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Topic: Facial hair

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  AskMen.com - Facial hair
While facial hair is a natural phenomenon for men, it's a part of the body that can be considered an art form in itself.
We've covered the different hairstyles for men that are presently fashionable, but now it's time to cover the kind of body hair that can make or break a man's look; facial hair.
This is another facial hairstyle that must be maintained, and may be one of the more high maintenance styles.
www.askmen.com /fashion/trends/16_fashion_men.html   (782 words)

 Facial Laser Hair Removal
Unwanted facial hair on women often appears on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face.
If you are experiencing an abnormal growth of hair on these facial areas or if the hair is very thick, you should consult your physician to determine the underlying causes before you embark on a removal regimen.
Generally, it is an effective method to remove hair on the upper lip and fine hair on the side of the face, but I don’t recommend it for the chin area, where hair tends to be more coarse.
www.hairremovaljournal.org /treat_facialhair.htm   (811 words)

 Unwanted Facial Hair - General Information
Hair follicles are the factories in which hairs are produced.
The hair cycle usually is made up of anagen hairs in 85-90% of hairs, telogen in 10-15% and less than 1% is in the catagen stage.
Asian hair tends to be a round circle whereas Caucasian hair is an elliptical shape.
www.unwantedfacialhair.ca /hair_info.html   (527 words)

  Removal of unwanted facial hair American Family Physician - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The visible hair shaft is composed of an outer cuticle, the cortex and, sometimes, a core of compact, keratinized cells, all of which are made of protein.
Hairs that are in the anagen phase during removal are more sensitive to the various treatment modalities than hairs in the telogen phase.
Depending on the site of the hair, the time spent in each phase differs considerably, from an anagen phase of two to six years for scalp hair to one to two months for thigh hair.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3225/is_10_66/ai_94346771   (907 words)

  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Facial hair
Facial hair is a secondary sexual characteristic in humans.
In general, facial hair is thicker in men than in women.
Excessive hairiness (especially facially) is known as hirsutism, and it can be a sign of serious hormone imbalance.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/fa/Facial_hair   (98 words)

 CareFair.com - Facial Hair — A Menace   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Facial hairs are hairs that are found on the face of an individual.
Facial hair is a trait that distinguishes males and females.
Facial hairs are generally found in males and they develop it during puberty.
www.carefair.com /Hair-and-Nails/Hair/Facial_Hair_A_Menace_461.html   (386 words)

 Facial hair
Facial hair is a secondary sexual characteristic in human males.
Male pogonotrophy (the growing of facial hair; beardedness) is often culturally associated with wisdom and virility.
A man's facial hair is often affectionately known as his whiskers (only mammals have true whiskers).
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/f/fa/facial_hair.html   (166 words)

 Facial Hair Transplant
Facial hair transplantation is a procedure designed to restore hair to the beard and mustache region to thicken the existing hair or to provide hair growth where there is none.
The donor hairs come from the scalp, which are essentially identical in their texture and growth to the beard and mustache hairs.
Note that these hairs transplanted into the face are no longer available for transplanting into the scalp if the patient desires to undergo restoration of any male pattern hair loss that may develop in the future, thus meaning that there will be fewer hairs available for this area.
www.foundhair.com /pages/FacialHairTransplant.shtml   (517 words)

 Removal of unwanted facial hair American Family Physician - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Unwanted facial hair is a common condition that often goes untreated.
The visible hair shaft is composed of an outer cuticle, the cortex and, sometimes, a core of compact, keratinized cells, all of which are made of protein.
Hairs that are in the anagen phase during removal are more sensitive to the various treatment modalities than hairs in the telogen phase.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m3225/is_10_66/ai_94346771   (926 words)

 Hairstyles > Men's Facial Hair Styling
Choosing the best facial hair style is actually more than just letting the hair on your upper lip grow out.
Facial hair is a great way to camouflage a wide variety of flaws, including acne scars.
Hair tends to grow a little faster in the winter, so be prepared to do your trimming more often.
www.emaxhealth.com /cms/?m=show&id=6190   (531 words)

 Hudson's Guide: Facial Hair, Growth and Grooming
Some men grow thick facial hair in a relatively short period of time after reaching puberty or starting testosterone therapy, while others may never be able to grow a full beard or mustache in their lifetime.
Some men grow substantial facial hair only in certain areas (such as the sideburns or chin), but are unable to ever grow a full mustache or grow more than a few hairs on their cheeks.
Facial hair consisting of a chin beard and mustache connected by hair along the sides of one's mouth, thus forming a circle.
www.ftmguide.org /facialhair.html   (5684 words)

 Berkeley Parents Network: Facial Hair
A hair follicle has a 9 month cycle, so when a hair is removed by the root through electrolysis the root will either die or be weakened.
I do not recommend facial shaving, as it encourages hair growth, feels stubbly as it regrows, and is a typically male grooming activity.
The hair between the brows is quite thick (at least on me), and the bleach does NOT make it disappear--just calls attention to it being blonde (or worse yet, some hairs only get as far as red...) when the rest of my hair is dark.
parents.berkeley.edu /advice/beauty/facialhair.html   (2695 words)

 facial hair
This thick, dark hair is different from the hair that some women have on their upper lip, chin, breasts or stomach, or the fine "baby" hair all over their body.
Hirsutism can be caused by hair follicles that are overly sensitive to male hormones (called androgens), or it can be caused by abnormally high levels of these hormones.
They can decrease the amount of new hair growth, but they are less likely to change the amount of hair you already have.
www.thehairdirectory.com /facial.html   (685 words)

The hairs are allowed to start growing from less than a maximum of 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.
Hairs are allowed to start growing from less than 1.5 cm beyond the end of the upper lip.
A full beard means facial hairs on upper and lower lip, on chin, on cheeks and on sideburns without a natural or shaved gap.
www.worldbeardchampionships.com /Categories/categories.htm   (635 words)

 Facial Hair
But at the same time she is losing her hair on her head at an alarming rate.
If a woman experiences a sudden worsening of her hirsutism, or first experiences hair growth after 25 years of age, it may be an androgen-producing tumor which is the source of hormonal imbalance.
Electrolysis is a popular means to managing excess facial hair, but there are also laser procedures that are said to be less painful.
www.estronaut.com /a/treat_hirsutism.htm   (510 words)

 Facial Hair Removal - Threading Device for Unwanted Facial Hair--No Bleaching - No Creams - No Waxing
A facial hair removal tool, that works on the same principle as the ancient technique of threading, by removing hair from its roots.
Epicare™ available from www.thinkbeauty.co.uk, is a simple hair removal tool, about the size of a pencil, is a simple but highly effective instrument, which can be carried discreetly in the handbag and used anywhere.
Additionally, Epicare™ is a safe method of facial hair removal for women who may experience hirsutism as a result of polycystic ovaries, or those who have diabetes, may have thinning of the skin after treatments and are unable to use wax strips.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/9/prweb439076.htm   (611 words)

 MTF hair removal: Electrolysis
Hair growth in other areas is dependent on heredity, androgen sensitivity and the amount of androgen produced.
Hair growth that has reached the full terminal stage will usually be permanent and will not diminish even if androgens are blocked.
Treating your resting hairs is a waste of time and money, it can hurt more (they're closer to the surface) and increases the potential for skin damage.
www.tsroadmap.com /physical/hair/zapidx.html   (1436 words)

 Facial Hair Removal| Tips| Methods| Treating facial hair
Apart from acnes, pimples facial hair in a woman is one among the prime concerns bothering the facial appearance.
Epilight hair removal involves the exposition of the hairy area to an intense pulse light.It is more gentle than waxing and involves fewer probabilities of pigmentation and scarring on the skin when compared to laser and electrolysis.
Facial hair is no more a problem, as there are ample ways to treat them for a smooth and flawless skin.
living.oneindia.in /beauty/treating-facial-hair.html   (445 words)

 Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatments For Unwanted Hair
Some people experience unwanted or excess hair from the time they reach puberty; others find it to be a condition that gets worse with age.
Women who experience sudden hair growth should consult with their physicians, as this may be a sign of other medical conditions.
In addition, hair is produced in follicles that can be found at different depths and densities as close to the skin's surface as a millimeter or as deep as five millimeters or more.
www.skinandhealth.com /optimized/facial-laser-hair-removal.htm   (403 words)

 Facial Hair Removal - Free information and reviews on facial hair removal
The main areas unwanted facial hair seems to appear are on the lip and chin but many women experience unwanted hair growth on their jaw cheeks and neck area as well.
Who you are, what kind of hair issue you have and what kind of lifestyle you lead will decide which method is best for you.
Laser Hair Removal - By far the best method, producing relatively fast permanent results with 6 - 8 sessions, the only downside is the price Vaniqa - A great cream to use with any of the above hair removal methods because it actually inhibits the growth of new hairs and ensures the results last longer.
www.hair-removal-products.net /facial-hair-removal.html   (529 words)

 Hair Removal | Facial Hair Removal | Epicare Hair Remover
Hair lightening and removal creams contain harsh synthetic compounds such as acids, alkalis, salts and solvents which can have a undesired effect on the skin and can cause pigmentation in dark or tanned skin..
Facial hair threading is traditionally a simple technique of removing hair by using just cotton thread, twisted in a way that can remove single hairs or groups of hairs from the roots in just one motion.
Hair doesn't have to be fully grown to use it.
www.facialhairremover.co.uk   (3415 words)

 Facial Hair Growth After Menopause - A01
The pattern of hair growth and the number of hair follicles is determined by time of birth.
No new hair follicles develop after you are born; thus if a hair and its follicle is totally removed, it will not return.
I did not find evidence that sunscreens induced increased hair growth except it is important to keep in mind that any chemical that produces a skin irritation can stimulate the enzyme (5 alpha reductase) that makes thin vellus hair become thicker and grow faster.
www.wdxcyber.com /ngen16.htm   (1150 words)

 Vaniqa: Unwanted facial hair and facial hair removal methods
Unwanted facial hair, or UFH, can be a few individual hairs on the chin, a light growth on the upper lip, peach fuzz on the cheeks, or coarse, dark hair in any of these areas.
Only you can decide if your facial hair is unwanted - one woman may find the slightest growth on her lip or chin terribly bothersome, while another woman may have visible hair on her upper lip and not be bothered at all.
Unwanted Facial Hair (UFH) is more common than you might think: 41 million women in the United States remove unwanted hair at least once in six months, with 20% of those removing UFH weekly, and 4% of them removing it every single day (1).
www.vaniqa.com /about_unwanted_facial_hair   (306 words)

 How to Remove Unsightly Facial Hair | eHow.com
Shave it, but remember that this is a temporary method of facial hair removal that is not recommended for women.
The hair becomes affixed to the wax and the wax is then pulled off the skin, taking the hair with it.
Threading facial hair is good because the re-growth is slower and in time finer, but you need to find someone to do it for you and can cost a bit everytime it's done.
www.ehow.com /how_289_remove-unsightly-facial.html   (698 words)

 Men's Facial Hair Styles Moustache Beard
The extent to which some women are obsessed with the hair on their heads is
facial hair styles have their origins in a handful of basic styles.
The Chin Curtain: This is a style of facial hair that is often seen
www.hairfinder.com /hairstyling/mensfacialhair.htm   (575 words)

 Facial Hair Removal Options for Women - Associated Content
For these women, facial hair is an embarrassing problem that won’t go away.
When this happens the hair appears to be thicker and darker, but in reality it’s just got a flat tip on it.
I found Nair facial hair remover and it stopped all the worrying for me. You can get it at Walmart or a pharmacy store, over the counter, it costs about 5 dollars.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/23287/facial_hair_removal_options_for_women.html   (1331 words)

 What Should I Know About Removing Unwanted Facial Hair? - November 15, 2002 - American Family Physician
If you have too much hair on your face, especially if you are a woman, it could be caused by a medical problem and should be checked by your doctor.
However, shaving facial hair is not popular among women, even though it does not make hair grow back faster or thicker.
Because hair removal is usually done so you look better, insurance companies will not pay for procedures such as laser hair removal.
www.aafp.org /afp/20021115/1913ph.html   (775 words)

 Facial Hair Removal
Most hair removal methods are only temporary solutions and can allow regrowth in as little as twenty-four hours, but try anything harsher and you risk irritation and scarring.
Shaving of course, is an effective facial hair remover in that it trims the hair off at skin level, leaving a smoother surface for about twenty-four hours.
Finally Free's hair removal system is specially designed to delivers radio waves to the root of the hair, allowing it to slide out easily and painlessly.
www.hairremovalnow.com   (650 words)

 Men's Facial Hair: Mustache Designs
If you decide to keep your mustache groomed and trimmed at home, there are many excellent tools on the marketplace that offer you the ability to do an excellent job on your facial hair.
One is to define and adjust the overall length of your mustache hair.
Blend the mustache hairs by taking the blender attachment and starting again at the middle of the mustache, lightly trim ad direct angles away from the middle.
www.hairboutique.com /tips/tip3907.htm   (1578 words)

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