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Topic: Experience Music Project

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  Audiofile: Music Blog, Music Articles - Salon.com
And when we were picking music for the '80s game, it was surprising how many songs there are where you're listening and then there's a sax solo and the guitar completely drops out.
Washington, D.C.'s, Bad Brains are rightly hailed as pioneers of the politically pissed-off, musically aggressive American hardcore punk movement that arose, not coincidentally, during the Reagan era.
Too frequently, live music occurs under conditions that are ripe for a blah time -- bad sound, rote performances, uncomfortable venues, egregious throwing of devil horns.
www.salon.com /ent/audiofile   (2959 words)

  Experience Music Project - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Experience Music Project (EMP) is a museum of music history founded by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, located on the campus of Seattle, Washington's Seattle Center.
EMP was also the site of the demo and concert program for the first international conference on New interfaces for musical expression, NIME-01 and the Pop Conference, an annual gathering of academic, critics, musicians and music buffs.
EMP, SFM and the Monorail station are numbers 18, 39, and 20, respectively, on the map, all near the corner of 5th Avenue N and Broad Street.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Experience_Music_Project   (739 words)

 emplive.org - ABOUT EMP - History
EMP is a one-of-a-kind music museum combining interactive and interpretive exhibits to tell the story of the creative, innovative and rebellious expression that defines American popular music.
EMP is dedicated to capturing and reflecting the essence of rock 'n' roll, from its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country and the blues, to its influence on hip hop, punk and other more recent genres.
EMP invites visitors to participate in a total sensory experience: see rare artifacts and memorabilia, hear musicians tell their stories, or play an instrument and create your own music.
www.emplive.org /aboutEMP/index.asp   (274 words)

 museumnetwork.com - Experience Music Project: The Museum Experience   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When the Experience Music Project (EMP) opens its doors on June 23, it will be a colorful multimedia celebration of American popular music.
EMP also explores rock's roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country, and the blues, as well as rock's influence on hip-hop, punk, and other recent genres.
The 85-foot-tall temple of the rock muses was inspired by Jimi Hendrix's concept of a place where people of all ages, interests, and backgrounds could come together to experience music.
www.museumnetwork.com /features/06_19_highlight_music_museum.asp   (600 words)

 Stereophile: Experience Music Project Announces Grand Opening
EMP says that jazz, blues, country, and gospel all influenced rock'n'roll and will be represented at the museum, as will hip-hop, punk, grunge, and other more recent genres that took their inspiration from rock music.
EMP's Patton explains that "we set out to create a museum that would celebrate creativity and innovation, and believed we had to be creative and innovative in the way that was accomplished.
EMP's highly unusual-looking buildings were designed by architect Frank O. Gehry and are located at the 74-acre Seattle Center, home to the Space Needle.
www.stereophile.com /news/10704/index.html   (325 words)

 Experience Music Project, Seattle - Reviews of Experience Music Project - IgoUgo
The EMP was heavily funded by Microsost co-founder and entrepreneur, Paul Allen.
The project strikes me as a blow-up of a kid’s science project, with the giant red heart, and perhaps a silver liver and a golden gall bladder too.
The EMP is filled with musical memorabilia (including a gallery of guitars) and captivating old video clips, but it also promotes its interactive aspects like the Sound Lab where visitors can try their hand at playing instruments or mixing music.
www.igougo.com /travelcontent/JournalEntryActivity.aspx?entryID=40176   (731 words)

 CNN.com - Entertainment - Seattle's Experience Music Project ready to rock - June 21, 2000
The Experience Music Project, EMP for short, showcases rock from its cradle in the blues of the deep South to its evolution into everything from punk to rap.
But EMP will undoutedly attract some visitors who turn off music blaring on the radio and tune in to quiet observation of architecture.
Experience Music Project is located beneath the Space Needle on Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle.
www.cnn.com /2000/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/21/emp.preview/index.html   (557 words)

 Guggenheim Museum - Frank Gehry - Projects
Experience Music Project (EMP) derives its name from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.
The allusion to a shattered Fender Stratocaster is carried through in a glass sculpture that rides the crest of the building, suggesting the strings and frets of a guitar neck as well as the roller coaster nearby.
The colors—a riot of gold, pale blue, purple, red, and silver—are symbolic references to various songs and events from the history of rock and roll, including Hendrix's song "Purple Haze." The vibrant exterior is clad in some 21,000 pieces of stainless steel and aluminum whose outlines and random configurations are computer generated.
www.guggenheim.org /exhibitions/past_exhibitions/gehry/emp_19.html   (229 words)

 Experience Music Project - EMP - Experience Music Project Seattle - Clipper Vacations   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Experience Music Project (EMP) is a state-of-the-art museum of 20
Millions of fans each year make their way to the Sky Church at the EMP to pay homage to one of the most innovative guitarists of all time.
Experience Music Project was originally conceived as a memorial to Hendrix, but before it was even constructed the scope of the project was expanded to include all types of American music.
www.victoriaclipper.com /experience_music_project   (497 words)

 Experience Music Project - Picture - MSN Encarta
Experience Music Project - Picture - MSN Encarta
The Experience Music Project (EMP) is an interactive museum exploring various types of music, including blues, rock, and hip-hop.
The museum is located in Seattle, Washington, just north of the downtown area.
encarta.msn.com /media_681500237/Experience_Music_Project.html   (49 words)

 This Is Pop: In Search of the Elusive at Experience Music Project Popular Music and Society - Find Articles
This eclecticism is intentional--one of the stated aims of this conference was to blur the boundaries between disciplines, bridging the gaps between scholars, music critics, and musicians, placing each in dialog with the other.
David Sanjek and Sarah Dougher each tackle the issue of authenticity in music, but Dougher's piece is written from her point of view as a female working musician, and discusses issues of institutionalized sexism.
As stated before, the purpose of this conference was to allow a space in which scholars, music critics, and musicians could discuss popular music from their particular vantage point.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m2822/is_5_28/ai_n15727935   (839 words)

 The Blues . Partners | PBS
Experience Music Project provides dynamic multifaceted, ever-changing experiences through new and exciting explorations of American popular music, which both entertain and engage visitors in the creative process.
It is a new kind of museum, that strives to reflect the essence of rock and roll and its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country, and the blues, as well as rock music's influence on hip hop, punk and other recent genres.
Patrons can make their own music, see and learn about rare artifacts and memorabilia from EMP's collection of nearly 100,000 items, explore various musical milestones within unique interpretive exhibits, feel the power of the creative force by listening to musicians tell their own stories, and discover the joy of music in all its forms.
www.pbs.org /theblues/resources/parteducation.html   (172 words)

 Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum is an adrenaline-filled glimpse into the world of popular music.
Visitors will get the chance make their own music in the Sound Lab, learn to play an instrument with a computer teacher, and jam to original rock and roll recordings from the artists of all eras.
Following rock and roll from its birth to its ever-present ruling of the music world, the EMP museum embraces some of the music world’s innovators from Elvis to the Beatles to Janis Joplin to the Rolling Stone.
www.seattlekids.net /seattle_museums/experience_music.htm   (203 words)

 Rolling Stone : Experience Music Project Celebration Survives The MTV Factor   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In theory, the weekend celebration marking the opening of the $250 million Experience Music Project in Seattle was all about honoring rock and roll's history -- and the Pacific Northwest's rich contribution to that legacy.
At a general admission stadium show, the music is often secondary to the spectacle.
fan, got into the EMP spirit by opening with a cover of Hendrix's "Hey Joe." She followed that up with a powerful, defiant "So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star," during which she forgot the words and then proudly declared, "I don't need the damn words." And she didn't.
rollingstone.com /news/story/5923304/experience_music_project_celebr...   (852 words)

 Beatles Collectors.com - Experience Music Project welcomes Beatlemania
In addition to the show, EMP is sponsoring an essay contest for Washington State high schools students, designed to inspire students to explore the impact of popular music on our culture.
Dedicated to exploring creativity and innovation in American popular music, EMP is a new kind of museum that strives to capture and reflect the essence of rock ‘n’ roll, its roots in jazz, soul, gospel, country and the blues, as well as rock music’s influence on hip-hop, punk and other recent genres.
Patrons can make their own music, see and learn about rare artifacts and memorabilia from EMP's collection of more than 80,000 items, explore various musical milestones within unique interpretive exhibits, and discover the power and joy of music in all its forms.
incolor.inetnebr.com /sumaree/beatles/experiencemusic.htm   (775 words)

 EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT   (Site not responding. Last check: )
EMP enlisted Edelman Worldwide to assist in the creation and execution of a detailed, international Public Relations plan.
A non-profit, the project grew from a Jimi Hendrix gallery into a 140,000-square-foot interactive museum dedicated to exploring creativity and innovation.
Analysis of the research proved that the few journalists who were familiar with the project believed it to be a Jimi Hendrix museum and were unaware of the interactivity and technological aspects of the museum.
www.ipra.org /library/docs/gwa1041.htm   (1133 words)

 Experience Music Project
His recent hyped building, the Experience Music Project, is almost guaranteed to continue his rise of fame.
The Experience Music Project, or EMP, is a music museum "combining interactive and interpretive exhibits to tell the story of the creative, innovative and rebellious expression that defines American popular music".
The EMP comes at a time when the public is fascinated by Gehry's architecture but architects feel he needs to move beyond Bilbao.
www.archidose.org /Jul00/073100.html   (407 words)

 New Construction Awards 2001 - A Gift of Music
Bringing music into a three-dimensional form was the vision of Jody Patton, executive director of the Experience Music Project (EMP), along with her brother and owner of the EMP, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. The finished piece is the Experience Music Project located in the heart of Seattle.
Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA The Seattle Monorail, built for the 1962 World's Fair, runs right through the building.
In much the same way that we experience music - it touches our hearts and our souls - the Experience Music Project is about connecting with music at a level of consciousness that many of us have never achieved.
www.buildings.com /Articles/detail.aspx?ContentID=371   (791 words)

 "Experience Music Project" - Shopping.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Experience Music Project, Seattle, Washington, USA by William Sutton Ph...
Experience Music Project Museum, Seattle, Washington, USA Photographic Prin...
Experience Music Project and Space Needle, Seattle, Washington, USA by Jami...
www.shopping.com /xGS-Experience_Music_Project   (895 words)

 ArchitectureWeek - 2000.0712
His resonant lyric "Are you experienced?" is now recalled in the name of software billionaire Paul G. Allen's Experience Music Project.
According to the underspoken Gehry, the real inspiration for the project is a pile of trash he gleaned from an electric guitar shop near his office in Santa Monica.
Indeed, the forms and finishes of EMP touch on some potent layers of American subconscious: Fender guitars, auto bodies, and a touch of rental tux.
www.architectureweek.com /2000/0712/index.html   (308 words)

 Seattle Attractions: Experience Music Project
Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame: Seattle, WA See what it's like to be a rock star and travel to the stars-all under the roof of a renowned architectural wonder!
At Experience Music Project, you can learn to pay the guitar, jam to a crowd of screaming virtual fans, and be inspired by our amazing rotating exhibits of popular music legends.
Explore musical milestones and movements, and meet the music makers-on stage and behind the scenes-who all share one sonic language.
www.seattleattractions.com /emp.html   (433 words)

 Seattle Channel -- Videos --Experience Music Project ( EMP )
Experience Music Project's Pop Conference is an annual gathering dedicated to music writing in all its limitless forms, with a mixture of academics, journalists, artists, and other aficionados.
Experience Music Project's Pop Conference is an annual gathering dedicated to music writing in all its limitless forms.
Experience Music Project's Sound Off is the Pacific Northwest's biggest battle of the bands for musicians 21 and under.
www.seattlechannel.org /videos/watchVideos.asp?program=EMP   (603 words)

 Music Search Engine: Search Music by Mood, and Find Song, Artist and Lyric Meanings
This is a unique search engine for music that allows you to find music matching your mood, thoughts and feelings, or instead type in a song or artist and find out what life experiences people associate with it-- in other words, what the song or artist means to others.
Music is a very powerful experience in all of our lives, and we want to use it to bring people together here at the Experience Project.
Experience Project is the first social experience website where you can anonymously share the experiences and personal stories that matter most to you.
www.experienceproject.com /music_search.php   (507 words)

 Seattle Times: Experience Music Project
The opening of Experience Music Project will probably draw the same kind of crushing crowds, along with the same kind of traffic jams and parking problems.
As Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, scrambles to draw more people in, the Experience Music Project is about to open its doors to the public with a huge opening weekend on June 23.
Experience Music Project opens the weekend of June 23 with a spectacular lineup of concerts at Seattle Center, some of them free.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /special/emp   (1205 words)

 Experience Music Project : vulcan.com
Seattle's EMP opened in summer of 2000 and has since welcomed close to 3,000,000 visitors.
EMP is dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in popular music through interpretative exhibitions and hands-on music-making.
Visitors can view rare artifacts and memorabilia from EMP's extensive permanent collection of more than 80,000 objects, check out unique temporary exhibits in diverse mediums, create music, learn about various musical milestones, and experience the creative process by hearing musicians tell their own stories.
www.vulcan.com /TemplateCompany.aspx?contentId=29   (78 words)

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