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Topic: FOX proteins

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  FOX proteins - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The defining feature of FOX proteins is the forkhead box, a sequence of 80 to 100 amino acids forming a motif that binds to DNA.
One of the most famous FOX protein genes is FOXP2 as it has been implicated in the acquisition of grammatical skills.
Some FOX genes are downstream targets of the hedgehog signaling pathway, which plays a role in the development of basal cell carcinomas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/FOX_proteins   (176 words)

 Darwinism Refuted.com
Fox's experiment was not even welcomed in evolutionist circles, because it was clear that the meaningless amino acid chains that he obtained (which he termed "proteinoids") could not have formed under natural conditions.
Sydney Fox and the other researchers managed to unite the amino acids in the shape of "proteinoids" by using very special heating techniques under conditions which in fact did not exist at all in the primordial stages of Earth.
The difference between proteins and these proteinoids was as huge as the difference between a piece of high-tech equipment and a heap of unprocessed iron.
www.darwinismrefuted.com /molecular_biology_13.html   (681 words)

 Protocells: The Origin of Cellular Life   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Fox was a native of Los Angeles who earned his bachelor's degree at the University of California at Los Angeles and his doctorate at California Institute of Technology.
Fox may well be one of the few American scientists to ever command an audience with.
Secondly, Fox said he believed the pope did not want to be proven wrong about science, as was the Catholic Church after it excommunicated Galileo, who had demonstrated that the Earth is not the center of the universe.
www.siu.edu /~protocell   (760 words)

 New Gene Name for Nude Mice - The Jackson Laboratory
Fox (forkhead box) has been adopted as the symbol for all winged helix/forkhead transcription factors characterized by a 100 amino acid DNA-binding domain.
The FOX proteins have been assigned to subclasses based on phylogenetic analysis, with each subclass given a specific letter.
Within each subclass, proteins are given a specific number.
jaxmice.jax.org /info/bulletin/bulletin06.html   (228 words)

 Cloning and Sequencing of cDNA Encoding for the Testis-Specific Fox (Vulpes Vulpes) Sperm Polypeptide Vb of the ...
sera of rabbits and foxes immunized with fox sperm proteins.
in the fox (Vulpes vulpes): the subunit I (AF028206
Systematic characterization of sperm-specific membrane proteins in swine.
www.andrologyjournal.org /cgi/content/full/26/3/319   (4306 words)

 Thomas Fox Faculty Profile
Thomas D. Fox, a Professor of Genetics, is a member of both the Graduate Field of Genetics and Development and the Graduate Field of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology.
The proteins expressed from these synthetic genes provide reporters for analyzing the regulation of mitochondrial gene expression, and passenger proteins for analyzing the transport of mitochondrially translated proteins through the inner membrane.
Kolesnikova, O.A., Entelis, N.S., Mireau, H., Fox, T.D., Martin, R.P., and Tarassov, I.A. Suppression of mutations in mitochondrial DNA by tRNAs imported from the cytoplasm.
www.mbg.cornell.edu /MBG_Faculty_Detail.cfm?id=10   (843 words)

 Molecular basis of RNA recognition by the human alternative splicing factor Fox-1
, are affected by binding to the protein as indicated by the overlay of the TOCSY spectra of the free and bound RNAs (Figure 1B).
The ribbon representation of the protein backbone is shown in grey, side chains of the protein are in green and the RNA is in yellow.
These findings are in accordance with the net charges of protein (positive) and RNA (negative) and with the structure, where the RNA is engaged in several salt bridges but also in many hydrogen bond and van der Waals contacts with the protein (Supplementary Table SI).
www.nature.com /emboj/journal/v25/n1/full/7600918a.html   (7075 words)

 Retired Fox Chase Cancer Center Scientist Irwin Rose Shares 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry at Fox Chase Cancer Center   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The focus of the Nobel Prize-winning research is the regulatory protein ubiquitin-so named because it is ubiquitous in the cells of animals and plants.
Fox Chase Cancer Center was founded in 1904 in Philadelphia as the nation's first cancer hospital.
Fox Chase conducts basic, clinical, population and translational research; programs of prevention, detection and treatment of cancer; and community outreach.
www.fccc.edu /news/2004/Nobel-Winner-Rose   (726 words)

The forkhead box (Fox) proteins are an extensive family of transcription factors that share homology in the winged helix/forkhead DNA binding domain and play important roles in regulating cellular proliferation, differentiation, longevity and cellular transformation.
Foxm1 regulates transcription of the S-phase kinase-associated protein 2 (Skp2) and CDK subunit 1 (Cks1) genes (10), which are specificity subunits essential for recognition of phosphorylated CDKI proteins p27Kip1 and p21Cip1 by the Skp1-Cullin1-F-box (SCF) ubiquitin ligase complex to target these CDKI proteins for ubiquitin mediated proteasome degradation during the G1/S transition.
Diminished nuclear levels of CDKI proteins p27Kip1 and p21Cip1 are required for stimulating Cdk2-Cyclin E complex activity that cooperates with Cdk4/6-Cyclin D to phosphorylate the Retinoblastoma (RB) protein and activates E2F to stimulate transcription of S-phase genes (7).
www.uic.edu /com/bcmg/costa.html   (2458 words)

 The Harbinger. My Scientific Discussions of Evolution for the Pope and His Scientists
As a result of his monumental discovery of thermal proteins and their self-organization into protocells and that these protocells exhibit virtually all of the properties associated with life, Sid was invited to lecture widely throughout the world.
As a young professor of protein chemistry, I wanted to know if it were possible that amino acids such as had been produced by Herrera, and later by Miller, could yield proteins on the primitive Earth even before there were living cells to make protein.
If we honor thermal protein as the original progenitor, we must recognize that it is not a single substance but rather a family of closely related substances.
www.theharbinger.org /articles/rel_sci/fox.html   (3834 words)

 Partial Characterization of Antigenic Sperm Proteins in Foxes (Vulpes vulpes) -- Verdier et al. 23 (4): 529 -- Journal ...
Antigenicity of the proteins P1, P4, P7, P8, and P13 assessed by Western blotting with rabbit sera R1 to R3 (protocol 1), and fox sera F1 to F6 (protocol 2) on gel-purified proteins (nt indicates not tested).
The humoral response of the foxes immunized with isoantigens
immunosorbent assay for antigamete IgG of fox sera (Bradley, 1994).
www.andrologyjournal.org /cgi/content/full/23/4/529   (3821 words)

 Interactive Fly, Drosophila
In Chinese hamster ovary cells (CHO-K1) cultured with serum, the AFX protein fused with green fluorescence protein (AFX-GFP) is localized mainly in the cytoplasm, and wortmannin induces transient nuclear translocation of the fusion protein.
In addition, the signal to FKHR degradation from insulin is mediated by the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase pathway, and mutation of FKHR at the serine or threonine residues phosphorylated by protein kinase B, a downstream target of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, inhibits the ubiquitination in vivo and in vitro.
The signaling pathway from phosphoinositide 3-kinase to the protein kinase Akt controls organismal life-span in invertebrates and cell survival and proliferation in mammals by inhibiting the activity of members of the FOXO family of transcription factors.
www.sdbonline.org /fly/sturtevant/foxo2.htm   (13333 words)

 WH Proteins
This index is updated as new sequences become available to the Fox Nomenclature Committee.
This phylogenetic tree was published by the Fox Nomenclature Committee on Genes and Development (ref. below).
That is, sequences of the same protein submitted under different accession numbers are only represented once.
www.biology.pomona.edu /fox.html   (213 words)

 Current Genomics, Vol. 5, No. 3, 2004
Forkhead box (FOX) proteins are modulator proteins that belong to a large transcription factor family, characterized by specific functions such as DNA binding, trans-activation or trans-repression.
In addition to their role in different organ development, FOX proteins are also involved in cell cycle regulation and in signal transduction by interacting with key molecules in different pathways.
Protein mediated-ribosome binding is likely to enhance the efficiency of cellular IRES sequences under specific environments.
www.bentham.org /cg/contabs/cg5-3.htm   (1692 words)

 Douglas Black
The question of how protein number can be greater than gene number has come into prominence with the completion of the metazoan genome sequences and their relatively low gene numbers.
This protein binds to the downstream enhancer region with higher affinity than PTB, and we believe that it may act as an antirepressor of N1 splicing in the neuronal splicing extract.
Analyses of this protein complex showed that hnRNP H and F bind the GGGGG element, PTB binds to CUCUCU, and that the complex assembles cooperatively, with PTB stimulating the binding of the other proteins.
www.hhmi.org /research/investigators/black.html   (1726 words)

 Dept. of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Faculty
The long-term goal of our laboratory is to understand the structure and function of protein molecules in terms of their chemistry and physics.
Our approach is to study the folding and function of natural proteins, and to learn from the design of new protein molecules.
Structural Biology of the HIV-1 Rev Protein: We are investigating the structural basis of HIV-1 Rev recognition of its RRE RNA target and host cell factors using NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography.
www.hbcg.utmb.edu /faculty/fox   (323 words)

 TSRI - News and Publications
Transformation by the chimeric protein has essential mechanistic features in common with transformation by Jun. Therefore, differentially regulated targets shared by Jun and by the chimeric protein most likely are relevant in oncogenic transformation.
A genetic analysis of Qin-induced transformation suggests that this transcriptional repressor transforms cells by binding to DNA as a multimeric protein complex consisting of several molecules of Qin, of the corepressor TLE, and of histone deacetylase.
We are evaluating target proteins important for LEF-induced transformation and plan to continue this search for critical proteins responsible for the oncogenic phenotype.
www.scripps.edu /news/sr/sr2003/mem0323.html   (954 words)

 Fox Chase study sheds light on cancer susceptibility and disease involving bone-marrow failure
Defective protein production can occur in cells even when the genes controlling those proteins are normal, according to a new study to be published May 12 in Science.
The Fox Chase Cancer Center research sheds light on how genetic defects affecting the control of protein synthesis within cells can increase susceptibility to cancer and other human diseases.
The Fox Chase researchers used a variety of approaches to study the Dkc1 mutation in cells from humans with dyskeratosis congenita and in a genetically altered mouse model.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2006-05/fccc-fcs050806.php   (615 words)

 Proteins bibliography
Fox, S. W., Harada, K., and Rohlfing, D. L., 1962, The thermal copolymerization of -amino acids, in Stahmann, M. A., ed., Polyamino Acids, Polypeptides, and Proteins: Madison, Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Press, p.
Fox, S. W., and Yuyama, S., 1963, Abiotic production of primitive protein and formed microparticles: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v.
Hayakawa, T., Windsor, C. R., and Fox, S. W., 1967, Copolymerization of the Leuchs anhydrides of the eighteen amino acids common to protein: Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysiology, v.
www.talkorigins.org /origins/biblio/proteins.html   (231 words)

 BIOL414/614 at UMBC - Thomas_Fox   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Thomas Fox ThomasFox.jpg Short Biography Thomas Fox is a Professor of Genetics at Cornell University.
Thomas Fox is a Professor of Genetics at Cornell University.
The major aspects that the Fox lab is studying that I will focus on are mRNA-specific translational activation and the role of ribosomes in controlling translation initiation.
www.umbc.edu /bioclass/biol414/wiki/edit.php?page=Thomas_Fox   (973 words)

 Cellular Repressor Inhibits Human Cytomegalovirus Transcription from the UL127 Promoter -- Lashmit et al. 78 (10): 5113 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The amount of CAT activity per microgram of protein was determined at 24 and 48 h after infection as described in Materials and Methods.
Effects of the su(Hw) insulator protein on the expression of the divergently transcribed Drosophila yolk protein genes.
Characterization of a new subfamily of winged-helix/forkhead (Fox) genes that are expressed in the lung and act as transcriptional repressors.
jvi.asm.org /cgi/content/full/78/10/5113   (6384 words)

 Vogt Lab Research Page
Although overexpression of this protein by itself does not detectably change the cellular phenotype, the reversion induced LIM protein is an early responder to Jun, and its differential expression is tightly linked to Jun transformation.
Genetic analysis has shown that among Qin proteins with identical transcriptional regulatory domains, affinity for the DNA target sequence is roughly correlated with transforming potential, and that DNA binding is a prerequisite for oncogenic transformation.
We are concentrating on the role of the Kinase mTor in the aberrant regulation of protein synthesis.
www.scripps.edu /mem/oncovir/vogt/ResearchPage/ResearchPage.info.html   (1990 words)

 Unified nomenclature for the winged helix/forkhead transcription factors -- Kaestner et al. 14 (2): 142 -- Genes and ...
All Fox proteins contain the characteristic 100-amino-acid winged helix domain, that defines this class of transcription factors.
Fox proteins were assigned to individual subclasses based on the phylogenetic analysis described above.
A new Fox protein is defined as a fully sequenced gene, cDNA, or protein that belongs to the Fox family of proteins based
www.genesdev.org /cgi/content/full/14/2/142   (3030 words)

 Identification of factors mediating the developmental regulation of the early acting -3.9 kb chicken lysozyme enhancer ...
A Fox family member and a CP2-like protein bind to the AT-rich region downstream of the ‘minimal’ enhancer.
The histone acetyltransferase protein p300 mimics TSA activation of the –3.9 kb enhancer in transient transfection.
protein families were shown to have this capacity (41–43).
nar.oxfordjournals.org /cgi/content/full/29/22/4551   (5640 words)

 Creating Temperature-sensitive Winged Helix Transcription Factors. AMINO ACIDS THAT STABILIZE THE DNA BINDING DOMAIN OF ...
Winged helix/Fox proteins comprise a subset of the so-called wHTH proteins.
In the Fox protein subset of wHTH proteins, extension of a loop
C and D, Western blot analysis of HNF3 proteins in transfected cells at 30 °C. The designated amounts of whole cell lysates were analyzed.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/275/39/30471   (4730 words)

 Tbx1 is regulated by tissue-specific forkhead proteins through a common Sonic hedgehog-responsive enhancer -- Yamagishi ...
Tbx1 is regulated by tissue-specific forkhead proteins through a common Sonic hedgehog-responsive enhancer -- Yamagishi et al.
Of the numerous Fox factors, Foxc1 and Foxc2 (formerly Mf1 and Mfh1, respectively) are closely related Fox proteins with virtually
Gaudet, J. and Mango, S.E. Regulation of organogenesis by the Caenorhabditis elegans FoxA protein PHA-4.
www.genesdev.org /cgi/content/full/17/2/269   (6522 words)

 cars - Fox (disambiguation)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
FOX Sports Net the name for a group of regional cable sports stations
Fox Film Corporation, which later became part of the Twentieth Century Fox movie studio.
The Fox family of the comic strip FoxTrot.
www.carluvers.com /cars/FOX   (109 words)

 Multiple Domains Define the Expression and Regulatory Properties of Foxp1 Forkhead Transcriptional Repressors -- Wang ...
Foxp1A produces a full-length protein and a N-terminal truncated protein in reticulocyte lysates.
B, detection of Foxp1 protein isoforms using anti-Foxp1 mAb 1G1 on a Western blot of whole cell lysate prepared from the indicated B and T cell lines.
A parallel immunoprecipitation with a large excess of in vitro translated luciferase protein did not precipitate significant amounts of protein.
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/278/27/24259   (6507 words)

 Joint regulation of the MAP1B promoter by HNF3{beta}/Foxa2 and Engrailed is the result of a highly conserved mechanism ...
GST-En2, GST-Foxa2, GST-Hoxa5, GST-Gsc, GST-Lim1 and GST proteins
SP or GST-Foxa2 fusion proteins were incubated independently (lanes 2-7), or in combination (lanes 8-9).
Yusta, B., Ortiz-Caro, J., Pascual, A. and Aranda, A. Comparison of the effects of forskolin and dibutyryl cyclic AMP in neuroblastoma cells: Evidence that some of the actions of dibutyryl cyclic AMP are mediated by butyrate.
dev.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/130/9/1867   (6407 words)

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