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  Exclave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An exclave is a territory that belongs to a political entity but is not connected to it by land (islands are not counted) and is surrounded by other political entities.
The divided canton of Appenzell is surrounded by Sankt-Gallen.
The exclave came into being as land on the border between the two counties was reclaimed from the Bay to build the Naval Air Station Alameda, now decommissioned.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Exclave   (1463 words)

 Exclave - Simple English Wikipedia
An exclave is strip of land that belongs to a political entity (like a country or a region) but that is not connected to it by land (islands are not counted).
The secession of the new canton of Jura in 1979 left Bern temporarily with an exclave bounded by Jura, Solothurn (main and both exclaves), Basel-Country and France.
Kentucky: The westernmost part of the state, a piece of land known as the Kentucky Bend, is surrounded on three sides by the Mississippi River, with Missouri on the opposite shore.
simple.wikipedia.org /wiki/Exclave   (1362 words)

 Kokkina exclave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Kokkina (Greek: Κόκκινα, Turkish: Erenköy) is an exclave of the de facto Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
It is hemmed in on three sides by Republic of Cyprus territory with the Mediterranean sea (Morphou Bay) on its northern flank.
This tiny exclave - which is part of the lower reaches of the Troodos mountains, is a place which has special symbolic significance for Turkish Cypriots because of the events of August 1964.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Kokkina(village)   (782 words)

 Search Results for "Exclave"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
...A territory of Angola forming an exclave on the Atlantic Ocean between the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire).
...An autonomous republic of Azerbaijan forming an exclave separated from the rest of the country by Armenia to the north and east and bordering on Iran and Turkey to...
The town of Walvis Bay (Population 11,600) and the surrounding area constituted an exclave of South Africa until passing to Namibia in 1994....
www.bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=Exclave   (299 words)

An exclave is necessarily an enclave of some other country, but some enclaves are countries in their own rights, and therefore not exclaves.
Others famous exclaves are West Berlin (prior to the unification of Germany) and Baarle-Hertog, a Belgian exclave in the Netherlands.
The most embodied enclave in the world is an Indian exclave called Dahala Khagrabari[?], which is embodied in a Bangladeshi enclave called Upanchowki Bhajni[?], which in turn is an enclave to the Indian exclave Balapara Khagrabari[?] which in turn is an enclave to Bangladesh.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ex/Exclave.html   (142 words)

 Exclave Did You Mean exclave   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Temburong is a district in Brunei unconnected to the larger western part of the country, thus it is an exclave of Brunei.
Kokkina is a tiny exclave of the breakaway Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
During the division of Germany from 1949 until 1990, several exclaves of West Berlin existed on East German territory, the most problematic of which was the hamlet of Steinstücken.
www.did-you-mean.com /Exclave.html   (852 words)

 Ireland Information Guide , Irish, Counties, Facts, Statistics, Tourism, Culture, How
The best-known example was West Berlin, prior to the re-unification of Germany, which was de facto a West German exclave within East Germany, and thus an East German enclave (many small West Berlin land areas were in turn separated from the main one, some by only a few meters).
The town of Baarle in southern Netherlands is made up of the municipality of Baarle-Hertog, a group of 22 Belgian enclaves within the Netherlands, and of the Dutch municipality of Baarle-Nassau, which itself has 3 enclaves in Belgian soil and a small one inside one the Belgian enclave.
Dadra, exclave of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, a Union Territory is a true enclave of the state of Gujarat
www.irelandinformationguide.com /Enclave   (2366 words)

 Wikinfo | Exclave
An exclave is a territory that belongs to political entity but is not connected to it and is surrounded by other political entities.
It belongs to the Russian Federation, but is separated from the rest of that country by territory belonging to Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.
On the other hand, the Spanish exclave of Llívia is a French enclave.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Exclave   (231 words)

The Kaliningrad exclave lies on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Poland.
The Kaliningrad exclave’s ethnic make-up is unmistakably Russian.
Although there are other countries that may have possible claim to the area and the region is an integrated part of the Baltic Sea region, the exclave is an inseparable part of the Russian Federation because of its ethnic Russian population, its military forces stationed in the region and economic reliance.
depts.washington.edu /baltic/papers/kaliningrad.html   (4854 words)

 Exclaves and enclaves
The two entities together only are making an enclave of Thuringia and an exclave of Prussia, and the two separately are exclaves of the respective provinces.
An exclave but not an enclave as the exclave is not enclaved within any single country's territory (see definitions below).
As a fragment can not be counted an exclave or a territory under the jurisdiction of a state of which it does not form an integral part (a colony, dependency (e.g.
geosite.jankrogh.com /exclaves.htm   (653 words)

 The Carnegie Moscow Center - Publications - Briefing Papers - Vol. 4, Issue 05, May 2002 - Leonid Smirnyagin - The ...
It lies, as is well-known, in the fact that Kalinigrad Region is an exclave, separated from the rest of Russia by the territories of Lithuania and Poland.
Today, it is again an exclave, this time of Russia-an exclave that is, moreover, without precedents: it is, after all, separated from its parent nation by the territory of not one, but two nations, Lithuania and Belarus.
It is now generally accepted that it is precisely the region's exclave status and its inevitable consequences-higher transport costs-which are the main reason for all its troubles.
www.carnegie.ru /en/pubs/briefings/48461.htm   (2870 words)

The two remaining exclaves are tiny [unnamed] pieces of farmland S of the Azerbaijani town of Tatly.
These exclaves are created by a Belgian railway track [the Vennbahn] that cuts into German territory around and between the German towns of Rötgen and Monschau S of Aachen.
The seventh enclave is embodied in the Oordeel exclave in Baarle-Hertog, whereas the eighth enclave,
vwww.abo.fi /users/rpalmber/enclaves.htm   (1228 words)

 Have Kaliningrad's transit problems been solved? - EUbusiness - EU law, politics and finance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The new travel rules are designed to make it easy for Russians in Kaliningrad to reach the rest of their country through the territory of future EU members Poland and Lithuania.
The Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad is entirely surrounded by Lithuanian and Polish territory.
At present, no visas are necessary for residents of the exclave who wish to travel to Russia proper.
www.eubusiness.com /Lithuania/96653   (787 words)

Precisely because enclave nations are surrounded by the territory of their "mother country" (I prefer metro-pol for this concept) they will experience much greater resistance to independence and may well settle for some kind of autonomy.
In any case, regardless of what you call them, it is possible for them to be based within a state (as enclaves), or to be located outside the boundaries of the state that possesses them, or of which they are a part.
No nation is inherently an enclave, or an exclave -- and, of course, nations may be dispersed and have neither an enclave nor an exclave --e.g., the Romany and Jews (before Israel was established).
www2.hawaii.edu /~fredr/gurr2.htm   (4577 words)

Russia and the European Union will try to find a common position on the question of visas for the residents of the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad during a summit in Moscow on 29 May. Delegations from the EU and Russia met last week but failed to reach agreement on this main stumbling block.
Lithuania has significant economic interests in the exclave and is Kaliningrad's biggest trading partner, followed by Poland and Germany.
He said many of the exclave's residents have relatives in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine and in other parts of the former Soviet Union.
www.rferl.org /features/2002/05/22052002082316.asp   (882 words)

Trade patterns are diverted away from the oblast, and the main transport routes bypass the exclave.
Urged by the accession negotiations of Lithuania and Poland for EU membership, Brussels saw that it simply had to devise 'something' by way of a policy towards Kaliningrad, as the oblast would one day be a Russian enclave within EU territory.
Furthermore, Putin convened a special Security Council meeting on the exclave, where he set out a critical analysis of the main shortcomings of the policies of the last years (lack of coordination among ministries, low effectiveness of work and an absence of suitable legal and administrative frameworks).
www.iss-eu.org /occasion/occ33.html   (1256 words)

 Berlin Exclaves
The third exclave housed, at least in part, a portion of a graveyard.
The exclave from soutwest, standing on the strip separating the exclave from West-Berlin.
The exclave was united with the rest of West-Berlin through a 1 km long 20 m wide road in 1972, following a land exchange agreement between the four powers of occupation in 1971.
berlin.enclaves.org   (1181 words)

 Search Results for Cabinda - Encyclopædia Britannica
northern exclave of Angola, on the west (Atlantic) coast of Africa north of the Congo River estuary.
It is bordered by Congo (Brazzaville) to the north and northeast and is separated from Angola by...
The problems in the oil-rich exclave of Cabinda, claimed by Angola but with an active independence movement, occupied the government in Luanda in 2004.
www.britannica.com /search?query=Cabinda&submit=Find&source=MWTAB   (322 words)

 Tilley Discourse
Please look up "exclave" in your dictionary and tell me why the concept it defines is not useful or what term can more simply represent this concept.
Of course, since they were not exclaves of any state, there is no reason to use "exclave" in connection with the Kurds.
Goa was a Portuguese exclave easily annexed by India, but the British held on to their Hong Kong exclave until last year when law and history compelled them to surrender it to China.
webdata.soc.hawaii.edu /FredR/tilley.htm   (2999 words)

 Forum 18 Search/Archive
Baha'is have told Forum 18 that one of their members, Tavachur Aliev, was jailed for ten days in September on trumped-up charges and warned not to teach his faith to others.
With Islam the majority faith in Nakhichevan, Muslims are generally not directly obstructed in their religious life and mosques function fairly freely despite the lack of registration.
Of the 236 mosques in the exclave, none have been re-registered, Haji Sultan told Forum 18 from Nakhichevan on 10 December.
www.forum18.org /Archive.php?article_id=474   (1223 words)

 Exclave articles on Encyclopedia.com
401,000), capital of Kaliningrad region, an exclave of W European Russia; on the Pregolya River near its mouth on the Vislinski Zalev, which empties into the Gulf of Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.
310,000), 2,124 sq mi (5,501 sq km), an exclave of Azerbaijan, bordered on the south by Iran and Turkey and on the north by Armenia, which separates Nakhichevan from the rest of Azerbaijan.
Part of Madhya Pradesh state since 1956, the territory of Gwalior formerly consisted of one large territory and several exclaves.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Exclave   (469 words)

 Clavier, Enclave, Exclave, Clavell: word derivations from Bill Casselman's Canadian Word of the Day
The Italian town of Campione d’Italia is located on the shore of Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland and is an Italian enclave in Switzerland.
Hawaii is not, because it is made up of islands.
Exclave < ex Latin ‘outside of’ + clavis Latin ‘key’
www.billcasselman.com /wording_room/clavis_d.htm   (523 words)

 Lithuanian investors could become
VILNIUS - Numerous reports have surfaced in recent weeks that the investment climate in the Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia’s isolated exclave, is about to take a turn for the worse.
Moscow is apparently in the process of amending its law on free economic zones, which regulates special tax regimes such as Kaliningrad, and according to specialists, the result might not be pretty.
Several Lithuanian clothing, furniture and confectionery firms have moved part of their production to Kaliningrad, the most renowned of which is Snaige, the Alytus-based refrigerator producer which opened a $25 million plant in the exclave.
www.baltictimes.com /news/articles/12007   (649 words)

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