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Topic: Evaluation function

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  Evaluation - United Nations Industrial Development Organization
The Evaluation Group is responsible for the independent evaluation function of UNIDO in support to lesson learning and accountability.
Evaluation is an assessment, as systematic and impartial as possible of a project, a programme or a theme.
Independent evaluation provides evidence-based information that is credible, reliable and useful, enabling the timely incorporation of findings, recommendations and lessons learned into the decision-making processes at corporate, programme and project level.
www.unido.org /doc/51275   (282 words)

 Red Cross Red Crescent - Evaluations
Evaluations are a key management tool used to support the decision-making, accountability and learning in the secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
The evaluation function enables the International Federation to measure the outcomes and impact of its programmes and operations, learn from experience, take informed decisions, and account for its actions, thereby improving its capacity to fulfill the mission to improve the lives of vulnerable people.
Evaluation framework for the Asian earthquake and tsunami operation.
www.ifrc.org /where/evaluation/index.asp?navid=05_11   (667 words)

 Web Services in Ch
Fit a set of data points to a combination of specified functions
Fit a set of data points to a polynomial function
Find a zero position of a nonlinear function
www.softintegration.com /webservices/numeric   (109 words)

  The Evaluation Function   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The evaluation function of our program is similar in style to that of the Cray  Blitz program [Welsh:85a].
King safety is evaluated by considering the positions of all pawns on the file the king is occupying and both neighboring files.
The evaluation function is rounded out by special bonuses to encourage particular types of moves.
www.netlib.org /utk/lsi/pcwLSI/text/node343.html   (443 words)

  Ear Medical Center - Balance Function Evaluation
This evaluation is critical in diagnosing and treating the dizziness and imbalance.
This evaluation will include a hearing evaluation, as the center of hearing (cochlea) and center of balance (vestibular system) are both located in the inner ear.
Overall, balance function may be assessed by having the patient perform functional movements (such as walking a straight line, or turning quickly) or by measuring body sway.
www.bdi1.com /balancefunctioneval   (375 words)

 RE-201--Annual Report of the Evaluation Office for 1994
The purpose of the evaluation system is to contribute toward improved performance of the operations funded by the Bank, to institutional learning and to the transparency of results achieved by the activities of the Bank and its development partners.
In the development evaluation community, there is a consensus that keys to successful developmental activities include: local ownership of the project, design answering to the real demand of beneficiaries, gradual implementation, which take into account the absorptive capacity of the beneficiaries, step-wise approaches enabling on-going assessment, and adjustments aiming at end-results, client satisfaction and cost-effectiveness.
Evaluation ought not to duplicate or be used in lieu of the inspection and audit functions.
www.iadb.org /ove/re/re201e-95/re201eindex.htm   (9494 words)

  Building Evaluation Capacity
Evaluation findings must have--and be seen to have--consequences for the institutions and the individuals who are accountable for the conduct of public business.
Evaluation can be best developed if it is seen by all concerned--within both the country and the development community--as a way to learn and to improve the performance of the public sector.
Evaluation data are the more useful, the greater are the local and temporal variability in key factors affecting a program's success, and the more susceptible the program is to adaptations by its managers.
www.adpc.net /pdr-sea/case/buildsafe.html   (3950 words)

 Study of the Evaluation Function In the Federal Government - Part 3 of 3
Past studies of evaluation in the federal government indicate that the function has not lived up to the original policy expectations set out in 1977, that is, measuring the effectiveness of policies and programs.
The use of evaluation beyond the narrow confines of a single initiative, within a single department is seen as necessary to maximize the government's return on its evaluation investment.
Evaluation by central management agencies is considered appropriate when the objective is improving budget priorities or assessing the cross departmental results within a given programming sector, and when it is important that the evaluator have close links with the central decision-making process.
www.tbs-sct.gc.ca /eval/stud_etud/func-fonc-02_e.asp   (2927 words)

 Object Evaluator Management Function
Although health evaluation is the primary motivation of our paper, the evaluation function can be also used to execute a non-performance related task, as long as there is a need to execute the task in a periodic basis.
By storing the evaluation function and the evaluation period in an object evaluator, the manager essentially instructs its agent to apply the evaluation function at the end of each evaluation period.
Although health evaluation is the primary motivation of our paper, the evaluation function can be used to execute non- performance related task, as long as there is a need to execute the task in a periodic basis.
www.isoc.org /HMP/PAPER/203/html/paper.html   (2936 words)

The bulk of evaluation activities related to specific projects must be performed by Management, both as a means of maintaining focus on the achievement of development objectives during implementation and on reaching judgements regarding results after project completion.
Management’s evaluation work, as well as that of the independent entity, should emphasize the need to identify and disseminate "lessons learned" as a means of improving the Bank’s performance as a development agency.
The stated aim in Document AB-1704 is to establish evaluation as a tool for institutional learning and as an instrument for systematic assessment of the effectiveness of Bank development policies, and its development programs and their related processes.
www.iadb.org /cont/evo/ResAbs/ReAbseng/ReA238e.htm   (976 words)

 ED296816 1988-01-00 Approaching Evaluation in Small Schools. ERIC Digest.
Evaluation, the process of determining quality of schools and how to improve it, should be an integral part of all school operations.
Formal evaluations in small school districts are typically done by university-based consultants, but colleges and universities are not accessible to all districts (Adams, 1971; Baker, 1977).
Evaluation expertise (i.e., staff with formal training in educational evaluation) is not often available in small schools.
www.ericae.net /db/edo/ED296816.htm   (1726 words)

 CNR-->Istituto CERIS --> Articoli JCR   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Thus, the measure and evaluation of research performance (metrics) of its units (public research institute) is needed.
The functions are successfully applied to 200 public research institutes belonging to the Italian National Research Council.
These functions are also tools for appropriate decisions and actions to improve research performance, especially by the more effective use of existing resources and for reducing the X-inefficiency.
www.cnr.it /istituti/ArticoliJCR.html?cds=067&id=23709   (358 words)

 GNU Emacs Lisp Reference Manual - Evaluation   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Evaluation of a form may create new environments for recursive evaluation by binding variables (see section Local Variables).
Likewise, evaluation of a vector does not cause evaluation of the elements of the vector--it returns the same vector with its contents unchanged.
If the function is written in Lisp, the arguments are used to bind the argument variables of the function (see section Lambda Expressions); then the forms in the function body are evaluated in order, and the value of the last body form becomes the value of the function call.
www.math.utah.edu:8080 /docs/info/elisp_9.html   (2465 words)

 IUCN Evaluation Office - Challenges
Improving evaluation reporting – more effective ways are being sought to report on and synthesize the results of evaluations in a manner that more easily communicates the key highlights and actionable recommendations.
For the first phase of developing the MandE system, placing the evaluation function under the Programme office was an appropriate strategy since most of the evaluation activity required by donors was programme related, and there was a great need to support the development of an adequate planning system that could be evaluated.
While providing support to programme evaluation is still a priority and should continue, the evaluation function needs to have a more senior profile in the next Intersessional period in order to undertake senior level reviews, extend evaluation to corporate level reviews, support special studies required by senior management and governance level work.
www.iucn.org /themes/eval/challenges.htm   (525 words)

 Function Evaluation Worksheet
We are then shown the results of evaluating the actual parameters, the expression obtained when the actual parameters are substituted for the formal parameters in the body of the function, and the result of evaluating this expression.
When you call a function, it is important that there be the same number of actual parameters in the function call as there are formal parameters in the function definition.
And when you are using a function, it doesn't matter at all what the formal parameters are called-that is pertinent only within the implementation of the function.
www.cs.utah.edu /~zachary/isp/worksheets/functions/functions.html   (1096 words)

 Evaluate Expressions: A Freeware Expression Evaluation Function Using the AnaGram Parser Generator
To pass a character string to an external function (locateVariable, callFunction), the parser pushes the characters onto the stack and then provides the function with the length of the string.
Function names are not built into the parser, so that the user may incorporate the functions he needs.
The name of the function, containing nameLength characters, is on the character stack, argCount specifies the number of arguments on the the argument stack.
www.parsifalsoft.com /examples/evalexpression/index.html   (870 words)

 What We Do: International Development Research Centre
So, a separate Evaluation Unit was created in 1991, a decade after the evaluation function was established within IDRC as part of the former Office of Planning and Evaluation.
The Evaluation Unit maintains an inventory of evaluation reports produced by the Centre program units and related to IDRC projects.
Over the next five years, the Unit will work on the development of Southern nodes of expertise in evaluation which will provide evaluation support and assistance to IDRC partners wishing to make more active use of monitoring and evaluation as part of their own management and learning systems.
www.idrc.ca /evaluation/ev-58122-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html   (1063 words)

 Einstieg: Evaluation soll einen Beitrag leisten zur Weiterentwicklung von Politik und Gesellschaft
As evaluation experts the members of the community are aware of the difficulties to arrive at internationally agreed upon joint principles or standards that adequately reflect multicultural and pluralist political contexts.
Evaluators should make explicit how they handle competing interests and values shaping the evaluation design and guiding the presentation of their findings and interpretations, especially whether they include or exclude value clarification into the evaluation process and whether their evaluation models adhere to specific values or rather see all values as of equal rank.
Theoretical framing of an evaluation and implementation in empirical investigations operate ‘objectively’ according to strict rules; the utilisation of evaluation findings is delegated to the external and public democratic processes which align them with their own competing values.
evaluation.wmich.edu /jmde/content/JMDE006content/Evaluation_in_Democracy.htm   (6277 words)

 Learning to Play TETRIS
The evaluation function used is (given states b and b’) a weighted sum of eight functions that return nonnegative values:
The remainder of the functions operate on state b’ because it is the true final state resulting from a particular sequence of moves.
evaluate to a nonnegative number, the number of holes is "negated" by subtracting the value from 200 (the total number of squares on the playing field – 10 x 20).
www.cs.cornell.edu /boom/1999sp/projects/tetris/function.html   (884 words)

 S 4.63 Security-related requirements for telecommuting computers - IT Grundschutz Manual 2004
Unauthorised persons must neither be able to deactivate the logging function, nor should they be able to read or edit the actual logs.
An evaluation function must be able to distinguish between the various data types contained in a log (e.g.
The evaluation function must be capable of generating transparent, readable reports so that no critical security-related activities can be overlooked.
www.bsi.de /english/gshb/manual/s/s04063.htm   (1358 words)

 XEmacs Lisp Reference Manual - Evaluation
When a function written in Lisp is called, the evaluator computes the value of the function by evaluating the expressions in the function body.
Evaluation of a function call ultimately calls the function specified in it.
The execution of the function may itself work by evaluating the function definition; or the function may be a Lisp primitive implemented in C, or it may be a byte-compiled function (see section Byte Compilation).
www.tau.ac.il /cc/pages/docs/xemacso/lispref_9.html   (2510 words)

 6th Governing Council Session - Implementation of the fund programme in 1977 - United Nations Environment Programme
Progress had been made in the development of methodologies for evaluation of UNEP supported projects, and evaluation had begun of projects in some sectors which would be the subject of in-depth review by the Governing Council at its seventh session.
Another said that a greater number of critical comments might be forthcoming if outside consultant were used on evaluations, and that in their reports to management for internal use, the evaluators should comment candidly on all aspects of projects, including Government participation; UNEP should be expected to submit the highlights of such reports to Governments.
Some delegations advocated that the evaluation function in the secretariate should be strengthened and given the necessary independence from programme design and project implementation, and that adequate resources be allocated to it from existing resources.
www.unep.org /Documents.Multilingual/Default.asp?DocumentID=60&ArticleID=404&l=en   (1867 words)

 Services: Evaluation | New Hampshire Assistive Technology
These evaluations are designed to identify assistive technology devices and services that will assist the student to access the general curriculum and achieve academic success.
It is helpful to the evaluator, especially if this person is new to the student, to have team members available during the evaluation who are familiar to the student.
Because evaluations by an outside evaluator are often conducted during one session, longer trials of different equipment may be helpful before a purchase is made.
www.nhassistivetechnology.org /services_evaluation.php   (974 words)

 Office of evaluation
OE evaluates IFAD’s projects and programmes to assess what works and what doesn’t and to determine how far IFAD’s policies and strategies are successful in tackling poverty alleviation in rural areas.
In identifying key insights and recommendations drawn from evaluation findings, OE is also concerned, in accordance with IFAD’s disclosure policy, with communicating and sharing IFAD’s knowledge and experience of rural and agricultural development with a wider audience.
The Evaluation Committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Board which performs in-depth reviews of selected evaluation issues, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the Executive Board.
www.ifad.org /evaluation/index.htm   (673 words)

 Online Evaluation
UNICEF Research and Evaluation function is producing an Evaluation Technical Notes Series (launched in 2002) to provide practical guidance on key aspects of managing and carrying out evaluation activities.
Ericae.net is a clearinghouse for information on assessment, evaluation and research in the education sector run by the University of Maryland.
Evaluation zone - a sector of the Trainingzone website - has an online development programme on evaluation for training professionals concerned with assessing the contribution of training to an organisation's business.
www.evaluation.org.uk /Pub_library/Online_eval.htm   (904 words)

 Temporal Difference Learning and TD-Gammon
One of these is the development of a wide variety of novel nonlinear function approximation schemes, such as decision trees, localized basis functions, spline-fitting schemes and multilayer perceptions, which appear to be capable of learning complex nonlinear functions of their inputs.
In either case, building human expertise into an evaluation function, whether by knowledge engineering or by supervised training, has been found to be an extraordinarily difficult undertaking, fraught with many potential pitfalls.
Finally, non-deterministic games have the advantage that the target function one is trying to learn, the true expected outcome of a position given perfect play on both sides, is a real-valued function with a great deal of smoothness and continuity, that is, small changes in the position produce small changes in the probability of winning.
www.bkgm.com /articles/tesauro/tdl.html   (7470 words)

 Citations: Statistical Feature Combination for the Evaluation of Game Positions - Buro (ResearchIndex)
This implies that the evaluation of a position varies between 0 and 1 3.
Logistello s new evaluation function and the evaluation function within Keyano attempt to approximate the final outcome of the game, returning a value between Gamma64 and 64.
Despite the advantages of these approaches, Keyano has always used a linear regression to determine the constants to be used in the evaluation function.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /context/260009/5663   (592 words)

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