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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

Euryale (AS-22) was built in 1941 by Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Kearny, N.J., as Hawaiian Merchant; acquired by the Navy 15 April 1943; and commissioned 2 December 1943, Captain H. Guthrie in command.
Euryale reached Brisbane, Australia, from New York 5 March 1944, and after loading provisions and supplies, sailed for Milne Bay, New Guinea.
On 28 August, Euryale arrived at Guam to develop a submarine base and rest camp, and on 16 September sailed for Okinawa and Sasebo.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/e5/euryale.htm   (247 words)

 In The Country Garden & Gifts -- Euryale ferox Water Lily
Euryale ferox is the only species in the genus.
Commonly called the Gorgon Plant, Euryale is native to the tropical regions of Asia.
At first glance, the obvious difference between Victoria and Euryale is the absence of the unusual rim or lip around the edge of the pad.
www.inthecountrygardenandgifts.com /articles/pond_euryale1.shtml   (463 words)

 Euryale Seed (qian shi) | acupuncturetoday.com
In China, euryale is produced in the Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shandong provinces.
Euryale seed is considered sweet, astringent and neutral, according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, and is associated with the Spleen And Kidney meridians.
The typical dose of euryale seed is between 10 and 15 grams, mixed with water as a decoction.
www.acupuncturetoday.com /herbcentral/euryale_seed.php   (370 words)

Euryale had slowly unbuttoned Lisa's blouse and begun teasing her hard nipples as she talked about her immigration from Greece, her tenure in art school, and her growing success as a sculptor, which had culminated in her opening this private gallery to sell her work.
Euryale stopped suddenly and stood up, and the orgasm faded away abruptly, at the moment she was completely aware of her condition as a solid marble sculpture.
Euryale wrapped her warm muscular arms around the sculpted contours of Lisa's statue, heaving her marble figure off the floor with a small grunt, as though her sculpture weighted fifty pounds rather than five hundred.
www.many-realms.net /LTBSA/stories/euryale.html   (3457 words)

 USS Euryale (AS22) Official Website
The progress was slow and frustrating until, quite by chance, I found the Euryale Reunion Committee.
This website, and my newly gained knowledge, is a direct result of their willingness to provide invaluable assistance in my search.
All material contained herein © 2005 USS Euryale Association.
www.katiebuglove.com /euryaleindex.html   (433 words)

The Euryale system is a system to accomplish a simple-sounding but surprisingly complex task: Run workflows in The Grid.
Euryale is configured through settings in a property file.
Euryale is a mixed breed between Java and Perl.
vds.uchicago.edu /vds/doc/userguide/html/H_RunningEuryale.html   (4673 words)

 Illwinter Game Design   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He called on Euryale, ready to devour her, but Euryale was of the same spirit and refused to heed the call.
Euryale is one of the seven shepherds of creation.
Euryale is the ruler of the feral woods.
ulm.illwinter.com /dom2/euryale.html   (423 words)

 EURYALE Articles Euryale ("far-roaming"), in Greek m
Euryale ("far-roaming"), in Greek mythology, was one of the immortal Gorgons, three vicious sisters with brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair of living, venomous snakes.
In many stories, Euryale is noted for her bellowing cries, especially in the tale of Medusa's death at Perseus' hands.
Some legends claim the gorgon Euryale as the mother of Orion, though others form a new Euryale as daughter of King Minos of Crete.
www.amazines.com /Euryale_related.html   (368 words)

 Euryale ferox - Gorgon Plant
Euryale ferox is one of the most bizarre tropical deep water aquatics for the water garden.
Euryale is widely cultivated as a food crop throughout much of Asia, but especially in North Bihar, India, where it is known locally by the name Madhubani (also Makhana in some other Indian regions).
The name Euryale is derived from Greek Mythology, Euryale being one of the three gorgon sisters - thus the common name of Gorgon Plant.
www.australianwatergardener.com /content.asp?articleId=1027   (765 words)

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