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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Quark Expeditions, Antarctic Cruises, Arctic cruises
Quark Expeditions is the leading innovator and operator of polar expeditions.
Accompanying these voyages is a dedicated and experienced staff of expedition leaders, naturalists and lecturers who will share with you their enthusiasm and knowledge of the region.
Quark Expeditions follows a common sense code of conduct on all of its voyages and ensures that the ship, Zodiacs and helicopters are operated in an environmentally responsible manner.
www.quarkexpeditions.com   (275 words)

 Conservation volunteer projects with Biosphere Expeditions
If an expedition is full already, you may have the option of going on a waiting list.
The average temperature during the expedition months is 16°C. During the day we will be working on a modern catamaran boat (see boat).
This expedition will take you to the high mountains of Central Asia to survey snow leopards and their prey animals like the argali mountain sheep and the Altai ibex, as well as other animals like marmots and birds.
www.biosphere-expeditions.com /expeditions   (2165 words)

 Course Technology--InfoWeb: Expeditions
The 1996 expedition followed David Breashears and a team of climbers who were making an IMAX film and installing a weather station on Everest.
Return to Midway The National Geographic Society sponsors and reports on a wide variety of expeditions from the heights of the Andes to the depths of the Pacific.
A 1998 expedition featured on their Web site follows Robert Ballard, the renowned deep-sea explorer who discovered the sunken Titanic, as he searches for World War II aircraft carriers that sank during the Battle of Midway.
www.cciw.com /content/expeditions.html   (354 words)

 Expeditions | American Museum of Natural History
Such expeditions reflect the great traditions of exploration and research that lie at the heart of the Museum.
American Museum of Natural History expeditions have mapped the origin and progression of life on Earth, explored the richness and variety of world cultures, and taken us to destinations as remote as the ocean floor or the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.
However, such groundbreaking expeditions are not merely a component of the Museum's past--they are also an important aspect of its work today.
www.amnh.org /exhibitions/expeditions   (230 words)

 Expedition races and Adventure sports at Euforia Expeditions Costa Rica ...
At Euforia Expeditions, we work in some of the most challenging terrains and exotic destinations in the world: Costa Rica's rugged mountains, dense tropical rainforest and jungles, muddy hillsides, wide range of microclimates and temperamental climates make it one of the best countries in the world for expedition races, extreme and adventure sports.
A 10 day expedition through dense jungle to one of the most beautiful locations in the whole world, Peak Kamuk, a once in a lifetime expedition with mountaineering experts through one of Costa Rica’s most remote forests to the top of the world.
This is an expedition for expeditioners, where survival skills and attitude rule the expedition.
www.euforiaexpeditions.com   (455 words)

NEFA's Expeditions program is committed to funding multidisciplinary performing, literary, and/or visual arts projects that are open and accessible to the general public, and that provide opportunities for arts experiences in disadvantaged, isolated, or remote communities.
Expeditions Planning Grants of up to $5,000 per project provide financial support for the planning of a project that will later tour New England, possibly with Expeditions Touring Grant support.
The months between the Idea Swap in November and the Expeditions application submission deadline in February should be spent developing and confirming project plans and partnerships and preparing funding requests.
www.nefa.org /grantprog/expeditions   (618 words)

 Eclipse Edge Expeditions
Expedition participants include professional and amateur astronomers as well as individuals simply interested in experiencing these rare and beautiful events first hand.
Eclipse Edge Expeditions is 6 for 6 in taking its participants to clear-sky views where the eclipse phenomena are most spectacular.
Eclipse Edge Expeditions is a subsidiary of Meta Research, Inc, a non-profit astronomy research organization based in Washington, DC.
metaresearch.org /expeditions/eee_home.asp   (362 words)

 Soviet Space Stations
The very first analysis of a manned Mars landing expedition, by Tikhonravov in 1956, indicated that use of conventional chemical propulsion would result in a spacecraft with a starting mass of 1,630 tonnes in low earth orbit.
For nuclear-electric powered manned Mars landing expeditions, several launches of the N1 or uprated N1M would be required, with assembly of the spacecraft in earth orbit.
The 1956 MPK expedition had an earth re-entry vehicle of 15 tonnes to return the crew of six to earth.
www.astronautix.com /craftfam/sovtions.htm   (4265 words)

 Directory of expeditions, charity expeditions and expedition training
Our charity expeditions section lists fund-raising charity expeditions where you can help put something back into the community you are visiting or raise funds for a charity back home – help build a school, plant trees, teach English or walk to the roof of the world and raise sponsorship.
Our expeditions section deals with the sort of trips that don't appear in standard holiday brochures, usually one-off expeditions, often to remote areas little explored by the 'normal' holiday visitor – this is more 'travel' than 'tourism'!
expedition training an expedition will require you to have skills and experience that go beyond knowing how to put up the sunlounger or navigate to the departure lounge; the companies we list in our expedition training section will help teach you the skills you need and prepare you for the trip ahead.
www.travel-quest.co.uk /tqexpedition.htm   (281 words)

 Lindblad Expeditions: Antarctica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
And like all expeditions throughout history, we travel with a hand-picked team of experts whose knowledge and expertise will enrich your experience.
Created by photographers for photographers, our Photo Expeditions provide the opportunity to shoot in some of the most incredible locations on earth and take the best photos of your life.
Our Family Expeditions offer parents and kids alike the prospect of traveling together and sharing the experience with other families.
www.expeditions.com /expeditions/ourexpeditions.asp   (310 words)

 Kayak Charleston, sea kayaking South Carolina and guided kayak tours in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
This rich environment is where fresh and saltwater intermingle and is host to an abundant and diverse array of flora and fauna.
Whether paddling in the fl water creeks of a Cypress swamp, old canals of abandoned rice fields or the coastal waters of our barrier islands, your adventure with Coastal Expeditions will be an unforgettable highlight of your stay in the Low Country.
In an effort to achieve this mission we have chosen the expedition style sea kayak as our low impact exploratory vessel.
www.coastalexpeditions.com   (421 words)

 Chasing Venus: Observing the Transits of Venus 1631-2004
Due to the expense of mounting major expeditions, a great deal of additional scientific activity was included.
A number of expeditions, especially the well-known voyage of Captain Cook, made many natural history and anthropological observations and brought back specimens and artifacts.
Most of the transit expeditions suffered hardships, but two French astronomers were particularly unfortunate.
www.sil.si.edu /exhibitions/chasing-venus/measuring.htm   (653 words)

 Everest and Himalaya autumn 2003 Expeditions
Later he led expeditions to Sudarshan, Jaonli, CB53/54, Habuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, and was a member of expeditions to Satopanth, Kamet West Ridge and Principal of the Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering in Gulmarg, Kashmir.
The expedition is part of an organization dedicated to helping stop one of the world’s deadliest diseases by climbing the world’s tallest mountains.
Gerfried, 32, is expedition leader with earlier summits of Cho Oyu 2002, G2 2003, and a G1 attempt in 2003 (to 7500m).
www.mounteverest.net /page/explist.htm   (8278 words)

 Nansen, Fridtjof -> Arctic Expeditions on Encyclopedia.com 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
When they were wintering (1895-96) on Franz Josef Land (now often called Fridtjof Nansen Land), members of the Jackson-Harmsworth expedition (see Jackson, Frederick George) chanced upon them and sent them home in one of their ships.
Although neither he nor his ship had reached the North Pole, his expedition gave the world much new valuable information about the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic and made Nansen internationally famous.
Farthest North, his account of this brilliant exploit, appeared in English translation in 1897, and the expedition's scientific material was published as The Norwegian North Polar Expedition (ed.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/Nansen-F_ArcticExpeditions.asp   (662 words)

 ADVENTURE LEARNING FOUNDATION = online learning expeditions
Students and teachers are "virtual" participants in the journeys, communicate and interact with the expedition members as well as with other students and teachers around the world.
The Expeditions combine educational projects and activities for students and provide resources for teachers designed to enhance curricula.
The Expeditions take students and teachers on journeys of discovery, exploration and mystery while promoting greater understanding of and between people of different cultures around the world.
www.questconnect.org   (159 words)

 Aloha and Welcome to Expeditions
Aboard Expeditions you'll enjoy spectacular views of Maui County, including the islands of Maui, Lana`i, Moloka`i and Kaho`olawe.
Expeditions will also help you plan your day or overnight stay on Lana`i, offering you an exclusive variety of "Explore Lana`i" Packages including golf, guided tours, jeep excursions, sporting clays, luxury overnight accommodations and more!
Expeditions Lanai ferry is your inter-island ferry to the beautiful island of Lanai
www.go-lanai.com   (219 words)

 Welcome to the Scientific Exploration Society
Through a worldwide programme of challenging expeditions, the Scientific Exploration Society initiates and supports scientific, conservation and education projects, leaving a legacy of lasting benefit to communities we meet on the way.
From studying endangered elephants in West Africa, to mapping pre-Colombian archaeology in Panama, on land and sea expanding horizons is our mission.
Chile November 2006 - proposed expedition to survey the wreck of HMS Wager that sank in 1741, a water supply project and glacier studies.
www.ses-explore.org   (188 words)

 Victoria whale watching BC Seacoast Expeditions Vancouver Island
As Victoria's founding whale watching company we set the standard and continue to be the leaders in providing the highest level of customer service, education, and responsibility found in our industry.
The Seacoast Expeditions vessels, captains, and crew are all transport Canada Safety Certified.
We accomplish this by combining the excitement of the zodiac ride with the natural beauty of the coastline an educational experience with our local marine life.
www.seacoastexpeditions.com   (493 words)

 Snow Lion Expeditions
In China, we walk the Great Wall, cruise the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River aboard the East King and East Queen, explore the myriad cultures of Muli and Yunnan, walk among the misty karst formations of Guilin, visit the panda reserve near Chengdu and explore the juxtaposition of modern and ancient in Shanghai.
Snow Lion Expeditions is in competition with Mountain Travel Sobek, Geographic Expeditions, Wilderness Travel, KE Adventure Travel, Asia Transpacific Journeys, Nomadic Expeditions, Boojum, Above the Clouds, and Abercrombie and Kent.
Snow Lion Expeditions carefully watches the travel advisories and public announcements of the US State Department and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.
www.snowlion.com   (1294 words)

 Ocoee River rafting trips in Ocoee, Tennessee
You'll be glad you chose a premium-rafting trip with Quest Expeditions for your family, friends or group outing.
Upper Only Trips are available on a limited number of weekends throughout the season.
Quest Expeditions also offers cabin rentals, whitewater rafting in Mexico and Caribbean sailing adventures.
www.questexpeditions.com   (253 words)

 Aconcagua AEA Expeditions and Trekkings. Professional Mountain guides.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Aconcagua traverse route, the most aunthentic expedition in the park, the valley offers a great chance for birdwatching and to have a look at the guanacos heard which get close to camp every morning.
Aconcagua Plaza Francia trekking, the basecamp for the aconcagua South face, where the french expedition placed the campsite to climb one of teh biggest walls in the world.
Aconcagua Plaza de Mulas trekking, the most well known basecamp of south america, where most of expeditions spend the time to have chances to get the aconcagua Summit.
www.aeaexpeditions.com   (870 words)

 LookSmart - Directory - John Wesley Powell   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
US Army pays tribute to this war veteran with a photo of his grave and a memorial about his life that was published in the news upon his death.
Smithsonian Institute honors this adventurer with a photo of him on an expedition and a brief sketch of his lifetime achievements.
Examine a profile of Powell's inspiring descents of the Colorado River in 1869 that was for a while feared lost.
search.looksmart.com /p/browse/us1/us317914/us10233894/us330482/us528507   (310 words)

 Concordia Expeditions - Adventure Travel to Pakistan
During this time, he pioneered new flying routes through the isolated valleys and the daunting mountains of the Karakoram and Himalaya, beginning a relationship with the land and her people which exists today in the form of Concordia Expeditions run by his son (Masood).
Concordia Expeditions was formed to counter this commonplace phenomenon by offering culturally and environmentally conscious intimate trips with individuals who know and embody Pakistan.
Concordia Expeditions is in touch with Pakistan authorities to ensure that issues arising from indiscriminate tourism remain in the forefront of their attention.
www.concordiaexpeditions.com   (593 words)

 White water rafting West Virginia whitewater rafting
Extreme Expeditions is West Virginia's best rafting outfitter offering vacation getaways in the historic and scenic New River Gorge.
Extreme Expeditions is like no other whitewater rafting guide… distinctive and small, offering a level of personal service that only a family can bring to their own business.
As always, Extreme Expeditions welcomes your feedback and invites you to share your comments with other potential guests by submitting a testimonial.
www.go-extreme.com   (316 words)

 Fishing Alaska and Kamchatka Russia with Ouzel. Alaskan and Russian Float Fly Fishing Trips   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Ouzel Expeditions, Inc. is working with the Kamchatka Rivers Ecological Monitoring Foundation and Kamchatka Fish & Game to document & monitor Kamchatka's wild Rainbow Trout population.
The costs for these scientific studies are included in the cost of your trip with Ouzel Expeditions, Inc. 4.
Information from these scientific studies will be used to determine the maximum permissible fishing pressure on water bodies and the development of recreational fishing regulations for Kamchatka.
www.ouzel.com   (3707 words)

 Wildlife Conservation Expeditions - Gap years, Years Out and Career Breaks - Greenforce
We have marine SCUBA diving projects in the Bahamas in the Caribbean, Malaysian Borneo and Fiji in the South Pacific where we are carrying out surveys on coral reefs.
We also have terrestrial expeditions running in Tanzania in the African Savannah, Ecuador in the Ecuadorian Amazon and a Himalayan expedition in Nepal where we are working on various conservation projects.
Our objective is to aid the conservation of wildlife in danger and protect fragile habitats, particularly in countries in the process of development.
www.greenforce.org   (1408 words)

A collection of seven best-in-class travel providers, Grand Expeditions is committed to delivering unforgettable journeys to some of the most unique and exotic destinations on Earth - from tented African safaris and luxurious, crewed sailing vacations to private jet journeys around the world and walking tours through backcountry byways.
Travel with any Grand Expeditions company - by land, air or water - anywhere in the world - and experience the ultimate in customized attention, superb service and innovative itineraries.
Travel in safty and comfort on innovative journeys to remote and exotic lands and fascinating civilizations with the world leader in Private Jet expeditions.
www.grandex.com   (494 words)

 Earthwatch Institute: Research. Conservation. Education. Volunteer.
Earthwatch Institute engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.
Choose from more than 130 expeditions in 47 countries.
Membership is the best way to find out about new expeditions, programs, events, and discounts.
www.earthwatch.org   (79 words)

 Lindblad Expeditions - Overview of Lindblad Cruise Ships and Travel Packages
Small groups set sail on nimble expedition ships and voyage to unique destinations around the globe, going places cruise liners can't.
A roster of celebrated expedition leaders and naturalists will guarantee every minute of every day is filled with excitement and discovery.
Every day our expedition teams file accounts directly from our ships, detailing intriguing aspects of their voyages.
www.expeditions.com   (217 words)

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