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Topic: Exponent

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  Exponent- Careers
Exponent is a multidisciplinary engineering and scientific consulting firm employing approximately 800 staff in 18 offices throughout the nation and 3 international offices.
Exponent is interested in individuals who possess expertise in scientific and engineering disciplines and desire to work on multidisciplinary projects throughout the world.
Exponent offers motivated professionals a dynamic work environment as well as excellent compensation and benefits.
www.exponent.com /career   (115 words)

  Coleman Exponent - Coleman
Exponent backpacks and daypacks with padding, ventilation, and compression straps lets you focus on your trip and not your pack.
Coleman Exponent propane stoves and propane lanterns are lightweight and durable.
Coleman Exponent sleeping bags are built for extreme temperatures for your extreme outdoor activities.
www.summitcampinggear.com /coex.html   (318 words)

  PlanetMath: exponent
The concept of exponent for finite groups is similar to that of characterisic for finite fields.
Following are some examples of exponents of finite nonabelian groups.
This is version 18 of exponent, born on 2003-03-10, modified 2006-09-30.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Exponent.html   (265 words)

 Exponent Private Equity   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tom Sweet-Escott, one of the founders, said the team’s enthusiasm was one of the differentiating factors that impressed investors during fundraising due diligence.
Exponent also faced the challenge of convincing investors that there was room in the UK buy-out sector for another mid-market fund.
Exponent is capable of committing up to £100m of equity in a single transaction but expects to invest the fund in up to 12 portfolio companies at a rate of two to three deals a year.
www.exponentpe.com /News.aspx?ArticleId=68   (1046 words)

 The Exponent - Purdue's Student Newspaper
The Exponent, an independent college newspaper published by the Purdue Student Publishing Foundation, is Indiana's largest collegiate daily newspaper.
The Exponent was founded on Dec. 15, 1889 and operated as any other student organization until 1969.
The Purdue Exponent is an independent student newspaper published by a not-for-profit Indiana corporation known as the Purdue Student Publishing Foundation.
www.purdueexponent.org /?module=leftside&target=aboutUs   (235 words)

 Exponent History
Its name was shortened to The Exponent and it became a true newspaper, approximately 10 by 13½ inches (all sizes are approximate because the existing issues have been trimmed for binding), with usually four pages of four columns per each weekly issue.
The importance of the Exponent to the community is demonstrated by the fact that for a dozen years it was the official journal of the Brown County Teacher's Association.
In June 1904 the Exponent was recognized by the Aberdeen American News as a "model publication in every particular." By January 1913 the press of the Aberdeen American recognized the Exponent as the best school monthly publication.
www.northern.edu /exponent/top_bar/history.htm   (4277 words)

 Exp Digital - VST Audio for Mac / PC
Exponent are proud to support the Open Source scene
Infinity is a cross platform development kit, with dedicated VST plugin support and support for many image and audio file formats.
Exponent are proud to support the Freeware plugin scene.
www.expdigital.co.uk   (280 words)

 Shared hardware for multiply, divide, and square root exponent calculation - Patent 5619439
The second operand multiplexor selects the second exponent in the case of a multiplication instruction, the one's complement of the second exponent in the case of a division instruction, and the second exponent divided by two during a square root operation.
An exponent calculation circuit as in claim 1, wherein the second floating point function bias is either a single precision second floating point function bias or a double precision floating point function bias.
Therefore, the exponent field of the output is set to zero to indicate that the output is subnormal, but the output exponent value Er is interpreted as being one.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5619439.html   (6611 words)

 exponent. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The exponent indicates the power to which the base is to be raised.
When exponents were first introduced, only positive whole numbers were used, and the exponent indicated how many times the base was to be taken as a factor; e.g., 2
A fractional exponent such as 1/4 or 1/n indicates the fourth or nth root, respectively, of the base.
www.bartleby.com /65/ex/exponent.html   (255 words)

 Exponent: Ads
Spot color is available on every page of the Exponent for $25 per color ($100 for full color) in addition to the cost of the ad.
Exponent reserves the right to exclude those ads which are against Exponent policy.
The Exponent reserves the right to reconstruct ads for optimum appearance, to be proofed by the advertiser before publication.
www.uwplatt.edu /org/exponent/Y2002-M04-D11/ads.html   (359 words)

 Spring 2004 Campus Recruiting
Exponent (www.exponent.com) is a multidisciplinary engineering and scientific consulting firm employing approximately 675 staff in 19 offices with corporate headquarters in Menlo Park, California.
Exponent is recognized as a leader in engineering and scientific consulting services.
Exponent is seeking an environmental scientist or engineer with expertise in the modeling of transport and fate of chemicals in the environment, particularly in the dispersion and deposition of aerially-borne contaminants.
www.yale.edu /graduateschool/careers/exponent.html   (1195 words)

 The Exponent (Scale Factor)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The exponent is applied as a multiplicative factor to all of the utility part worths prior to computing shares.
As the exponent becomes large, the differences in share are maximized, with nearly all the share allocated to the single best product.
Once the exponent is "set" for a data set, one typically does not change it from one simulation to the next.
www.sawtoothsoftware.com /support/SSIWeb_Support/online_help/hid_smrt_theexponent.htm   (322 words)

 Exponent 0 - A complete course in algebra
Any number (except 0) with exponent 0 is defined as 1.
In general, a number written in scientific notation will be multiplied by 10 raised to an exponent.
Since the exponent is positive, we will be multiplying 6.45.
www.themathpage.com /alg/negative-exponents-2.htm   (281 words)

 PlanetMath: exponential
The existence of the reciprocal is guaranteed by the assumption that
The case of arbitrary exponents is somewhat more complicated.
A possible strategy is to define roots, then rational powers, and then extend by continuity.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/Exponent2.html   (241 words)

 exponent - a definition from Whatis.com
An exponent is a quantity representing the power to which some other quantity is raised.
Exponents do not have to be numbers or constants; they can be variables.
Exponents are important in scientific notation, when large or small quantities are denoted as powers of 10.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci778092,00.html   (279 words)

 Exponents: Basic Rules
The "exponent" stands for however many times the thing is being multiplied.
This process of using exponents is called "raising to a power", where the exponent is the "power".
The mistake of erroneously trying to "distribute" the exponent is most often made when the student is trying to do everything in his head, instead of showing his work.
www.purplemath.com /modules/exponent.htm   (404 words)

 Exponent-CMS - SWiK
Exponent is a PHP based CMS designed to be self contained and to be simple and easy to use.
Exponent CMS is looking for talented PHP programmers to take ownership of several of the most important modules that make up Exponent and make them better.
Exponent CMS is looking for talented PHP programmers to take ownership of several of the most important modules that make up Exponent and make them better.  The module maintainers job will be to take care of all things that relate to the module(s) they are assigned to. 
swik.net /Exponent-CMS   (2820 words)

For example, to write 2 as a factor one million times, the base is 2, and the exponent is 1,000,000.
Let's look at some examples of writing exponents where the base is a number other than 2.
A number written in exponential form is a base raised to an exponent.
www.mathgoodies.com /lessons/vol3/exponents.html   (638 words)

 SparkNotes: Exponents: Properties of Exponents
A quantity with an exponent has three components--the base, the exponent, and the coefficient.
We cannot simplify by grouping two terms together unless they have the same base and the same exponent.
If an exponent acts on single term in parentheses, we can distribute the exponent over the term.
www.sparknotes.com /math/algebra1/exponents/section3.rhtml   (381 words)

 Exponent CMS Theme Tutorial
Exponent CMS is an open source content management system, available free to anyone at Sourceforge.
As I noted in my review of Exponent CMS, at this moment, I believe that Exponent CMS is the best CMS out there (at least, for what I'm doing).
The Exponent installation has these module views in /modules/, in order to seperate themes from each other, you can copy these modules into your template directory, and then edit the view files without changing it for the rest of the site.
www.zimmertech.com /tutorials/exponent-cms/63/exponent-theme-tutorial.php   (1404 words)

 IMSL Exponent Graphics
IMSL Exponent Graphics is a subprogram library of C- and Fortran-callable functions, which provides access to a wealth of graphics functionality.
IMSL Exponent Graphics is licensed for all of the University's Sun, SGI, IBM RS/6000, DEC, and HP  UNIX systems.
Exponent Graphics is available on several central UNIX servers: Strauss (Sun / Solaris) and Gershwin (Silicon Graphics, Inc. / Irix).
www.udel.edu /topics/software/special/graphics/IMSLEG/imsleg.html   (710 words)

 About The Jewish Exponent
Long before the Jewish Exponent became a publication of a pre-cursor of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the newspaper reported on the community's philanthropic endeavors, including a 1919 notice that the Federation campaign had raised a record $1.1 million.
The Jewish Exponent experienced tough financial times during the war years, and on May 5, 1944, the Allied Jewish Appeal purchased the publication, as anticipation for the creation of the State of Israel grew.
Any funds realized from the operation of the Jewish Exponent exceeding expenses are required to be made available to the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, a nonprofit corporation with offices at 2100 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103.
www.jewishexponent.com /aboutus.aspx   (434 words)

 History of Exponent and Exponent II
The original paper's main editors were Emmeline B. Wells, later president of the Relief Society, and Louisa Greene, who accepted the position only after receiving approval from her great uncle -- Brigham Young.
Though supported by church leaders, Exponent was always an independent publication -- one with considerable influence in Utah politics.
The publication is still Massachusetts based, but women from across the nation contribute their writing and participate in the Exponent retreat.
www.exponentii.org /history.html   (240 words)

 PEP 327 -- Decimal Data Type
Exponent: a signed integer, the power of ten of the coefficient multiplier.
Having no bound on exponent size will enormously complicate the implementations of, e.g., decimal sin() and cos() (there's then no a priori limit on how many digits of pi effectively need to be known in order to perform argument reduction).
This concept is defined in the Spec: the adjusted exponent is the value of the exponent of a number when that number is expressed as though in scientific notation with one digit before any decimal point:
www.python.org /peps/pep-0327.html   (4593 words)

 Exponent News   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Exponent News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
Exponent Inc, an engineering and scientific consulting firm, announced on Wednesday that it has received stockholder approval for its planned two-for-one split of the company's common stock.
San Francisco Business Times - 2:17 PM PDT Monday Exponent Inc. said Monday it had a profit of $3.8 million in the first quarter ended March, compared with a profit of $3.9 million a year ago in the same...
www.topix.net /com/expo   (397 words)

 Coleman Exponent News Releases
The Coleman® Exponent® line, designed to meet the needs of demanding backcountry adventure travelers and backpackers, is growing in depth and breadth, as it gains momentum and credibility from experts in the field.
Rounding out the Exponent 2007 line are a new five-person base camp tent and five existing tents with new names and new color treatments.
In a move to further enhance its Coleman® Exponent® sleeping bag line, Coleman is adding a series of top-of-the-line bags with goose down insulation for excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, plus high-grade cover and liner material that is soft to the touch but extremely durable.
www.coleman.com /coleman/ColemanCom/newsarticle.asp?newscatdesc=4   (1507 words)

 XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes
A literal in the ·lexical space· representing a decimal number d maps to the normalized value in the ·value space· of float that is closest to d in the sense defined by [Clinger, WD (1990)]; if d is exactly halfway between two such values then the even value is chosen.
The representations for exponent and mantissa must follow the lexical rules for integer and decimal.
Leading and trailing zeroes are prohibited subject to the following: number representations must be normalized such that there is a single digit to the left of the decimal point and at least a single digit to the right of the decimal point.
www.w3.org /TR/2001/REC-xmlschema-2-20010502   (8534 words)

 Coleman.com -Coleman® Exponent®
Exponent® gear is for the expert in you who can not wait to get outside.
The Exponent line features superior products for the expert who demands the highest level of strength, efficiency, and innovation from their gear.
You will know that any Exponent® product is a functional piece of specialized equipment that will prepare you to take it to the next level.
www.coleman.com /coleman/ColemanCom/category_main.asp?CategoryID=24750   (202 words)

 Exponent Watch Prepared Remarks
The Jewish Exponent is the voice of the Federation, and we feel it should represent all directions of Jewish thought in our area.
The fact that the Editor of the Exponent takes the role of “point person” for a particular viewpoint makes the need for ensuring such balance that much more important, in the interest of making the Exponent the voice of the entire Philadelphia Jewish community.
As the Exponent’s editorials have repeatedly stated, we try to be scrupulously careful in our neutrality, so that we do not influence or sway the lively political discussions going on within the Jewish community.
pjvoice.com /remarks.html   (2495 words)

 College Algebra Tutorial on Integer Exponents
Note that the exponent doesn’t become 1, but the whole expression simplifies to be the number 1.
When you multiply you are adding on to your exponent, so it should stand to reason that when you divide like bases you are taking away from your exponent.
Since exponents are another way to write multiplication and the negative is in the exponent, to write it as a positive exponent we do the multiplicative inverse which is to take the reciprocal of the base.
www.wtamu.edu /academic/anns/mps/math/mathlab/col_algebra/col_alg_tut2_exp.htm   (1425 words)

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