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Topic: Eurydice (play)

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  Eurydice (play) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eurydice is a play by Sarah Ruhl which retells the myth Orpheus from the perspective of Eurydice, his wife.
The story focuses on Eurydice's choice to return to earth with Orpheus or to stay in Hades with her father(a character created by Ruhl).
The most noticeable of these changes was that in the myth Orpheus succumbs to his desires and looks back at Eurydice, while in Ruhl's version Eurydice calls out to Orpheus (causing him to look back) as a result of her desire to remain in the land of the dead with her father.
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eurydice%28play%29   (217 words)

 London theatre play Eurydice on stage in London's West End Whitehall theater - ticket buying and theater guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice is a young actress travelling around in a theatre troupe led by her tyrannous mother.
Susan Tracy as Eurydice's mother is wreathed in actressy charm and Desmond Barrit is quietly wise as the fedora-adorned harbinger of death.
It is the unmistakeable whiff of fey Gallic pretension.
www.albemarle-london.com /eurydice.html   (1488 words)

His plays and screenplays have reached millions of audience members and are frequently revived to this day.
Eurydice, which I regard as one of his best plays, is for some unknowable reason rarely performed.
Written in 1941 and under the Nazi occupation of Paris, this play marked Anouilh's return to the pessimism that characterized his early workl But it was, as the label suggests, a "new" pessimism, and a more profound.
www.wayneturney.20m.com /eurydice.htm   (476 words)

 Eurydice (opera) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eurydice (also Erudice or Euridice) is an opera written in Florence by Jacopo Peri and Ottavis Rinnuccini in 1600.
For many of the other stage and screen reinterpretations of the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, see the article on Orpheus.
Eurydice is also a play which retells the myth of Orpheus from Eurydice's point of view.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eurydice_(opera)   (163 words)

 Learn more about Eurydice in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
One woman named Eurydice was the wife of Creon and mother of Haemon.
While fleeing from Aristaeus, she was bitten by a serpent and died.
But the condition was attached that he should walk in front of her and not look back until he had reached the upper world.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /e/eu/eurydice.html   (451 words)

 CAFF 04
Eurydice is in Rio running from a mysterious stranger who is trying to kill her for what appears to be no reason.
Mira eventually becomes aware of the ruse and exposes Eurydice for who she actually is. The outcome of this, other than a brief fight with Mira, is that Eurydice has now been unmasked and shown to “Death” who will now hunt her down through the crowds as she runs away from Mira.
Orpheus and Eurydice both dress in costumes that have an ancient Greek flare to them, the music, much like that of Orpheus, transports the audience to another level of reality and the character of Death pursuing Eurydice with no known motive seems able to blend into the frenzy that is Carnaval.
www.cityofangelsfilmfest.org /CAFF04/black.htm   (1835 words)

 Eurydice in Classical Mythology
In coincidence with such prognostics, Eurydice, shortly after her marriage, while wandering with the nymphs, her companions, was seen by the shepherd Aristæus, who was struck by her beauty and made advances to her.
She fled, and in flying trod upon a snake in the grass, was bitten in the foot, and died.
They show respectively an evocation of the pastoral setting, Eurydice's original death when she is bitten by a snake, the descent into the underworld, Eurydice's second death, and the death of Orpheus.
www.english.uiuc.edu /maps/poets/g_l/hd/myth.htm   (2108 words)

 Eurydice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice came out of the house and he followed her to the river where she began taking off her tunic to bathe.
Eurydice was so intent on escaping she didn’t notice where she was going and stepped on a nest of sleeping snakes.
She walked on through the field of Asphodel, playing the lyre until she reached the throne of Hades himself.
www.geocities.com /yami_yue23/eurydice.html   (1926 words)

Eurydice is so upset over the death of her son that she cannot bear to speak.
Eurydice, a minor character, makes the most impact in this story because, with her death, comes the realization to Creon that he was wrong to uphold his law for Antigone.
Throughout the play, the family morphs from the happy people that were evident in the morning to a battlefield of reckoning and destruction.
users.rcn.com /jcala/litwriting.htm   (13877 words)

 Children's Theatre Company - News & Reviews
Eurydice, one of the great love stories of all time, will be presented at Jimmy Jingle.
Eurydice is a sassy, sensual reinterpretation of the Orpheus and Eurydice myth.
Eurydice's boyfriend is the most amazing musician in the world.
www.childrenstheatre.org /releases/2001_0926.html   (787 words)

 Virginia Tech News -- Story
“Eurydice” is a one-woman play chronicling the character’s emotional journey of coming to terms with her husband’s death.
In “Eurydice,” Gardner shows how poetry can “bring a person from death to life” by using the metaphor of the mythic tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, where the poet Orpheus ventures into the underworld to save his beloved Eurydice from death, only to fail at the last moment.
“Eurydice” performance dates at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe coincide with Raun's presentation, developed from "ear, and I and silence," for the Voice and Speech Trainer's Association (VASTA) in Glasgow, Scotland, on the similarities between the process of writing and interpreting poetry and the techniques she teaches in acting and voice classes.
www.vtnews.vt.edu /story.php?relyear=2005&itemno=878   (502 words)

 Eurydice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice and Orpheus were young and in love.
He was to trust that Eurydice was immediately behind him.
At that very moment, she was snatched back because he did not trust that she was there.
www.pantheon.org /articles/e/eurydice.html   (332 words)

 MDBlackOrpheus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Orpheus fell in love with Eurydice and they married, but their happiness was short-lived, for soon after the wedding, she was stung by a viper and died.
Melting Pluto’s heart, Orpheus was granted his request: Eurydice would be allowed to return to the world of the living, but only if Orpheus did not turn to see her until they had reached the upper world of mortals.
Eurydice has a zodiac scarf, the characters live on the side of a mountain as if they are on Mount Olympus, home of the Gods, and Greek names are used for some of the characters, such as the kindly messenger, Hermes.
www.moviediva.com /MD_root/reviewpages/MDBlackOrpheus.htm   (1416 words)

 play3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The critic expresses his concern that the myth of Eurydice is not known well enough for people to understand the play.
Spindle declares that since he is now feeling better he is ready to “take one dear swing of raking, drinking, whoring, and playing the devil as he did in the other world” (273).
Eurydice, under the pretense that the parting is too painful to risk again, gets Proserpine to swear that she will never try to send her back again.
people.stu.ca /~gtkps/play3.htm   (1028 words)

 Eurydice - Sarah Ruhl   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice is nearly paralyzed with fright and this fear becomes the heart of the matter, the crux of the play.
At first, Eurydice thinks she is in a hotel and that her father is the bellboy.
Eurydice’s father writes her a letter on her wedding day, which ultimately leads to her death (by falling downstairs, not snakebite as in the myth).
www.culturevulture.net /Theater7/Eurydice.htm   (560 words)

 On HD (Dorothea Goodrich)
The Thracian Maenads were enraged (jealous?) by Orpheus' prolonged grief at this second loss of Eurydice because he before this he used to celebrate the rites of Bacchus with them.
For while Eurydice sounds bitter in the begining of the poem, in the end she has found HERSELF as a source of strength: "At least I have the flowers of myself, and my thoughts, no god can take that; I have the fervour of myself for a presence and my own spirit for light".
In her view, men and women are equals in the spiritual realm, not seeking the distinctions of fixed sex roles, but rather a mutual suffusion of insight and wisdom.
www.vcu.edu /engweb/webtexts/eurydice/onhd.htm   (1206 words)

 Literary Encyclopedia: Eurydice Hissed or a Word to the Wise
Eurydice Hissed was very well received, indicating that it must have been far less confusing in performance than the description just given may have been.
From the beginning to the end of “The Damnation of Eurydice” the Walpolean political parallel is there, along with the Pillage-Spatter-Fielding theatrical parallels.
And as Pillage begins to use promises of future parts and favours to convince his clients to attend the opening of “Eurydice” and applaud his farce, this house-packing effort shadows forth the House-packing, majority-seeking efforts of Walpole in 1733.
www.litencyc.com /php/sworks.php?rec=true&UID=15737   (407 words)

 THE BROOKLYN RAIL - THEATER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
With a play, it’s interesting to create a world that gets inhabited by people and the passage of time and movement, and I think when I first experienced that it was like taking crack for the first time.
Sarah explains that the play began as an investigation of Melancholy as a category of emotion; then she took the cultural artifact of Melancholy and transformed it into something very modern.
I think Ibsen said he would think about a play for a year, before he would write it, and I don’t go that far in terms of gestation, but if an image is lingering for 6 months, then it feels like it’s demanding out.
www.thebrooklynrail.org /theater/oct04/cleanhouse.html   (1702 words)

 U2 NEWS SERVICE - YouTwo.net : The Story of Orpheus and Eurydice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice was a beautiful maiden who was also loved by many but she and Orpheus loved only each other.
On their wedding day, Eurydice was walking in a meadow when a man came and tried to force her to marry him.
He played his beautiful music and charmed even the Furies, who paused in their task of punishing mortals who had lead horrible lives.
www.u2world.com /news/article.php3?id_article=6590   (537 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Metamorphoses at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Even more amazing is that though the actors all had multiple roles in the play, each actor seemed ideally suited to every part he or she played.
In the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, Zimmerman cleverly interposes an alternative parallel take on this tale of an extraordinary musician who loses his bride on their wedding day and travels to the Underworld to reclaim her.
In the play, Zimmerman frames this story in terms of a counseling session at a therapist’s office.
www.epinions.com /content_74933636740   (1896 words)

 SparkNotes: Antigone: Analysis of Major Characters
In the first moments of the play, Antigone is opposed to her radiant sister Ismene.
Like Anouilh's Eurydice, the heroine of his play Eurydice, and Joan of Arc, Antigone has a boyish physique and curses her girlhood.
In Greek tragedy, the Chorus consisted of a group of approximately ten people, playing the role of death messenger, dancing, singing, and commenting throughout from the margins of the action.
www.sparknotes.com /drama/antigone/canalysis.html   (996 words)

 westword.com | Culture | No Small Change | 2004-06-17   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The play features two touching stories of love that can be preserved only through metamorphosis.
Eurydice has died on their wedding day, and Orpheus goes to the underworld and wins permission to bring her back.
In the play's funniest scene, Phaeton, the son of the sun god, Helios, lolls on a rubber raft and explains his many problems to a poolside shrink.
www.westword.com /issues/2004-06-17/theater2.html   (983 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Eurydice
Eurydice, in Greek mythology, a beautiful nymph, and wife of Orpheus, the master musician.
Shortly after their marriage Eurydice was bitten in the...
During and after World War II Anouilh turned to Greek mythology for an explanation for the failure of idealism.
encarta.msn.com /Eurydice.html   (63 words)

 Eurydice (play) Definition / Eurydice (play) Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Eurydice is a play by Sarah Ruhl which retells the myth OrpheusIn Greek legend, Orpheus was the chief representative of the arts of song and the lyre, and of great importance in the religious history of Greece.
The story focuses on Eurydice's choice to return to earth with Orpheus or to stay in HadesHades (Greek: ‘Άιδης - Háidēs or ‘Άδης - Hadēs) ("unseen") means both the ancient Greek abode of the dead and the god of that Underworld.
Haidou was the genitive form of the word, meaning "the house of Hades"; its nominative form, Haides, was originally a designation of the abode of the dead.
www.elresearch.com /Eurydice_%28play%29   (244 words)

 MUFHL7 (ONLINE) (BODLEY) MONTEVERDI: "L'ORFEO"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
He was the first to write in the music the names of the instruments he wanted to play each line of notes in the "score" (master copy of all the instrumental parts and vocal parts written together).
The Greek myth of Orhpeus and Eurydice is the basis of the opera: Orpheus was the son of Apollo (the Sun god and god of music) and the Muse Calliope.
The use of the chorus in Monteverdi's opera is a direct result of his (and his employer's) interest in ancient Greek culture, as the plays from that era were known to have choruses in them which provided commentary and a change of pace from the telling of the story.
www.scc.losrios.edu /~bodleyd/LOrfeo.html   (1148 words)

 Orpheus and Eurydice - The Age of Fable   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Not only his fellow mortals, but wild beasts were softened by his strains, and gathering around him laid by their fierceness and stood entranced.
In accordance with such prognostics, Eurydice, shortly after her marriage, while wandering with the nymphs, her companions (and sisters), was seen by the shepherd Aristaeus, who was struck by her beauty and made advances to her.
She fled, and in fleeing trod upon a snake in the grass, was bitten in the foot and died.
www.mythology.com /orpheuseurydice.html   (986 words)

 Review of Eurydice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
In a station buffet Orpheus, a busking violinist, meets and falls instantly in amour fou with Eurydice, an actress in what Ken Campbell would call a "repertattery" company; deserting their father and mother respectively, they flee to a cheap hotel room, from which Eurydice disappears and is soon revealed to have died.
The mysterious stranger who has been shadowing them offers Orpheus the chance of reunion on the familiar condition that he not look Eurydice in the face until morning; he does so, loses her again, and is again offered the opportunity of the ultimate reunion, in death; he takes it.
The play is, after all, entitled Eurydice rather than Orpheus, and Godwin, Rosanna Lowe and Ian Targett all understand that this is where its centre lies.
www.cix.co.uk /~shutters/reviews/98070.htm   (388 words)

 Jean Cocteau
Trying to provide a more sober ambience for the play, Cocteau offers us his favorite guardian angel Heurtebise, who first watches over Eurydice (who is definitely enamored of him, if only because her husband is neglecting her for that pseudo-Pegasus); and at the end of the play his function will be to reunite the couple.
Eurydice is as colorless and unromantic as she was in the play (in the film she is actually pregnant).
It matters little in the film that at the end Orphée, reunited with a Eurydice he little cares for, says unconvincingly, "Il n’y a qu’un amour qui compte, c’est le nôtre(11)" and prepares to live like a good middle-class poet and head of household.
www.unites.uqam.ca /religiologiques/no15/strauss.html   (3327 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A silent mural of Orpheus, Eurydice, and the lethal snake that would take her life sit across the top.
Rumors of his heritage as the son of Apollo and Calliope were paralleled by her alleged parentage by wood nymphs.
Caption: She was the first to whom he played his mystic lyre.
www.georgetown.edu /users/adl6/threnodyscoda.doc   (1691 words)

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