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Topic: Excavation

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

Place the excavated sediment in a galvanized bucket and once the bucket is full, empty it into a screen (Figure 7).
Levels are often excavated in 10 centimeter increments, but it depends on the sediment layering.
After each level is excavated to its proper depth, the balk of the square must be trimmed or cut evenly with a trowel (Figure 6).
www.nku.edu /~anthro/nkuanthromuseum/FAweb/ExcavationandAnalysisfinal.htm   (1071 words)

 Specific Excavation Requirements. - 1926.651
When mobile equipment is operated adjacent to an excavation, or when such equipment is required to approach the edge of an excavation, and the operator does not have a clear and direct view of the edge of the excavation, a warning system shall be utilized such as barricades, hand or mechanical signals, or stop logs.
If excavation work interrupts the natural drainage of surface water (such as streams), diversion ditches, dikes, or other suitable means shall be used to prevent surface water from entering the excavation and to provide adequate drainage of the area adjacent to the excavation.
Daily inspections of excavations, the adjacent areas, and protective systems shall be made by a competent person for evidence of a situation that could result in possible cave-ins, indications of failure of protective systems, hazardous atmospheres, or other hazardous conditions.
www.osha.gov /pls/oshaweb/owadisp.show_document?p_table=STANDARDS&p_id=10775   (1405 words)

 Excavation and Trenching Safety
If forms or other structures are installed or constructed in an excavation so as to reduce the dimension measured from the forms or structure to the side of the excavation to 15 feet(4.6 m) or less (measured at the bottom of the excavation), the excavation is also considered to be a trench.
Associates shall not work in excavations where there is accumulated water, or in excavations in which water is accumulating, unless adequate precautions have been taken to protect associates against the hazards posed by water accumulation.
If excavation work interrupts the natural drainage of surface water (such as streams), diversion ditches, dikes, or other suitable mans shall be used to prevent surface water form entering the excavation, and to provide adequate drainage of the area adjacent to the excavation.
www.jmu.edu /safetyplan/facilmgmt/excavationtrenching.shtml   (2372 words)

 Revenue Administration   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Excavated earth that is put back on the parcel, or other contiguous parcel in common ownership, in the construction, reclamation, reconstruction or alteration of such parcel of land within the same tax year.
Excavated earth that is used exclusively by the owner for agricultural or forest management on their land.
Excavations not exceeding 1000 cubic yards must file a notice of intent to excavate but are exempt from the $100.00 filing fee and the $.02 per cubic yard excavation tax.
www.nh.gov /revenue/property_tax/excavation/index.htm   (948 words)

 Level 2 - Theme - What is Archaeology? - Excavation & Dating
Before an excavation can take place, archaeologists must produce a project plan, setting out the aims of the excavation and the methods to be used, and receive permission to carry it out.
Before an excavation is started, archaeologists read any documents, literature or previous excavation reports which relate to the site.
After the excavation is complete, the site is often covered, either by replacing the soil removed earlier (backfilling), or by new developments.
www.romansinsussex.co.uk /level2/themes/whatisarchae/excavation_dating.asp   (423 words)

  Understanding New Hampshires Excavation Taxes - Taxation
The excavation tax — which survived the Legislature’s 2002 amendments without change — is a fixed-rate assessment directly proportional to the amount of "earth" excavated during the tax year.
One exemption excepts minimal excavations of up to 1,000 cubic yards of "earth." This exemption, however, is based on amounts excavated during a given tax year — April 1 to March 31 — and is intended to exclude smaller excavation areas that do not exceed the minimum amounts.
Excavations "incidental" to construction are exempted from the excavation tax, provided that not more than 1,000 cubic yards of "earth" are removed from the construction site during any given tax year.
www.gcglaw.com /resources/taxation/excavation.html   (1099 words)

 Item 503 Excavation  for Structures
Where rock or shale is removed as part of unclassified excavation and the footing is designed to be keyed into the bedrock, the excavation into bedrock for the minimum specified depth of keying shall be confined within the area bounded by the outer edge of the footing.
Excavation deeper than 0.9 m (3 feet) below plan elevation and the additional cofferdams necessitated by this excavation may be provided for as extra work, as described in 109.04.
Culvert excavation and backfill between the surface of the original ground, the flow line of the culvert, and 1:1 slopes from the outer face of the culvert shall be included with 203 quantities.
www.dot.state.oh.us /spec/503.htm   (1656 words)

 NOVA Online/Pyramids/Excavation/Full Report
Our excavations are in the area in the low desert south of the large stone wall in the place called Heit el-Ghurob.
The evidence we found in 1991 and 1995 indicated we were excavating a food-production center, perhaps the institution called per shena ('commissariat'?) in hieroglyphics texts and tomb scenes.
The prime objective in our excavations this season, therefore, was to try to get a sense of the larger structure or complex to which these food production facilities were attached, and, more simply, to see how far this very regular building complex extended.
www2.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/nova/pyramid/excavation/fullreport.html   (1739 words)

 fsu.edu | trenching and excavation
Excavations less than (5) feet that have been determined by the "competent person" to be safe from cave-in, are not required to be shored.
All slopes shall be excavated to the angle of repose.
Any excavation greater than four (4) feet deep which is to be left unattended for greater than 24 hours, or is subject to water retention, must be fenced to a height of at least four feet using appropriate fencing materials.
www.safety.fsu.edu /trenchingmanual.html   (1598 words)

 Boat Dock Guidelines - Excavation/Fill
Excavation to accommodate an existing boat dock must have bottom excavation dimensions equal to the outside dimensions of the existing dock.
Excavation to accommodate a proposed boat dock must not have a bottom excavation dimension greater than 900 square feet, except where community docks are proposed.
Excavation of lakebed sediments for non-commercial use by private individuals for landscaping purposes or backfill for seawalls is prohibited.
www.ameren.com /Environment/adc_ev_excavate.asp   (474 words)

 Excavation of Pottery
The whole process in terms of reading instructions on how to excavate a find, making one and cataloguing etc etc seems a long one but in practice it is even longer.
Well, the first step is the decision to actually excavate a given area of a site and allocate what is called a context area.
when an excavation is about to start and more than one area is to be investigated then each of those areas is given its own unique context area number.
hadrians-wall.info /excavation/excavation.htm   (1645 words)

 Ramstech- University of Nevada, Reno
Excavation is the process of removing contaminated material and transporting it for treatment or disposing it.
Before disposing, pretreatment of the waste is required and at some places where the soil excavation area is not determined, sampling is done to the soil adjacent to the excavation.
Cost estimates for excavation and disposal range from $300 to $510 per metric ton ($270 to $460 per ton) depending on the nature of hazardous materials and methods of excavation.
www.unr.edu /mines/ramstech/3excavation.asp   (311 words)

 Archaeology of a San Franscisco Neighborhood: Excavation
One of the foremost questions is ‘Where to dig?' Historical documents provide the key to which areas in the city might still contain archaeological deposits that are worth excavating.
Recording the excavation of the privy in plans, notes and photographs helps tell the story of how people used the artifacts.
Historical research, artifact information and excavation notes are pulled together to develop the story about the people who once lived in the excavation area.
www.sonoma.edu /asc/sfarchaeology/Excavation/index.htm   (497 words)

 Archaeology : An Introduction - An Online Companion © Kevin Greene 2002 ::: Chapter 3
Three indispensable elements of excavation emerged by the beginning of the twentieth century: horizontal observations were combined with accurate recording; vertical sequences were increasingly important; systematic attention to all classes of finds was the newest element.
Keyhole excavation was carried out extensively in Roman military archaeology by Ian Richmond, who produced overall plans of many forts and fortresses in northern Britain by the judicious excavation of small narrow trenches, carefully placed to check critical details of the fairly predictable layout of their internal structures.
The normal excavation method is to empty a pit in such a way that its section may be recorded, ideally on more than one axis, in order to study the way in which it was filled and to recover artefacts and environmental samples that will help elucidate its function as well as providing dating evidence.
www.staff.ncl.ac.uk /kevin.greene/wintro/chap3.htm   (3527 words)

 The Insula IX excavation
The Town Life project is an ongoing excavation of one block of the Silchester Roman Town by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Reading.
Fresh excavation offers the possibility of discovering the story of the development of the insula from the earliest occupation, and of investigating the reasons for the abandonment of the town.
We have added evidence for both masonry and timber buildings to the early excavators' plan and we can see clear differences between the early and late Roman layouts, none of which is discernible from the early records.
www.rdg.ac.uk /AcaDepts/la/silchester/publish/townlife/insula_ix.php   (554 words)

 Museum of Science : Ancient Egypt Science & Technology : Archaeological Excavation
Archaeology is the scientific discovery, documentation, and study of material remains and artifacts from the past.
With the advent of archaeological field work, however, the tantalizing riddle of the ancients can be answered.
Your words will be inscribed on an ancient tablet and buried deep in the desert sand.
www.mos.org /quest/excavation.php   (306 words)

 USC's Mercury Project   (Site not responding. Last check: )
To our knowledge, the Mercury Project was the first system that allowed WWW users to remotely view and alter the real world via tele-robotics.
Users excavated artifacts buried in a sand-filled terrarium in our laboratory in Los Angeles.
All buried artifacts were derived from an unnamed 19th Century text which provided a meta-commentary on science and the Internet.
cwis.usc.edu /dept/raiders   (121 words)

 Town of Hollis Excavation Regulations
EXCAVATION FEES shall mean fees submitted by applicant to the Hollis Planning Board, as a prerequisite to the issuance of a permit, to defray the costs of permit compliance inspections, as determined by the Permit Fee Schedule herein contained as Section IX.E. shall mean the Hollis Planning Board hereafter.
Excavation that is incidental to agricultural or silva-cultural activities, normal landscaping or minor topographical adjustment.
Excavation from an area contiguous to or from contiguous land in common ownership with, stationary manufacturing and processing plants in operation as of the effective date of RSA 155-E which use earth obtained from such areas.
www.hollis.nh.us /Regulations/excavation.htm   (829 words)

 Trenching and Excavation: Safety Principles, AEX-391-92
Although farmers are generally exempt from the state trenching and excavation statutes, they may still be held liable for accidents and loss of life resulting from trenching and excavation activities conducted under their direction.
Excavations with conditions such as water, silty materials, loose boulders, erosion, deep frost action or earth fracture planes require that the slope of the earth adjacent to the excavation be lessened.
Never excavate below the level of the base of the footing or retaining wall, except in hard rock, unless the wall is underpinned and appropriate precautions are taken to ensure the stability of adjacent walls.
ohioline.osu.edu /aex-fact/0391.html   (2602 words)

 Excavation Taxes, Town of Durham, NH
An excavation tax shall be assessed upon the excavation of earth against an owner as defined in RSA 72-B:2 VIII Such tax shall be assessed at the rate or $.02 per cubic yard of earth excavated.
Excavations, as defined in RSA 155-E:1, II, shall be exempt from taxation as real property under RSA 72:6 and RSA 72:13, but shall be subject to the excavation activity tax.
The excavation activity tax for those excavations occurring on public lands shall be assessed to the owner or purchaser of the excavation rights.
www.ci.durham.nh.us /DEPARTMENTS/assessing_office/excavation.html   (411 words)

Excavation Parallel to Pipeline: When parallel excavations are expected to expose or undermine sections of pipeline, the excavator must notify ENSTAR engineering in advance.
Trenchless Excavation (Vertical or Horizontal): Whenever a trenchless excavation (horizontal or vertical) is performed within 5 feet of a distribution pressure pipeline and 10 feet of a transmission pressure pipeline, the gas pipeline must be exposed to visually determine the exact location.
When performing a trenchless excavation parallel to a gas pipeline, the gas pipeline must be exposed at intervals of 25 feet or less to visually determine the pipeline’s exact location.
www.enstarnaturalgas.com /SafetyEducation/Excavation_new.htm   (1314 words)

 Regulation Part 20 Construction, Excavation and Demolition - Sun May 27, 2007
A walkway across an excavation must be at least 50 cm (20 in) wide, and if crossing an excavation over 1.2 m (4 ft) deep, be equipped with guardrails, meeting the requirements of Part 4 (General Conditions), on both sides.
The sides of an excavation must be scaled and trimmed or otherwise stabilized to prevent slides of material or falls of rock which could endanger workers.
Whenever possible, power machines excavating banks must be positioned so that the operator is on the side away from the bank and with the boom positioned closest to the side of the excavation.
www2.worksafebc.com /Publications/OHSRegulation/Part20.asp   (9313 words)

 Excavation at Abila of the Decapolis, North Jordan
When the survey and excavation started in 1980 and 1982, Dr. Mare and his staff saw on a part of Umm el ‘Amad the scattered columns of what was thought to be an ancient temple, but which, on excavation, turned out to be a seventh- to eighth-century A.D. Christian church.
Excavate along the outside of the south side of the seventh- to eighth-century A.D. basilica on the south tell, Tell Umm el ‘Amad, to uncover additional side rooms of the Area D church there.
Excavation team members not only contribute to an important work and experience the thrill of reaching back into history and touching it in person but also are privileged to interact closely with the contemporary people and culture of the area.
www.bibleinterp.com /excavations/Abila_of_the_Decapolis.htm   (1785 words)

 ASCSA - Excavation and Survey Permissions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Permission to excavate in the Athenian Agora was granted in 1929 by a special act of Parliament.
The Excavation and Survey Committee traditionally meets during the AIA meetings and considers proposals for work to begin approximately 18 months from that time.
Excavators are also expected to provide permanent storage for their finds after the completion of excavations.
www.ascsa.edu.gr /Excavations/EXCSURVEY.htm   (1090 words)

A selection of Excavation contractors can be found in your area when you use our recommended contractors service.
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Excavating is one of the most hazardous construction jobs and should only be handled by professionals.
www.home-contracting.com /Excavation.html   (345 words)

 excavation - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Excavation Machinery, term applied to all mechanical devices for digging, moving, and transporting dry earth.
Assyria (ancient Ashur, Ashshur, or Assur), ancient country of Asia, extending from about the northern border of present-day Iraq south to the mouth...
Archaeological Excavations : archaeological record : Europe – Greece: Ancient City of Troy
encarta.msn.com /excavation.html   (129 words)

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