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Topic: European political party

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  ELDR Party - Commission proposes statute for European political parties
The Treaty as amended at Maastricht recognises the role of political parties in Article 191, which states: "political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union.
Democracy: the programme and activities of a European political party must respect the fundamental principles of democracy, respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law established by the Treaty on European Union.
Participation in European political debate: a European political party must have established itself as a political group within the European Parliament or intend to establish one or to participate in an existing group.
www.eldr.org /modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=74   (594 words)

  Labour Party - Politics.ie Wiki
The Labour Party was founded in 1912 in Clonmel by James Connolly, James Larkin and William O'Brien as the political wing of the Irish Trade Union Congress.
The merged party's performance in the 1999 Local Election and 1999 European Election was mixed, with very positive results in the capital where it emerged as the second-largest grouping in Dublin, and Party President Proinsias De Rossa was elected to the European Parliament.
Labour is a member party of the Party of European Socialists, with Ruairi Quinn as its Vice President and Treasurer.
www.politics.ie /wiki/index.php?title=Labour_Party   (1385 words)

  Political party - Knowmore
A political party is a political organization that subscribes to a certain ideology and seeks to attain political power within a government.
In two-party states political parties are traditionally catch all parties which are ideologically broad and inclusive.
The emblem of socialist parties is often a red rose held in a fist.
www.knowmore.org /index.php/Political_party   (1040 words)

 Political party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In two party states political parties traditionally catch all parties which are ideologically broad and inclusive.
Political parties are often considered on a political spectrum.
The emblem of Socialist Parties is often a rose held in a fist.
www.freeglossary.com /Political_party   (1157 words)

 European political party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A European political party, formally a political party at European level, sometimes informally (especially in academic circles) a Europarty, is a type of political party organization operating transnationally in Europe.
Political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union.
Within the European Parliament these parties often express themselves in affiliation with Groups in the European Parliament which may be alliances of more than one European political parties, or possibly alliances between parties and nominally independents.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_political_party   (668 words)

 Towards a European left party
This political transformation of the PRC is one of the determinant elements serving to sharpen differentiation within the CP tradition.
The political test is that of government: to participate in a government dominated by social-democracy on a social liberal programme is incompatible with an overall strategy which seeks to break this offensive and force through a programme entirely favourable to the exploited and oppressed classes.
The activists in the 'movement' consider it as a 'political entity' in itself (a 'political subject', as the Italians say) and are not ready to delegate their votes and opinions to the political parties of the establishment.
www.sap-pos.org /en/towards_a_european_left_party.htm   (1301 words)

 Political parties: an introduction
Political parties are a part of modern history.
Political parties came into being at the end of the 18th and in the 19th century.
Centrist parties are defined here as parties which are in the centre of the political spectrum without officially adhering liberal values.
www.electionworld.org /party.htm   (1030 words)

 EPP - European People's Party
In March 2007, the Presidency of the EPP recommended to the Political Bureau – EPP’s decision-making body with representatives from all EPP member-parties - the suspension of the UDF after its former leader announced that his party joined the so-called "Movement for European Reform".
The EPP would like to deny the article, published in Mediapool newsagency, on 30 August, stating that "the GERB application for EPP membership is temporarily frozen".
EPP Secretary General and MEP, Antonio Lopez-Isturiz, said: "The EPP President Wilfred Martens, the Chairwoman of the WG3 Corien Wortmann-Kool and myself, the Secretary General of the party, are the only people authorized to comment on the application procedures of parties.
www.epp.eu   (617 words)

 Green Party - Politics.ie Wiki
The party has as a basic principle that the impact of society on the environment should not be disruptive and that conservation of resources is vital to a sustainable society.
The party elected Trevor Sargent as its first leader in 2001, with Councillor Mary White as deputy leader, and this team was re-elected for a further two-year term in 2003.
The outcome of the local and European elections in 2004 was more mixed for the party, however, and somewhat of a dissapointment as the breakthrough forecast by Sargent did not materialise.
politics.ie /wiki/index.php?title=Green_Party/Comhaontas_Glas   (778 words)

 Chemtrail Central :: View topic - Political Party
It would also be the party that seeks to preserve environmental purity and through that channel of activism might indeed be the first party to address chemical aerosol spraying.
The established political parties in the United States, Democrats and Republicans, are federally organized.
Presumably, under the subsidiarity principle, a national party wishing to affiliate to a pan-European party should not be obliged to be affiliated with the same party at the national and local level as well.
www.chemtrailcentral.com /forum/msg54487.html   (1362 words)

 EFA-Rainbow :: Macedonian Political Party in Greece
The xenofobic, and chauvinistic political party of LAOS through his spokesperson Mr.
The authors compiled the ranking by comparing the performance of European states in their implementation of national minority rights, based on data drawn from the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM)...
Western Thrace Turkish Minority members, majority of whom are engaged in farming, are apprehensive that their land will be confiscated by the Greek authorities...
www.florina.org   (1835 words)

 ipedia.com: European Greens Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It was founded at the Fourth Congress of the European Federation of Green Parties on February 20-22, 2004 in Rome in a party convention with over 1,000 delegates.
The European Greens are the first real European political party organization, in so far as every member of the member parties is also a member of the European party.
The first goal of the newly founded European Greens is the election campaign for the European Parliament in June, 2004 (see European Parliament Election 2004), which will be the first election campaign in Europe that features similar motifs and slogans in all EU countries.
www.ipedia.com /european_greens.html   (401 words)

 European Democratic Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It drew pro-European centre-right parties from the European People's Party and centre-left parties from the Party of European Socialists to form a new centrist multinational bloc.
The reformism is another the principal standard of the party and in fact the PDE assembles center reformists in a transverse way, either if they are of social Christian or social democratic or a mixture does not matter.
The meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the liberal democrat European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party which took place in Brussels on July 13, 2004 approved a recommendation to unite the ELDR Group and the EDP Group into the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/European_Democratic_Party   (436 words)

 PLS 222 Contemporary Issues Political Parties and Democracy Syllabus UNCW Paige Johnson Tan
Noted political scientist E. Schattschneider once observed that "modern democracy is unthinkable save in terms of parties." Yet, many have observed that parties seem to be in decline in the contemporary period in the US and Western Europe.
As this is a presidential election year, students will be encouraged to use their new knowledge of party politics in order to follow the role of the political parties in the campaigns for election 2004.
Students may consider the parties (their ideology, types, organizations, membership, and popular attitudes toward them), the party system (classification, nature of competition, and level of institutionalization), and parties' roles in campaigns, elections, and government.
people.uncw.edu /tanp/PLS222.html   (2745 words)

 Political party Summary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Political parties played an important role in nineteenth-century America and ultimately had an impact on the secession of the Southern states and the Civil War (1861–1865).
Political parties have been defined both normatively, with respect to the preferences of the analyst, and descriptively, with respect to the activities in which parties actually engage.
A political party is an organization that seeks to attain political power within a government, usually by participating in electoral campaigns.
www.bookrags.com /Political_party   (353 words)

 European People’s Party condemns Soviet occupation
The European People’s Party, a right-wing formation that has more seats that any other party in the EU’s legislature, adopted the resolution on request by Lithuania’s Vytautas Landsbergis, an MEP, at a joint meeting of the party’s political bureau and council.
The European People’s Party invites Russia, as successor to the Soviet Union, to join the assessment of the occupation of the Baltic states by the European Parliament and other democratic institutions.
The EPP resolution notes that Russia’s admission of the historic truth, including the Soviet Union's actions against Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1940, is the best path toward reconciliation and normalization of relations with the Baltic states.
www.baltictimes.com /news/articles/12952   (314 words)

 European Political Science
Research on China's political development and above all on prospects for the country's political stability will have to take account of the collapse of one of the most important pillars of the political rule of the CCP: absolute and unrestricted control of political information.
Political science has been comparatively slow in taking up this new type of challenge to political stability.
Our future research agenda will have to concentrate not only on whether and how use of the Internet may endanger political rule in non-democratic systems, but also on whether and how such systems might be able to use modern information technologies in order to stabilise the rule of their political leadership groups.
www.essex.ac.uk /ECPR/publications/eps/onlineissues/autumn2001/research_internet.htm   (802 words)

 European Left - Membership
In EU member states with no regional level it will be sufficient for a party or political organisation to have representatives on the municipal level, if a municipal parliament represents at least 20 percent of the country's population.
Parties or political organisations, coming from EU member states or non-EU-member states, can become members of the European Left with full rights, irrespectively if they have parliamentarian representation on different levels.
During that period each member party or political organization is free to adopt - for its own country - the most convenient approach and practical methods.
www.european-left.org /service/member   (670 words)

 Political Parties
A European political party is a type of political party organization operating transnationally in Europe.
According to the Treaty of Maastricht, political parties at European level are important as a factor for integration within the Union.
Presently some European political parties that are eligible for European Parliament funding have been created, based on Europe-wide party alliances.
www.euractiv.com /en/Fixed/groups/EU-political-parties.htm   (371 words)

 LDYS - LDYS announces creation of new European Youth Political Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The formation of this youth party reflects the need for nations to work more closely on matters that affect the whole of Europe.
The move towards parties working more closely together across Europe is a natural progression and development within the European Parliament.
Democrats), the youth parties of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for
www.ldys.org.uk /web/news/20040907001.html   (356 words)

 European Political Parties - Steve McGiffen Spectrezine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Any party conforming to these rules becomes eligible for a share of the €8.4m available from July 1, 2004, a figure which could be increased in future years.
To qualify, a “European political party” is obliged “to observe, in particular in its programme and in its activities, the principles on which the European Union is founded, namely the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.”
Their submission asserts that the rules for European Political Parties are discriminatory, that they are contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees “freedom of thought and conscience”, and that, amongst other breaches of Treaty on  European Union, they represent an unauthorised transfer of power to the EU.
www.spectrezine.org /europe/Europarties.htm   (904 words)

 European Integration and Party System Change
Some argue that European integration weakens the left/right dimension without fundamentally challenging existing party systems; others claim it creates or reinforces a second dimension of contestation; and still others discern possibilities for partisan re-alignment.
There is little agreement on whether European integration is a source of volatility or stability in national party systems, and how one can explain territorial variation in party positioning or in the salience of European integration.
We seek crossfertilization of theoretical and empirical work on political parties in Europe and beyond, with a central purpose: to understand the effect of European integration on national political party systems in East and West.
www.unc.edu /depts/europe/conferences/parties/index.html   (486 words)

 Euromedia: A pan-Europe political party?
Even as Europe flounders in its search for cohesion, and Europeans retreat further into their national identities, 32 Green parties have founded the first pan-European political party with a transnational election platform and continental reach.
European Green parties are divided among themselves on fundamental issues such as how much power national governments should cede to EU bodies: The German Greens are federally minded, while the British and Scandinavian parties are more 'Euroskeptic.' The Danish Green party refused even to sign the common electoral platform.
I think all the parties are concerned, and will soon be asked to take common positions on the main political issues the New Europe is facing.
journalism.berkeley.edu /projects/euromedia/archives/002153.html   (951 words)

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