mean the songs are all different in their own right, but the album has a complete tone, like John Wesley Harding by Bob Dylan."
Most of the songs Lamontagne performed on the night were from his debute album titled "Trouble." This disc has an array of love songs that can be best deemed personal and embracing. /vnews/display.v/ART/2005/01/25/41f6c1603674b   (966 words)

 Comic World News Headlines
Discover what writer Geoff Johns and artists Ethan Van Sciver (THE FLASH: IRON HEIGHTS) and Carlos Pacheco (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) have in store for the Emerald Gladiator with Senior Editor Peter Tomasi.
Join superstars including Brian Azzarello (SUPERMAN, 100 BULLETS), Geoff Johns (THE FLASH, JSA, TEEN TITANS), Tommy Lee Edwards (THE QUESTION), Carlos Pacheco (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) and others along with your hosts, Dan DiDio, DC's VP — Editorial and Bob Wayne, DC's VP — Sales & Marketing, for a special slide show presentation!
Please note that this information may be subject to change. /cgi-bin/index.cgi?column=headlines&page=392   (562 words)

 Battle of Fort Ticonderoga
This circumstance, the injudicious movements of Colonel Ethan Allen and Major Brown, who were recruiting south of the St. Lawrence, and the insubordination and mutinous spirit displayed by the Connecticut and New York troops, prolonged the siege.
They pushed on to Isle aux Noix, and with a considerable force appeared before the fort at St. Johns, the first military post within the Canadian border.
On the evening of the 2nd of November, when Preston heard of the defeat of a considerable force under Carleton, on their way to relieve him, he surrendered the fort, garrison, and munitions of war to Montgomery. /public_html/Our_Country_vol_2/battlefor_gj.html   (504 words)

 Nina Gordon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nina recorded a follow up album in 2004 titled Even The Sunbeams with producer Ethan Johns, however she wasn't happy with final product and decided to re-record the songs with Bob Rock in early 2005.
Nina Gordon has confirmed via her website the the album will be released in 2006 on Warner Brothers Records.
Nina Gordon (born November 14, 1967) is an American rock singer. /wiki/Nina_Gordon   (209 words)

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