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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

FUBU is a major line of sportswear and the company of the same name, founded in 1992.
FUBU felt that Nike was profiting from the authenticity of New York street fashion without giving enough back to the community, and that to this extent Black culture was being exploited.
FUBU insists they are not intentionally exclusive, and their marketing targets all races.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fu/FUBU.html   (342 words)

 Urban Legends Reference Pages: Business (Fubu Boo-Boo)
At the time of FUBU's inauguration, though numerous clothiers were targeting fl consumers for their urban wear, none of these companies was fl-owned or fl-run.
At the time they brought FUBU into existence, the five young trendsetters who started the company were unaware that anyone other than urban fls also favored that style of clothing.
FUBU may very well still be "by us," but it now recognizes a much broader customer pool.
www.snopes.com /business/names/fubu.asp   (318 words)

 FUBU - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FUBU is a major line of sportswear and the company of the same name.
The FUBU collection consists of T-shirts, rugby shirts, football jerseys, hockey jerseys, baseball caps, and denim jeans.
FUBU has now expanded to include various lines such as Platinum FUBU, FUBU footwear for men and women, Intimate Apparel and Active wear, Swimwear, Watches, FUBU suits, and FUBU tuxedos.
en.wikipedia.org /?title=FUBU   (410 words)

 Brandweek: For Us, Forever - marketing of urban apparel maker FUBU - Statistical Data Included - Interview
FUBU's success in parlaying home-made hats into a major label within the $5 billion hip-hop fashion market is due in no small part to nimble marketing efforts which have run the gamut from orchestrated graffiti blitzes to cultivating spokespeople who connect with FUBU's broadening demo.
FUBU is also pushing its own retail imprint into the market, particularly to establish a firm standard in overseas markets where it may have first been represented by illegal knockoffs.
By 1995, FUBU had caught the eye of Samsung's textile division, which became an exclusive distributor, and the partners were on their way to building their network of 5,000 retailers.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0BDW/is_38_40/ai_56752658   (1328 words)

 CNN.com - Black History Month 2002
FUBU took the fashion industry by storm when its label, specializing in urban gear, helped define the look of young America.
FUBU -- "For Us, By Us" -- is considered one of the hottest urban clothing lines in the fashion industry.
The FUBU label was established in 1992 when John, the company's CEO, began working out of his mother's home in Queens to make tie-top hats embroidered with the FUBU logo.
www.cnn.com /SPECIALS/2002/black.history/stories/05.fubu   (267 words)

 FUBU clothing combines street cred, savvy - Aug. 10, 1998
NEW YORK (CNNfn) - One of the hottest labels in the $5 billion urban clothing market is FUBU, a $200 million sportswear empire started by a 22-year-old waiter with a talent for sewing named Damon John.
It was designed by young men who had street credibility with urban consumers and the legion of suburban teenagers who have adopted urban brands as an essential status symbol.
     "Consumers are finding FUBU attractive, because basically these are four young, talented, fl guys from the inner city who are designing," said Damaris Vega, menswear buyer at Dr. Jay's.
www.cnn.com /money/1998/08/10/busunu/fubu_pkg   (946 words)

 Fubu Sells 'Cool' Online - and Hats, Too
Fubu cofounder Daymond John has a killer view of midtown Manhattan from his 66th-floor office suite in the Empire State Building.
Fubu - or For Us, By Us - is operating the way a fashion house should on the eve of a big show.
Fubu has a homespun mystique, though, that has endeared the brand to professional athletes Kevin Garnett and Terrell Davis, rappers such as Sean "Puffy" Combs, and lately, Hollywood types.
www.thestandard.com /article/0,1902,14574,00.html   (580 words)

FUBU, in case you grew up in the suburbs like I did and are completely uncultured, is an acronym meaning "for us by us." The "us" naturally refers to African Americans.
But that's beside the point, which apparently is that FUBU is apparel made by fls and is meant to be worn by fls.
This is the saddest fact of all--sadder, even, than the white boy strutting across the cafeteria with a FUBU sweatshirt and the waist of his jeans around his knees.
oak.cats.ohiou.edu /~ar978198/fubu.html   (739 words)

 FUBU - Rap Dictionary
FUBU is an acronym for "Five Urban Brothers United" or "For Us, By Us", referring to the founders purpose: clothes designed by African-Americans for African-Americans.
In an interview with HarlemLive, Carl Brown and Keith Perrin of FUBU state: "There were five of us all out of Queens, we grew up together as friends and remained friends.
Under the FUBU is a guru -- Common (The 6th Sense [2000])
www.rapdict.org /FUBU   (131 words)

 Fubu comes to Macy's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
When I saw the FUBU window, I didn't think it was all that great, but anyone who can get their own window in the world's largest department store (Macy's) has to be given some sort of recognition.
Mandela: Most of the time when I go to a clothing store, my Mom says she will buy it for me, but when she see's the price, she does not want to buy it because it's so expensive.
Team FUBU : "Your mother is definitely right, but we can't change our material because we want to give our customers the best.
www.harlemlive.org /community/bidness/fubu   (217 words)

 Urban Dictionary: FUBU
FUBU is an acronym for "For Us, By Us", referring to the founders purpose: clothes designed by African-Americans for African-Americans.
FUBU is an acronym that stands for For Us By Us; however, it's not meant to be racist.
A co-worker of mine used to live in the San Francisco area, and one time when he was at a party, he saw a fl guy with a Fubu shirt that had a hole in the front of it.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=FUBU&r=d   (586 words)

 brandchannel.com | FUBU brand | brands | brand | branding
Recently it launched FUBU Platinum, which is a collection that features the African-American 70s cartoon favorite Fat Albert and the Gang on sweaters, sneakers, jeans and t-shirts.
FUBU is also said to be signing a distribution license with F.J. Benjamin to open a total of 34 stores in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan.
FUBU has become a formidable presence in the retail industry in both the US, Asia and around the world.
www.brandchannel.com /features_profile.asp?pr_id=16   (1788 words)

 The Charlotte Capitalist (TM)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
This is FUBU: Urban streetwear label known for their following among rap artists.
FUBU has a kids line of clothing for both boys and for girls.
If it is not the rap aspects of FUBU, then he could look at dozens, if not hundreds, of other uniform companies.
charlottecapitalist.blogspot.com /2004/09/fubu-pughlease.html   (334 words)

 The FUBU Collection   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The FUBU collection consists of sportswear that features T-shirts, rugby shirts, hockey jerseys, cargo and carpenter pants, outerwear, innerwear, jeans, hats and belts.
FUBU uses recyclable materials like Tencel and Eco Spun in their garments.
FUBU's outerwear line includes the down-filled bubble jacket, quarter length polar coats and nylon coats bearing the FUBU logo.
www.techteens.org /TTIP98Jan/victora,%20jasmine,%20deon,%20manisha/fubu.htm   (174 words)

 Brandeis University -> International Business School -> Asper Forum for Global Entrepreneurship
The management team of hip-hop inspired sportswear company FUBU will be presented with the Asper Entrepreneurship Award, which honors an individual or company which has displayed extraordinary leadership and innovation in the field of global entrepreneurship.
Founded in 1992 by four neighborhood friends in a basement in Queens, New York, FUBU has quickly established itself as a leading global brand in sportswear, accessories, home products and music recordings.
FUBU has pioneered new venues for celebrities and hip hop artists to help promote its diverse product line to audiences throughout the world.
www.brandeis.edu /global/news_fubu_story.php   (589 words)

 FUBU Sportswear To Sponsor Nienhouse Motorsports   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
FUBU co-owner Daymond John addresses the crowd during the Fubu press conference.
It is only fitting that FUBU, which has a solid history of keeping with fashion by keeping in touch with their consumers, is entering the motorsports arena in the series that has been dubbed, “the people’s series”.
FUBU co-owner Daymond John said: “In this year’s collection we had slated a racing portion for our line and we were excited when this marketing opportunity arose.
www.brickyard.com /500/news/1999/fubu-050799.html   (390 words)

 Rap News Network - LL Sues FUBU
The rap artist has filed a lawsuit for an undisclosed amount in the Supreme Court claiming that he has not been adequately compensated for his endorsements of the clothing line.
Fubu was founded in 1992 by Daymond John, of Hollis, Queens, which happens to also be LL's hometown.
In 1999 it was reported that Fubu was making over $200 million U.S. annually.
www.rapnewsdirect.com /News/2005/02/25/LL.FUBU   (276 words)

 Innovation Philadelphia: FUBU CEO to Present Keynote Address at Early Stage East Venture Capital Conference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Early Stage East announces that FUBU CEO, Daymond John, will serve as keynote speaker for the 8th Annual Early Stage East Venture Capital Conference at the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia on Thursday, May 12, 2005.
The FUBU name is synonymous with the music and entertainment industry, as it is with the fashion world.
FUBU’s marketing strategy is focused on the wants of the consumer, an approach that has been the driving force behind the company’s success.
www.imakenews.com /innovationphiladelphia/e_article000381555.cfm?x=b11,0,w   (646 words)

 Jamaica's Carla Campbell -- new FUBU campaign girl - JAMAICAOBSERVER.COM
FUBU is a major manufacturer of clothing and sporting footwear in the United States.
She was elated by her FUBU successand told the Observer that: "Things are great for me in New York.
In addition to her contract with FUBU, Campbell is gaining good recognition for work with other brand name clients.
www.jamaicaobserver.com /lifestyle/html/20030914T200000-0500_48981_OBS_JAMAICA_S_CARLA_CAMPBELL____NEW_FUBU_CAMPAIGN_GIRL.asp   (324 words)

 Fubu Faux Pas... - Whitney-Fan.com Web Board
I believe FUBU fell off b/c they sold that part of the company to Ralph Lauren or one of those companies out there.
I think they really only promote the platinum fubu line and their label b/c they still own that part of the company, so more money for them.
Now about Fubu, not all of their stuff has the logo's and insignia's all over it...
www.whitney-fan.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=2893   (979 words)

 Fubu seeks to remain true to the street - May 26, 1999
Fubu seeks to remain true to the street - May 26, 1999
John said Samsung saw LL Cool J in the Fubu ads and offered him a distribution deal.
"For the NBA to go after Fubu and to sort of put their blessing on Fubu as a brand and a design company, that offers tremendous credibility and that's something Wall Street will be watching very closely."
money.cnn.com /1999/05/26/fortune/fortune_fubu   (1283 words)

 Mots Pluriels Kim Hester-Williams
Although some of the responses to the dissemination of the FUBU poem over the Net critically questioned whether or not Maya Angelou had actually authored it, most users seemed all too anxious to embrace both the content and stated authorship of the work.
The FUBU poet seems to have had in mind the trickster's desire to transgress, transform and subvert the medium of the Internet as well as to challenge the economic systems of oppression and exclusion that continue to circumscribe postmodern life.
Although this act of cyber-subversion is certainly questionable, it nonetheless demonstrates a fundamental loss of faith in the postmodern culture of the present age.
www.arts.uwa.edu.au /MotsPluriels/MP1901khw.html   (4305 words)

This sophisticated tuxedo mirrors the stylishness of the FUBU II below in luxurious white 100% polyester.
The Venetian four-button is shown with a Virgo fullback vest and striped windsor tie.
FUBU II Fubu goes formal with a luxurious shadow-striped wool tuxedo!
www.jptuxedo.com /fubu.htm   (195 words)

 Fubu eyeglasses eyewear
Cutting-edge Fubu eyeglasses eyewear is Italian designed, available in metal, plastic and metal/plastic combinations with logo treatments.
Fubu eyeglasses eyewear feature variations on rectangles, bowties and butterflies with matte finishes and flyaway frame fronts.
Fubu: Taking direction from the Fubu apparel offerings, Fubu eyeglasses are stylish and functional with a definite edgy contemporary design.
www.framesdirect.com /framesfc/Fubu-lamera-pr-l.html   (102 words)

 FUBU information and related industry information from Hoover's
Urban youth and youthful are down with FUBU's hip-hop inspired sportswear.
Besides making sportswear, FUBU (an acronym for "for us, by us") also licenses its name for men's, women's, and children's wear, as well as footwear and accessories such as watches, caps, and bags.
FUBU's online retail site, Y2G.com, hosts channels on careers, personal success, and politics, primarily for Latino and African-American viewers.
www.hoovers.com /fubu/--ID__59605--/free-co-factsheet.xhtml   (361 words)

 A sudden lack of Fubu... - www.ezboard.com
Fubu is gone, gone for good, espescially on this message board.
HOWEVER, this IS REFERRING to Squerly, iseedeadpeople, the hilfiger, and everyone else who has dissed the Fubu and/or his homies.
I didn't speak to him, I didn't regard him, and i sure as hell was not going to start anything on a church's property.
pub18.ezboard.com /fsocialzerofrm1.showMessage?topicID=63.topic   (776 words)

 sergio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The company's newest licensed lines include Platinum FUBU footwear for Ladies, Intimate Apparel and Activewear, Swimwear, Watches and the FUBU suit, shirt and tie collection and for those special occasions, the FUBU tuxedo.
FUBU has received several honors for their entrepreneurial achievements including two Congressional Awards, two NAACP Awards, Pratt Institute Award, Christopher Wallace Aware, Online Hip Hop Awar d and a Citation of Honor from the Queens borough President.
In 1999, FUBU the Collection achieved its greates achievement to date - recipients of the first Essence Entertainment Essence Award given to a company.
shs.starkville.k12.ms.us /~sa2/FUBU.HTM   (179 words)

 FUBU PLUSH for women by Fubu EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.4 OZ $65 orders get Free shipping ,we ship internationally also
FUBU PLUSH for women by Fubu BODY LOTION 8 OZ
FUBU PLUSH for women by Fubu SHOWER GEL 8 OZ
store.fragrancehut.com /fuplforwobyf.html   (123 words)

 Fubu Nitro-Tech - Fubu Women's Collection
I gave this (Fubu Nitro-Tech) as a gift to my best friend and she cannot stop raving about it.
Great shoe - It doesn't have as much support as a true cross-trainer, but it is still good enough for the gym (treadmill/elliptical)...and I got tons of compliments for the fl and pink ones.
Fubu Nitro-Tech is one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.
www.zappos.com /n/p/dp/2775860/c/30331.html   (402 words)

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