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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Explanation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An explanation is a statement which points to causes, context and consequences of some object (or process, state of affairs etc.), together with rules or laws which link these to the object.
Explanations can only be given by those with understanding of the object which is explained.
Explanation is the discovery and reporting of relationships among different aspects of studied phenomenonn.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Explanation   (131 words)

 Theories of Explanation [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Although van Fraassen's theory of explanation is based on the view that explanation is a process of communication, he still chooses to explicate the concept of explanation as a logical relationship between question and answer, rather than as a communicative relationship between two individuals.
While explanation may be fruitfully regarded as an act of communication, still another departure from the standard relational analysis is to think of explaining as a purely cognitive activity, and an explanation as a certain kind of mental representation that results from or aids in this activity.
Put differently, 'explanation' has been subsumed into the theoretical vocabulary of science (with explanation itself being one of the problematic unobservables) an understanding of which was the very purpose of the theory of explanation in the first place.
www.utm.edu /research/iep/e/explanat.htm   (6249 words)

 Scientific Explanation
In fact, the notion of “scientific explanation” suggests at least two contrasts — first, a contrast between those “explanations” that are characteristic of “science” and those explanations that are not, and, second, a contrast between “explanation” and something else.
A related point is that while most theorists of scientific explanation have proposed models that are intended to cover at least some cases of explanation that we would not think of as part of science, they have nonetheless assumed some implicit restriction on the kinds of explanation they have sought to reconstruct.
This explanation proceeds by deriving that motion from information about their masses and velocity before the collision, the assumption that the collision is perfectly elastic, and the law of the conservation of linear momentum.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/scientific-explanation   (16044 words)

 NOVA Online/Cracking the Ice Age/The Big Chill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Plate motions lead to cycles of ocean basin growth and destruction, known as Wilson cycles, involving continental rifting, seafloor-spreading, subduction, and collision.
Several explanations of the latest cooling trend that involve a climate-tectonic connection are summarized below.
Through the course of a Wilson cycle continents collide and split apart, mountains are uplifted and eroded, and ocean basins open and close.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/ice/chill.html   (1470 words)

 Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System
It is hoped that this explanation will also provide a helpful guide for depository libraries which use the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) classification system, as well as for other libraries and persons interested in, or concerned with, classification numbers assigned to publications by the Library Programs Service.
The following explanation summarizes the construction of the complete number assigned to individual documents.
www.access.gpo.gov /su_docs/fdlp/pubs/explain.html   (2227 words)

 Free Iraqi: An Explanation.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I used to post before at "Iraq The Model" blog and then I quit without offering a clear explanation for why I did that.
I just wanted a break away from the noise that I have wrongly created and I was getting only few readers a day who never read me before.
And as you can see I have changed the title of my blog, as I saw that it lead to unnecessary arguments between the left and right and this is not why I have created this blog.
iraqilibe.blogspot.com /2005/01/explanation.html   (774 words)

Explanation is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
Bentonite Clay and its spiritual properties: Intestinal cleanse of the colon is strongly recommended by Kalki and The Golden Age Foundation in order to be fully receptive for pranic energy.
Once you consider that there is a purpose to life, the search for life's origins may very well lead you into a different direction than simply trying to find an explanation for a mechanical or chemical process of creation.
www.experiencefestival.com /explanation   (968 words)

 Real Live Preacher
We should all agree that none of us are able or willing to follow all the teachings of scripture.
Let the one who is obeying God's word ask for explanations from others.
However, if you are determined to hold homosexuals to a higher standard, demanding detailed explanations of why they do not obey minor parts of the bible while all of Christendom tramples on the very heart of scripture, move on to part two:
blogs.salon.com /0001772/thebibleandhomosexuality.html   (1498 words)

 Fallacies of Explanation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
An explanation is a form of reasoning which attempts to answer the question "why?" For example, it is with an explanation that we answer questions such as, "Why is the sky blue?"
A good explanation will be based on a scientific or empirical theory.
The explanation of why the sky is blue will be given in terms of the composition of the sky and theories of reflection.
www.datanation.com /fallacies/explan/welcome.htm   (115 words)

 Comet Introduction
This could explain why the cometary X-ray emission has the form of a crescent, rather than that of a sphere around the nucleus.
A second possible explanation is that the X-rays are produced from the violent collision between the comet material and the supersonic "wind" of plasma and particles streaming away from the Sun.
This is a CCD image of comet 1993a Mueller, taken on October 6, 1993 with a 288mm f/5.2 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.
www.solarviews.com /eng/comet.htm   (1447 words)

 Active FTP vs. Passive FTP, a Definitive Explanation
One of the most commonly seen questions when dealing with firewalls and other Internet connectivity issues is the difference between active and passive FTP and how best to support either or both of them.
This may not be the definitive explanation, as the title claims, however, I've heard enough good feedback and seen this document linked in enough places to know that quite a few people have found it to be useful.
Recent additions to this document include the examples of both active and passive command line FTP sessions.
slacksite.com /other/ftp.html   (1763 words)

 An Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System - (Tyler/BDLD: Univ. of Denver)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This brief explanation of the classification system used by staff of the Library Programs Service was originally prepared to answer frequent inquiries, and to provide an overview in training new personnel.
Individual book numbers are assigned by use of the 3-figure Cutter table based ono the name of the deceased member.
This version of the 1990 edition of the An Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System was entered manually and coded by Tom Tyler, Associate Director/Technical Services, University of Denver Library using Kris Nosack's HTML Writer (v.09 beta 4a).
www.du.edu /bdld/exsudoc.htm   (2844 words)

 HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: A Hush Over Hollywood by Pat Sajak
And, after all, we are often reminded that we need to be more tolerant of others, especially if they’re not Christians or Jews.
There’s another possibility; one that seems crazy on the surface, but does provide an explanation for the silence, and is also in keeping with the political climate in Hollywood.
As I said, it’s a nutty-sounding explanation, but we live in nutty times.
www.humaneventsonline.com /article.php?id=5905   (605 words)

 WTO | Doha Declaration explained
This is an unofficial explanation of what the declaration mandates.
The separate declaration clarifies some of the forms of flexibility available, in particular compulsory licensing and parallel importing.
As far as the Doha agenda is concerned, this separate declaration sets two specific task.
www.wto.org /english/tratop_e/dda_e/dohaexplained_e.htm   (4832 words)

 A tutorial on character code issues
It might denotes just a character repertoire but it may also refer to a character code, and quite often a particular character encoding is implied too.
Attaching a human-readable note, such as a few words of explanation in an E-mail message body, is better than nothing.
But since data is processed by programs which cannot understand such notes, the encoding should be specified in a standardized computer-readable form.
www.cs.tut.fi /~jkorpela/chars.html   (13641 words)

 Addressing Osteopathy: The Osteopathic Home Page
They address health problems with a non-invasive system of medicine called, "Osteopathic Manual Medicine" in order to restore normal function in areas impaired by trauma, chronic illness, acute health problems, etc.
This Site offers an explanation of traditional Osteopathic medicine in the treatment of a myriad of health problems, cases of typical medical problems resolved through treatment, the history of this medical specialty, and insights in research in Cranial Osteopathy.
Osteopathy is the knowledge of the structure, relation and function of each part of the human body applied to the adjustment or correction of whatever interferes with the harmonious operation of the same.
www.osteohome.com   (1251 words)

 Dynamic Diagrams - Visual explanation and information architecture consulting
Dynamic Diagrams was founded in 1990 by pioneers in the field of information architecture and design.
Visual explanation: Transform your messages and data into powerful visual narratives.
Dynamic Diagrams' design will help readers more easily locate topics and extract the information they need.
www.dynamicdiagrams.com   (214 words)

 What Time is it in Indiana?
We have added an historical section, using both that information and information gathered by the students but left off the original page.
We have a explanation of the differences between the Navajo Reservation (which extends into New Mexico) and The Hopi Partitioned Land in Arizona.
And just in, a commentary on the impact of "Chicago Time or South Bend Time?" on school districts in the northwest corner of Indiana.
www.mccsc.edu /time.html   (3216 words)

 APOD: 2000 November 27 - Earth at Night   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Explanation: This is what the Earth looks like at night.
Surprisingly, city lights make this task quite possible.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap001127.html   (142 words)

 Dynamist Blog: Explaining Kerry's Cambodia Story
In response to my post below, Paul Donnelly sends this Boston Globe story by Michael Kranish, along with a plausible explanation of Kerry's bizarre Cambodia story:
Nobody has yet picked up on the single most incredible thing in Kerry's war story about being in Cambodia on Christmas Eve, 1968: he has been saying for years, unchallenged, that South Vietnamese troops were celebrating Christmas by shooting into the air.
UPDATE: Those who can't get enough of this topic should check out Roger Simon's post on the Globe piece, including the comments.
www.dynamist.com /weblog/archives/001273.html   (736 words)

 ongoing · Two Laws of Explanation
What happened was, Dick explained to me how Sxip worked, and I didn’t understand, I said so and asked for more explanation, he explained again and I got some of it but not the rest so I asked about this, and so on.
And so on; this went on for quite a while.
And I wasn’t bothered and neither was Dick, because we were applying the Two Laws of Explanation.
www.tbray.org /ongoing/When/200x/2004/01/13/LawOfConversation   (396 words)

 Merriam-Webster Online
2 : something that explains explanation>
For More Information on "explanation" go to Britannica.com
Get the Top 10 Search Results for "explanation"
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=explanation   (60 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - An Explanation of l33t Speak
BBC - h2g2 - An Explanation of l33t Speak
The Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything.
For any other comments, please start a Conversation above.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A787917   (1032 words)

 Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Everything you were afraid to ask about "Mulholland Drive"
In that film, the 40-something Bill Pullman languishes in a locked prison cell.
He then, without explanation, turns into the 20-something Balthazar Getty and is released from prison, and the movie goes off on a new story tangent.
That was just one puzzling development in a film whose plot was regularly described as a Möbius strip by reviewers.
www.salon.com /ent/movies/feature/2001/10/23/mulholland_drive_analysis   (750 words)

 World's Easiest Explanation of Anamorphic 16:9 Widescreen Enhancement in DVDs
Some DVDs are made in a special way that makes most letterboxed movies look 33% better when viewed on a widescreen television set or on a computer screen.
Here's a very easy (but also very thorough) explanation of how it works.
Some cut off as much as 20% of the total image.
gregl.net /videophile/anamorphic.htm   (3593 words)

 Error Explanations for The W3C Markup Validation Service
Below are all the validator's error messages for which we have an "explanation".
this article has explanations and solutions to your problem.
We invite you to use the feedback channels to send your suggestions.
validator.w3.org /docs/errors.html   (6401 words)

 InterNIC | Domain Name System FAQs
The Domain Name System: A Non-Technical Explanation – Why Universal Resolvability Is Important
The Domain Name System (DNS) helps users to find their way around the Internet.
Just as there is a single root for telephone numbers internationally, there must be a single authoritative root for the Internet, administered in the public interest.
www.internic.net /faqs/authoritative-dns.html   (1650 words)

 XML Namespaces
The XML Namespaces Recommendation seems to be causing a great deal of confusion.
This note attempts an alternative explanation of the mechanism described in the Recommendation which I hope will be less confusing.
In the data model implied by XML, an XML document contains a tree of elements.
www.jclark.com /xml/xmlns.htm   (968 words)

 APOD: 2001 January 11 - X-rays From The Cat's Eye   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
APOD: 2001 January 11 - X-rays From The Cat's Eye
Explanation: Haunting patterns within planetary nebula NGC 6543 readily suggest its popular moniker -- the Cat's Eye nebula.
In 1995, a stunning false-color optical image from the Hubble Space Telescope detailed the swirls of this glowing nebula, known to be the gaseous shroud expelled from a dying
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap010111.html   (210 words)

 How Trackback Works
Many people are confused about what exactly TrackBack is and how you use it.
Here's a little explanation with pictures to help you understand.
So let's say I'm surfing the web and I'm reading my good friend Martin's site.
www.cruftbox.com /cruft/docs/trackback.html   (313 words)

 Airport Codes: The ABC's   A History and Explanation
Airport Codes: The ABC's A History and Explanation
Airport ABCs: An Explanation of Airport Identifier Codes
This article was published by the Journal of the Air Line Pilots Association, Air Line Pilot, in December of 1994.
www.skygod.com /asstd/abc.html   (2313 words)

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