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Topic: Eurylochus

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  Eurylochus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Inside the palace was Circe singing, and all of Eurylochus' party except for himself rushed inside to greet her.
Eurylochus suspected her treachery from the beginning, and when she turned the rest of the men into pigs, Eurylochus escaped and warned Odysseus and the rest of the crew that had stayed on the ship, thus enabling Odysseus to save his crew.
Eurylochus also convinced the crew to open the bag of wind, given to them by the god of the winds Aeolia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eurylochus   (290 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 110 (v. 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Eurylochus assembled his troops at Delphi, re­ ceived the submission of the Ozolian Locrians, and advanced through their country into the district of Naupactus.
The town itself was saved by Acar- nanian succours obtained by Demosthenes, on the introduction of which, Eurylochus retired, but took up his quarters among his neighbouring allies with a covert design in concert, with the Ambra- ciots against the Amphilochian Argives, and Acar- nanians.
After waiting the requisite time he set his army in motion from Proschium, and, by a well- chosen line of march contriving to elude the Am­ philochian s and their allies, who were stationed to oppose him, effected a junction with his friends at Olpae.
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/1218.html   (940 words)

 Battle of Olpae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Eurylochus formed the left wing of his army, directly facing Demosthenes, with the Ambraciots and Mantineans forming the rest of the line.
When the battle began, Eurylochus quickly outflanked Demosthenes and was about to surround him when the Acarnanians began their ambush, causing panic among the other troops when Eurylochus was killed.
The next day, Menedaius, who had taken command when Eurylochus was killed, attempted to arrange a truce with Demosthenes.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Olpae   (522 words)

In Greek mythology, Eurylochus was one of Odysseus' crew on his return trip to Ithaca after the Trojan War.
When the ship stopped on Aeaea[?], home of Circe the witch, Eurylochus suspected her treachery from the beginning.
When she turned the rest of the men into pigs, Eurylochus escaped and warned Odysseus and the rest of the crew that had stayed on the ship, thus enabling Odysseus to save his crew.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/eu/Eurylochus.html   (79 words)

 2, The Adventures of Ulysses, Charles Lamb, 1808
Eurylochus and his party proceeded up the country, till in a dale they descried the house of Circe, built of bright stone, by the road's side.
But Eurylochus fell down, and embracing his knees, besought him by the name of a man whom the gods had in their protection, not to expose his safety, and the safety of them all, to certain destruction.
Only Eurylochus would hardly be persuaded to enter that palace of wonders, for he remembered with a kind of horror how his companions had vanished from his sight.
www.ibiblio.org /eldritch/cml/u2.html   (3327 words)

 The Odyssey Study Guide / The Odyssey Summary
All the men but Eurylochus went into the house and drank with the woman.
Eurylochus was too afraid to return so Odysseus went alone.
Hermes came to Odysseus and advised him not to go and fight but to take an amulet from him and ingest a flower that would defeat her magic.
www.bookrags.com /notes/od/PART10.htm   (805 words)

 Tenth Book. Chapman, George, trans. 1857. The Odysseys of Homer
Led, and unwise, they follow'd; all but one, Which was Eurylochus, who stood alone Without the gates, suspicious of a sleight.
Eurylochus straight hasted the report 330 Of this his fellows' most remorseful fate, Came to the ships, but so excruciate Was with his woe, he could not speak a word, His eyes stood full of tears, which show'd how stored His mind with moan remain'd.
But mean time, my men, In Circe's house, were all, in several bain, Studiously sweeten'd, smug'd with oil, and deck'd With in and out weeds, and a feast secret Served in before them; at which close we found 570 They all were set, cheer'd, and carousing round.
www.bartleby.com /111/chapman23.html   (3220 words)

 Circe: Homeric Parallel
The leaders draw lots and the fate of exploring the island falls to Eurylochus.
Eurylochus and his men discover Circe's hall, where all save Eurylochus are transformed into hogs by Circe's "foul magic" (10:247; Fitzgerald, p.
Eurylochus escapes to warn Odysseus, who then approaches Circe's hall alone.
publish.uwo.ca /~mgroden/notes/homer15.html   (423 words)

 XXIX. b. The Læstrygonians, or The Lotus-eaters. Vols. I & II: Stories of Gods and Heroes. Bulfinch, Thomas. ...
Landing here, Ulysses climbed a hill, and gazing round saw no signs of habitation except in one spot at the centre of the island, where he perceived a palace embowered with trees.
As they approached the palace, they found themselves surrounded by lions, tigers, and wolves, not fierce, but tamed by Circe’s art, for she was a powerful magician.
Eurylochus called aloud and the goddess came forth and invited them in; they all gladly entered except Eurylochus, who suspected danger.
www.bonus.com /contour/bartlettqu/http@@/www.bartleby.com/181/292.html   (894 words)

 Derek Walcott's "The Odyssey: A Stage Version"
Walcott's repetitive association between father and son lays the groundwork for the doubling of Telemachus and Eurylochus.
While other doubles express the inherently psychological nature of Odysseus' return, Eurylochus' lengthy and vital role suggests that the "odyssey" is as much about yearning for a return to stable relationship of fathers and sons as its is about rekindling marriage.
Moreover, the staging of a double based on Telemachus' anxiety (Helen weaving as his mother does) marks the elevated importance of the son as a part of the odyssey.
www.postcolonialweb.org /caribbean/walcott/gooch1.html   (3438 words)

 Charybdis, Greek Mythology Link.
But his men, having rowed without rest and wishing much, for excess of labour and lack of sleep, to set foot on dry land, were heart-broken when they heard Odysseus' will.
So when Eurylochus 3 made a speech against his captain, all men applauded; for instead of continuing the trip, as Odysseus wished, he proposed:
Now, these things can be done with more or less delicacy, and that is why the same Eurylochus 3 suggested a method to avoid offending the gods.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Charybdis.html   (1520 words)

 Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne; Circe's Palace. Page 8
Yet Eurylochus fancied that one of them had sea-green hair, and that the close-fitting bodice of a second looked like the bark of a tree, and that both the others had something odd in their aspect, although he could not quite determine what it was, in the little while that he had to examine them.
But by and by he heard a tremendous grunting and squealing, and then a sudden scampering, like that of small, hard hoofs over a marble floor, while the voices of the mistress and her four handmaidens were screaming all together, in tones of anger and derision.
Eurylochus could not conceive what had happened, unless a drove of swine had broken into the palace, attracted by the smell of the feast.
www.pagebypagebooks.com /Nathaniel_Hawthorne/Tanglewood_Tales/Circes_Palace_p8.html   (621 words)

 Free Essay The Odyssey - Overview
When Odysseus came back with the men and then said he wanted to go back to Circe, Eurylochus said that it was Odysseus’ fault that the men on the Land of the Cyclopes died because of his foolishness.
Odysseus called Eurylochus his kinsmen but was going to kill him anyways.
Eurylochus ended up going with the rest of the men to the home of Circe.
www.echeat.com /essay.php?t=28361   (635 words)

Eurylochus and twenty two of the other men were chosen to go ashore.
If it were not for their animals forms, thought Eurylochus, they would be human.
Shocked and weeping, Eurylochus returned to the ship and sadly reported to Odysseus everything he saw.
www.geocities.com /medea19777/circe.html   (1467 words)

 Circe's Palace, Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1853
He then numbered off twenty-two of them, and put Eurylochus (who was one of his chief officers, and second only to himself in sagacity) at their head.
As there was no help for it, Eurylochus immediately set forth at the head of his twenty-two followers, who went off in a very melancholy state of mind, leaving their friends in hardly better spirits than themselves.
Eurylochus and his followers now passed under a lofty portal, and looked through the open doorway into the interior of the palace.
www.ibiblio.org /eldritch/nh/tt05.html   (9419 words)

 [No title]
Eurylochus came running to cry alarm, foul magic, doomed his men.
His lips were dry and he was crying and a bad feeing was filled in his heart and at last he told that his friends were gone.
Eurylochus refused to go into her castle because he remembers about Cyclops and says that because of Odysseus’s foolish four men lost their lives.
www.freewebs.com /sadudes/Circe.doc   (497 words)

 Circe, Greek Mythology Link.
It was in great despair and exhaustion that Odysseus and his crew arrived to Aeaea, for they had barely escaped the Cyclops Polyphemus 2, and the cannibals in the land of the Laestrygonians.
When Eurylochus 3's party found Circe's house, the witch invited them to enter, and all of them followed her except captain Eurylochus 3, for he, suspecting a trap, stayed outside.
When this happened, Eurylochus 3 hastened back to the beach and reported to Odysseus that his whole party had vanished.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Circe.html   (1862 words)

 under odysseus
Two were captured by the first men to retreat, and one was taken by an angry Macar, who couldn’t walk due to an arrow in his foot.
I have come to realize that the actions of our army are dictated much more by the fragile egos of our commanders than they are by any military strategy.
I am sure that he was equally grateful that I didn’t press him on the matter of how he had gotten the idea.
underodysseus.blogspot.com   (13440 words)

 The Odyssey - Book Ten - Detailed Version
When we came to Circe's island, no one was eager to go exploring, but I divided the company in two and we drew lots.
And sure enough, after she had given them food and honeyed wine mixed with a pinch of something, she waved her wand and turned them into swine.
Eurylochus came running back to the ship and spread the alarm.
www.mythweb.com /odyssey/book10.html   (880 words)

 Odyssey Circe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
Eurylochus tells how they heard a woman singing, and shouted to her.
As far as Eurylochus knows, however, the men went into the house and simply disappeared.
You decide to investigate, but the wretched Eurylochus begs to be left behind.
www.users.globalnet.co.uk /~loxias/odyssey/od59.htm   (165 words)

 Odysseus' Play
Eurylochus: This is a lush green isle but there may be danger here.
Eurylochus: I am uneasy about crossing the murky waters of the Styx, the River of Death.
Eurylochus: Stand back all of you, or I'll run you through even if you are a bunch of ghosts.
www.hipark.austin.isd.tenet.edu /flash/arc/mythology/odysseus_play.html   (3906 words)

It was in great despair and exhaustion that Odysseus and his crew arrived to Aeaea, for they had barely escaped the Cyclops Polyphemus and the cannibals in the land of the Laestrygonians.
When they had eaten their meal she struck them with her wand, and driving them off, put them in the pig sties, for they now looked like swine and grunted exactly like pigs, though their minds were unchanged.
When this happened Eurylochus hastened back to the beach and reported to Odysseus that his whole party had vanished.
www.thanasis.com /circe.htm   (1572 words)

 The Laestrygonians   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
He sent forward one- half of his crew, under the command of Eurylochus, to see what prospect of hospitality they might find.
Eurylochus called aloud and the goddess came forth and invited them in.
Eurylochus hurried back to the ship and told the tale.
www.rickwalton.com /authtale/bmyth091.htm   (821 words)

 Untitled Document
When Eurylochus returns, frightened by Circe's power, and begs him to flee--'Quick, cut and run with the rest of us here--/ we can still escape the fatal day' (10.297-298)--, Odysseus does not let his subordinate's panic sway him or override his loyalty to his crew.
The difference between Odysseus and Eurylochus is highlighted in the fatal episode when the crew eats the cattle of the Sun and insures their own destruction.
It is due to no dereliction of duty that he is fast asleep when Eurylochus once more moves the crew to folly.
ns.headroyce.org /~denelow/writing/argessay11.html   (1401 words)

Eurylochus, who stood half-embracing a huge tawny lion, said, "Men it is most strange.
Eurylochus said, "You go into the castle and I see what is to been seen.
So Eurylochus stood watch at the castle gate-sword in one hand, dagger in the other, bow slung across his back-and the rest of the man entered the castle.
lrs.ed.uiuc.edu /students/mmarassa/mythology/circe.html   (4819 words)

 The Adventures of Ulysses - Chapter 2 - Charles Lamb - Read Print
She was deeply skilled in magic, a haughty beauty, and had hair like the Sun.
Being entered, she placed them in chairs of state, and set before them meal and honey, and Smyrna wine; but mixed with baneful drugs of powerful enchantment.
Hardly had he time to let his sad eye run over their altered forms and brutal metamorphosis, when with an ointment which she smeared over them, suddenly their bristles fell off, and they started up in their own shapes men as before.
www.readprint.com /chapter-6444/Charles-Lamb   (2966 words)

 Tanglewood Tales, by Nathaniel Hawthorne; Circe's Palace. Page 5
So plaintively intelligent was the sound, that it seemed as if the little creature were going to break its heart with some mighty secret that it had to tell, and only this one poor note to tell it with.
Eurylochus and a few of the others were inclined to turn back.
They could not help suspecting that the purple bird must be aware of something mischievous that would befall them at the palace, and the knowledge of which affected its airy spirit with a human sympathy and sorrow.
www.pagebypagebooks.com /Nathaniel_Hawthorne/Tanglewood_Tales/Circes_Palace_p5.html   (590 words)

 Good Essays
Eurylochus returns to Odysseus to tell him how his crewmen were turned into animals.
Eurylochus fears that the same thing would happen to Odysseus saying, "Don’t force me back there, captain, king-- leave me here on the spot.
The fact that Odysseus puts his life on the line in order to rescue his crewmen shows that he knows what he has to do as a captain.
www.plicklider.atfreeweb.com /good_essays.htm   (2813 words)

 Part II. Chapter V. Padraic Colum 1918. The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-04)
I spoke of it to my men, and it seemed good to us that Part of our company should go to see were there people there who might help us.
‘Eurylochus, when he saw these happenings, ran back through the forest and told me all.
Then I cast about my shoulder my good sword of bronze, and, bidding Eurylochus stay by the ships, I went through the forest and came to the house of the enchantress.
www.bonus.com /contour/bartlettqu/http@@/www.bartleby.com/75/28.html   (1514 words)

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