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Topic: Experimental music

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Experimental music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Experimental music is any music that challenges the commonly accepted notions of what music is.
John Cage was a pioneer in experimental music and defined and gave credibility to the form.
Experimental Music Catalogue - Experimental Music Catalogue has been publishing American and British experimental music scores and recordings since 1969.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Experimental_music   (940 words)

 Experimental Music Studios
Electroacoustic music activities at the School of Music have earned the University of Illinois an international reputation as a leader in the field of contemporary art music.
Known for significant creative and technical developments in electronic and computer music composition, the University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios were founded in 1958 by Lejaren Hiller and were the first of their kind in the western hemisphere.
Scott Wyatt, composer and Professor of composition and theory, is the director of the Experimental Music Studios.
ems.music.uiuc.edu   (334 words)

 Chris Brown (experimental music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Born and raised in Chicago, he moved to California to study electronic music with Gordon Mumma and composition with William Brooks at University of California, Santa Cruz, and with David Rosenboom at Mills College.
He was active early in his career as an inventor and builder of electroacoustic instruments; he has also performed widely as an improvisor and pianist with such groups as "Room" and the "Glenn Spearman Double Trio".
His recent music includes the poly-rhythm installation "Talking Drum", the "Inventions" series for computers and interactive performers, and the radio performance "Transmissions" series, with composer Guillermo Galindo.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chris_Brown_(experimental_music)   (761 words)

 BBC - Music - A quick guide to Experimental   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
As early as 1914 Italian Futurist artist Luigi Russolo was working on the Intonorumori, a collection of noisemaking mechanical instruments documented in his tract The Art of Noise; in 1917 Erik Satie's Parade used a battery of typewriters, sirens, causing a bit of a riot in the process.
John Cage was the enfant terrible of experimental music, and arguably the most influential musician of the 20th century.
Taking his cue from Erik Satie's Furniture Music, one time Ex Roxy Music synth glamourpuss Brian Eno coined the term 'ambient' to describe his own low key releases like Discreet Music and Music for Airports Ambient music was designed, like Muzak, to be as 'ignorable as it is interesting'.
www.bbc.co.uk /music/experimental/guide.shtml   (1408 words)

 electro-music.com :: View topic - what is experimental music
Experimental music, or Avant-garde music, is any music that challenges the commonly accepted notions of what music is. It may do this by trying new harmonies or adding other new sounds, and by using new forms and structures, for example.
Experimental music often sounds unpleasant or abrasive to people who are not used to hearing it.
Although electronic musical instruments date from the late 19th century, it was not until the 1940s that they were adopted as a tool for the creation of non-traditional music.
electro-music.com /forum/post-1206.html   (3324 words)

 Experimental Downloads - Download Experimental Music - Download Experimental MP3s
Cristian Vogel is one of the foremost names in dance-based experimental techno, releasing a flood of consistently challenging and unconventional techno solo and in collaboration with such noted artists as Dave Clarke, Neil Landstrumm, and Russ Gabriel.
Although Oval are perhaps more well-known for how they make their music than for the music they actually make, the German experimental electronic trio have provided an intriguing update of some elements of avant-garde composition in combination with techniques of digital sound design, resulting in some of the most original, if somewhat...
The music is hauntingly beautiful but without resolution; it projects a feeling of claustrophobia and entrapment, as if there is no escape from the reality which it represents.
www.mp3.com /experimental/genre/279/subgenre.html   (2889 words)

 modern music, composition, experimental music, mathematics musical composition, modernism, the future of modern music, ...
Through a skilled analysis of prominent composers from 1890 to the present, along with their musical styles, philosophies, and incentives, McHard reveals modern music as the "fully enriched and enriching listening experience" that it is.
He has lectured on modernism and it's future in music at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico) for Dr. Julio Estrada’s class in experimental music composition and at CCMIX (formerly Les Ateliers UPIC) in Paris.
Both were performed and enthusiastically received at the Twice Festival of Experimental Music concerts in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
www.futureofmodernmusic.com   (296 words)

 MIXPOSURE - Spotlight on Experimental music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Experimental music is any music that challenges the commonly accepted notions of what music is. There is an overlap with avant-garde music.
Graphic Score- Music which is written in the form of diagrams or drawings rather than using “conventional” notation (with staves, clefs, notes etc).
Whether such music is edgy and abrasive or cool and meditative, it's unlikely to become commercially viable with mass-market audiences.
www.mixposure.com /spotlight.php?gid=99   (2240 words)

 High Zero 2004 Festival of Experimental Improvised Music
Jesse Quattro's music is the calming voice that whispers the promise of annihilation.
Inspired by the natural musical environment in which he was born, master jazz-composer Jackie Blake is one of the great unsung jewels of Baltimore.
Pancake's aesthetics and attitudes about experimental culture are influenced by radical politics, queer and gender issues, love of 20th century free jazz and experimental music and other visual/performative arts that explore cognitive dissonance, collaboration, enigmatic phenomena and socio-political-economic conflict.
www.highzero.org /2004_site/the_musicians   (3320 words)

 modern music, composition, experimental music, mathematics musical composition, modernism, the future of modern music, ...
He lectured on modernism and its future in music at UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico) for Dr. Julio Estrada’s class in experimental music composition and at CCMIX (formerly Les Ateliers UPIC) in Paris.
Middletown, Connecticut, 1961), Cage considers an experiment to be an act "the outcome of which is unknown." For him, "experimental music" arrived on the scene in his work in the 1940s.
That campus was then a hotbed of student activism, so the experimental act had become a way of living, and this music was emerging from a natural setting.
www.futureofmodernmusic.com /article-2.html   (2400 words)

 Experimental Styles Music Arts
What is experimental is hearing an orchestra do them.?.
Music Review: Pat Johnson - Pat Johnson's Songs from the Town...Blogcritics.org, OH - Sep 9, 2006I'ma big fan of electronic and experimental music.
Also with information on DJ going by the same name, specializing in noise, industrial, experimental, power electronics, dark ambient music.
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Arts/Music/Styles/Experimental   (609 words)

 Amazon.com: Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond (Music in the Twentieth Century): Books: Michael Nyman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Photographs, illustrations and musical notations enliven the text and the book concludes with a selected source bibliography, a discography of experimental music and a bibliography of publications since 1974.
To summarize and paraphrase, he says experimental composers are excited by creating "a process of generating action," involving situations or fields delineated by compositional rules, but leaving them open to the performers.
Experimental music is uncompromisingly radical, and represents an ongoing influence on creative music, but has certainly not become any sort of popular movement.
www.amazon.com /Experimental-Music-Beyond-Twentieth-Century/dp/0521653835   (2076 words)

 Center for Experimental Music
The Center for Experimental Music (CEM) was established in 1990 to continue this tradition into the computer age.
SIUC Composer In Residence Frank Stemper serves as Director of the Center for Experimental Music.
The Center for Experimental Music is part of the SIUC New Media Center, a consortium of American Universities and computer related industry.
www.siu.edu /~music/programs/cem   (418 words)

 TSDF experimental music Bio experimental electronic music
The Synthetic Dream Foundation coallesced as an experimental music band during the harsh, freezing seasons of late 2001.
Though in that short time frame has gardened a pallete of sound which is comparable to the glittering of phosphorescent life on the bottom of a cold, flened sea.
TSDF is not limited by genre, but instead compelled by the infinite possibilities that electronic advancements bestow upon the musical and artistic forms.
www.tsdf.net /experimentalmusic.htm   (308 words)

 Sequenza21/The Contemporary Classical Music Weekly
Composers Forum is a daily web log that allows invited contemporary composers to share their thoughts and ideas on any topic that interests them--from the ethereal, like how new music gets created, music history, theory, performance, other composers, alive or dead, to the mundane, like getting works played and recorded and the joys of teaching.
Is music ever really "experimental?" When I've done experiments, it was usually in a laboratory setting where one is trying to prove a theory either correct or incorrect.
My sense is that the term "experimental" was applied somewhat derisively, to denote music that is "out there" and perhaps not in the same "acceptable" styles as Mozart or Brahms, or else using some new form of instrumentation (such as electronics or novel instruments) or traditional instruments played in new ways.
www.sequenza21.com /2006/01/experimental-music.html   (422 words)

 iBreatheMusic Forums - experimental music
yeah man me too,i think there is experimental rock,most of them were in 70's,mid of 70's, i dont know if that called experimental rock,and there are alot in claasic music at the begaining of 1900.chech out modern russian composers.
He is a contemporary Canadian composer who I studied in my music class in Highschool (a loooong time ago, lol) and I have had the pleasure of meeting him through my University Music program as well as seeing him conduct one of his choral pieces and wow it was really cool.
His scores are really interesting as well, some of them, this one for sure are written graphically, knowledge of conventional music notation is not necessary, the scores are works of art in themselves.
www.ibreathemusic.com /forums/showthread.php?t=9189   (550 words)

Nagoski is one of the foremost composers of "minimal music" though his minimalism is of an unusually emotive and sensual nature.
His music is a parallel stream to his extremely distinct and radical philosophy (his primary work is as a radical intellectual, with visionary, wide-ranging work that is highly intellectually demanding).
His music was the initial inspiration for the founding of HAT HUT records and he currently collaborates intensely with the likes of Hammid Drake, Peter Brotzman, Pauline Oliveros, and Joe Giardullo.
www.recorded.com   (1567 words)

 Experimental Genre Listing - RockCrypt.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In his 33-year musical career, Zappa proved to be one of the most prolific musician-composers of his era, releasing over 60 albums during his lifetime, almost all of which consisted of original compositions.
Their dense musical style has typically been categorised as rock and roll, progressive rock and math rock, though it holds strong leanings towards jazz, classical and folk.
Throbbing Gristle (formed on September 3, 1975 in London) are a British experimental music and Industrial Music group that evolved from the performance art group COUM Transmissions.
www.rockcrypt.com /genre-Experimental   (1449 words)

 Experimental   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
For many, the word "experimental" may inspire visions of a white-haired, lab-coated scientist furiously moving between bubbling beakers filled with odd-smelling substances.
Experimental artists communicate ideas that the languages of popular music are unable to express.
Whether it's a harsh barrage of noise, a gentle wash of guitar, or a complex field recording, experimental music entices the listener to reevaluate preconceived notions.
www.epitonic.com /genres/experimental.html   (147 words)

 BARNZSTUFF MUSIC,ambient music,free mp3s,experimental music,real audio samples, Industrial Music,Progressive ...
is an independent record label devoted to the distribution and promotion of the music of David Barnes and his collaborators (including The Echo Chamber Ensemble, Puncture Project and Bastard Finders).
The sound is mixed by founding member David Barnes, who also adds some of his unusual sampled sounds, and then sent back at the very least to the group's headphones, but preferably also to an audience.
Fans of looping music will enjoy the huge variety of sound that a full ensemble of acoustic instruments can create within a loop.
web.superb.net /barnz/music   (448 words)

 Scratch Orchestra experimental music
Actively invovled in music making and organising concerts, mostly related to healing, meditation, etc particularly in the form of meditative piano improvisations.
Recently spent 2 years teaching music in Iceland and have been piano teaching + class music teaching in a junior school since I got back.
My children are continuing this spirit in my family through their love of music and social awareness; whilst I pursue a carer as a conultant.
www.musicnow.co.uk /scratch.html   (638 words)

 Oddmusic - experimental music , odd music , unique music,musical instruments,music downloads,mp3s,music resources
Oddmusic.com is for anyone interested in unique, unusual, ethnic, or experimental music and instruments.
From gourd music to electronic odysseys, harp guitars to industrial insect metal, from the beautiful to the bizarre.
Music should go right through you, leave some of itself inside you, and take some of you with it when it leaves.
www.oddmusic.com   (110 words)

 A new kind of experimental music - The Boston Globe
Instead they want to explore inner space, to study the physiology that lies behind the psychology of music and its effect on the mind and emotions.
The slow movement of Mozart's Clarinet Concerto is profoundly emotional music, but it is difficult to enter fully into its world when a child is crawling behind your legs, ignoring the hissing command center of his mother.
Magic and mystery are integral and probably essential aspects of musical experience, just as they are in other intellectual and emotional experiences, like sex.
www.boston.com /news/globe/living/articles/2006/04/16/a_new_kind_of_experimental_music   (989 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Electronic and Experimental Music: Books: Thomas B. Holmes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Experimental Music: Cage and Beyond (Music in the Twentieth Century S.) by Brian Eno
Electronic and Experimental Music is a second edition of a well-known text on the history of electronic music.
Recently updated, this book offers a detailed guide to the history of electronic and experimental music, looking at both the music and the technology used to create it.
www.amazon.co.uk /Electronic-Experimental-Music-Thomas-Holmes/dp/0415936446   (676 words)

 World Music Central - Transonic 2004: Experimental Music between the Cultures
Moreover, the unexpected affinity between a Korean komungo virtuoso and the Kairos Quartet, or between Indonesian composers and the avant-garde ensemble zeitkratzer, is giving birth to new tonal fields.
Proceeding from their respective backgrounds of traditional or experimental music, these artists will be presenting new musical languages that transcend categories such as New Music, jazz or world music.
In contrast to last year, when transonic concentrated exclusively on Asian and Western music, this year’s series will be featuring musicians and composers from the Arab countries and an Argentinean composer.
www.worldmusiccentral.org /article.php/20040110140642800   (503 words)

 The Experimental, Electronic, Industrial Music WebRing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We are musicians and bands who create music in a variety of experimental styles.
Postunder is an international electronic music label dedicated to bringing you high quality and unique electronic music of all textures and flavors from around the globe.
Experimental dark music band Kaniget kicks off the release of a new CD in a dark yet humorous set of pages.
u.webring.com /hub?ring=theexperimentalm   (935 words)

 Create Digital Music
Varèse is certainly one of us: part of the reason he went into a compositional drought for many years was he was frustrated by the limitations of acoustic sound, and longed for the electronic labs we have today.
This weekend in New York and Philadelphia, the American Composers Orchestra presents a concert mixing electronic music tech with the biggest acoustic sound on the planet, the orchestra.
Two participants can collaborate on the music by regulating their pulse; the sonic feedback means this interactive art piece also doubles as an excellent example of biofeedback.
createdigitalmusic.com /tag/experimental   (1816 words)

 Experimental Musical Instruments Home Page
If you have an interest in musical instruments with an emphasis on the out-of-the-ordinary, this is the place.
Experimental Musical Instruments is an information outlet for interesting and unusual musical instruments of all sorts.
We have all the back issues of the late, great Experimental Musical Instruments quarterly journal available – a real treasure trove of information and ideas.
www.windworld.com   (254 words)

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