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In the News (Sat 20 Oct 18)

 [No title]
Eure's opposition to Norshipco's motion for summary judgment she first argued that the language of the Agreement was unambiguous; however, she further asserted that if the trial court found the Agreement to be ambiguous, then she should be permitted to introduce parol evidence to clarify the intent of the parties.
Eure maintains that the language of the Agreement is ambiguous and that the unrefuted parol evidence introduced at trial supports her interpretation of the Agreement.
Eure did not challenge the trial court's characterization of her position as claiming the clause was unambiguous, but argued in her motion to reconsider that the trial court failed "to recognize that [the language at issue] clearly recognizes Mrs.
www.courts.state.va.us /txtops/1011633.txt   (3944 words)

 Eure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eure is a département in the north of France named after the Eure River.
Eure was one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790.
Eure is part of the current region of Haute-Normandie and is surrounded by the departments of Seine-Maritime, Oise, Val-d'Oise, Yvelines, Eure-et-Loir, Orne, and Calvados.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eure   (174 words)

 EURE - LoveToKnow Article on EURE
The territory of Eure, which nowhere exceeds 800 ft. in altitude; is broken up by its rivers into well-wooded plateaus with a general inclination from south to north.
All the rivers of the department flow into the Seine,ori the right bank the Andelle and the Epte, and on the left the Eure with its tributaries the Avre and the Iton, and the Risle with its tributary the Charentonne.
Coal and raw materials for its industries are the chief imports of Eure; its exports include cattle, poultry, eggs, butter, grain and manufactured goods.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /E/EU/EURE.htm   (545 words)

 About the Partners   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Eure is a Florida native and was raised in the Charlotte/Sarasota County area.
Eure returned to Southwest Florida in 1989 and joined the practice of Alex Lancaster, P.A. and became a partner in January 1992.
Eure is a conscientious advocate for plaintiffs and workers' compensation claimants and has not represented industry or insurance companies.
www.lancasterandeure.com /_wsn/page3.html   (728 words)

 [No title]
Eure further stated that by lease agreement dated January 5, 1999, it leased space on the Mathews County tower to Bullseye Broadcasting, LLC (``Bullseye''), licensee of WSRV, Deltaville, Virginia, and that the terms of the lease agreement required Bullseye to monitor the tower lights and notify Eure of any lighting failures.
Eure further asserts that if it had known that the beacon was extinguished, it would have promptly repaired it, and that it did in fact repair the beacon when it learned of the outage.
Eure asserts that PJB is distinguishable because the licensee in that case ``knew it was doing the act in question,'' whereas Eure did not know that the beacon on its tower was extinguished, and because the violation in that case was repeated.
www.fcc.gov /eb/Orders/2002/DA-02-878A1.html   (1760 words)

 Eure v. Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock Corporation (Virginia 04/19/2002)
Eure also points to an application for a letter of credit for her benefit, wherein the applicant is listed as "United States Marine Repair, Inc. for acct of Norfolk Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation." According to Mrs.
In its opinion letter, the trial court stated that the issue was controlled by the last clause of the first sentence in paragraph two and noted that "[e]ach of you claims the clause is unambiguous." Finally, even after the trial court rendered its decision that the Agreement was unambiguous, Mrs.
Eure would be entitled to receive in the event the company changed its health care plan by using the same measure as in the first clause, that is, the health care benefits that a spouse of an officer of Norshipco would receive under the subsequent company plan.
www.assetprotectionbook.com /VA_Eure-NorfolkShipbuilding_2002.htm   (4318 words)

 Seahawks' Eure Plots Different Course
Eure, who turned 14 in May, used to live two miles from Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, home of the Masters and one very famous green jacket.
Now Eure has a 5 handicap, is one of the county's top scorers and is likely to be a strong contender at the county championships a week from Monday at Compass Pointe.
Eure was thrust into the role of playing in the No. 1 slot because senior Riley Owens was ineligible for the first few weeks.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2005/09/21/AR2005092100735.html   (688 words)

 Tommy Eure and WTVT
Eure (pronounced “your”) bought the parcel at 1117 Memorial Highway, just west of what would become WTVT studios, in 1953 and opened a commercial and portrait photography studio.
Eure remembers the building sitting vacant for more than a year, with vandals breaking most of the windows, looting any loose equipment and living inside at night.
Eure was elated when activity re-ignited next door at 1113 as the building was restored and retrofitted as a television station.
www.big13.net /tommy_eure_and_wtvt.htm   (1176 words)

 Angus Barn History
When you visited a Thad Eure restaurant, you may not have been dazzled by classic sauces and priceless place settings, but you were always impressed by the sunshine in the smile of the wait staff and the warmth in the handshake of the host.
Eure told Charles and Thad that “one of these days, boys, this is going to be a wonderful piece of land.”; He pointed out that the Raleigh-Durham Airport (at that time just a puddle jumper) was certain to grow.
Van Eure was 5 when her daddy opened Big Red with partner Charles Winston, 14 when she started working there, 34 when she was made general manager and 42 when her mother died and she became the sole owner.
www.angusbarn.com /past.html   (6822 words)

 [No title]
However, Eure argues that the NAL should be vacated because the Norfolk Office failed to consider Eure’s explanation for the violation set forth in its response to the NOV. In addition, Eure argues that the NAL should be vacated because it is not supported by probative evidence of a “willful or repeated” violation.
Eure asserts that the violation was not willful because it had a contract with a third party who was responsible for monitoring the tower lights and the third party failed to notify it of the extinguished beacon.
Eure states that pursuant to a lease agreement dated January 5, 1999, a third party, Bullseye, was required to monitor the lights on the Mathews County tower and notify Eure of any lighting failures.
www.fcc.gov /ftp/Bureaus/Enforcement/Orders/2001/da012816.txt   (1645 words)

 EURE Obits from David Powells Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
CAMDEN - Evelyn Beatrice Eure Burnham, 70, of the 200 block of Sleepy Hollow Road, died Saturday March 13, 1999 in Albemarle Hospital, Elizabeth City, N.C. A native of Hertford County, N.C., she was the daughter of the late Vernon and Lillie Mae Hunter Eure.
Eure was born in Gates County, N.C., a son of the late Lizzie Parker Eure and the late Thomas Eure.
Proceeded in death by his father, Woody R. Eure, his is survived by his wife Rita Brinkley Eure; two sons Andy Eure of Gatesville and Bubba Eure of Suffolk; his mother, Annie Mary Felton Eure of Gatesville; a sister Pat E. Toxey of Gatesville; a brother, Ritchie Eure of Eure; and a grandchild.
members.cox.net /bjernigan/gates/ldpeures.htm   (5198 words)

 EURE Obits from David Powells Collection#2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
She was the daughter of the late Charles Riddick Eure and Ernestine Parker Eure of Roduco.
Eure was a mechanic with Norfolk Naval Yard and a member of Stoney Branch Baptist Church.
Eure retired from the Naval Air Station in Norfolk, Va., as an aircraft mechanic and a member of Cool Spring Baptist Church and its Adult Sunday School Class and Gatesville Mason Lodge #126.
members.cox.net /bjernigan/gates/ldpeure1.htm   (1563 words)

 WOAI: San Antonio News - Mr. Gatti's Founder Jim Eure Dies at 87   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Eure, who died Sunday night, was a retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force in the 1960s when he opened a small hamburger and pizza joint in his hometown of Stephenville in North Texas.
A few years later, Eure and his wife Pat fell in love with Austin and decided to move to the city, but Eure was sure he was going to hang up his pizza roller.
Eure sold his chain of 18 pizza restaurants in 1974 but held on to a couple of franchises.
www.woai.com /news/local/story.aspx?content_id=71F1D127-A5C7-48D9-B42A-3B1DACA75808   (383 words)

 Eure-et-Loir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eure-et-Loir is a French département, named after the Eure and Loir rivers.
Eure-et-Loir was one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790.
Eure-et-Loire is part of the current region of Centre (Val de Loire) and is surrounded by the departments of Loir-et-Cher, Loiret, Essonne, Yvelines, Eure, Orme, and Sarthe.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eure-et-Loir   (161 words)

 Eure River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Eure River is a river in northern France.
Two départements are named after the Eure, namely Eure and Eure-et-Loir.
The most important city along the Eure is Chartres, its main tributaries are the Avre and the Iton.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eure_River   (78 words)

 EURE-ET-LOIR - LoveToKnow Article on EURE-ET-LOIR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The region of the east and south is a level and uniform expanse, consisting for the most part of the riverless but fertile plain of Beauce, sometimes called the granary of Frsnce.
The north,ernpart of Eure-et-Loir is watered by the Eure, with its tributaries the Vgre, Blaise and Avre, a small western portion by theHuisne, and the south by the Loir with its tributaries the Conie and the Ozanne.
The air is pure, the climate mild, dry and not subject to sudden changes.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /E/EU/EURE_ET_LOIR.htm   (565 words)

 Mr. Gatti's founder had a hand in sauce, crust, Willie's bailout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Eures decided to move to Austin, but Eure was sure he was going to hang up his pizza roller.
Eure sold his chain of 18 restaurants in 1974 but held on to a couple of franchises.
Eure is expected to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.
www.statesman.com /metrostate/content/metro/obits/20eure.html   (593 words)

 Wesley Eure, The Red Wings of Christmas
Wesley Eure is probably best known for romping with dinosaurs and the insect-like sleestak on the defunct, live-action Saturday morning series, Land of the Lost.
Eure, also known for eight years as Michael Horton on Days of Our Lives, a brief stint on Totally Hidden Video, and two years hosting Nickelodeon's Finders Keepers, has fond memories of his days as a pre-Jurassic Park dinosaur dodger.
Eure, who has a few humor books to his credit and is recently finished four new picture books, still isn't sure he has what it takes to be a writer.
www.rambles.net /eure_redwings.html   (824 words)

 Illinois Times: Commentary: Media: Good words
As Eure sees it, the persistent pursuit of every scrap of information is the very kind of journalism that floats democracy--it adds to the knowledge of the people, helping them to truly function as citizens.
Eure says he was surprised that people in Ghana, in particular, were not as angered by the news as they had a right to be.
Eure says he had hoped to come home to a reasoned debate about the future of Iraq, but, until very recently, dealing with Iraq's future has been regarded as a mere mop-up job.
www.illinoistimes.com /gbase/Gyrosite/Content?oid=oid:2007   (732 words)

 EURE Obits from David Powell's Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Eure, a native of Gates County, was a daughter of Dorsey and Irene Harrell Umphlett and widow of Daniel B. Eure.
Elijah Ward of Eure, 13 grandchildren and 9 great-great-grandchildren.
Eure, a farmer, was born in Gates County September 7, 1884, to Tobe and Annie Taylor Eure.
members.cox.net /bjernigan/gates/dpgci.htm   (1416 words)

 Nobles - School / Reunion Profile: Phil Eure '79
Articulate, compassionate, committed, PHIL EURE '79 has dedicated his life to human rights causes that have benefited from these three qualities, which he says were refined at Nobles.
Four years ago, Eure was offered the opportunity to create from scratch and head up, as Executive Director, a new city agency, the Office of Citizens' Complaint Review in Washington, which oversees the police in the nation's capital.
What has impressed Eure most about Nobles since his graduation in 1979 is the concerted effort the school has made to diversify itself.
www.nobles.edu /home/content.asp?id=1146   (519 words)

 The Eure Family
Without diminishing the memory of their great accomplishments, I believe the career of Thad Eure Jr.
When you visited a Thad Eure restaurant, you may not have been dazzled by classic sauces and priceless place settings, but you were always impressed by the sunshine in the smile of the waitresses and the warmth in the handshake of the host.
In my last conversation with Thad, he told me how determined he was, with the help of God, to win his battle with cancer.
www.angusbarn.com /theeure.htm   (550 words)

 Eure Coat of Arms   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Eure is also a Sept of the Clan MacKenzie
Eure is also a Sept of the Clan Robertson
This practice, which often included paying homage to the Clan Chief at important events was effective in building respect, devotion and familiarity between different families within the same clan.
www.houseofnames.com /xq/asp.c/qx/eure-coat-arms.htm   (1027 words)

 Hilliard Eure III Profile - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Eure serves on the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee and the Nominating/ Corporate Governance Committee of MarineMax, Inc. He also serves on the Board and Audit Committee of Farm Pilot Project Coordination, Inc., a not-for-profit company developing technologies for nutrient management.
Eure was a member of the Board of Directors, Audit Committee and Chairman of the Board of WEDU, a public broadcasting station, from 1991 through 2001.
Eure was the Managing Partner of the Tampa Bay Practice of KPMG (formerly Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.) from July 1977 until June 1993 and an audit partner in Atlanta and Greensboro, NC from 1968 through 1976.
www.forbes.com /finance/mktguideapps/personinfo/FromMktGuideIdPersonTearsheet.jhtml?passedMktGuideId=422183   (364 words)

 Eure Hotels France Places to stay in Eure Haute Normandie
Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Eure for a weekend break, business trip, special occassion or are simply looking for budget or discount hotels or lodging in Eure, we are confident that you'll find a suitable place to stay.
Some of our Eure guesthouse and bed & breakfast suppliers can be contacted via email or where a link to the hotel is available, directly from their websites, some may offer discounts and special internet rates.
Or, to view a list of Cheap priced or low cost Hotels in Eure please use the preceding 'Budget Hotels in Eure' link where you will find that the hotels are categorised in order of price.
www.hotels-accommodation-europe.co.uk /county/Eure   (726 words)

 Office of Police Complaints: Philip K. Eure, Executive Director
Philip K. Eure is the Executive Director of the Office of Police Complaints.
Eure joined the agency after working as a Senior Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice, where he litigated cases on behalf of victims of employment discrimination.
While at the department, he was detailed in 1997-1998 to Port-au-Prince as an adviser to the Government of Haiti on a project to reform the criminal justice system.
www.dcpc.dc.gov /occr/cwp/view.asp?A=3&Q=495470&occrNav=|31081|   (131 words)

 Houses for sale in Eure-et-Loir
Eure et Loir : Coudray Au Perche - Hab surface: 3229 sqFt - 4 bedrooms - Land: 2.47 acres
Eure et Loir : Nogent le Rotrou - Hab surface: 1561 sqFt - 4 bedrooms - Land: 2.47 acres
Eure et Loir : Luisant - Hab surface: 2325 sqFt - 6 bedrooms - Land: 1674 sqYd
www.green-acres.com /properties/departements/Eure_et_Loir.htm   (577 words)

 Eure Professorship   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Thad and Alice Eure Distinguished Research Professorship in Psychiatry was established in 1999 with a gift of $333,000 from the Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness.
Thad and Alice Eure established the Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness in response to their experience seeking help for a mentally ill family member.
was the son of Thad Eure Sr., the former Secretary of State for North Carolina.
carolinafirst.unc.edu /distprofs/eure.htm   (202 words)

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