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Topic: Exclusion Crisis

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Exclusion Bill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During the reign of Charles II of England, the Exclusion Bill crisis ran from 1678 till 1681.
Its purpose was the exclusion of the king's brother, James, the Duke of York (later King James II and VII) from the thrones of England and Ireland, because he was a Roman Catholic.
The Tories were those who opposed this exclusion, while the "Country party", soon to be the Whigs, supported it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Exclusion_crisis   (499 words)

 Policy Paper no. 2 - From social exclusion to social cohesion : a policy agenda
Exclusion also represents, as Jacques Charmes has put it, the loss of an individual's links to mainstream society, which leads to the fraying of the social fabric and the eventual forging of solidarity ties with religious fundamentalist or mafia-type networks.
The economic crisis, which has diminished public resources and tax receipts across Europe, and the privatization of large portions of public sectors under the pressure of the market, have in any case posed in brutal fashion the problem of how the welfare state is now to be financed.
In creating the crisis and revealing itself incapable of improving the condition of the whole of humanity, the current economic and political systems, as well as the technologies upon which they are based, have shown their obsolescence.
www.unesco.org /most/besseng.htm   (16115 words)

 Poverty and social exclusion in Mexico: Discussion Papers: Publications: International Institute for Labour Studies ...
In the economic field, the central thrust of the exclusion processes stems from the combined outcome of the 1982 financial crisis, the structural adjustment and liberalization measures, as well as the difficulties that the new economic model is encountering in generating growth with stability, in spite of the far-reaching economic changes that have been introduced.
Other factors which contribute to exclusion in the world of work, and in the exercise of people's rights, result from of the post-revolutionary integration model, which was in force in the country from the 1940's up until the early 1980's.
Exclusion is not just a matter of economic resources; rather it is one of treatment modalities which need to look at the diversity and heterogeneity of the situations, as well as the existence of logics which are very different from market logic.
www.ilo.org /public/english/bureau/inst/papers/1997/dp93   (9969 words)

 Inclusion/Exclusion Policy
Lafayette Crisis Center disclaims any and all responsibility and liability that may be asserted or claimed resulting from or arising out of reliance upon the information and procedures presented in the database.
Lafayette Crisis Center reserves the right to refuse or discontinue listings for organizations, which are under investigation for any type of wrongdoing.
An organization may appeal an exclusion decision by submitting a written statement to the Lafayette Crisis Center, 1244 N. 15th St., Lafayette, IN The written statement should include a justification referencing the Inclusion/Exclusion Policy of the Lafayette Crisis Center, be dated, include the name, address, telephone numbers and signature of the appealing organization.
www.lafayettecrisiscenter.org /InclusionPolicy.htm   (788 words)

 House of Commons - Home Affairs - Written Evidence
High Crime: Nearly four in five rough sleepers have been victims of crime, compared to one in five of young men, the group most at risk of crime in the general population.[41] Overall rough sleepers are 15 times more likely to experience assault than the general population.
Despite improvements in the provision of drug treatment in specific areas, there are difficulties reported on the length of waiting times, a serious problem given that rapid access to treatment is essential for street homeless people who want to tackle their addiction.
Crisis Skylight is a centre where homeless people take part in free practical and creative workshops ranging from bicycle repair to performing arts.
www.publications.parliament.uk /pa/cm200405/cmselect/cmhaff/80ii/80we15.htm   (2492 words)

 CMHS Programs: Emergency Mental Health - Substance Abuse Services Within Crisis Counseling Programs
The purpose of the Crisis Counseling Program is to assist individuals in understanding that emotional reactions to a disaster are normal and to help them develop appropriate coping skills so that they can resume their pre-disaster level of functioning.
Crisis counselors with companion program experience can help families find healthy ways of coping with the substance abuse as they pursue their own emotional recovery from the disaster.
The exclusion of these activities is based upon the determination that the services represent specialized treatment as opposed to disaster crisis counseling services; it is not based on an assumption that substance abuse issues predate the disaster.
www.mentalhealth.samhsa.gov /cmhs/EmergencyServices/ccp_pg05.asp   (1195 words)

 Princeton University Senior Theses brief display
Forman, William Hobbes (1987): The Crisis of a Southern Whig: Alexander H. Stephens and the Secession of Georgia.
Goldkamp, Joseph Andrew (1971): The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962: Castro and the Confrontation of the Superpowers.
Kang, Moonsun Monica (2001): Fundamental Breakdown: Causes of Korean Financial Crisis in 1997.
libweb5.princeton.edu /theses/thesesvw.asp?Lname=&Fname=&Submit=Search&Title1=crisis&department=&Class=&Adviser=   (5991 words)

 NITLE Arab World Project
When the material or economic basis of legitimacy was dangerously weakened by the crisis, a new legitimacy base was sought in the political sphere by way of opening the latter to the tolerated opposition.
To assess these crisis management styles and their outcomes, this article examines the particulars of each case with a special focus on the impact of reforms on political and economic inclusion and exclusion.
One of the main difficulties of this task is that of assessing and measuring the extent of inclusion and exclusion.
arabworld.nitle.org /texts.php?module_id=3&reading_id=353&sequence=2   (680 words)

 Crisis 211 - Elder Services
However, when an unexpected crisis strikes a frail, disoriented, isolated or depressed elder the effects can be devastating.
A crisis may result from overwhelming problems related to grief and loss, financial hardships, social isolation, loss of independence, self-neglect, illness, victimization, emotional distress, depression, or suicidal thoughts.
Elder Crisis Outreach is a service devoted solely to serving elders, 60 years of age or older, their families and/or caregivers by providing:
www.211palmbeach.org /s_eldercrisis.shtml   (102 words)

 Politics and Opinion in Crisis, 1678—81 - Cambridge University Press   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
The aftermath of the Popish Plot and the subsequent succession crisis of the years 1678 to 1681 are the context for this new study.
The author argues that the unrest was not simply due to a centrally organized party machine based around the single issue of exclusion; but was a broad-based controversy about the succession, fears of popery and arbitrary government which produced ideological polarization and political sophistication.
Part One examines central politics to explore the succession crisis within the context of the court and an emergent political structure.
www.cambridge.org /catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=0521024390   (279 words)

 Literary Encyclopedia: Popish Plot and the Exclusion Crisis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Only after 15 state executions of probably innocent men and an Exclusion Crisis that almost caused civil war was the plot disproved; Oates, who had become extremely wealthy, popular and influential, was then discredited and imprisoned.
The alarm raised by Oates’s allegations was sufficient for the Whigs in Parliament, led by the Earl of Shaftesbury, to repeatedly attempt to exclude James from acceding to the throne, starting with the Exclusion Bill (1679).
In his refusal to summon parliament, Charles II turned the “Exclusion Crisis” into another chapter in the conflict between the Divine Right of the king and the increasing political power of Parliament, a struggle which defined the Stuart reign.
www.litencyc.com /php/stopics.php?rec=true&UID=881   (665 words)

 Protecting small farmers and the rural poor in the context of globalization
But this mechanism producing cumulative unequal development for some and blocked development, crisis and exclusion for others was significantly amplified by the decline in real agricultural prices, on the one hand, and the increase in real minimum wages, on the other.
This process of exclusion has, of course, not affected all small farmers who farm manually, but it has affected the most deprived who are especially numerous in the least privileged regions.
Unfavourable though these aggravating circumstances may be, and dramatic their consequences, the fact remains that the root cause of the massive crisis of small farming communities, of rural and urban poverty, and of hunger in poor agricultural countries lies basically elsewhere.
www.fao.org /docrep/007/y1743e/y1743e03.htm   (2408 words)

 "Mold Exclusion Adopted for Comprehensive General Liability Policies," Indoor Air Quality, April 2003; Volume 1, ...
What crisis?  Has cheese gone bad?  In case you haven’t been paying attention to the world of litigation, there has been an explosion of lawsuits relating to the presence of mold in buildings.
The exclusion, CG 21 67 04 02, would apply to both Section I-Coverage A (Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability) and Coverage B (Personal and Advertising Injury Liability) of the CGL policy.
This exclusion has only had limited success in blocking mold claims, hence the adoption of the new fungi or bacteria exclusion.
www.hklaw.com /Publications/Newsletters.asp?ID=365&Article=2051   (689 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
An eco- nomic crisis, termed a "realization crisis" by Habermas, may be a reces- sion, an economic depression, or an inflationary phenomena; a rational- ity crisis, in Habermas's words, is a breakdown of the "rational admin- istrative" practices necessary to maintain the economy in due course.
A motiva- tion crisis is a crisis in the realm of values, traditions, and norms in soci- ety.
Social exclusion (the process through which individuals or groups are excluded from full participation in the society in which they live) may be a more useful concept than poverty for understanding violence, because it involves a more dynamic and multidimensional conceptu- alization of deprivation.
www-wds.worldbank.org /servlet/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2000/08/19/000094946_00080705302128/Rendered/INDEX/multi_page.txt   (13400 words)

 ILO - Combatting Unemployment and Exclusion
Partnerships among the international financial institutions and those agencies with a social vocation must therefore be enhanced, thereby ensuring that the voice of civil society, and in particular of the social partners, is heard.
t the World Summit for Social Development held in March 1995 in Copenhagen, the employment crisis was recognized as one of the main causes of poverty and social exclusion and one of the major obstacles to the achievement of social justice.
Following this commitment and in view of their importance in the global economy, the G7 have a lead role to play in solving the crisis of unemployment and exclusion — not only for themselves, but for the benefit of societies throughout the world as a whole.
www.ilo.org /public/english/bureau/intpol/pub2.htm   (13293 words)

 portland imc - 2002.11.07 - The Wilderness Lives: The End of Prehistory as a Beginning
At a moment when poverty in Europe grows with economic exclusion and the disappearance of the welfare state, the impoverished region of the Middle East arms itself against the claims of the impoverished from Africa and the Near East, against the consequences of destructive economic and political expansion over centuries.
The economic crisis and the related civilization crisis of the western model become permanent and gradually deepen.
Human dignity casts a light on poverty, its causes in the crisis of capitalism and the bright and dark sides in the modern history of liberation.
portland.indymedia.org /en/2002/11/32087.shtml   (3734 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia – Free Online Encyclopedia for Reference, Research, Facts
Using the Green Ribbon Club as his headquarters, Shaftesbury built up a party organization, and his followers, soon to be designated Whig, dominated the three Parliaments of 1679 to 1681.
On Danby's fall (1679) Shaftesbury became president of the privy council and began to press for the exclusion bill to keep the Roman Catholic James, duke of York (later James II), from the throne.
Again dismissed (1679), he continued the fight for exclusion until Charles dissolved the 1681 Parliament.
www.encyclopedia.com /printable.aspx?id=1E1:Shaftes1   (465 words)

 [No title]
Lord Shaftsbury's substantial role in English politics from the 1660s to the Exclusion Crisis of the 1680s plays an enormously important part in how the Two Treatises came to be written and in determining the purpose they were intended to serve.
To do this, several political campaigns were necessary, but eventually the House of Commons passed an Exclusion Bill by the wide majority which Shaftsbury thought would force the King to sign it.
The King made it plain to the Lords that the bill was unacceptable to him, and the Exclusion bill was defeated in the House of Lords.
oregonstate.edu /instruct/phl302/distance/locke2/back2.html   (1223 words)

 Whig and Tory   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Whigs were those who wished the exclusion of James II from the throne; Tories were those who opposed it.
But what they meant after that crisis was past is hard to say.
In the great political struggle of the later years of Queen Anne over the issue of whether to continue the war against France, the leaders of those who favored its continuation...
virtual.park.uga.edu /~232/voc/whigtory.voc.html   (237 words)

 Steen: Amorous Absolutism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
Through an examination of the increasingly politicized literary discourse of the Exclusion Crisis, focusing on the satiric broadsides relating to the affair that inspired the Letters, I seek to situate the novel in its immediate political context.
In the first and historically most accurate volume of the trilogy, I argue, Behn develops a conceptual mapping between love and contemporary political events that achieves an original if highly unstable solution to the central political problem of the time: the relation between the monarch and his rebellious subjects.
Through an examination of the highly imaginative political print culture of the Exclusion Crisis and its bloody aftermath (1678-84), Steen develops a cognitive account of the literary and its limits.
cogweb.ucla.edu /Culture/EC-ASECS_99.html   (198 words)

 Some Notes to English Restoration Studies
The Earl of Shaftesbury, The Popish Plot, and The Exclusion Crisis
In November 1681, Shaftesbury was accused of treason, partly for the "Association." As part of the politicalization of juries during the Exclusion Crisis, "Monmouth, Essex[,] and other Whig notables were conspicuously present [at the trial]; the prosecution witnesses were loudly hissed and had to have an armed escort when they left the court" (Miller 284).
Crowne himself seems to endorse this view, saying in his preface that, when he wrote the play during the height of the Exclusion Crisis, “half the nation was mad” (page 5).
persiancaesar.com /restoration.htm   (9339 words)

 Crisis Magazine
And because the general tendency is to focus on the “spirit” of Vatican II to the exclusion of its words, this notion has become invidiously entrenched despite the fact that it plainly contradicts one of the council’s key statements.
Some 27 years later, Benedict XVI offered a profound restatement of his predecessor’s hallmark sentence in his own opening homily as pontiff: “Do not be afraid of Christ!” It is this fear that, in part, accounts for post–Vatican II Catholicism’s obsessions with what the council may or may not have meant.
By focusing on these matters—to the exclusion of the Church’s status as the bride and mystical body of Christ—Catholics have let theology degenerate into sociology, politics, and self-interested name-calling.
www.crisismagazine.com /november2005/boyagoda.htm   (2352 words)

 FDIC: The S&L Crisis: A Chrono-Bibliography
The inclusion or exclusion of a source constitutes neither an endorsement nor a rejection by the FDIC of the opinions expressed in that source.]
Other major provisions of FIRREA include: $50 billion of new borrowing authority, with most financed from general revenues and the industry; meaningful net worth requirements and regulation by the OTS and FDIC; allocation funds to the Justice Department to help finance prosecution of S&L crimes.
Additional bank crime legislation the next year (i.e., the Crime Control Act of 1990) mandates a study by the National Commission on Financial Institution Reform, Recovery and Enforcement to uncover the causes of the S&L crisis, and come up with recommendations to prevent future debacles.
www.fdic.gov /bank/historical/s&l   (1858 words)

 2-1-1 Tampa Bay
Certified staff and volunteer crisis counselors provide immediate and confidential crisis intervention, and information and referral services.
Suicide and Crisis Hotline - when life seems hopeless or out of control counselors are there to listen, encourage positive action, provide helpful resources and initiate emergency rescue if necessary.
The criteria for inclusion and exclusion in our referral database can be reviewed by downloading our guidelines document.
www.crisiscenter.com /bhotlin.htm   (633 words)

 DVD: London Crowds in the Reign of Charles II: Propaganda and Politics from the Restoration until the Exclusion Crisis ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-01)
This study of the political attitudes of ordinary Londoners during the reign of Charles II examines not only the manifestations of рubliс opinion - for example, riot and demonstration - but also the manner of its formation - religious experience, economic асtivitу, and exposure to mass political propaganda.
Both sides had public support during the exclusion crisis, and this division stemmed from fundamental religious tensions within London political culture, dating back tо 1660 and before.
Similarity for London Crowds in the Reign of Charles II: Propaganda and Politics from the Restoration until the Exclusion Crisis (Cambridge Studies in Early Modern British History)
www.collection-anime.com /tovar30353231333938343532.html   (413 words)

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