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Topic: FUDIE

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  ZoomInfo Web Summary: Charles Schlaepfer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
He spent his summers on the ranch north of Leadville and the winters in town at the 12th Street Dairy.
On March 23, 1939, DATE : [ 03/23/1939 ] he married Marjorie Fudie in Glenwood Springs, and they made their home in Leadville.
In October 1939 he came down with polio and was bedridden for almost a year.
www.zoominfo.com /directory/Schlaepfer_Charles_27960279.htm   (360 words)

 Bonjourno principessa!: Another good weekend
Nik also got a cool #1 Pittsburgh foam finger.
There's also a cool new fudge place called Fudie Wudgie.
I didn't think you could sustain a place where the productline is entirely fudge (and not located on the boardwalk at the beach)...but hey whatever.
theresa954.blogspot.com /2005/09/another-good-weekend.html   (190 words)

 Pharyngula: What should a scientist think about religion?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
ANd, yes a "Scientific Humanism" will be fundamentally opposed, philosophically to either of those murderous churches, and to islam as well, of course.
What we must fear is a temporary accomodation between islam and fudie xtianity, to suppress humanism, before that fall on each other.
Atheist scientists are consistent, and don't need to announce whether they are speaking as a scientist or an atheist--those two voices are the same.
scienceblogs.com /pharyngula/2006/06/what_should_a_scientist_think.php   (10522 words)

 VN Boards - FUDIE ! ! ! ! !
[Camelot Vault] VN Boards » Camelot US Server Boards » Palomides » FUDIE !
P.S. Sorry about the slow reply, I just heard that you sent me a message.
IGN's enterprise databases running Oracle, SQL and MySQL are professionally monitored and managed by Pythian Remote DBA.
vnboards.ign.com /palomides/b20669/25021389/p1?1   (204 words)

 NoGodBlog.com - Maybe this is why they're lying
And it was and always has been the conservative christians that have fought so hard not to make it illegal to beat women and children.
In fact there is a fudie group now trying to reverse the laws on raping their wives.
Just because it doesnt effect you that way doesnt mean that every man is not going to abuse it.
www.atheists.org /nogodblog/index.php/2005/12/15/maybe_this_is_why_they_re_lying   (8986 words)

 In interview, (Gov) Romney aligns with Christian right (Pres. contender)
Mar-17-06 09:05 AM He knows the abortion issue will be the #1 issue for the Fudie voters this
Mar-17-06 09:56 AM He's concentrating on the nomination
He knows the abortion issue will be the #1 issue for the Fudie voters this
www.democraticunderground.com /discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=102x2172740   (581 words)

 A Bunch of Us » Questions For Our Friends In South Dakota…
Wade was ever actually overturned, it would be an incredibly galvanizing moment for the Left… Which is why Republicans don’t ACTUALLY want Roe erased..
They just like using it to rile up the fudie base…
I agree that the Republican Party leadership probably doesn’t actually want Roe v.
a.bunchof.us /2006/03/07/questions-for-our-friends-in-south-dakota   (470 words)

 Trail Boss Training in Cockaponset and in MA - Mtbr.com Forums
CTNemba will be making a call soon for Trail Maintenance events, but they will also need trained people to run those events.
I know there is a lot of talk about how CTNemba is a click and a bunch of fudie dudies, but the change has to come from the members.
Become involved, help support your access to trails and maybe in the process improve it.
forums.mtbr.com /showthread.php?t=168381   (349 words)

 Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Atheism and Morality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Leni: I know that you know that you are deliberately misrepresenting my statements.
You know as well as I do that I have explicitly qualified my generalizations -- "the more vocal atheists I've encountered," "fudie atheists," etc. -- and admitted that "your mileage may vary;" which is more than some of the religion-bashers I've dealt with can say.
Freedom of speech and freedom of religion mean that we're perfectly free to criticize other people's religions beliefs, assertions and behavior.
scienceblogs.com /dispatches/2006/04/atheism_and_morality.php?utm_source=combined-feed&utm_medium=rss   (9326 words)

 Mars Rover Spirit Finds Wet, Violent Past
I for one would be willing to turn Mars Blue.
Leave the Earth with all it's fudie nuts behind, We could have our very own planet.
Live out life in peace while the freaks here on Earth wait for there stupid Rapture.
www.democraticunderground.com /discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=102x1499039   (1186 words)

 INWO Deck: Media Assassin
We also include a Fundie Money, so that we can turn one of our Groups Conservative.
(We use Fundie Money instead of Straighten Up or Nationalization, because of Discordia's immunity.) The best target for the Fudie Money would be Madison Avenue, because a Madison-Avenue powered Censorship would have a bonus of +25.
Note also that the OMCLs can be used to let a group power a Censorship if the OMCLs action isn't used for other purposes.
www.cs.cmu.edu /afs/cs/user/ralph/www/inwo/media-assassin.html   (2474 words)

thank you i might add my mother in law (a fudie whom is mad at me) sent this to me knowing i am a pagan
They did an excellent job, and made some good points.
Sure ya did Kali, we know ya meant fudie and in dudie, LOL, I'm gonna tell, nanananananna.
www.unsolvedmysteries.com /usm257571.html   (1614 words)

 Will Catholics go to hell??? - TheologyWeb Campus
Landover Baptist is a parody site run by atheists.
It's a pretty darn funny site--and dead on when it comes to parodying fudie Baptist thought (I grew up in this sad paradigm).
How can I understand God, when I haven't even achieved pure virtue?
www.theologyweb.com /campus/showthread.php?t=26515   (2357 words)

 nV News Forums - NV40 Info from Beyond3D
Really, I thought B3D was full of intelligent ppl?!
I am still arguing the toss with FUDie as we speak about capping, he has got confused by capping and cpu helping his gpu.
A cpu cap is where any increase in video overclocking will gain no performance, where as cpu limiting is where increasing the video card will still help, but increasing the cpu will also help..ie getting a better system !
www.nvnews.net /vbulletin/printthread.php?t=26293&page=3&pp=15   (1609 words)

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