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In the News (Tue 23 Oct 18)

 F-104 Starfighter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The German controversy over the Starfighter's contract and its toll of pilots inspired a rock concept album by Robert Calvert of Hawkwind, called "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters." After Kai-Uwe von Hassel succeeded Strauss as minister of defence, his son Oberleutnant Joachim von Hassel died in a crash with a Starfighter.
However, in a heavily modified form, the Starfighter sold well abroad, particularly to the air forces of Germany, Canada and Italy, where high-speed fighter-bomber versions continued in service until the mid 1980s (and, in the case of the Italian Air Force, until 2004).
The last Starfighters in combat service, they were eventually withdrawn in December 2004 and temporarily replaced by the F-16, while awaiting the Eurofighter Typhoon to become fully operational.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/F-104_Starfighter   (3505 words)

 Aaron F-104
The F-104 Starfighter was a deadly predator in the skies.
The Starfighter was a well equipped plane, with hardpoints capible of air to air interceotion, or air to ground light bombing.
The Starfighter was armed with several different guns, depending on the nationality, but the most common one was the 6 barrel M61 Vulcan 20mm cannon.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/Barracks/3837/AaronF104.html   (365 words)

 FlightSim.Com Review: Cloud9 F-104 Starfighter
Cloud9 Lockheed F-104 Starfighter and Aviano Military Airbase Scenery
It also emerged that an F-104 carrying four drop tanks and a nuclear weapon could not fly supersonic and in 1961, when 49 of the USAF's Starfighters had been lost in accidents at a cost of 18 pilots killed, the service called it quits.
The key to understanding the Starfighter is that it wasn't really happy clocking less than 300 indicated and extreme caution was required at airspeeds of less than 200.
www.flightsim.com /cgi/kds?$=main/review/cl9f104/cl9f104.htm   (3246 words)

 [1.0] Starfighter Origins / F-104 In USAF Service
The Warning Stars could tip off strike packages about the whereabouts of enemy fighters, but the North Vietnamese showed no inclination to want to take on the F-104s, and the Starfighters saw no action in this role.
The Starfighters arrived in their normal Stateside natural metal finish, but were quickly given a camouflage paint job, with white on the underside and tan / dark green / olive drab disruptive patterning on top.
Starfighter pilots did everything they could to master the dogfighting role and believed, with some good reason, that they could take on anyone and anything that an enemy could throw at them, and win.
www.vectorsite.net /avf104_1.html   (5856 words)

 FlightSim.Com Review: Captain Sim F-104 Starfighter
In addition, since most of the air-to-air fighting occurred at low altitudes, the Starfighter's Sidewinder air-to-air missiles were often unable to distinguish between target aircraft and ground clutter and a lot of missiles missed their targets.
In a bumpy conditions, or a crosswind, the Starfighter is a real handful; given that a steep approach isn't an option, the only way to get down is to wind on more power and bleed it off as late as possible, which is why Lockheed stuck those airbrakes in back there.
This was especially true if the Starfighter pilot chose not to use his Mach 2 speed advantage and decided instead to engage in low-speed dogfights with his opponents.
www.flightsim.com /cgi/kds?$=main/review/f104.htm   (3420 words)

 Encyclopedia article on F-104 Starfighter [EncycloZine]
Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was the last of the day fighter s, a high-performance supersonic interceptor aircraft capable of high speeds and climb rates.
In this role the Starfighter served for only a short time, and was generally disliked by the Air Force who were looking for ever larger and more all-round designs.
The Starfighter was the first aircraft to hold simultaneous official world records for speed, altitude and time-to-climb.
encyclozine.com /F-104_Starfighter   (3420 words)

 CF-104 Decal Review by Darren Mottram (Leading Edge 1/48)
If you're after something to set your Starfighter kit apart from the usual, drab, camouflage schemes, then this set is for you.
Once again, Leading Edge have produced a high quality set of markings which allows the modeller to produce one of the ever increasing number of Canadian special and attractive colour schemes.
www.kitreview.com /reviews/cf104decalreviewdm_1.html   (3420 words)

The Canadian built CF-104 Starfighter was one of the most successful jet fighter aircraft to serve with Canada's Air Force.
The CF-104 in front of the museum, bearing serial number 101641, is the "D" model built by Lockheed of which there were 39 purchased for training.
A total of 340 fighters were built under license by the Canadian government.
www.warplane.com /pages/aircraft_cf104.html   (3420 words)

 Starfighter with Luftwaffe
The Starfighter required 38-45 hours of maintenance for every hour in the air, and many of the Luftwaffe ground crew personnel were conscripts who were probably too hastily trained.
The loss rate of Luftwaffe Starfighters was not all that extraordinary, since the Luftwaffe had suffered a 36 percent attrition rate with the Republic F-84F Thunderstreak, the Starfighter's immediate predecessor.
At the height of the Starfighter political crisis in mid-1966, the Luftwaffe chief, General Wernher Panitzki, was forced to resign after he had criticized the FRG's Starfighter procurement program as being politically-motivated.
home.att.net /~jbaugher1/f104_17.html   (2884 words)

 Starfighter F-104
The Starfighter is not an interceptor; it was intended from the beginning as a point-defense fighter, a plane designed to deal with enemy fighters, bombers and attack craft trying to destroy an important facility.
Early Starfighters could not exceed Mach 2.2 without potentially damaging the engine; on later models with the -19 engine this was increased to Mach 2.3.
Neither of these were satisfactory solutions, and Starfighter pilots were an especially tense lot during takeoffs and landings until later models switched to an improved, upward-firing ejection seat.
www.dcr.net /~stickmak/JOHT/joht12f-104.htm   (3519 words)

 NASA - F-104 Starfighter
With a name like Starfighter, F-104s were destined to serve NASA in the extreme regime of high-speed flight research.
F-104 Starfighters proved most valuable to NASA as flight research and support aircraft for nearly 40 years, a distinction that few other aircraft share.
Durability of Space Shuttle thermal protection tiles was investigated in flights aboard a Starfighter, flown on a special flight test fixture through rain in moisture impact studies.
www.nasa.gov /lb/centers/dryden/home/F-104.html   (277 words)

 F-104 Starfighter (American)
The F-104 Starfighter, like the MiG-21, was a result of the pilots' demand and the US Air Force's need for a plane with performance at all costs, after their experience in the Korean War.
members.tripod.com /SuperSabre/jet48.htm   (34 words)

 AVSIM Online - Flight Simulation's Number 1 Site!
The Starfighters’ tiny wings, high speed, and unforgiving flight characteristics when stalled meant that the F-104 was a very capable aircraft in the hands of an experienced pilot, but a potential deathtrap for an unwary or inexperienced flyer.
The Starfighter was originally fitted with a downward firing ejection seat among fears that a conventional upward firing seat would hit the tail at high speeds, although it turned out that the downward-firing seat was not a very good idea.
The textures range from bare metal, camouflage, and ghost gray military schemes used in the height of the cold war to the exotic, brightly colored paint schemes worn by Italian Starfighters as their retirement neared.
www.avsim.com /pages/0705/F104/F104.htm   (3191 words)

 The Michigan 104 Page
In addition the USAF also occasionally brought in a 104 to Edward AFB Test Pilot School to train their students on how to fly an aircraft that was unique.
In years past, the Starfighter or Zipper as the pilots and crew also call her, has received a bad name.
Up until a few years ago, the 104, continued to serve NASA as both a chase plane and as a test bed for various projects.
www.mif-104.com   (838 words)

Known as the "missile with a man in it", the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter was the first American fighter capable of reaching twice the speed of sound.
After several decades of service in the Middle East, this F-104A, along with two other Starfighters, were sold to private individuals in the U.S. in 1994.
However, due to the Starfighter's high accident rate (a function of the plane's high landing speed and small span tricycle landing gear), the aircraft did not remain in American service for very long.
www.cavanaughflightmuseum.com /Aircraft/F-104/Page1.html   (473 words)

 History of the F-104 Starfighter
The F-104-7, known as the "Super Starfighter", was to be primarily an attack and reconnaissance aircraft, able to penetrate hostile airspace faster than any other aircraft, and benefiting from a very small radar cross section and small visual appearance seen head on.
Thus the concept for the F-104 "Starfighter" was born.
The "Starfighter" was one of the first planes in the world to use the Boundary Layer Control technique - also known as blown flaps - designed by John Attinello.
www.landspeed.com /104history.asp   (1217 words)

 Aircraft Hangar - F-104 Starfighter
The F-104 Starfighter was designed and produced as a high-speed, high-altitude interceptor.
Like many of the planes designed by Kelly Johnson, of the famous Lockheed Skunkworks, the F-104 Starfighter was very different from the standard's of the day in design and aerodynamics.
The beauty of it's lines can still be viewed today at airshows by performaces of the Starfighter's Airshow Demonstration Team.
www.hammerheadpilotgear.com /Hanger/Hanger_F104.htm   (197 words)

 F-104 Starfighters in PAKISTAN AIR FORCE
During the 1965 War, PAF was forced to rely on its small force of F-104A Starfighters as high altitude interceptors and in its night fighting role, using the radar of its AN/ASG-14T1 fire-control system, in conjunction with Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.
The Mystere then began to dogfight with the Starfighter, which used its superior climb and acceleration to lift the combat from ground level to about 7,000 feet to gain room for manoeuvre.
This was the first and only Starfighter to be lost through enemy action in the 1965 war.
www.defencejournal.com /2000/may/f-104.htm   (1589 words)

 F-104 Starfighter
I saw an ITP 104 fly a few years ago, it was a nice flyer.
I don't know how much smaller one could get with a 104 as the room in mine is at an extreme minimum and clearances are pretty tight but it all fits.
The older CJM kits are limited in it's top end speed due to the large intakes, CJM has remedied this some with a newer inlet design to reduced the inlet area, I do not have the experience with the Avonds to comment on it but have seen several fly and they fly well too.
www.rcuniverse.com /forum/tm.asp?m=65545   (1662 words)

 TV Century 21 - the Gerry Anderson home page - Gerry Anderson and the F-104 Starfighter
F-104 Starfighter was a supersonic American interceptor jet developed and built by the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.
Consequently, the F-104 Starfighter was a very popular plastic model kit subject during the late 1950s and early 1960s.
Starfighter was one of the most dramatic looking aircraft of its day.
www.tvcentury21.com /content/view/212/41   (1661 words)

 Flight Simulator Nordic - fsnordic.net Reviews - F-104 Starfighter
This version of the Starfighter was the most widely produced, and saw service in numerous NATO nations.
It seems that the days of the 2d panel are fast fading, with the virtual cockpit being the preferred habitat for the simming community.
Following the Korean War, the United States produced a new line of fighters - the Century Series - based both on the combat experience from that war and the requirements of the jet age.
www.fsnordic.net /article/article_view.php?ID=91   (1937 words)

A lone F- 104 was vectored to intercept the aircraft.
Though the 104 was very fast (Mach 2), had an excellent rate of climb and acceleration its performance in close combat was extremely poor with a wing span of just 22 feet.
Another Starfighter was lost on September 17, when Flying Officer G.O. Abassi tried to land in a sudden dust storm, undershot the runway and crashed in a ball of fire.
www.pakdef.info /pakmilitary/airforce/ac/f104.html   (6438 words)

 F-104 Starfighter Data
The performance of the F-104 Starfighter is staggering; it is capable of flying at more than twice the speed of sound, and could out-zoom and out-dash every fighter of its day.
The Starfighter served in the air forces of many nations, with the F-104G designed as a multi-role version for NATO allies, featuring improved avionics and weapons load capabilities.
Nicknamed "the missile with a man in it," the design of the F-104 Starfighter is a direct result of the Korean War experience.
www.thirdwire.com /projects/p1/rt_ac_f104.htm   (183 words)

 F 104 Starfighter
The Lockheed Starfighter adopted the somewhat inappropriate nickname of the "Widowmaker" as a result of some unfortunate incidents as the F-104G's service with the Luftwaffe.
On January 26, 1958 the first Starfighters began to enter service as the F-104A.
This term, however did not apply generally as the Starfighter compiled a remarkable service record.
www.aircraftplanesandjets.com /fighters/f_104_starfighter.htm   (201 words)

 CF-104 decals
The Starfighter saw sevice in Canada from 1962 to 1986.
Decals are also included for a two seat CF 104, should a two seat conversion ever arrive.
The variegated scheme was the last applied to the Starfighter while in Canadian service.
www.largescaleplanes.com /reviews/LeadingEdgeModels/CF104.htm   (201 words)

 Cf on Encyclopedia.com
CF Foundation Invests Millions In Boston Research Institutions and Care Facilities; Investment Supported by GREAT STRIDES, Largest National CF Fund-Raising Event.
CF Foundation Invests Millions in Seattle Research Institutions and Care Facilities; Investment Supported by GREAT STRIDES, Largest National CF Fund-Raising Event.
CF Foundation Invests Millions In Cleveland Research Institutions and Care Facilities; Investment Supported by GREAT STRIDES, Largest Local CF Fund-Raising Event.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/C/Cf.asp   (201 words)

 Starfighters in Turkey (Profiles) by Kursad Albayraktar and Ahmet Cagri Acikgoz
For almost 30 years until 1994, the F-104 Starfighter was a familiar sight in the Turkish skies.
Profile 29: Ex-Canadian Starfighters in the Turkish Air Force included several twin-seater CF-104Ds.
their buzz numbers, these Starfighter started to sport the new roundel after 1973, when NATO suggested that Turkey change the old square insignia; which was difficult to visually distinguish from the Soviet red star at high speed.
www.aircraftresourcecenter.com /Fea1/701-800/Fea788_F-104_Albayraktar-Acikgoz/fea788.htm   (1481 words)

 F-104 Starfighter in Norway
The Starfighter has become a legend and is still in service in other parts of the world.
During its 20 years of service, the Starfighter was a common sight in the skies above Bodø and around the country.
The roar alone, of an F-104 was unforgettable.
www.starfighter.no /web/indeng.html   (121 words)

 model starfighter 1/32
The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, know as a "flying missile with a man in it", was "the" fighter aircraft of NATO in the sixties and seventies.
They are accurate in outline and dimension and capture the Starfighter very well.
Both kits are quite good as a basis for a nice model.
home.wanadoo.nl /designers/models32/f104/f104.htm   (197 words)

 Model Power 5377-2 - Diecast Model F-104 Starfighter NASA: The Flying Mule
Maximum range for 104 was 750 miles and it carried 1-20 mm cannon and 2 sidewinder heat seeking missiles.
Designed as a high-speed interceptor and tactical fighter, the F104 was first flown on February 18th, 1954.
The F-104 was dubbed "the missile with a man in it" !
www.flyingmule.com /products/MP-5377-2   (151 words)

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