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  Evolver - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Evolver is an album by 311, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music).
P-Nut is playing high up on the neck of a bass guitar, Hexum is playing a vibraphone and a double bass harmonica.
"What Do You Do?" is a b-side from Evolver, it is not yet posted on the band's website and is extremely rare.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Evolver   (231 words)

Evolver is implemented in Java and has been tested on Windows 2000 and Mac OS X (drag-drop does not work under OS X).
The Evolver source code has been released for general use and is available on the web under a very open software license.
Evolver is capable of generating an incredibly large variety of images using its simple filter set.
www.cs.brown.edu /people/morgan/aa/paper/evolver-paper.htm   (4373 words)

 audioMIDI.com : Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Review by Richard Zvonar
Evolver is a wonderfully designed and amazing-sounding monophonic synthesizer that combines the sonic characteristics of analog oscillators, filters, and VCAs with the precision and flexibility of digital signal processing and control.
Evolver is a two-channel stereo unit with a pair of 1/4-inch output jacks as well as a pair of inputs (allowing response to, and processing of, external signals).
Evolver is a hybrid synthesizer and effects processor.
www.audiomidi.com /aboutus/reviews/zvonar_evolver.cfm   (2834 words)

 Evolver :: SOLANA.BZ :: Bright Solutions for Smart Business   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
Evolver uses innovative GA technology to create environments where possible solutions continuously crossbreed, mutate, and compete with one another, until they "evolve" into the best solution.
Evolver can find optimal solutions to any function that results in a number, whether calculated in a single cell, a full sheet of equations, or the result of some large, complex macro.
Evolver’s GA doesn’t need to know the specific details of your problem, or even whether it is solving linear, nonlinear, stochastic (random), combinatorial, noisy, or probabilistic functions.
www.solana.bz /productsEvolver.htm   (1762 words)

 Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
These images were made with the Surface Evolver.
The surfaces are generally made by defining and evolving the fundamental region of the surface, which is usually very simple due to the high symmetry, and then displaying many copies of it, suitably transformed.
Surfaces with "adj" in the file name were made by evolving the adjoint surface.
www.susqu.edu /facstaff/b/brakke/evolver/examples/periodic/periodic.html   (1166 words)

 Surface Evolver Documentation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
The Surface Evolver is an interactive program for the study of surfaces shaped by surface tension and other energies, and subject to various constraints.
The Surface Evolver program is freely available and is in use by a number of researchers.
The Evolver was written as part of the Geometry Supercomputing Project (now The Geometry Center), sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, Minnesota Technology, Inc., and the University of Minnesota.
www.geom.umn.edu /software/evolver/html/intro.htm   (372 words)

 Dave Smith Evolver
Thus, the Evolver is Dave's first solo project in years, born out of a desire to build a piece of real hardware again — a concept Dave neatly describes as "the ultimate dongle".
Indeed, the Evolver uses the same matrix-style interface, where you select a line of parameters to edit on the matrix with the buttons at the side, and then adjust individual parameters with the knobs at the top.
In my case, paying Dave Smith for the Evolver (which I did via credit card, and which translated to about £330) was the easiest part of the transaction; I was then alerted by UPS when it arrived at UK customs, and informed that duty was payable.
www.soundonsound.com /sos/feb03/articles/davesmithevolver.asp   (4077 words)

 Surface Evolver Documentation - Installation
One major difference between the Windows and unix versions is that in the Evolver command language in Windows piping is to files, not commands.
One major difference between the Windows and unix versions is that in the Evolver command language piping is to files, not commands, in the DOS version.
Evolver detects how many colors are available, so you may be able to get higher resolution with the 256 colors depending on your hardware and what driver you use.
www.geom.uiuc.edu /software/evolver/html/install.htm   (2116 words)

 Surface Evolver Documentation - Constraints
The usual mode of operation of the Surface Evolver is to minimize energy subject to constraints.
A level-set constraint is a restriction of vertices to lie on the zero level-set of a function.
Such curves or surfaces are called "boundaries" in Evolver terminology, since they are usually used as boundary curves of surfaces, for example a soap film on a wire loop could have the wire implemented as a boundary.
www.geom.uiuc.edu /software/evolver/html/constrnt.htm   (1254 words)

 Evolver Coaching - Front
Evolver has worked on a new corporate image that we hope will portray the apparent paradox of our personal and light style together with&nbs...
Evolver has moved to new offices larger offices in order to facilitate the growth of the company and the growing numbers of coaches involved in our tr...
Evolver supplies people with the kind of support, structure and perspective needed to create major results in their personal and professional lives.
www.evolvercoaching.se   (161 words)

 SELFALIGN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
The Surface Evolver software is a tool for modelling the liquid surfaces shaped by surface energies and other forces, and subject to various constraints.
The Surface Evolver evolves this surface in a numerical iterative manner until a surface with a minimal energy is established.
Once Evolver establishes the minimal energy for the initial facets, they are halved, in a procedure termed 'refining', doubling their number.
msp.cms.gre.ac.uk /evolver.html   (204 words)

 Dave Smith Instruments Evolver monophonic synthesizer review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
The Evolver combines digital and analog oscillators, digital and analog filters, an analog-style sequencer, external-audio-processing capabilities, and a matrix-style user interface in a tabletop synthesizer and effects box that's capable of producing sounds like no other.
The Evolver is housed in an unassuming fl steel box with a slightly sloped top covered by a blue vinyl control panel.
The Evolver's two analog oscillators are pretty standard, offering a choice of sawtooth, pulse, and triangle waveforms as well as a combination of sawtooth and triangle.
psbg.emusician.com /ar/emusic_dave_smith_evolver   (2797 words)

 The Surface Evolver
My Surface Evolver is an interactive program for the modelling of liquid surfaces shaped by various forces and constraints.
Evolver graphics on unix systems are best viewed with the geomview program from the Geometry Center.
Unfortunately, the current version 1.6.1 introduced a bug in it that prevents picking in the geomview window from reporting correctly to the Evolver.
www.geom.umn.edu /software/evolver   (716 words)

 Surface Evolver Documentation
The Surface Evolver parameterizes a surface in terms of vertex coordinates.
The ordinary 'g' iteration step of Evolver minimizes energy by moving in the downhill direction, the negative of the gradient direction, until it reaches a local minimum.
The Evolver can be made to restrict perturbations this way by the "hessian_normal" command.
www.geom.umn.edu /software/evolver/html/eigentut.htm   (4302 words)

 DSI Evolver
The Evolver contains 2 analog devices with VCO->VCF-VCA and an additional high-speed DSP that generates 2 digital oscillators and a lot more.
The Evolver is not only a wonderful synthesizer but a multipurpose unit.
A short improvisation made with 3 Evolver patches recorded one after another into Cubase.
www.trippler.net /music/DSI-Evolver/dsi-evolver.html   (506 words)

 Dave Smith Instruments Evolver   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
The Evolver is a very interesting hybrid, large parts of the signal path are analog but digital circuitry is used where it's sensible.
The Evolver has helped me, more than any other synthesizer that I have owned or had access to, illustrate to the rest of the members of my band that tonal and non-tonal sounds can not only co-exist, but sound wonderful together (when necessary and/or desirable).
The evolver's matrix-style UI (described by a previous reviewer), is certainly not as nice as a fully knobbed-out UI, but it's very well thought out, and in practice I don't find it hard to use.
www.harmony-central.com /Synth/Data/Dave-Smith-Instruments/Evolver-01.html   (8118 words)

 The Surface Evolver   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a Makefile from a previous version of Evolver, you may use it (be careful it doesn't get overwritten by the distribution's Makefile), but you should add method5.o to the list of object files.
The OSX version of Evolver descends from the unix version, not the Mac OS9 version, and uses OpenGL/GLUT graphics, which are standard on OSX.
NOTE: Evolver has to be started from a terminal window, since it uses a command line interface.
www.susqu.edu /facstaff/b/brakke/evolver/evolver.html   (641 words)

 Evolver - Official English Web   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
Evolver is an original tokusatsu sci-fi action series produced by West Power, Jungle's planning and contents company.
Evolver's special-effects, computer graphics, mech designs, music, and guest stars are some of the best to date in the booming Japanese independent film community!
The Evolver DVDs are region-code FREE and include English subtitles for fans outside of Japan.
jungle-scs.co.jp /en/evolver/about.htm   (201 words)

 Surface Evolver Documentation - Tutorial
Evolver will automatically update the image whenever the surface changes.
Note that after each iteration a line is printed with the iterations countdown, area, energy, and current scale factor.
By default, the Evolver seeks the optimal scale factor to minimize energy.
www.geom.umn.edu /software/evolver/html/cube.htm   (798 words)

 Evolver - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
This page was last modified 16:04, 12 December 2005.
This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about Evolver contains research on
Evolver, Track listing, Trivia, Personnel, Production, Charts, External links, 311 albums and 2003 albums.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Evolver   (192 words)

There are a lot of demos of the Evolver on the web showcasing the gutsy harsh sounds of this beast so I decided to post demos of some of my own patches as examples of the "softer" more "vintage" side of the Evolver's timbre.
The Evolver can make many ultra-bright and buzzy sounds due to its extensive feedback and distortion stages but sometimes people miss the subtler side of the beast.
Below are charts I've assembled of the digital waveforms and their spectra as currently used in the DSI Evolver synthesizers.
www.carbon111.com /evolver.html   (1012 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Evolver [ECD] - 311 at Epinions.com
It took me a while to get all of my thoughts down of this album, but I feel that I have a clear vision of what it was trying to accomplish, and how it succeeded immensely.
Evolver was released a decade after the bands first major release “Music” that has since reached “Gold Status” according to the RIAA for selling over 500,000 copies.
Looking back on Evolver, I can confidentially say that it has to be their best work in years.
www.epinions.com /content_108787830404   (1778 words)

 JS Online: CD Spotlight: 311 's 'Evolver'
So it's a little disconcerting that the lead track on 311's new album, "Evolver" (Volcano), apes the electronic squiggle, shout and crunch of the multiplatinum Linkin Park.
"Evolver" does manage to hold on to some of the traits that distinguished its predecessor, 2001's "From Chaos," which is among 311's finest albums.
But everything on "Evolver" is expertly performed by this team of talented players and it's seldom less than adequate.
www.jsonline.com /onwisconsin/music/jul03/157371.asp   (198 words)

 CD Baby: THE MAMMALS: Evolver
"Evolver" is the first studio album by The Mammals.
Their earlier live CD "Born Live" and newer studio CD "Rock That Babe" are also available on CD Baby.
Of the modern folk albums out there, EVOLVER is surely one of the few which will be listened to by the next generation of folkies.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/mammals2   (752 words)

 Evolver Review | Godhead | Reviews @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Godhead's sound on Evolver, as compared to their other albums, such as 2000 Years Of Human Error shows that they have become much more mature (musically speaking) in terms of ability and sound.
His talents are so much more evident on Evolver than any other of Godhead's projects.
Compared to Godheads other albums (2000 Years Of Human Error, Powertool Stigmata, and Nothingness), which are all amazing, Evolver deffinately comes out on top.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /reviews/compact_discs/godhead/evolver/index.html   (306 words)

 IGN: Evolver Review
And while their 12th album, Evolver, is built on the hybrid rock and rap-rock origins of the band, it strikes the listener as both surprisingly mellow and somewhat of an evolutionary departure from some of the their prior work, hence the irony tucked within the name of the album.
It's the shortest 311 studio album to date (11 tracks) and the slow-but-solid tracks on the album take away from the intensity and raw power that 311 albums are often built upon.
If you don't like 311 and never have, Evolver won't change your mind on the band; 311's signature sound is still very much present.
music.ign.com /articles/442/442575p1.html   (866 words)

 Dave Smith Instruments
I've always liked feedback in synths, so there is extensive use of tunable feedback in Evolver, interconnecting the digital feedback loops with the analog electronics.
However, when Evolver goes ape, the analog circuitry actually keeps the signal in line just enough that the result is wild sounds, not pain.
But, a day before the NAMM show in mid-January, I stopped development long enough to make a few sounds for the show, and was blown away by the organic nature of the synth.
davesmithinstruments.com /evolver/design.html   (675 words)

 Dave Smith Instruments Releases Poly Evolver
Dave Smith Instruments has released the Poly Evolver, a 4- voice synthesizer based on the Evolver that features analog oscillators, filters, and VCAs.
According to the manufacturer, each voice is essentially a complete Evolver, with four oscillators per voice (two analog and two digital), a stereo signal path, and separate analog lowpass filters for each channel.
Multiple Poly Evolvers can be daisy-chained to get more polyphony, and audio chaining capabilities are built in.
emusician.com /news/emusic_dave_smith_instruments/index.html   (302 words)

 Computation of Equilibrium Foam Structures Using the Surface Evolver - Phelan, Weaire, Brakke (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-29)
Abstract: this paper we describe such an application of the Evolver, and present some results.
Computation of equilibrium foam structures using the surface evolver.
16 The Surface Evolver (context) - Brakke - 1992
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /phelan95computation.html   (374 words)

 Dave Smith Instruments
This editor is perfect for users who want to use their PC to generate sounds for Evolver.
The latest version (with many cool new features) is 2.0, and is now available here if you would like to download it (free, of course).
The Editor will work with older versions of Evolver software, but not all features will be functional.
www.davesmithinstruments.com /evolver/editor.html   (297 words)

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