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Topic: Extremadura

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Extremadura   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The autonomous community of Extremadura was established by the statute of autonomy in 1983.
Extremadura is bordered by Portugal to the west.
Extremadura has been a major transhumant zone since the 13th century, and animal husbandry continues to account for a large fraction of the region's agricultural output.
www.orbilat.com /Encyclopaedia/E/Extremadura.html   (739 words)

 Extremadura accommodation and hotel listing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Extremadura was the source of many of the most famous conquerors ("conquistadores") and settlers in America.
Extremadura should not be confused with Estremadura, a historical province of Portugal.
During the Reconquest, "Extremadura" was the word used to name the land bordering the christian frontier opposed to moorish resistance; so for a time Extremadura was the name for the present province of Salamanca (the present Cáceres was called "Transierra Leonesa" and the present Badajoz was a moorish kingdom with the same name).
www.direct-hotels-online.com /Spain/Extremadura/Extremadura.html   (148 words)

 Forget Munich's Linux Migration, It's Already Done by Extremadura - OSNews.com
Extremadura is a region located in the South-West of Spain, in the center of a triangle formed by the cities of Madrid, Seville and Lisbon.
Although not 100% of all Extremadura's public administration departments have been switched to Linux desktops, this numbers certainly indicate that they are in the right path to reaching this goal.
Extremadura was once home of the famous conquerors of the new world and now they are ready to take up the whole world, at least the Information Age one.
osnews.com /story.php?news_id=12611   (736 words)

 IDABC - FLOSS deployment in Extremadura, Spain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Extremadura is the poorest region of Spain, lagging behind the rest of the country in both the economic and technological arena.
The strategy was deployed by a Strategic Framework for stimulation of Extremadura's capabilities as a region, and a Technological Framework supporting the former.
Given the combination of Extremadura's strategic goals and the limited financial resources available, the use of FLOSS was a logical one and insured everyone would be able to benefit from the effort by giving away copies of the software.
europa.eu.int /idabc/en/document/1637/470   (1228 words)

 Wired News: Extremadura Measures: Linux
The move by the Autonomous Community of Extremadura, a rural zone that borders Portugal, will mark the first time a European public school system has switched to open source, said Luis Millán Vázquez de Miguel, the community's minister of education, science and technology.
Extremadura is also building a regional intranet that will link 1,478 government offices and schools by the end of the year.
The region is already ahead of the national curve as far as school computer inventory in its schools; Extremadura boasts 15 to a computer, compared with 33 pupils per computer country-wide.
www.wired.com /news/business/0,1367,51994,00.html   (583 words)

 The Region Of Extremadura in Spain a guide
Extremadura is a dry, brown-coloured land which is at the same time, a land full of water.
Extremaduras history is known to date back to pre-Roman times when cave dwellers lived in the area.
By far though, the jewel of extremadura is Merida, its capital.
www.idealspain.com /Pages/Places/Extremadura.htm   (495 words)

 Property For Sale In Extremadura-Extremadura Properties
Extremadura Dream Property are constantly updating our websites, we believe our clients need to be well informed, we don't ask for money to answer your questions about Extremadura, nor do we charge for our advice after you have moved to Extremadura.
Extremadura Dream Property does not work the same way as other estate agents, we have access to thousands of properties for sale en the region of Extremadura, Spain.
Hunting en Extremadura, Extremadura is famous for its excellent hunting, we have land for sale in Berzocana which comes with its own hunting rights, ideal for a business ventures as hunting on private land is a very expensive hobby.
www.extremadura-dream-property.com   (1208 words)

 Extremadura Vista   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
History and different social, political and economic circumstances were what excluded Extremadura from the process of industrialisation and development that has taken place in Europe and Spain over the last two centuries.
A new age is dawning in the world and in Extremadura that is linked to the possibilities generated by new technologies.
Develop a model of sustainable development that, by outfitting traditional sources of wealth (in the main, the agrofood sector) with technology, keeps jobs in tact and increases the amount of wealth generated, since producing the same or less will turn out to be more with added value.
www.extremaduravista.com /ingles/sociedad.htm   (1391 words)

 EXTREMADURA by All About Spain
Romans put Extremadura on the stage of history, and Merida was one of the most important cities in the whole Roman Empire.
Extremadura's landscapes are characterized by the mountain ranges Cordillera Central, Montes de Toledo and Sierra Morena, the plains and fertile valleys of the rivers Tajo and Guadiana, and the plain lands of Low Extremadura.
Extremadura has several natural parks and preserves, specially the valleys of its two important rivers are important ecological reserves.
www.red2000.com /spain/region/r-extre.html   (311 words)

 Extremadura holidays: self catering accommodation, bed and breakfast (b&b) and hotels
Self-catering holiday apartment in a restored village house - El Portugal, in the traditional village of Torno in the Jerte Valley in Extremadura.
Self-catering holiday villas built in traditional style in Extremadura on the Portuguese border.
They are located in four hectares of century-old chestnut and pine woods, in a very pleasant and peaceful area of the country - ideal for winding down and enjoying the surroundings.
www.coloursofspain.com /rent/extremadura_holidays   (370 words)

Reconquered from the Moors in the 12th and 13th cent., the region was frequently a battlefield in the Spanish wars with Portugal and again in the Peninsular War.
53,732), Badajoz prov., SW Spain, in Extremadura, on the Guadiana...
La vera, extremadura: en una tierra recia y áspera, de extensas dehesas y cerros redondeados, de veranos abrasadores e inviernos afilados,......
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0818055.html   (414 words)

 Spain - Extremadura Castilla La Mancha - Holidays & Information - Totally Spain
Extremadura, the interior Spanish province with the greatest amount of water, extends from the Gredos and Gata mountain ranges all the way to Andalusia, and from Castile to the Portuguese border.
Extremadura is an outdoor lover´s paradise with popular sports including hunting, fishing, hiking, horse-riding and many water-sports available here.
Extremadura is divided into two provinces: Badajoz and Caceres.
www.totallyspain.com /spain_travel_information.asp?id=13   (1815 words)

 GNOME press releases
DUBLIN, Ireland June 18, 2003 Representatives of the Junta of Extremadura (regional government) announced that a sweeping initiative has put 80,000 computers in schools across that region.
The Junta of Extremadura has also created 33 computing centers for the general population.
"Extremadura has launched a very significant initiative, and we are extremely pleased that they chose to use GNOME as their desktop environment for Linux," said Miguel de Icaza, CTO of Ximian, Inc. and GNOME Foundation president.
www.gnome.org /press/releases/extremadura.html   (584 words)

 Welcome to Honeyguide wildlife holidays
Extremadura is one of the few remaining truly wild areas of Spain and, indeed, Europe.
The region is renowned for its amazing variety of birds of prey, especially in Monfragüe Natural Park, and special species such as the bustards and larks to be found on the rolling plains of the Spanish steppes.
The dehesa is famous for the wintering cranes, most of which leave in February, but here also are azure-winged magpies, that amazing, colourful bird of the east with an outpost in Spain.
www.honeyguide.co.uk /extrem.htm   (373 words)

 ExtremaduraBirding - bird watching in Extremadura, Spain
Extremadura offers some of the best bird-watching in Spain.
It is bigger than Switzerland, sparsely populated, and has great habitat diversity.
We only work in Extremadura and know the area and its birds intimately.
www.extremadurabirding.co.uk   (82 words)

 Birdwatching and Wildlife Holidays in Extremadura with The Travelling Naturalist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The wild and beautiful country of Extremadura holds some of Europe's most endangered bird species in their last strongholds.
The nearby rolling countryside holds good stands of the open oak woodland, or "dehesa', which is such a distinctive feature of Extremadura.
We stay at Finca Santa Marta, a small country hotel delightfully converted from a former olive farm in the Extremadura countryside.
www.naturalist.co.uk /tours2006/extremadura.php   (851 words)

 Shopping Resources - Extremadura   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Companies that offer products and services related to Extremadura should be in our directory which currently contains more than 2 million listings.
Charmig hotel located in and old 17th centruy convent in La Parra, Badajoz, Extremadura.
Holiday villas for sale and to let in rural location on the south of Extremadura, close to the border with the Sevilla and Cordoba provinces.
ukuk.dyndns.org /directory/234/23441.htm   (172 words)

 Properties in Extremadura Fincas Sale Extremadura
Properties in Extremadura: Aquarius Property Team has lots of apartments for sale in Extremadura.
Extremadura is a multicultural region in inland Spain where you can enjoy the Muslim and Roman Architecture and historical villages, where American Conquistors were born; and of course, local art and food.
Finca for Sale in Extremadura: Buy a plot (finca Sale Extremadura) in Extremadura with country houses, with olives tree, fruit tree like cherry tree,...
www.aquariusproperties.com /aqua/properties/Extremadura.asp   (93 words)

 Property-Extremadura, Estate Agents for Extremadua
Based in the Badajoz Province of Extremadura and specializing in inland property sales, Property-Extremadura have a selection of country properties, village houses, town houses, bungalows, chalets, villas, fincas, farmhouses, plots of land and casa matas (a row of village properties, usually one story with a loft area to convert/renovate).
Property-Extremadura are independent property consultants in Extremadura, located in the most westerly part of Spain, close to the Portuguese border and just north of Sevilla.
This is an area of luscious green grass, rolling hills, olive trees and grape wines stretching for many miles.
www.property-extremadura.com   (340 words)

 Extremadura Country Homes : Your Lifestyle Consultant in Cáceres province.
Extremadura Country Homes : Your Lifestyle Consultant in Cáceres province.
When in early 2004 I started to promote Extremadura internationally, my aim was to help people to see Extremadura as a viable alternative to the high-priced Spanish Costas, for living in the real Spain.
My philosophy and aim have not changed and all the experience I have gathered here can also be at your disposal.
www.extremadura-country-homes.com /index.php   (634 words)

 Arcadia Cottages Extremadura holiday rental Extremadura, Spain
Rent a cottage, gite, villa, bungalow, vacation home in the green, on the countryside, with a swimming pool or with a sea, river or lake nearby.
Reservations of holiday rentals in Extremadura are handled by our partner Interhome, an international reservations network.
On this website, there is a brochure of every vacation rental in Extremadura, with pictures and a description.
www.arcadia-cottages.com /Spain/Extremadura.html   (369 words)

 Swarovski Extremadura Backpack - Sport Optics Accessories - Telescopes.com
Sport Optics Accessories » Swarovski » Cases » Extremadura Backpack
Swarovski Sport Optics Accessories » Cases » Extremadura Backpack
Sorry, there have been no questions asked for this product.
www.telescopes.com /products/Swarovski_Extremadura_Backpack_24486.html   (208 words)

 Extremadura Tourism - Extremadura Vacation Reviews - Extremadura Vacations - TripAdvisor
We're looking for Extremadura insiders to contribute to our site.
Be the first to create a Extremadura goList.
Travelers like you give candid advice on Extremadura and much more.
www.tripadvisor.com /Tourism-g187505-Extremadura-Vacations.html   (523 words)

 Webshots - Images of Extremadura, tierra de conquistadores
Webshots - Images of Extremadura, tierra de conquistadores
Community > world travel > europe > spain
Sede de la Presidencia de la Comunidad Autonoma de Extremadura - Merida
community.webshots.com /album/48845796nCVSrv   (96 words)

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