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Topic: Facial Feminization Surgery

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In the News (Sat 15 Jun 19)

  Facial Feminization Surgery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) refers to elective surgical procedures to alter a 'masculine' face to become a 'feminine' face.
FFS comprises bony and soft tissue surgery of the face and trachea but is generally not regarded to include facial hair removal and hair transplants, though a case could be made for their inclusion as well.
Apart from these practitioners who perform surgery nearly exclusively upon transsexual and transgender women, it has also been taken upon by other maxillofacial and plastic surgeons as part of their practice, notably by Frans Noorman van der Dussen in Antwerp, Belgium.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Facial_feminization_surgery   (313 words)

 Transsexual Surgery: Its Pros and Cons
Transsexual surgery is often thought of as synonymous with genital surgery, which is usually called sex reassignment surgery (SRS), i.e., vaginoplasty for MFs or phalloplasty for FMs.
Specific complications of MF surgery found by Pfafflin and Junge included complete or partial necrosis of the vagina and labia, fistulas from the bladder or bowel into the vagina, stenosis of the urethra, and vaginas that were too short or too small for coitus.
The latter include nerve injuries and bone infections (osteomyelitis) in the case of facial surgery, and injury to the vocal cords in the case of laryngeal surgery.
jenellerose.com /htmlpostings/transsexual_surgery_its_pros_and_cons.htm   (3520 words)

 Facial Feminization Surgery - FFS
Facial feminization surgery, is the term given to a constellation of surgical procedure that are designed to alter a masculine face to create a feminine face.
Facial feminization surgery is important because the face commonly provides the first visual clues and impression people have regarding the sex of an individual.
Facial feminization surgery involves bony and soft tissue surgery of the face, neck, and thyroid cartilage.
www.facialfeminizationsurgery.info   (312 words)

 More on Feminization
Feminization is the practice, especially in female dominance, of switching the gender role of a male submissive.
Hardcore feminization may also mean the male being the recipient of anal sex using a strap-on dildo.
This can lead to apparent paradoxes, such as the humiliation of men by feminization, though it is readily resolved by seeing this as disclaiming traditional gender associations, and transference of coded images of weakness onto men.
www.eduhistory.com /feminization.htm   (749 words)

 Plastic Surgery - Cosmetic
A breast implant is a prosthesis used in cosmetic surgery to enhance the size and shape of one's breasts or to reconstruct the breast (for example, after a mastectomy).
This type of ear surgery is typically performed to bring ears closer to the head or reduce the size of large ears.
Liposuction is a popular operation in plastic surgery which removes fat from certain places of the human body (typically abdomen, thighs, buttocks) by liquifying it and removing it through a hollow needle.
www.mdboard.org /2c_Cosmetic.html   (451 words)

 Facial Feminization Surgery - History
While facial feminization surgery has become more popular over past 14 years for those pursuing male to female surgery, male to female surgery can be traced back to the 1930’s.
Through the 1980’s and 1990’s, facial feminization surgery as part of male to female surgery was pioneered by the United States maxillofacial surgeon, Douglas K. Ousterhout in San Francisco.
Facial feminization surgeons include Frans Noorman van der Dussen in Antwerp, Belgium, and Dr. Zukowski in Wilmette, IL.
www.facialfeminizationsurgery.info /ffs_history.html   (499 words)

She said that I could return for Phase II of my facial feminization surgery no sooner than 4 months from then.
I hadn’t had a lot of pain from the surgery, and was only taking hydrocodone for pain, and an antibiotic to fight infection.
But as a result of the events of 9/11/2001, he was unable attend, and in his place were four “graduates” of his, and during the question and answer session I asked how long it had taken them to get their voice back, only to learn that they got it back immediately.
www.allison4456.com /Facial_Feminization_1_Post_Op_Recovery.html   (1089 words)

 Lynn's Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)
The aim of FFS surgery is to eliminate or reduce many of the cross-gender-related deformities of the facial bones caused by late-pubertal testosterone masculinization in MtF transsexuals.
The rapid masculinization of boys' facial features begins during puberty and continues on into their twenties under the influence of the male hormone testosterone, which also causes the development of facial hair and the deepening of the voice.
Surgical feminization of masculinized faces can be done by recontouring the forehead, reducing or eliminating the browridge, smoothly re-contouring the nose-ridge down from the forehead, narrowing and reducing in size the jawbone and chin (with the chin repositioned at a new angle) and reshaping the trachea to eliminate the "Adam's apple".
ai.eecs.umich.edu /~mirror/FFS/LynnsFFS.html   (15792 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Due to the fact people differ in facial characteristics; a combination of serval procedures may need to be used to alter the face to the desired result to feminize the face.
This surgery is not limited to female to male transsexuals; since there are also options that can be applied to help female to male transsexuals using this type of surgery to obtain masculine features.
Facial Feminization Surgery FFS has a great many options of procedures, which can feminize the face of transsexuals.
members.lycos.co.uk /transsexualinfo/ffs_procedures.html   (4047 words)

The second photo is one month before facial surgery (June 99), but after a year of hormone therapy and 3 years of facial electrolysis.
If your facial feminization surgery is highly successful (some call it facial SRS because of the magnitude and impact of the change it produces), you may even find it difficult to pass in male mode even if you try.
The facial surgery was without a doubt an absolutely critical factor in the success of my transition.
tsresource.info /ouster.htm   (1155 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
I talked with some other women who had facial feminization surgery with him and was advised by them that he was a great surgeon and their surgeries went well.
I also talked with a beautiful woman that had surgery with him and had problems with her nose and chin after having the works in pieces and she had to have it corrected with another surgeon after Dr. Ousterhout tried to fix her problem with a revision.
At the end of the pre surgery consult Dr. O said that he had not made any measurements yet since it was a long day and he didn’t have time yet, but he would go over the x-rays before he goes to bed and reassured me not to worry.
members.lycos.co.uk /transsexualinfo/facialfeminizationsurgery.html   (9095 words)

 Facial Feminization Surgery in San Francisco, By Anonymous
The advice Anonymous gives is reasonable: If you come to San Francisco for facial plastic surgery, it might be worthwhile to arrange for someone to be with you to serve as your advocate — someone who is not afraid to demand quality care on your behalf from nurses or from doctors, day or night.
In the two visits I spent with Doug prior to surgery, I was very clear that I was concerned with the enormity of all the procedures, and the nine hours they would take.
My advice to anyone considering this kind of surgery is simple: Have a nurse/advocate (a family member, or a close friend) there from the first consultation, and for most of the nine day recovery period -- unless home is close by, and an option.
www.annelawrence.com /ffsinsf.html   (1898 words)

 FFS Journal: Forehead/trachea (1996)
My Dallas friend had surgery on the 13th and was in bed with leg-pressure things massaging her legs and cold packs on her eyes.
This has happened every day since surgery for two reasons: one, my brow used to protrude enough that water would run off my brow instead of trickling into my eyes, and two, my forehead is still a little numb, so I don't feel the lather sneaking up on my unsuspecting eyes.
Not only has he mastered facial feminization, but he also treats you with a kindness and a genuine respect for what it's like to be transgendered.
www.tsroadmap.com /physical/face/ousterhout1.html   (6226 words)

The anesthetist visited me briefly to discuss her part in the surgery, and I was then left alone to rest.
I went to bed and was awoken right at midnight by a nurse who reminded me that I am not allowed to eat or drink from then until the operation, and she put a sign on my bed stating that fact.
Be forewarned that healing from SRS and facial surgeries is not quite a picnic.
www.genderandtransition.com /mysrs.htm   (2252 words)

 Recovering From Facial Feminising Surgery.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Facial Feminisation Surgery is one of the most life changing events you will go through during transition, next to SRS.
Do not use facial cleansers for a few days because the chemicals in them may interfere with the healing process and leave scar tissue.
Changes to your facial profile will be hidden due to swelling both in the face and in the bone itself.
www.gaylestg.fsnet.co.uk /medical/ffs/ffs-recovery.htm   (2626 words)

 Looking for help
However, the surgeons botched most of their work, leaving her with genitalia that is incomplete, breasts that are placed far too wide apart, and worse of all, her facial complexion is very rough and masculine-like.
Tanja Susanne is the best choice for the Extreme Makeover, because she does not desire these surgeries for the same old reasons as others-She desires these surgeries just to be "normal." She NEEDS these transformations.
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS), Feminization with surgery my Body (waist - remove the last flying ribs, and so), and a surgery for the Feminization my voice.
helpforsurgery.blog.de   (1984 words)

 Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS Surgery) in Bangkok, Thailand
The aim of facial feminization surgery (FFS surgery) is to eliminate or reduce many of the cross-gender-related deformities of the facial bones caused by late-pubertal testosterone masculinization in MtF transsexuals.
facial masculinization effects in male-to-female (MtF) transsexuals can be every bit as disfiguring and socially damaging to them as are the effects of severe facial disfigurement in accident victims and genetic facial deformities in children.
These differences in secondary sex characteristics are caused by the different sex hormones present in the bodies of boys and girls after puberty.
www.bangkokplasticsurgery.com /facial-feminization-surgery.html   (335 words)

 Lynn's Face Lift Surgery
Following the surgery the facial skin is very taught; it gradually softens over several months to produce a very natural rejuvenated appearance.
A recent very publicly visible example of someone having this surgery is the case of TV-Newswoman Greta Van Susteren, who in early 2002 benefitted greatly from having the large sections of "hooded skin" removed from her eyelids and from hollows under her eyes (link to before/after photos of Greta).
The facial bruising is almost gone now, and easily concealed by normal daytime makeup with a tiny bit of concealer over the residual "half-moons" under the eyes.
ai.eecs.umich.edu /~mirror/FFS/LynnsFL.html   (2853 words)

I have decided to present this account of the recovery phase of the facial feminization surgery without the immediate post op recovery photos, with the blood collection flasks on either side on my head.
I’d never considered doing that before, but now, since I’ve had facial feminization surgery, and I have the appropriate licenses and paper work designating me female, the gender police wouldn’t be able to bust me, and went for it.
Turns out that after the bandages were removed, they had left some stitches for the surgery that was done one my chin and jaw that I would have to remove myself, as they needed to remain in place for an addition week.
www.allison4456.com /Facial_Feminization_1_Recovery.html   (1332 words)

 inbroaddaylight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
As a voice surgeon with a national practice, I frequently see transsexual women who have previously undergone "voice feminization surgery," and who have suffered bad complications of that surgery.
Consequently, I am calling for a moratorium on such surgery in the United States.
The tracheal shave procedure is also associated with voice-related complications that are difficult to repair.
www.inbroaddaylight.net /surgery.htm   (132 words)

 Sonja's Transition
I suspect I'll only be able to look undeniably female after facial feminization surgery (FFS) or perhaps after a year of hormone replacement therapy and facial hair removal.
Every transsexual person is unique and chooses a different path to achieve their goals (also depending on the features of the body they are working with as well as their personal coping mechanisms), so of course I can only speak for myself.
You will see from the video that Andrea has had facial surgery and passes as a woman no problem.
www.kisa.ca /transition.html   (2964 words)

 Sex reassignment surgery, Bangkok, Thailand
surgical technique for all kind of sex change surgery, abdominal skin graft procedure vs. colon graft surgery for extra vaginal depth, labiaplasty, preoperative and postoperative treatment for sex change surgery, dilatating technique after sex change surgery and gender reassigment FAQ.
Our facial feminizing surgery (FFS) and cosmetic surgery ranges from Forehead contouring/ Mandibular angle contouring, facial rejuvenile surgery such as forehead lift surgery, face and neck lift surgery, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), lip enhancement, bat ear correction to body contouring surgery such as breast reduction surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction.
If your eligibility criteria for sex reassignment surgery are in doubt or you can not supply us with any doctor's written documents, we can schedule you to meet our board-certified psychiatrist partner to assess your eligibility on a one time basis in Bangkok.
www.chet-plasticsurgery.com   (400 words)

 IJ TRANSGENDER - Vancouver Congress Abstract - DB Tuinzing
In the period 1992-1996, 46 male-to-female transsexuals were referred for possible bony facial corrections as gender confirming procedures of the face.
The latter technique can easily be combined with a browlift procedure and thus feminize the curvature and position of the eyebrows.
Rhinoplasty was performed separately in 21 patients with nasal osteotomies and tip surgery to correct the different angles of the nose toward a more feminine appearance.
www.symposion.com /ijt/hbigda/vancouver/tuinz.htm   (295 words)

 acl tear surgery, Facial Feminization Surgery, Dr. Ousterhout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
If it has been decided that you are a candidate for surgery it is important to be both mentally and physically prepared.
This should be done regardless of whether you plan to have surgery or not.
… will almost certainly require surgery, but a knee that is relatively stable on sporting activities (the minority of ACL tears) may survive without surgery.
www.facialfeminizationsurgery.net /acl-tear-surgery.html   (468 words)

 Plastic Surgery,Cosmetic Surgery,Sex Change Surgery/Sex Reassignment Surgery(SRS),Bangkok,Thailand
Center of plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and sex change surgery/sex reassignment surgery (SRS), located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Here we are providing information to the prospective patients and/or their families about cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery procedures available to them.
There is no need to explain or justify; it is well accepted in every social sphere for these plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, sex change surgery/sex reassignment surgery (SRS) procedure.
www.bangkokplasticsurgery.com   (163 words)

 Michael Jackson Community   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
A Nice plastic surgery and facial feminization surgery site with before and after photos of surgery with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout (Dr.O).
A transsexual support website with many sections on facial feminization surgery ffs surgeons, hormones, Sex Reassignment Surgery srs surgeons, and many TG related topics.
Trinity Rose describes her experience with Dr. Douglas Ousterhout (Dr.O) and her botched facial feminization surgery by Dr. Ousterhout.
be.msnusers.com /MichaelJacksonCommunity/links.msnw   (323 words)

 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
Information on the risks, benefits and cost of surgeries such as breast augmentation, face lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction and abdominoplasty.
Offers sex change surgery, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation, nose surgery, face lift, liposuction, and more.
Information on how plastic surgery financing works, a directory of finance companies, loan application tips and a payment calculator.
www.joeant.com /DIR/cat/7865/Plastic_and_Cosmetic_Surgery   (213 words)

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