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Topic: Ewa District

  The Honolulu Advertiser | Local News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Ewa Beach community: air conditioning for classrooms of public schools; basic infrastructure such as paved sidewalks; and playfields with grass.
Ewa Beach, Rabacal ran for the House in 1992 and lost in the primary.
On issues within her district, her main goal would be school improvements, including installation of air conditioners to deal with hot classrooms where open windows mean increased noise from overhead aircraft.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /2000/Aug/17/817localnews22.html   (1291 words)

 Freelance Sep04: Branch member ejected from Israel
Ewa therefore withdrew her appeal, to avoid setting this precedent and is in the process of being ejected from the country.
Ewa landed in Israel on 11 August and was detained by the authorities, who claimed that she was a political activist and that her reporting "would not be objective".
Ewa is being detained in prison pending an appeal hearing.
www.londonfreelance.org /fl/0409ewaj.html   (1700 words)

 Ewa (district) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ewa is a district in the country of Nauru, located in the north of island.
Kayser College, a technical school and the only institution of higher learning in Nauru, is located in Ewa.
The northernmost point of Nauru is in the Ewa District.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ewa_District   (153 words)

 ewa_00a.doc - Revised Ordinances of Honolulu
Ewa will be developed with a transportation system which provides easy access to transit, uses traffic calming design, and encourages people to walk and bike, reducing the need for use of the automobile.
The sense of the Ewa Villages as a complete community unit should be reestablished through the preservation of existing schools and churches, the expansion of parks and public open space areas, and the establishment of community facilities and a marketplace for local businesses.
Ewa Marina's development is also guided by the Ewa Marina Urban Design Plan approved by the Department of Land Utilization in 1994 and by land use, environmental, and design requirements included in the Special Management Area Use Permit and in the Unilateral Agreement attached to the zone change ordinance (1993).
www.co.honolulu.hi.us /refs/roh/ewa   (11927 words)

Smallpox decimated the population of Ewa in 1851 and in 1865 it still had not recovered.
Ewa Plantation began in the late 1880's and Honouliuli served as the plantation town of the Ewa Plantation until 1897 and then was part of the Oahu Sugar Co. Lowrie was the first manager of Ewa Plantation.
The name was used to refer to the combined districts Koolauloa and Koolaupoko comprising all of windward Oahu and also is given to the mountain range separating Honolulu and Central Oahu from windward Oahu, but I have found no village by this name.
www.hawaiianstamps.com /isoahust.html   (2924 words)

 EWG Report || Taking From The Taxpayers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
EWA buys water from willing sellers within the CVP and SWP at market rates to use for environmental purposes, such as improving water quality in a particular section of river or helping to restore threatened fish species such as salmon and smelt.
As the EWA is a publicly funded entity, the government is essentially selling SWP and CVP water to farmers at very low prices, then buying it back later at much higher rates to replace water that never left the river in the first place.
It serves 14 different water districts †1 within the San Joaquin Valley and receives, on average, 84 percent of the irrigation water delivered by the SWP each year.
www.ewg.org /reports/CAWaterTakings/part4.php   (1318 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News
With no incumbent to defend this district, two Ewa Beach Democrats -- Willie Espero, a state representative, and Tesha Malama, a community leader -- find themselves in a winner-take-all primary election to be the first incumbent for the new political district.
Her advocacy prompted the board to pass a resolution last year asking for a moratorium on housing development in Ewa until infrastructure and traffic issues were addressed.
He walks the district a minimum of five days a week and said he is working just as hard as during his last election.
starbulletin.com /2002/09/03/news/story7.html   (640 words)

 State v. Amina (Summary Disposition Order)
The district court did not err by determining that Amina waived in writing his right to a trial by jury.
claims the district court plainly erred by failing to give him an evidentiary hearing with respect to his claim of ineffective assistance of counsel.
Amina cannot claim it was error to grant his motion to appoint private counsel (based on a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel) without an evidentiary hearing, when he was the moving and prevailing party on the issue.
www.hawaii.gov /jud/ica24817sdo.htm   (572 words)

 Ewa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ewa (district), district in the country of Nauru
Ewa Sonnet, topless model and singer from Kalisz, Poland
Ewa Klamt, German politician and Member of the European Parliament for Lower Saxony
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ewa   (147 words)

This is necessary because not each and every resident of the new district will have been a resident of the old district, therefore it is impossible for the Commission to comply with the requirement that "the resident population" which refers to all the resident population.
The undefeated Ewa league 11 and 12 year olds District 8 Division Tournament Team won the Hawaii State Tournament which was held on July 27, 2000 at Kapaa, Kauai.
The Ewa Orchid Society celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Waipahu High School cafetorium on the weekend of August 4, 5, and 6, 2000.
www.aloha.net /~msmoses/2002/081000.htm   (1187 words)

 Hawaii Thousand Friends II Summary
The plaintiffs filed two complaints in the District Court of Hawai‘i for injunctive relief and civil penalties against the defendant alleging the defendant had illegally bypassed sewage treatment equipment and failed to apply requisite secondary effluent limitations at the Honouliuli wastewater treatment plant (“Honouliuli”) under the CWA.
The next issue the court had to determine was the actual number of secondary treatment violations, the proper remedies for both the bypass and secondary treatment violations, and the amount of civil penalties.
Concern over the effects of the rapid population growth in the Ewa district on water needs and sewage flow sparked planning for a secondary treatment facility for effluent reuse.
www.hawaii.edu /ohelo/digests/HawaiiThousandIISummary.html   (2298 words)

 Encina Wastewater Authority | Serving Carlsbad, Vista, Buena Sanitation District, Vallecitos Water District, Leucadia ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
EWA is owned by six public agencies in a unique arrangement called a Joint Powers Agreement.
The six owners are: the City of Carlsbad, City of Vista, City of Encinitas, Vallecitos Water District, Buena Sanitation District, and the Leucadia County Water District.
In 1995, EWA purchased the thirty-seven (37) acres adjacent to the southern boundary of the EWPCF known as the South Parcel to provide for future Facility needs.
www.encinajpa.com /index.php?page_id=2   (546 words)

 Public Interest Guide to Redistricting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
This system, which would work in multiseat districts, allows the voter to cast as many votes as there are seats open in a race, and to vote them all for one candidate, or spread around a few favored candidates.
But the B configuration, which places a district line down the middle of most of Fort Weaver Road and then through Hanakahi Street in Ewa Beach, is opposed by some in the Ewa community.
Kauai has two House districts and one Senate district entirely on the island in addition to the canoe districts, which are called that because someone would have to travel by water from one end of a district to the other.
www.fairvote.org /redistricting/reports/remanual/hinews.htm   (9674 words)

 Opinmind   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Stupid little Ewa has forgotten her trainers and clothing for the fencing this evening.
Ewa and Veronica left, I got coffee with Callie before meeting up with Monica, Julie, Marta, and the ugly girl I don't know or like.
Ewa Beach woul be an AWESOME place to live for a 16 to 18-year old male.......
www.opinmind.com /search.jsp?q=ewa   (255 words)

 [No title]
The 'Ewa Plains is a broad plain of low relief, consisting largely of a reef that was laid down during the Pleistocene at a time when the sea level was 25 ft (7.6 m) higher than at present.
The 'Ewa Plains is a broad, low plain consisting largely of a reef that was laid down during the Pleistocene, when the sea was 25 ft (7.6 m) higher than at present.
On the 'Ewa Plains at Barbers Point, thickets of Pluchea, also exotic, are competing with the remaining Achyranthes individuals, and encroaching forests of kiawe or mesquite, Prosopis pallida, another introduced species, are altering the open, sunny habitat of the species.
fwie.fw.vt.edu /WWW/esis/lists/e701046.htm   (4741 words)

No contract-specific DBE goal was established for these services; however, consultants were urged to obtain DBE participation and were required to document their activities in the selection of subconsultants to ensure that this process was carried out in a nondiscriminatory manner.
The report further stated that, upon execution of a Professional Services Agreement, the consultant will commence with assisting the District in securing the permits necessary for the dredging work.  The District will be making the appropriate submissions for the permits and will be required to pay a separate fee to the permitting agencies.
District Engineer Denis Mulligan reported that the United States Coast Guard (USCG), 11th District, sent 30-day removal notices to all the owners of railroad bridges not currently in use.  The District received a removal notice dated August 10, 2005 for the Corte Madera Creek Bridge.
www.goldengate.org /board/2005_meetings/Minutes/bo050825min.php   (979 words)

 Ewa Banks On Benefits Of Weed & Seed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In 2000 it had the highest number of cases of any police district on Oahu for negligent homicide, forcible rape, aggravated assault, arson, sex offenses and family offenses, including domestic abuse.
In Ewa the community wants to eradicate drug dealing and public drinking, and its neighborhood restoration committee wants to get rid of abandoned vehicles and graffiti.
Ewa residents complain in community meetings that their neighbors are dealing drugs, Kinimaka said.
www.mapinc.org /drugnews/v02.n1854.a05.html   (700 words)

 Ewa Beach Neighborhood Board No
This project is needed as a second access Kapolei and Ewa Beach as well as an additional entrance and exit to H-1.
A group of volunteers will be putting together a visionary packet for businesses in the Ewa Plains district to address the problem of alcohol usage by under-age drinkers.
Ewa Water Recycling is a new water reclamation facility that will bring high quality water to communities.
www.aloha.net /~msmoses/2002/7.htm   (1343 words)

 Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties
Originally a plantation town, the quaint buildings of the original town center are being preserved for future generations.
Newer neighborhoods have been built at the entrance to the Ewa area.
Private companies have developed the neighborhoods of Kapolei Knolls and Ocean Pointe and the community of Ewa by Gentry.
www.cbpacific.com /NeighLeeward.asp   (982 words)

 GARTON EVANS WALL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
He did locum tenens on Molokai, Maui and the Big Island (Hawaii) before becoming Medical Director of the Ewa Plantation Company and with the Territorial Board of Health as Government Physician in the Ewa District (Oahu).
He was also the Medical Officer for the City and County Medical Department in the Ewa District.
He remained at the Ewa Plantation position for 30 years and “retired” in 1964 for a few months but joined the Alsup Clinic in Honolulu and then moved to a private office at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel for the next 19 years.
hml.org /mmhc/mdindex/wallg.html   (372 words)

 Kukaniloko Birthing Stones
The royal birthside of Kukaniloko and the associated heiau of Ho'olonopahu were within the Waialua district.
To the south were the houses and fields in the uplands of the 'Ewa district.
Beginning with the birth of Kapawa in the 1300s or possibly earlier, Kukaniloko became recognized as the royal birthsite on O'ahu.
www.mapuana.com /kukaniloko_birthing_stones.htm   (183 words)

The report also stated that, in accordance with the District’s Phase II Construction Contract Administration Plan that was approved by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), construction management and inspection services for Contract No. 99-B-5 are performed by an integrated team of District staff and consultants.
The District will request the presence of CHP personnel and vehicles only for nights when construction operations are actively in progress on the Bridge roadway.
The report stated that the District solicited bids to replace a 19-year old crane truck that has reached the end of its useful life and is no longer serviceable.
www.goldengate.org /board/2005_meetings/Minutes/bo-050526m.php   (2968 words)

 POST OFFICE IN PARADISE - Maps of Hawaii - Island of Oahu
Waianae (30 miles from Honolulu) on the western coast was separated from the saddle region by the Waianae Mountains.
A trail crossed the mountains to the saddle, but most travel was south to Ewa or north around Kaena Point to Waialua (50 miles from Honolulu).
The saddle was arid and sustained no significant population until late in the 19th Century when irrigation made the land arable and the town of Wahiawa sprung up about where the road passes between the Waialua District and the District of Ewa and Waianae.
www.hawaiianstamps.com /mapisoah.html   (650 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In August, he was charged with going 102 mph, this time in the Ewa District.
The Ewa court also issued a warrant in its case.
When he showed up in Ewa to pay his fine, no one knew about the Honolulu warrant, which is apparently still outstanding.
www.officer.com /news/IBS/kitv/news-1922794.html   (477 words)

 Blue Washington » Winning in 2006 - Part 1
Electing Democratic congressional candidates in the Fourth and Fifth Districts in 2006 and 2008.
The Democrats are in Spokane’s 3rd District and in Walla Walla’s 16th.
The 6th is the most winnable district in EWA, followed by the 15th, 18th and the 4th.
www.99362.com /bluewashington_wp/?p=73   (1613 words)

 D8 Kapolei / Waianae
District 8 services the communities of Ewa, Ewa Beach, Westloch, Barbers Point, Kapolei, Makakilo, Campbell Industrial Park, Honokai Hale, Koolina, Nanakuli, Maili, Waianae, Makaha, Makua and Kaena.
The station has three levels and provides offices and meeting rooms for District 8 command staff and patrol officers as well as personnel from the Criminal Investigation, Juvenile Services and Narcotics/Vice Division.
The district has approximately 35 miles of coastline and a total land area of 128 square miles.
www.honolulupd.org /patrol/d8home.htm   (135 words)

 Spirit of Aloha - Aloha Airlines' in-flight magazine with information on Hawaii vacations, Hawaiian island maps and the ...
Across Kalihi basin, the Damon Estate and the monkeypod trees of Moanalua Gardens beckoned on the right; on the seaward side of the track were large mullet ponds, formerly owned by royalty and subsequently leased by the government, primarily to Chinese keepers.
From the first stop at Pu‘uloa, or Pearl Harbor, the broad sweep of ‘Ewa district and the Central plains could be seen.
Sisal sat in the middle of a coral plain cultivated in sisal plants (for rope-making) and algaroba (for firewood, charcoal and cattle fodder).
www.spiritofaloha.com /place/1105/place.html   (650 words)

 Ewa Beach Real Estate Agents, Ewa Beach Homes For Sale, REALTORS and Ewa Beach
We also have information on Ewa Beach home selling, home buying and mortgages, movers and other realty services for anyone looking to sell a home or buy a home in Ewa Beach, HI.
HomeGain provides Ewa Beach, Hawaii real estate information and resources to guide homeowners and homebuyers through the process of selling and buying a house, condo or other Ewa Beach realty property.
HomeGain has services to help you find a top Ewa Beach real estate broker or agent, get the value of your Ewa Beach home and a comparative market analysis (CMA), view Ewa Beach real estate and MLS listings, prepare your home for sale, and more.
www.homegain.com /local_real_estate/HI/ewa_beach.html   (511 words)

 Kanekua'ana: Ewa: Stories of an Ancient Island: Traditions of O'ahu: Asia-Pacific Digital Library
Kanekua'ana is a mo'o, or water lizard (a), who came from Kahiki and brought with her the pipi, or pearl oyster, from which the estuary got its English name ("Pearl Harbor, from the Hawaiian "Wai momi" or "Pearl waters." She also brought 'opae (shrimp), nehu (anchovies), and other kinds of seafood.
Kamakau writes: Kanekua'ana "guarded all the district of 'Ewa, and the natives from Halawa to Honouliuli had faith in her.
She cared specially for those related to her, but the blessings that came to them were shared by all" (Sterling and Summers 51).
apdl.kcc.hawaii.edu /~oahu/stories/ewa/kanekuaana.htm   (843 words)

It is at Waikele in Ewa on Oahu, Pouhala is the name.
It is an ili and Luluhiwalani had been the konohiki for it under Kamehameha III.
The king had given Luluhiwalani (interest) and I have a small interest there, a house and land also.
www.waihona.com /samples/00004MA.html   (536 words)

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