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Topic: European continent

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  European vacations - Travel guide about European vacations
Europe, the planet's 6th largest continent, includes (46) countries, and a few dependencies, territories and regions.
In exacting geographic definitions, Europe is really not a continent, but part of the peninsula of Euroasia, which includes all of Europe and Asia.
European vacations seems to be underestimated, especially by the younger generation and budget travelers.
www.european-vacations.tv   (383 words)

 Blank outline maps of the european continent [Hist-Geo.com]
Another set of blank maps displaying the European Union is also available here.
Download this free set of blank outline maps of the european continent
Blank outline maps of the european continent with parallels and meridians
maps.hist-geo.com /Europe/Outline-Continent   (82 words)

  European Alliance - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
In the 24th century, the European Alliance is a political entity on the European continent on Earth, incorporating the city of Brussels amongst others.
However, the European Alliance might state a joint effort of the European people to create a unified administration and representation at the global government and, thus, might be very similar to the European Union.
The European Alliance is presumably bordered by the "Mediterranean Alliance", which was referenced in the novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
memory-alpha.org /en/wiki/European_Alliance   (228 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The European Union (EU), comprising 27 member states, is the largest political and economic entity by area and population covering the European continent, while Russia (excluding portions in Asia) is the second largest entity and largest country.
European integration has been a theme in European relations since the end of the second World War, and has accelerated since the end of the Cold War.
European membership of NATO has also increased since the end of the Cold War, with the admission of a number of Eastern European countries.
www.gamecheatz.net /games.php?title=European   (3986 words)

 Human Rights Learning Centre: Study Guide on the European human rights system
The European Convention for the Prevention of Torture was adopted in 1987 and entered into force in 1989 and was amended by Protocol 1 and 2.
The European Court of Justice ensures that EC and EU treaties are respected and that the laws are being followed.
This is a practical guide on how the European Court of Human Rights has been interpreted and how it has implemented the right for private and family life (article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights states that everyone has the right to his or her private/family life, home, and correspondence).
www.hrea.org /learn/guides/europe.html   (6210 words)

 The European Counterweight--Part 1: A Leaderless Superpower
Within a 75-year span, the European continent was ravaged by three brutal war campaigns: the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71), World War I (1914-18) and World War II (1939-45).
It is to re-create the European Family, or as much of it as we can, and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom.
Four years later, the European Court of First Instance acknowledged that “the Commission’s reasoning was marred by legal errors,” and that “in the words of the court, the decision was ‘vitiated [invalidated] by illegalities.’” However, the court upheld the 2001 decision.
www.realtruth.org /articles/413-tec.html   (3222 words)

 washingtonpost.com: America, Wake Up to the European Dream
For them, the continent is no longer a world of warring states, walled-off cities and guards at every border, but a wide-open region where old economic, political and cultural barriers are breaking down, leading to new opportunities and new ways of thinking.
Fourteen of the 20 largest commercial banks in the world today are European, and European businesses lead in the chemical, engineering and construction, aerospace and insurance industries, as well as the food wholesale and retail trades.
Europeans often remark that Americans "live to work," while they "work to live." Although the demands of globalization mean that Europeans have to work somewhat harder than they used to, they still get an average of five weeks' paid vacation a year, where Americans get two.
www.washingtonpost.com /ac2/wp-dyn/A11183-2004Oct30?language=printer   (1578 words)

 sociology - Europe
When considered a continent, Europe is the world's second smallest continent in terms of area, with an area of 10,600,000 km² (4,140,625 square miles), making it larger than Australia only.
Important European herbivores are snails, amphibians, fish, different birds, and mammals, like rodents, deers and roe deers, boars, and living in the mountains, marmots, steinbocks, chamoises among others.
European Turkey comprises territory to the west and north of the Bosporus and the Dardanelles straits.
www.aboutsociology.com /sociology/Europe   (2706 words)

 Assembly of WEU
Maintaining the stability of the European continent — the scene of two terrible wars in the first half of the 20th century — has been one of the major political objectives of Europe.
Against this background the Parliamentary Assembly of Western European Union (WEU), which has its premises in Paris, has made a dedicated contribution over the years to all issues of security and stability on the European continent and is continuing to do so.
WEU became the defence arm of the European Union and was to act as a bridge between NATO and the EU.
www.assembly-weu.org /en/presentation/historique.html   (1755 words)

At the heart of the European Union’s plan is the proposal to build an autonomous military force supported by the necessary political and military apparatus.
In short, since military interventions in regional crises perceived as threats to European stability (such as Bosnia and Kosovo) are now a priority for NATO and the EU, the Europeans need to accelerate the process of readjusting how they spend their defense money.
The European Union and NATO need to establish formal relations and agree on terms of cooperation on the European continent if they are to assuage these suspicions.
www.cdi.org /dm/2000/issue4/debunk.html   (2188 words)

 EU: Climate change will transform the face of the continent - Independent Online Edition > Environment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Europe, the richest and most fertile continent and the model for the modern world, will be devastated by climate change, the European Union predicts today.
The ecosystems that have underpinned all European societies from Ancient Greece and Rome to present-day Britain and France, and which helped European civilisation gain global pre-eminence, will be disabled by remorselessly rising temperatures, EU scientists forecast in a remarkable report which is as ominous as it is detailed.
Much of the continent's age-old fertility, which gave the world the vine and the olive and now produces mountains of grain and dairy products, will not survive the climate change forecast for the coming century, the scientists say, and its wildlife will be devastated.
news.independent.co.uk /environment/article2140265.ece   (1005 words)

 Will Islam Conquer Europe?
History has proven that the powers that have sought control of the European continent in the past have had a standoff with the religion of Islam for the greatest influence of the European continent and the Holy land.
European leaders have long sought the dream of a United States of Europe—a return to the past glory of the Holy Roman Empire, and a rival to the giant of the past century, the United States of America.
The European Union has also made it very clear that they are seeking to become independent of the U.S. in military defense and to make decisions regarding their own security issues.
www.realtruth.org /articles/253-wice.html   (2468 words)

 EU Enlargement Information Campain
The video-clips are the results of footage taken by Nathanael Corre, a journalist who travelled throughout Europe during the summer of 2003.
European integration has delivered half a century of stability, peace and economic prosperity.
FOCUS ON "Focus on" is a special session dedicated to in-depth knowledge of the state of enlargement, the acceding countries and the future perspectives of the EU of 25 member states.
www.european-movement.org /enlargement   (469 words)

 european russia map and information page
European Russia is the mass of Russian land west of the Ural Mountains It's indicated above in a medium shade of green, fronting Europe.
It is not a separate country, but rather called European Russia because of its political and cultural blending with European countries and peoples.
Landforms The broad European Plain, or Volga River Plain extends from the Ural Mountains to its western borders.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/europe/eur.htm   (636 words)

 European Commission
European recruitment event brings together job seekers and employers from across the continent.
Giving the EU a competitive edge had priority in 2006, according to this year's financial report.
14/09/2007 - European mobility week gets rollingMaking urban travel greener and safer - Europe’s cities unveil their latest...
ec.europa.eu /index_en.htm   (229 words)

 The future of the European Union.
Lastly, there is the question of how to ensure that a redefined division of competence does not lead to a creeping expansion of the competence of the Union or to encroachment upon the exclusive areas of competence of the Member States and, where there is provision for this, regions.
The European Union derives its legitimacy from the democratic values it projects, the aims it pursues and the powers and instruments it possesses.
Three representatives of the Economic and Social Committee with three representatives of the European social partners; from the Committee of the Regions: Six representatives (to be appointed by the Committee of the Regions from the regions, cities and regions with legislative powers), and the European Ombudsman will be invited to attend as observers.
members.tripod.com /janschuitemaker/id26.htm   (3259 words)

 EUROPA - Rapid - Press Releases   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It is particularly important for me, as European Commissioner responsible for relations between the European Union and Russia, that we are here today to celebrate the opening of the European Studies Institute.
Because the very purpose and meaning of the European Studies Institute is to deepen relations between us, by creating a pool of expertise and knowledge about each other.
The European Union is really concerned by the escalating tensions between Georgia and Russia, and has repeatedly called on both sides to tone down their rhetoric and to act in a manner consistent with their international commitments and obligations.
europa.eu /rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=SPEECH/06/623&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en   (2248 words)

 Where might one find the oldest rocks of the European continent?
The Baltic Shield is defined as the "exposed" Precambrian northwest segment of the East European Craton.
The Baltic Shield contains the oldest rocks of the European continent with a thickness of 250-300 km., and is still rebounding today from the thick glacials during the Quaternary Period.
The Baltic Shield (or Fennoscandian Shield) is a segment of the Earth's crust belonging to the East European Craton, representing a large part of Fennoscandia, northwestern Russia and the northern Baltic Sea.
www.funtrivia.com /askft/Question72666.html   (295 words)

 European Newsgroups
What the term “European Newsgroups” refers to is all the newsgroups that contain discussions in one of the many languages spoken on the European continent.
The only difference between all the European newsgroups and the US newsgroups is the language that is predominantly spoken in those groups.
That is why it is so interesting to visit different European newsgroups every once in a while to see what the users on the other side of the world are up to.
www.usenet.com /articles/european_newsgroups.htm   (437 words)

 European Disunion
Though the Bush administration has wisely and scrupulously stayed out of the debate over the EU Constitution, the fact is that the United States and European powers of an Atlanticist outlook stand to benefit from the actions of the French and Dutch electorates.
American policy since the 1950s has always been generally supportive of European cooperation through the European Community and later of the European Union; it has been an economic bulwark against communist expansion and a guarantee against a repeat of the World Wars of the 20th century.
One reason is history; Europeans have for centuries perfected the art of national stereotyping – aimed at each other as they have lived and fought on close quarters on the small and heavily populated European continent.
www.heritage.org /Press/Commentary/ed060905b.cfm   (713 words)

 Turkey and the European Tent – Part I
To be sure, many Europeans, both politicians and the public, are uneasy about Turkey's entry, viewing its Muslim character as irreconcilable with the rest of the EU.
It marked a victory for European policymakers who reject the notion of the EU as a Christian club and of religion as a dividing force between people.
European fears of increasingly militant Muslims in their own backyard have grown in the wake of recent terror attacks.
yaleglobal.yale.edu /display.article?id=6359   (1444 words)

 Europe information - Search.com
In terms of population, it is the third-largest continent (Asia and Africa are larger) with a population of more than 705,000,000, or about 11% of the world's population.
European integration has been a theme in European relations since the end of the second World War and has spread to Eastern Europe since the end of the Cold War.
In another usage, Europe is increasingly being used as a short-form for the European Union (EU) and its members, currently consisting of 25 member states and the candidate countries negotiating for membership, and several other countries expected to begin negotiations in the future (see Enlargement of the European Union).
www.search.com /reference/Europe   (4204 words)

The ecosystems that have underpinned all European societies from Ancient Greece and Rome to present-day Britain and France, and which helped European civilisation gain global pre-eminence, will be disabled by remorselessly rising temperatures, EU scientists forecast in a remarkable report which is as ominous as it is detailed.
Much of the continent’s age-old fertility, which gave the world the vine and the olive and now produces mountains of grain and dairy products, will not survive the climate change forecast for the coming century, the scientists say, and its wildlife will be devastated.
“The annual migration of northern Europeans to the countries of the Mediterranean in search of the traditional summer ’sun, sand and sea’ holiday is the single largest flow of tourists across the globe, accounting for one-sixth of all tourist trips in 2000.
www.sustainabilitank.info /category/european-union/scandinavia/estonia   (1109 words)

 Second European Social Science Conference
The Second European Social Science Conference, organized under the auspices of UNESCO, brought together representatives of UNESCO national commissions, members of social science organizations, of international organizations and individuals from 31 European countries.
The further development of European social science cooperation requires an increased opening to and collaboration with social science communities from other regions of the world.
The Second European Social Science Conference notes with satisfaction that UNESCO is attaching a central importance and gives visibility to its social science programme.
www.unesco.org /most/slovak.htm   (1407 words)

 Europe - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
The greatest musical performance group in the history of the world is the European Union, whose song "The Final Countdown" encapsulates cosmological and epistemological truth, as well as a comprehensive morality.
Anthropoligists generally agree that Europeans are approximately fifteen feet tall, blonde, blue-eyed, axe-wielding, and pray ten times a minute to a god called Hitler.
The European Capital of Culture is an award that is gratefully received by all who win the award as it guarantees entry into the Eurovision song content of the country in which the city inhabits.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Europe   (983 words)

 Speech 030399
Even though the system was initially confined to the western part of the European continent, since it took a longer time for the eastern regions of Europe to embark on the road of democracy, eventually, the desire for freedom, democracy, and the life in a thriving society has triumphed in Central and East European countries.
The Slovak Republic is among the youngest European states that has became a sovereign state after many centuries, and just like anything one has to learn in life, the art of rule, the use of power, democracy and its institutions, the communication with political partners and opponents, must also be first learnt.
This is intended to gradually evolve into a global European initiative, focusing on the enhancement of the Union's role in global processes, the enhancement of the capacity to cope with such risks as the proliferation of nuclear, bacteriological, and chemical weapons, organised crime, migration, and the like.
www.nato.int /pfp/sk/speech030399.htm   (2969 words)

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