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Topic: Ezra

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  Ezra (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
He was the son, or perhaps grandson, of Seraiah (2 Kings 25:18-21), and a lineal descendant of Phinehas, the son of Aaron (Ezra 7:1-5).
Ezra assembled the band of exiles, probably about 5,000 in all, who were prepared to go up with him to Jerusalem, on the banks of the Ahava, where they rested for three days, and were put into order for their march across the desert, which was completed in four months.
We learn from the account of his labors in the book of Nehemiah that he was careful to have the whole people instructed in the law of Moses; and there is no reason to reject the constant tradition of the Jews which connects his name with the collecting and editing of the Old Testament canon.
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/ezra.html   (512 words)

 Abraham Ben Meir Ibn Ezra: Free Encyclopedia Articles at Questia.com Online Library
IBN EZRA, ABRAHAM BEN MEIR mar, c.1089 1164, Jewish...Robert Brownings "Rabbi Ben Ezra." Aben Ezra is another...Astrological Works of Abraham Ibn Ezra (1927); M. Friedlander...Essays on the Writings of Abraham Ibn Ezra (1877, repr.
BEN EZRA see Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir.
ABEN EZRA see Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir.
www.questia.com /library/encyclopedia/abraham-ben-meir-ibn-ezra.jsp?l=...   (865 words)

 Better Than Ezra - Encyclopedia FunTrivia
They are from New Orleans, or the New Orleans area, (they started out in Baton Rouge) you should have got this one since one of their songs is King of New Orleans.
While heating it, he dropped some of his concoction on the stove and when it dried he tasted it and it was better than the hot version.
Hugh Selwyn Mauberley is an Ezra Pound poem.
www.funtrivia.com /en/Music/Better-Than-Ezra-12799.html   (1052 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - Stiles, Ezra   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
STILES, EZRA [Stiles, Ezra] 1727-95, American theologian and educator, b.
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "Stiles, Ezra" at HighBeam.
More information is at your fingertips at HighBeam Research:
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