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Topic: Ethical purchasing

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

 Moral relativism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In philosophy, Moral relativism is the position that moral or ethical propositions do not reflect absolute or universal truths but instead are relative to social, cultural, historical or personal references, and that there is no single standard by which to assess an ethical proposition's truth.
Many writers and thinkers have held that any number of evils can be justified based on subjective or cultural preferences, and that morality requires some universal standard against which to measure ethical judgments.
Moral relativism is not the same as moral pluralism, or value pluralism, which acknowledges the co-existence of opposing ideas and practices, but does not require that they be equally valid. /wiki/Moral_relativism

 Ethical consumerism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Experienced ethical consumers will have a good idea of which companies are producing which products and by what means, and their purchasing decisions will reflect what they consider to be acceptable commercial behavior.
Alternative terms for this are Ethical purchasing, moral purchasing or ethical sourcing.
Ethical consumerism (or Consumarchy) is buying things that are made ethically by companies that act ethically. /wiki/Ethical_consumerism   (2478 words)

 CBC British Columbia - Vancouver endorses ethical shopping
Council passed an ethical purchasing policy Thursday night that imposes a ban on the city buying items produced in sweatshops.
But there's a catch: city staff is investigating how much time and money it will take to make sure the ethical purchasing policy can actually work.
"It's very important that we adopt an ethical purchasing policy that ensures that the items we use city tax dollars to purchase are not manufactured in sweatshops with child labour and forced labour." /regional/servlet/View?filename=bc_ethical-shopping20041217   (2478 words)

 Ethics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First, we need to define an ethical sentence, also called a normative statement.
Many of these ethical problems bear directly on public policy.
Theories of moral conduct can be distinguished from etiquette by their concern with finding guidelines for action that are not dependent entirely on social convention. /project/wikipedia/index.php/Ethics   (2478 words)

 MORI - Ethical Consumerism Research
This lack of substantial ethical behaviour, and the fact they place less importance on ethical factors when purchasing is reflected in their own perceptions of not being particularly ethical consumers.
Those who place importance on ethical issues when purchasing- from perceived impact on the environment to community involvement, and are fairly active from recycling to recommending companies to others and either choosing or avoiding products on ethical grounds have been classified as 'conscientious consumers' (18% of pop).
Although they are unlikely to shop locally, recycle or seek GM free or organic labels, ethical issues are engrained and they regularly discuss ethical issues and companies' ethical reputations with friends and family and recommend or avoid companies because of their responsible reputation. /polls/2000/coop-csr.shtml   (1088 words)

 Some Consumers have Ethical Concerns
Horticultural exporters will need to take into account the increasing importance that consumers attach to ethical choice in their purchasing behaviour-especially as this may involve translating consumers' ethical trends into opportunities for producers.
Trends suggest that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ethical choices they can exercise when making purchasing decisions.
It is a major driver of a diverse range of ethical approaches to trade. /NRET/SPCDR/Chapter6/trends-6-1-5.htm   (158 words)

 Gender, Class Consciousness, and Ethical Consumerism:
  In Kelley’s assessment, what she calls the “purchasing public” would have to alter its buying patterns based on an appeal to ethical considerations rather than immediate economic needs.
A Living Wage, depended upon a type of consumer consciousness, one in which the purchasing public, through choosing where to invest its resources, thus transformed consumerism into a type of ownership of production.
  The appeal to housewives as ethical consumers with influence on the success of the union movement empowered the women, but simultaneously reinforced rather than subverted the traditional gender roles. /~epf/2001/kleehammer.html   (5541 words)

 Ethical consumerism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Alternative terms for this are Ethical purchasing, moral purchasing or ethical sourcing.
Alternatively, the decision may be the application of criteria reflective of a morality (or, in the terminology of ethics, a theory of value) to an individual, family, union, or other group's (corporation, university, government) purchasing decisions.
Moral boycott is the practice of avoiding or boycotting products which a consumer believes to be associated with unnecessary exploitation or other unethical behaviour. /wiki/Moral_purchasing   (5541 words)

 Moral purchasing : Ethical buying
Ethical purchasing (or moral purchasing or ethical sourcing or moral boycott) refers to the application of criteria reflective of a morality (or, in the terminology of ethics, a theory of value) to an individual, family, union, or other group's (corporation, university, government) purchasing decisions.
Ethical buying article @ Euro Online Encyclopedia'>Moral purchasing : Ethical buying
Ethical buying article @ Euro Online Encyclopedia'>Moral purchasing : Ethical buying
article at Free Euro Online Encyclopedia /et/Ethical_buying.html   (5541 words)

 Moral relativism - SmartyBrain Encyclopedia and Dictionary
Moral universalism is a humanist neologism that exhorts the use of logical and universally-common ethical standards, which together may form a philosophical alternative to both static absolutism and murky relativism.
A moral relativist, on the other hand, would hold that even people in such a circumstance do not follow a common moral code, but are simply unable to follow their varying personal urges due to social pressure.
Moral relativism stands in contrast to moral absolutism, which sees morals as fixed by an absolute human nature (Jean Jacques Rousseau), or external sources such as deities (many religions) or the universe itself (as in Objectivism). /index.php/Moral_relativism   (5541 words)

 Just Business - Article
Ethical Consumer magazine will help you be more informed about socially responsible purchasing.
As Ethical Consumer pointed out in 1998: "Compare the sustainability and biodegradability of cork with that of plastic, and the choice appears to be straightforward." Yet conventional wine may be produced with workers enduring poor conditions or using damaging pesticides.
Shopping isn’t just a simple process anymore, but then no-one said being an ethical consumer was going to be easy. /showpage.php?pagename=showarticle&articleid=21   (5541 words)

 Why pious organic munchers need to modify their reasoning - Opinion -
Ethical consumerism should be about using our purchasing power to make the world a better place.
Truly ethical consumerism requires a harder-headed look at what is in the interests of the world's poor.
If multinationals are the ethical consumers' betes noires, organic food and food that's not genetically modified are their haloed heroes. /articles/2004/08/18/1092765013671.html?from=storylhs   (951 words)

 Just Business - Article
Among the ethical concerns expressed by consumers their through purchasing behaviour are those to do with the environment.
Some firms, observing the growth of consumers ethical awareness, have recognised the marketing opportunity that is presented and have taken a lead in adopting policies that may be perceived to be ethically clean.
As well as making their own savings decisions on ethical grounds, people who are members of company pension schemes may urge their employers to apply ethical criteria when investing the pension fund. /articles/ethicalconsumerism.shtml   (2483 words)

 cis: press release
The growth in ethical consumerism in the UK is soaring and is now worth £24.7 billion a year, according to the annual Co-operative Bank Ethical Purchasing Index (EPI) published today (29 December 2004).
A further £1.4bn was placed in ethical investments and deposited with ethical banks and credit unions in 2003; a rise of 18 per cent to £9 billion.
The EPI, a barometer of ethical spending in the UK, shows that in 2003 UK consumers spent an additional £3.5bn in line with their values, an increase of 16 per cent on the previous year. /servlet/Satellite?cid=1053329505221&pagename=Smile/NCView&cpid=1104914536203&c=Page   (726 words)

 Natural & Ethical Consumers 2004: Table of Contents
Detailed insights into the ethical issues that consumers are most influenced by in their purchasing decisions and how they act on their convictions.
Awareness of the ethical issues affecting food, drinks and personal care has been growing over the last decade, and this awareness is now having a real impact on food, drinks and personal care.
To target ethical consumers, manufacturers and retailers need to ensure that they respond to their concerns by modifying their practices, updating products and effectively communicating any changes. /datamonitor/DMCM1824.htm   (1323 words)

 MSN Resource Centre - Garment Industry: Where can I find clean clothes?
Ethical Threads T-shirts are being marketed to rock bands, concert promoters and others purchasing for the UK music industry.
While ethical holiday shopping may be a small part of the solution, supporting garment workers' struggles to organize and improve their working and living conditions continues to be the most promising route to a sweat-free garment industry.
According to the Ethical Threads website, conditions in all its workplaces meet or exceed international labour standards outlined in ILO Conventions. /resources/garment/cleanclothes.htm   (1323 words)

 BBC NEWS Business Ethical shopping 'hits big brands'
Its Ethical Purchasing Index found that in 2002 ethical consumption in the UK was worth £19.86bn.
Ethical banking, energy, and food products are all growth areas, but the total market share of ethical goods and services is still less than 2%.
The Co-op estimates that £6.9bn was spent on ethical goods and services, including Fairtrade food products, while £7.4bn went to ethical financial services. /2/low/business/3299575.stm   (1323 words)

 Agenda Inc. Live Feed - Wake up and smell the ethical coffee
The amount spent on ethical consumerism adds up to £24.7bn a year in the UK, according to the Co-operative Bank's recent ethical purchasing index.
While the figures remain low when compared to total domestic consumption (about £1 in every £29 is spent ethically), market growth rates of 40% since 1999 show a strong upward trend for buying ethical goods and services.
Yet concerns are mounting that the very thing that has helped ethical consumerism grow might imperil its future. /mt-agenda/content/archives/2005/01/wake_up_and_sme.html   (229 words)

 UKSIF Press Release - IFAs Missing Out on Growth in Ethical Consumerism
In line with this growth, ethical consumerism in the UK increased by £3.5bn last year, totalling £24.7bn (5th annual Co-operative Bank Ethical Purchasing Index, December 2004.
UKSIF believes that all material social, environmental and ethical (SEE) issues should be integrated into standard investment practice and that individual investors should be able to reflect their values in their investments.
Furthermore, most firms were unable to confirm how advisers kept up to date with changes to ethical fund criteria, the launch of new research tools, new ethical or socially responsible investment techniques or performance research. /J/Z/Z/lib/2005/10/25-rr-press-IFAsurv/index.shtml   (878 words)

 The Malaysiana Digests: Ethical Consumerism
Rest assured, a majority of my purchasing decisions since I turned 19 have been thought through.
The truth about ethical consumerism was revealed to me by my learned friend.
Personally, implementation of ethical consumerism is not that simple. /archives/001049.html   (5399 words)

 Ecology movement Asia handicrafts fair trade store
Return to main page fair trade terms explained Fair-trade; social Justice, ethical purchasing...
A very few in the ecology movement would accept doing bodily harm by non-legal means to achieve their goals - they have no organized presence and are rejected by almost all players in the ecology movement.
Today the term "ecology movement" is associated often with the more moral, more confrontational, and more rigorous stance taken by Greenpeace and other even more radical NGOs, e.g. /fair-trade/ecology-movement.htm   (5399 words)

 Civics - One Language
Civics refers not to the ethical or moral or political basis by which a ruler acquires power, but only to the processes and procedures they follow in actually exercising it.
bioregional democracy - a deliberative democracy regulated by a caste of highly-qualified scientific advisors (both ecologists and ethicists) who can use scientific method to challenge or veto major ecological decisions, means of measuring well-being or selecting criteria for moral purchasing by the entire bioregional state
totalitarian - a dictator who has the moral authority of the monarch without necessarily being raised in any particular tradition - and who is vested with this trust by virtue of holding power itself, e.g. /encyclopedia/index.php/Civics   (5399 words) ethical living - Ethical shopping
By buying through, you are purchasing products or services that are reducing environmental impact and/or are made by social business investing in the local economy and helping to create sustainable communities.
For the companies to be listed, being "ethical" means a commitment to the goals of social and environmental responsibility. was launched in 2000 by Red Pepper and The Big Issue magazines to promote and advance ethical consumerism. /ethical_living/features/031203_ethical_gifts.htm   (5399 words)

 The Good Shopping Guide
Each product section gives useful information about the ethical issues to take in to consideration when purchasing that product, and an at-a-glance summary of the overall ethicality scores of different companies and brands.
It reports and ranks at the ethical behaviour of the ultimate holding companies, behind hundreds of the UK’s biggest brands, with regard to the Environment, Animal Welfare and Human Rights.
The book is supported by ethical consumers and NGOs like Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth and the World Development Movement. /book.htm   (5399 words)

 BookkooB: Ethical Shopping - William Young, Richard Welford
An aid to making informed purchasing decisions it rates retailers by the contents of their ethical codes and retailer type.
This book provides a new breed of ethically discerning consumers, the ability to see which retailers are taking supply chain ethics into their everyday business strategies.
Above you will see a list of UK book stores, along with their stock and price details for Ethical Shopping: Where to Shop, What to Buy and How to Make a Difference by William Young, Richard Welford. /book/1904132081.htm   (5399 words)

 LookSmart - Directory - Ethical Shopping Guides and Resources
Ethical Shopping Guides and Resources - Provides resources that help consumers evaluate the ethical pros and cons of purchasing goods and services.
Explore the ethical credentials of a range of organizations using this consumer-focused resource.
Search an extensive database to view the ethical or unethical activities of major companies in areas like fair trade, worker rights, and environmental issues. /p/browse/us1/us317916/us65566/us77654/us1004625/us1004656   (5399 words)

 Ethical Shopping : Where to Shop, What to Buy and What to Do to Make a Difference: Current Amazon U.S.A. One-Edition Data
William Young writes, researches and teaches on environmental, ethical and sustainable development issues facing business and consumers.
Covering a wide range of goods and services such as clothes, hardware, electronics, food, furniture, health and beauty, and much more, Ethical Shopping provides everything you need to shop with a clear conscience.
He advises international organizations drafting environmental management standards as well as companies on environmental and ethical issues. /books-reviewed/1904132081.html   (5399 words)

 The ethical consumerism report 2003
It argues that that for the majority of consumers ethics play a role in their purchasing choices.
This report reviews the state and evolution of ethical consumerism in the UK in 2002.
whilst ethical consumers can act as innovators in getting new products to the market, for real progress to be made supply side influences or government intervention may be required for some products and services to achieve mass market adoption /static/DOC14142.htm   (244 words)

 Yes, but only if they are Parametric Licenses
For instance, I would be very pleased to give away all rights to anything I write as non-fiction, IF AND ONLY IF I KNOW THAT ENTITIES THAT PROFIT FROM IT PASS AN ETHICAL INVESTING SCREEN AND MORAL PURCHASING SCREEN.
I want them to be "Green" in some sense, or they can't have my work.
Parametric licenses like GNU FDL and Creative Commons are a good answer. /cs/user/view/cs_msg/26506   (244 words)
If a religious person is concerned about keeping their temple-body healthy, they ought to moderate all food consumption, exercise, and maybe support the sustainable agriculture movement by purchasing leaner grass-fed beef from their local farmer.
Analphilosopher's Animal Ethics Blog sent me over to the Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians homepage.
From a religious viewpoint, the Jewish, Christian and Muslim scriptures are pretty clear in granting humans dominion over the beasts of the field. /2004/05/fisking-tofu-mystics.html   (244 words)

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