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Topic: European Parliament

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  European Parliament blocks patent agreement | OUT-LAW.COM
The proposal for a European Patent Litigation Agreement would commit its signatory states to an integrated judicial system for patent disputes, including uniform rules of procedure and a common appeal court.
The European Parliament debated the agreement in October and though MEPs obtained concessions from McCreevy, they still failed to back the plan.
The Parliament asked its Legal Service to analyse how the EPLA would fit with existing rights, obligations, laws and treaties that make up the 'acquis communautaire', the essence of the European Union.
www.out-law.com /page-7771   (603 words)

 Ep050706En - FFII
Strasbourg, 6 July 2005 -- The European Parliament today decided by a large majority (729 members (of which 689 signed that day's attendance register), 680 votes, 648 in favour, 14 against, 18 abstaining [*]) to reject the directive "on the patentability of computer implemented inventions", also known as the software patent directive.
I also hope that it will encourage the Council and Commission to model after the European Parliament in terms of transparency and the ability of stakeholders to participate in the decision-making process irrespective of their size.
Currently, Parliament is supposed to have 732 members, but this is often less due to not yet replaced outgoing members.
wiki.ffii.org /Ep050706En   (853 words)

  European Parliament Resolution
Calls on the Council to obtain from the present Turkish Government as acknowledgment of the genocide perpetrated against the Armenians in 1915-1917 and promote the establishment of a political dialogue between Turkey and the representatives of the Armenians;
Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Commission, the European Council, the Foreign Ministers meeting in political cooperation, the EEC/Turkey Association Council and the Turkish, Iranian and Soviet Governments and the UN Secretary General.
Resolution discussed and approved by European Parliament on June 18, 1987.
www.armenian-genocide.org /Affirmation.152/current_category.7/affirmation_detail.html   (788 words)

  European Parliament slams Meles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Parliament urges the Iranian authorities to accelerate the investigation into the suspicious deaths and killings of intellectuals and political activists and to release all prisoners of conscience.
Parliament reminds the Government of Iran of its treaty obligations to safeguard freedom of opinion, and "calls for the release of all imprisoned journalists and webloggers".  It condemns the imprisonment of cyber-journalists as well as the severe restrictions on the media in Iran.
Parliament "condemns the open call by President Ahmedinejad for a purge of liberal and secular academics in the universities and calls for all those expelled to be allowed to return and to teach".
www.ethrev.com /2006/nov/11162006_european_parliament_slams_meles.html   (1505 words)

  European Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The debating chamber, the 'hemicycle' of the European Parliament in Brussels.
Although Brussels is generally treated as the 'capital' of the European Union, and the two institutions of the EU's executive, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, both have their seats there, a protocol attached to the Treaty of Amsterdam requires that the European Parliament have monthly sessions in Strasbourg.
Thus the European Parliament is sometimes informally referred to as the 'Strasbourg Parliament' and Strasbourg as the democratic (opposed to bureaucratic) capital of Europe.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_Parliament   (1950 words)

 Member of the European Parliament - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Member of the European Parliament (English abbreviation MEP) is a member of the European Union's directly-elected legislative body, the European Parliament.
The Parliament elected in 2004 has 732 members, drawn from the Union's 25 member states on a basis roughly proportional to each country's population (though by no means precisely proportional - smaller member states have a proportionally greater representation than larger ones).
The so-called dual mandate, where an individual is a member of both his or her national parliament and the European Parliament, is officially discouraged and has been prohibited by a number of EU countries, most recently Italy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Member_of_the_European_Parliament   (1860 words)

 European Parliament Summary
Although Brussels is generally treated as the 'capital' of the European Union, and the two institutions of the EU's executive, the European Commission and the Council of Ministers, both have their seats there, a protocol attached to the Treaty of Amsterdam requires that the European Parliament have monthly sessions in Strasbourg.
Thus the European Parliament is sometimes informally referred to as the 'Strasbourg Parliament' and Strasbourg as the democratic (opposed to bureaucratic) capital of Europe.
On several occasions, the European Parliament has expressed a wish to be granted the right to choose for itself the location of its seat, and eliminate the two-seat system, but in the successive treaties, EU member state governments have continued to reserve this right for themselves.
www.bookrags.com /European_Parliament   (2976 words)

 European parliament
He denied he was suggesting that the European Parliament knew that the city was taking a share of the rent.
The European Parliament has frozen rental payments to the city of Strasbourg and suspended plans to buy the two buildings, Winston Churchill and Salvador de Madariaga, once it emerged that the city had been receiving up to 25% of the annual _10.5m rent paid by the assembly to the owners of the building SCI Erasme.
The UK centre-right MEP Edward McMillan-Scott said the professed need to cover the risk of the Parliament leaving the city was "illogical", as the 1998 Amsterdam Treaty fixed Strasbourg as the seat of the European Parliament.
www.europeanvoice.com /european-parliament.html   (536 words)

 Strasbourg.info - The European Parliament, Strasbourg
The European Parliament represents, in the words of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, 'the peoples of the States brought together in the European Community'.
The first direct elections to the European Parliament were held in June 1979 when, 34 years after the end of Second World War, for the first time in history, the peoples of the nations of Europe, once torn apart by war, went to the polls to elect the members of a single parliament.
The European Parliament, which derives its legitimacy from direct universal suffrage and is elected every five years, has steadily acquired greater influence and power through a series of treaties.
www.strasbourg.info /europarl   (213 words)

 EUROPA - European Union institutions and other bodies - European Parliament
This places the European Parliament and the Council on an equal footing and the laws passed using this procedure are joint acts of the Council and Parliament.
Parliament works closely with the Council in certain areas, such as common foreign and security policy and judicial co-operation, as well as on some issues of common interest such as asylum and immigration policy and measures to combat drug abuse, fraud and international crime.
Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control (COCOBU) monitors how the budget is spent, and each year Parliament decides whether to approve the Commission's handling of the budget for the previous financial year.
www.library.uiuc.edu /edx/EU/backup/index_en.htm   (876 words)

 A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union --E--
In 1995, however, the European Council agreed to abandon the name in favour of the euro, in deference to German concern that the ECU would not be credible, given its track record of repeated devaluation occasioned by the weakness of several of its components, notably the lira, the peseta, the escudo and the drachma.
Their assertions that European unity, even peace, depended on EMU had not convinced ordinary people, who remained largely resistant to losing their currencies in Germany, France, the UK, Sweden and Denmark (in Italy and Spain, as in the de facto D-Mark zone of Belgium and The Netherlands, the population was more favourable).
The European Council (not to be confused with the Council of Ministers) refers to the twice-yearly, or occasionally more frequent, summit meetings of EU heads of government (plus the directly elected presidents of France and Finland) and the president of the Commission.
www.euro-know.org /dictionary/e.html   (11086 words)

 European Parliament. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In most cases its opinion is not binding; the final vote on legislation proposed by the European Commission, as well as amendments proposed by the parliament, rests with the Council of the European Union.
The aspect of EU government over which the parliament has the most direct influence is the EU budget, which it may amend or reject and on which it generally has the final vote.
The European Parliament was founded in 1958 as the European Parliamentary Assembly, whose members were chosen by the parliaments of the nations belonging to the three treaty organizations that were later merged to form what is now the EU.
www.bartleby.com /65/eu/EuropnP.html   (295 words)

 European Parliament — EUbusiness - EU business, legal and financial news and information - EUbusiness.com
The European parliament on Thursday voiced concern over human rights violations in China ahead of next year's Beijing Olympics, calling for the issue to be tied to trade talks.
The European Parliament rallied behind embattled Polish EU lawmaker Bronislaw Geremek on Thursday over his refusal to comply with a new law to weed out communist era secret police informers.
European Parliament president Hans-Gert Poettering on Friday urged Bulgarians to take part in European elections next month as a new poll predicted a huge abstention rate.
www.eubusiness.com /Europarl   (1023 words)

 European Parliament OKs tough anti-chemical law - Los Angeles Times   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
European Parliament President Josep Borrell of Spain said the legislation "offers EU citizens true protection against the multitude of toxic substances in everyday life in Europe." Parliament officials said it is one of the most far-reaching, ambitious and costly pieces of legislations in EU history.
The cost to European industry has been estimated by the EU at $2 billion to $6 billion over the 11-year period in which the law will be phased in.
Parliament's two largest parties, the People's Party and the Socialist group, agreed reluctantly to remove some stringent provisions, but the compromise drew the ire of Europe's environmentalists and the Greens and Left parties.
www.latimes.com /news/nationworld/world/la-fg-chmeicals14dec14,0,2756254.story?coll=la-home-headlines   (842 words)

 European Parliament   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The European Parliament is the only Community institution that meets and debates in public.
The Headquarters of the European Parliament is in Strasbourg.
The General Secretariat of the European Parliament and its departments remain in Luxembourg.
www.gm-unccd.org /field/Multi/EU/OP_Par.htm   (616 words)

 [No title]
Janelly Fourtou, member of the European Parliament, French Conservative, has actively promoted software and business method patents in Europe, while pretending that she was "only restating the current law".
Members of the European Parliament have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a new E.U. draft constitution that is designed to streamline the way the 25-member bloc works.
The European Parliament today voted by a large margin to approve the EU accession of Bulgaria and Romania.
www.lycos.com /info/european-parliament--members.html   (558 words)

 DEsite : European Parliament   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Parliament is led by a president and a ´Bureau´.
This regulatory body consists of the President of the European Parliament, fourteen vice-presidents, and five quaestors with an advisory voice.
Depending on the subject of the proposal by the Commission, the parliamentary committee responsible for the policy field the subject is related to prepare a common position for the European Parliament.
drcwww.kub.nl /dbi/instructie/eu/en/T13.htm   (922 words)

 News: Ethiopia, European parliament warns Ethiopia over opposition crackdown
The parliament "calls on the Ethiopian government to end the persecution and intimidation of opposition parties and to release immediately thousands of people who were arrested at an opposition demonstration in June," it said.
The European parliament said it was concerned about the circumstances behind the boycott and the lifting of parliamentary immunity from prosecution.
The Ethiopian information ministry issued a statement in response accusing the European parliament of relying on a "discredited" report from EU election observers that was part of a "vilification campaign" against the government.
www.reliefweb.int /rw/RWB.NSF/db900SID/LSGZ-6H6DMD?OpenDocument   (508 words)

 BBC NEWS | In Depth | Euro-glossary | European Parliament
The parliament is the only directly elected body in the European Union and the only elected international assembly in the world.
The parliament is split between Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.
Commissioners must be approved by Parliament before they can be appointed and parliament has the power to sack the Commission - a fate the commission only escaped in 1999 by its mass resignation.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/in_depth/europe/euro-glossary/1054576.stm   (192 words)

 Scotsman.com News - European Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
THE European Parliament agreed a multi-billion-pound, seven-year EU budget yesterday, ending months of wrangling with cash-strapped national governments and averting a future funding crisis.
BULGARIA and Romania were warned by the European Commission yesterday that their EU entry hopes may be delayed for a full year unless they take serious steps to tackle high-level corruption and organised crime.
KEY European Union countries are keeping their doors firmly closed to workers from the newest...
news.scotsman.com /topics.cfm?tid=591&id=1635642005   (496 words)

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