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Topic: European Union regulation

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  European Union - Design Regulation
In 1993, the Commission of the European Union issued proposals for harmonization of design laws within the various countries of the EU and the creation of an EU designs registry for granting design registrations that would be effective throughout the EU with a design registration office located with the Trademark Office in Alicante, Spain.
Thus, the adoption of a European Union-wide single registration system has been delayed for at least a few years and the harmonization Directive was adopted essentially leaving the issue of the use of component parts for the repair of a complex product to national law until at least 2004 (see our March 1999 Newsletter).
The Regulation provides for unitary design right protection throughout the European Union, although not precluding national rights, and has several similarities to the Community Trade Mark Regulation, including use of the same office in Alicante, Spain but also draws on provisions that were included in the yet-to-be-implemented Community Patent Convention.
www.ladas.com /BULLETINS/2002/0802Bulletin/EU_DesignRegulation.html   (1707 words)

  European Union regulation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Regulation is a legislative act of the European Union which has a general scope, is obligatory in all its elements and is directly applicable in all Member States.
Regulations constitute one of the most powerful forms of EU law and must be given immediate force of law in Member States without the need to enact implementing measures.
Because regulations have direct effect, the individual countries do not need to pass local laws to bring them into effect, and indeed any local laws contrary to the regulation are overruled, as European Union Law is supreme over the laws of the Member States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_Union_regulation   (321 words)

In particular, in the European Union, a regulation is directly enforced as law in all EU member states.
Concerning EC Law, Regulation has a general aim, and is obligatory in all its elements and directly applicable in all Member States of the European Union.
Because regulations are directly effective, the individual countries do not need to pass local laws to bring them into effect, and indeed any local laws contrary to the regulation are overruled (as EC Law is supreme over the laws of the Member States).
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/re/Regulation.html   (306 words)

 A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union --E--
In 1995, however, the European Council agreed to abandon the name in favour of the euro, in deference to German concern that the ECU would not be credible, given its track record of repeated devaluation occasioned by the weakness of several of its components, notably the lira, the peseta, the escudo and the drachma.
Generally assumed to be the anthem of the European Union, the theme (Schiller's 'Ode to Joy' set to the last movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony) is in fact the anthem for the members of the Council of Europe, currently 44 countries, many of which are outside the EU.
The European Council (not to be confused with the Council of Ministers) refers to the twice-yearly, or occasionally more frequent, summit meetings of EU heads of government (plus the directly elected presidents of France and Finland) and the president of the Commission.
www.euro-know.org /dictionary/e.html   (11086 words)

 Emory University, European Union Research Guide
The Commission is supposed to represent and uphold the interests of the European Union as a whole, whereas the European Council represents the interests of the member-states.
The Official Journal of the European Union is the principal source of EU legislative documentation.
Contains principal European Union documents, official publications of EU institutions, and articles from journals and periodicals that deal with the EU, and monographs.
web.library.emory.edu /subjects/socsci/polsci/European_Union.htm   (2305 words)

 EU news: An Independent View from European Voice
European Parliament's smaller parties are to clash with the assembly's two biggest groups, the centre-right EPP-ED and the Party of European Socialists, over the fate of the stalled EU constitution.
The European Commission is aiming to boost the EU's ability to fight illnesses ranging from heart disease to arthritis with the publication next month of a proposed regulation on human tissue engineering.
The Committee of the Regions' capacity for enraging the staff union Union Syndicale is apparently unlimited.
www.europeanvoice.com /archive/issue.asp?id=466   (1724 words)

 IFLR: Researching European Union Law
The European Union (EU) is an supranational organization currently composed of 25 European countries who have decided to cooperate on a number of issues (economic, monetary, security, etc.) and adopt uniform laws.
European Parliament is composed of Representatives directly elected by the populations of the Member States.
Regulations are Community laws adopted by the Council of the European Union upon a proposal from the Commission.
www.law.berkeley.edu /library/classes/iflr/europeanunion.html   (3804 words)

 Eawp Vol. 4 No. 10: Laxe; Prado; Palmero; Dopico: Prestige Catastrophe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The current divergence of interests among the European countries, the difficulties to implement certain rules related to the renewal of the vessels, and the own interests of both the oil industries and the maritime transport are the reasons for the present delay to harmonize these rules on a worldwide scale.
Furthermore, the institutional analysis of this problem highlights the need to have a standardised regulation of the maritime traffic of polluting goods, since there are not any mechanisms that contribute the necessary incentives so that the companies, whose accident risk is not directly related to the adopted preventions, invest in high levels of security measures.
The European Union reacted positively after the Erika accident (1999) and started to elaborate new sets of regulations to improve maritime safety, the so-called Erika I and Erika II sets of measures.
eawp.economistascoruna.org /archives/vol4n10/index.asp   (4675 words)

 Safe Harbor
While the United States and the European Union share the goal of enhancing privacy protection for their citizens, the United States takes a different approach to privacy from that taken by the European Union.
The European Union, however, relies on comprehensive legislation that, for example, requires creation of government data protection agencies, registration of data bases with those agencies, and in some instances prior approval before personal data processing may begin.
Where a company relies in whole or in part on self regulation in complying with the safe harbor principles, its failure to comply with such self regulation must be actionable under federal or state law prohibiting unfair and deceptive acts or it is not eligible to join the safe harbor.
www.export.gov /safeharbor/sh_overview.html   (1653 words)

 European Union Council Regulation No. 3911/92
The Regulation applies to cultural goods belonging to one of the categories given in the annex, and in particular the products of archaeological excavations and items from artistic, historical or religious monuments or archaeological sites which have been dismantled.
The Regulation provides for mutual assistance between the administrative authorities of the Member States and between the latter and the Commission.
The Regulation lays down the principle of prior export licensing of certain categories of cultural goods defined in the annex to the above-mentioned Regulation.
exchanges.state.gov /culprop/eu3911.html   (481 words)

 European Union
The Treaty on European Union (or the Maastricht Treaty) (31 ILM 247; 1992 O.J. http://europa.eu.int/eur-lex/en/treaties/dat/EU_treaty.html> which was concluded in February of 1992 and came into effect in November 1993, established the European Union, founded on the European Communities.
Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union (1997 OJ (C 340) 145) and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (1997 O.J.) are attached to it, and are also available at 37 I.L.M. e.
The General Report on the Activities of the European Union (formerly General Report on the Activities of the Community) (KJE5380.A7C65 and ), the annual report of the Commission to the Parliament, reviews the activities the EU for the previous year.
www.law.duke.edu /lib/researchguides/europe.html   (4383 words)

 European Union Regulation 785/2004 -- Aviation Insurance, Aircraft Insurance, Flight Coverage by Lance Toland Associates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union adopted Regulation 785/2004 establishing minimum insurance requirements for aircraft operators.
This regulation is applicable to both general aviation aircraft operators and air carriers.
The regulation defines minimum required levels of insurance for liability in respect of passengers, baggage, cargo and third parties.
www.lancetoland.com /eu_regulation_785_2004_aviation_insurance.shtml   (131 words)

 European Union
Realisation of the EU Insolvency Regulation in Germany, France and the Netherlands
The Impact of the EU Regulation on U.K. Insolvency Proceedings
Directive 2001/17/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 March 2001 on the Reorganisation and Winding-up of Insurance Undertakings
www.iiiglobal.org /country/european_union.html   (948 words)

 EUROPEAN UNION TRADE POLICY - COMPETITION POLICY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
European competition policy is essential for the completion of the Internal Market.
In a market economy, competition promotes economic success, safeguarding the interests of European consumers and ensuring that European undertakings, goods and services are competitive on the world market.
European competition policy makes it possible to ensure that healthy competition is not hindered by anticompetitive practices on the part of companies or national authorities (restrictive agreements and concerted practices).
www.eurunion.org /legislat/TradeAg/Comp.htm   (473 words)

 Tobacco legislation and regulation UK & European Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
European Union legislation applies in each EU member state, but there will be different regulations to implement the legislation in each country.
The text that was agreed for this directive is formulated to act within the Commission's conservative view of the narrow boundaries of EU competence established by the treaty as interpreted by the European Court of Justice.
The contract of employment which regulates the relationship between employer and employee is subject to general principles of statute law.
www.ash.org.uk /html/policy/legislation.html   (4104 words)

 Chemical & Engineering News: Latest News - REACH Is Adopted By European Union Arm
In one more milestone toward implementation of REACH in Europe, the European Council—the decision-making arm of the European Union—has unanimously adopted a version of the chemicals policy, which has been in the works for three years.
The new European Union regulation will replace 40 existing legal acts and create a single system for all chemical substances.
European legislators expect it to take about a year for the chemicals agency to get going, so REACH is expected to actually become operational from 2008 onward.
pubs.acs.org /cen/news/83/i51/8351REACH.html   (194 words)

 European Union
Australia is currently involved in negotiations with the EU relating to an assessment by the EU of the adequacy of Australia's data protection/privacy regimes.  Negotiations are aimed at ensuring that unnecessary restrictions are not placed on the free movement of data between Australia and the EU.
The European Council is the pre-eminent body of the EU, under which the Heads of State or Government of the EU member states and the President of the European Commission come together in regular summits.
The European Parliament, which is the only institution directly elected by EU citizens, is responsible, with the European Council, for adopting the EU budget.  It shares decision-making power with the Council on most internal market policies, and must be consulted on other policy matters before the Council takes a decision.
www.dfat.gov.au /geo/european_union/eu_brief.html   (2865 words)

 Defra, UK - Animal health and welfare - Animal by-products - Page title   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The European Regulation on the animal health requirements for the non-commercial movement of pet animals was published on 13 June 2003 as EC Regulation No. 998/2003.
The Regulation sets out the requirements for the movement of pet animals (dogs, cats and ferrets) travelling within the European Community, and into the Community from non-EU countries.
The final version of this passport was published on 27 November in the Official Journal of the European Union L312.
www.defra.gov.uk /animalh/quarantine/PETS/Regulation/eu_reg.htm   (1007 words)

 European Union Archives | Samizdata.net
Christian Democratic politicians from Berlin, Paris and the European Parliament were holding confidential talks to restart talks on the failed attempt to ratify a constitution for the European Union, according to reports in Der Spiegel magazine.
The European Union is making soothing clucking sounds to try and calm the outraged Muslim masses with plans of a 'media code of conduct' designed to prevent a repeat of the Jyllands-Posten incident with the 'Satanic Cartoons'.
The drive to revive the European Union's Constitution, after the period of reflection, is proving rather fruitless.
www.samizdata.net /blog/archives/cat_european_union.html   (6343 words)

 Information Sources: Western Europe & The European Union
Contains all the legislative acts and regulations whose publication is obligatory under the Treaties establishing the European Communities, as well as a large number of acts that do not carry a statutory obligation to publish.
European Union Documents: including European law, documents common to all the institutions, and documents of individual institutions.
The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to improving the quality of the debate on the future of the European Union.
www.columbia.edu /cu/lweb/indiv/lehman/guides/westoid.html   (2188 words)

 WHO/Europe - Pharmaceuticals - Drug regulation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
Drug regulation in countries of the European Union is covered under the European Union regulatory and legislative framework.
Central European countries have organized under the Collaboration Agreement of Drug Regulatory authorities in European Union Associated Countries (CADREAC) agreement to discuss progressive harmonization with European Union regulation.
NIS regulatory authorities are meeting regularly in the Drugnet network to discuss improvement of drug regulation.
www.euro.who.int /pharmaceuticals/regulation   (124 words)

 EU Wildlife Trade Regulation - Trade Regulations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-05)
The aim of the Regulation is to protect wild animals and plants currently or likely to become threatened by international trade, by regulating the trade in these species.
The full text is published in the Official Journal of the European Communities, L 61, Volume 40, 3 March 1997 (ISSN 0378-6978) and is available in all eleven languages of the European Community.
Article 4.6 of Council Regulation 338/97 lists four categories (a), (b), (c) and (d) against which these restrictions may be imposed.
www.unep-wcmc.org /species/trade/eu/tradereg.html   (1680 words)

 [USCC] Fwd: Organic Food Regulation in the European Union
Council Regulation 2092/91 has been >amended to prohibit, as of 1 July 2005, the use of terms suggesting an >organic connotation such as 'bio' or 'eco' on products which are not >organic...
Council Regulation 2092/91 provides for an EU wide protection >of certain terms used to indicate to the consumer that a food or feed >product has been produced in accordance with the EU's organic production >rules.
To prevent any misinterpretation or misuse, Council Regulation >2092/91 has been amended to prohibit, as of 1 July 2005, the use of terms >suggesting an organic connotation such as 'bio' or 'eco' on products which >are not organic.
mailman.cloudnet.com /pipermail/compost/2004-April/011968.html   (606 words)

 European Union Regulations on single-hull oil tankers
While being aware of the considerations which led to the regional measures being adopted by the European Union, Mr.
O'Neil was particularly disturbed at their unilateral character and the negative repercussions the measures would have on the shipping industry, which, due to its international nature, makes it imperative that safety, security and environmental standards must be established on the basis that they would be applied globally.
To this effect, the Membership of IMO has agreed to convene a special meeting of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) in December to consider amendments to the MARPOL Convention, as proposed by the European Union members, with the aim of securing agreement to new global standards.
www.imo.org /Newsroom/mainframe.asp?topic_id=758&doc_id=3223   (338 words)

 EUROPA - Important legal notice
Only European Union legislation published in paper editions of the Official Journal of the European Union is deemed authentic.
[234 KB] of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000.
Within each Institution, a Data Protection Officer ensures that the provisions of the Regulation are applied and advises controllers on fulfilling their obligations (see art.
europa.eu /geninfo/legal_notices_en.htm   (985 words)

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