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Topic: Factotum

  Factotum (2006): Reviews
Based on the novel by Charles Bukowski, Factotum is the story of a man living on the edge; a writer who risks everything, tries anything, and finds poetry in life's pleasure and pain.
Factotum, for all its grim grind, is funny-serious, and smart-stupid.
Factotum, starring Matt Dillon and Lili Taylor in two of their best film performances, is a good movie about the L.A. underbelly, as recalled by an expert: Charles Bukowski.
www.metacritic.com /film/titles/factotum   (915 words)

I suppose that Factotum is by far the worst of the four in terms of capturing the flavor of Bukowski's world.
Factotum took the same approach to Bukowski that Kubrick took to Nabokov.
Factotum (2005) is based on the Charles Bukowski novel of the same name.
www.fakes.net /factotum.htm   (1937 words)

 indieWIRE: Ham-Fisted: Bent Hamer's "Factotum"
"Factotum" is a lugubrious morning-after picture of pasty flesh under fluorescent light, fussily dingy apartments with nice downtown views, scene transitions lubricated by Kristin Asbjornesen's blue-note caterwauling of Bukowski poetry on the soundtrack.
"Factotum"'s dour deadpan may be a fairly faithful translation of the author's adjective-parched David Goodis prose, but it fails to pick up any of the brio that's behind his words.
One of the wage-slave gigs taken and abandoned by Hank Chinaski (Matt Dillon) in "Factotum" entails feather-dusting a gargantuan statue in the lobby of a newspaper building.
www.indiewire.com /movies/2006/08/ham-fisted_bent.html   (1203 words)

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swtch.com /plan9port/man/man4/factotum.html   (1947 words)

 Factotum - ComingSoon.net
"Factotum" is an existentialist indie film about the loneliness of the human condition, which is normally the cinematic equivalent of having a hole drilled in your head.
"Factotum" as a film is often as undriven as its lead is. It meanders about from moment to moment, often only saved from being irrevocably boring by its very dry and often funny wit.
It's not terrible, many of the individual sequences - such as Henry returning for a short time to live with his parents, revealing his contentious relationship with his father and perhaps where his problems with authority stem from - are strong in and of themselves, particular benefiting from strong performances from an excellent supporting cast.
www.comingsoon.net /news/reviewsnews.php?id=16496   (392 words)

 :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: Factotum (xhtml)
Adapted from the novel Factotum, and the stories "The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over the Hills," "What Matters Most Is How Well You Walk Through the Fire" and "The Captain Is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship" by Charles Bukowski.
"Factotum," directed by Bent Hamer, is a picaresque Bukowski primer, adapted by Hamer and Jim Stark from the title novel and a handful of stories about the poetically debauched author's primary subjects: drinking, writing, women and gambling.
Bukowski is one of those writers who can seem perversely, solipsistically romantic and glamorous, in a seedy-underbelly kind of way that's particularly attractive to surly teenagers and alienated college students who are aching to get some grit under their nails.
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060824/REVIEWS/60824001/1023   (872 words)

 'Factotum' - Zap2it
Adapted and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Bent Hamer from Bukowski's 1975 novel "Factotum" and several of his short stories, the movie spins a yarn that, like most of the author's prolific output, is semi-autobiographical--unvarnished and unprettified.
Bukowski, who died in 1994, was a rough, razor-sharp chronicler of the bum's life, a poet of cheap booze and sex and a master of the pared-down literary style that had its seed in Ernest Hemingway and John Fante ("Ask the Dust").
And "Factotum" shows Bukowski and his world--that seedy, drunk-in-the-daylight L.A. milieu he lived so fully and shows so well--with a conviction that Barbet Schroeder's 1987 "Barfly" and other Bukowski movies all, to some degree, lack.
www.zap2it.com /movies/reviews/zap-review-factotum,0,1165084.story?coll=zap-movies-recent-reviews   (640 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Factotum [2006]: DVD: Matt Dillon,Lili Taylor,Fisher Stevens,Marisa Tomei,Adrienne Shelly,Didier ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In other words this is no falling over in the street drunk, Chinaski at this point in his life at least is a maintenance drinker: he imbibes as much as he can and at all times in the day...but he maintains.
"Factotum" (a man of many jobs) is an entertaining character portrait of a frustrated wannabe writer, who takes a lot of dead end,menial jobs that he holds in the utmost contempt,in order to pay for the drinking,smoking, gambling,womanising (and office stationery) that give him a purpose in life.
There are some good moments of humour in the film, mostly when Hank is losing a job for one reason or another and the scene where he twirls around his midget supervisor in the pickle factory is a gem.
www.amazon.co.uk /Factotum-Matt-Dillon/dp/B000EMI5K6   (1403 words)

 Factotum - Rotten Tomatoes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Factotum exists in a dryly comic world of woozy indifference, and it holds your attention in the same soft but secure way that Henry clutches a bottle.
Factotum, which means general servant, shows that Bukowski's stories are as interesting, funny, tragic, and relevant as ever.
Factotum is right up there with Barfly as a distillation of Bukowskian badinage, despite the current film’s sketchier provenance.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/factotum   (943 words)

 'Factotum' - MOVIE REVIEW - Los Angeles Times - calendarlive.com
"Factotum" is true to the grit, poetry of Charles Bukowski.
That's because "Factotum," based on a 1975 Bukowski novel, is actually a delicate melding of a trio of sensibilities that don't naturally cohere.
The dictionary defines "factotum" as someone who does all kinds of work, and the film opens with Chinaski (Dillon) gainfully employed at one of the oddest jobs imaginable, using a jackhammer to break up sheets of ice for delivery to customers in need of cooling.
www.calendarlive.com /movies/reviews/cl-et-factotum18aug18,0,4910796.story   (915 words)

 Amazon.com: Factotum: Books: Charles Bukowski   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I only wish that "Factotum" featured more about Chinaski's vocation as a writer; I found the parts of the book that focused on his identity as a writer to be the most interesting parts.
"Factotum" is particularly interesting in its context as a novel of the World War II era which deals with the U.S. homefront, but in an entirely unromantic and detached way.
Factotum is the story of the young Bukowski, the Bukowski that was rolling from a job to another, from a town to another, from a woman to another, in an impressive collections of failures--failed jobs, failed relationships, failed everything all told with a considerable amount of irony.
www.amazon.com /Factotum-Charles-Bukowski/dp/0876852630   (1195 words)

 This Week's Attractions: Factotum (Seattle Weekly)
Factotum, an adaptation of several Bukowski stories, takes a different approach.
Factotum doesn't sensationalize Chinaski's early unpublished days, before he (i.e., Bukowski) earned a cult readership, which I respect, though it doesn't leave the movie much room to develop.
Factotum — The less sensational, hard-working (but still hard-drinking) side of Charles Bukowski.
www.seattleweekly.com /film/0635/factotum.php   (645 words)

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 Factotum - Film Reviews - Film - Entertainment - smh.com.au
Factotum is based on a novel of that name (and some stories) by the late American barfly poet Charles Bukowski.
Factotum isn't exactly biography, though, since Dillon is playing Henry Chinaski, a literary creation of Charles Bukowski.
Factotum is about one man's desire to be free to do and say what he liked, and write what he wanted.
www.smh.com.au /news/film-reviews/factotum/2006/06/14/1149964602611.html   (824 words)

 Factotum Movie Review - Factotum Movie Trailer - The Boston Globe
``Factotum" (the title, we're told, means a man of many occupations and master of none) opens with Henry being fired from his job driving an ice truck after he stops in a bar long enough for the product to melt.
He subsequently finds work driving a taxi, cleaning floors, repairing auto brakes, sorting bicycle parts, but none of the jobs mean more than a paycheck to drink up and a way to laugh at the straights.
``Factotum" gets a lot of absurdist mileage out of the hero's predicaments -- there's a memorable run-in with a wealthy sot played by Marisa Tomei, who introduces Henry to her lover, an aging Frenchman (Didier Flamand) with a ramshackle yacht -- and Dillon's narration is appropriately beaten down.
www.boston.com /movies/display?display=movie&id=8407   (775 words)

 DenverPost.com - Down and out in Minneapolis
The lowlife serenade writing style of the rebellious Charles Bukowski is an acquired taste, but the good news about "Factotum" is that you don't need to acquire it in order to thoroughly enjoy this playfully bleak piece of work.
Though Bukowski lived most of his life in Los Angeles and set his writings there, "Factotum" has not only moved the time frame to the present but also has chosen to leave the city nameless while shooting very satisfactorily in much more Scandinavian Minneapolis.
There is a calmness to him even when he is furious, and, fleshed out with an involving voice- over that screenwriter Jim Stark has adapted from Bukowski's own writings, he is a character whose sense of humor is matched by his sense of self.
www.denverpost.com /movies/ci_4297979   (867 words)

 Slant Magazine - Film Review: Factotum
There's a slightly heightened naturalism in the performances, locations, and quirky music: Lili Taylor plays a faded angel with a cynical shell covering a heart of gold, and the story is told through a series of tragicomic anecdotes about a lovable loser.
That anti-hero is the barfly Henry Chinaski (Matt Dillon), whose life follows a regular pattern of screwing the women he's living with, getting into brawls, landing menial labor jobs, scribbling short stories in his notebooks and mailing them to his publisher, and, most of all, drinking.
Dillon tries to play it smaller, and his eyes seem a little too soft and his inflection a touch too mannered, but with his medium-size gut and his brawny physique, he's a close enough approximation.
www.slantmagazine.com /film/film_review.asp?ID=2438   (283 words)

 Factotum - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
The German-born, American-raised Bukowski (1920-94) is celebrated again with "Factotum," an adaptation of his 1975 same-name novel and three other works.
He's the factotum, "a man who performs many jobs," the only one of which he seems the least bit inclined to satisfy is writing.
Although he drinks and sleeps with Laura (Marisa Tomei), an irrelevant episode except to demonstrate a behavioral pattern, Henry spends most of the film with bipolar drunk Jan (Lili Taylor in an inarguably fine performance), with whom he subsides on bone-dry pancakes, beer and jug wine.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/pittsburghtrib/s_473700.html   (266 words)

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 Factotum | The A.V. Club
He's one of those icons whose image perpetually threatens to dwarf his creative output; his life and art are so entwined that pretty much every Bukowski adaptation becomes an extended meditation on American literature's resident bard of the barstool.
So one of the more striking aspects of Bent Hamer's wily adaptation of Bukowski's Factotum is the way it undercuts the seedy glamour of the author's cult even as it reinforces it.
Still, Dillon's frequent narration is long-winded, full of boozy philosophizing and overwrought phrasing and Factotum is at its weakest when it abandons the squalid comedy of the mundane and slouches toward lyricism and transcendence.
www.avclub.com /content/node/51903   (358 words)

 KnoxNews: Movies
Factotum follows Chinaski as he meanders through a series of sleazy bars, meaningless gigs, and mutually destructive relationships, all of which provide fodder for the short stories and other musings he can't stop scribbling down.
Factotum marks Norwegian director Bent Hamer's English-language feature debut, and he shows a strong instinct for capturing Bukowski's take on the dreary, everyday underbelly of American life.
From the constantly billowing clouds of cigarette smoke to the dismal, dank apartments Chinaski and Jan tend to inhabit, this is the kind of movie that should make just about anyone who sees it feel better about their own life.
www.knoxnews.com /kns/movies/article/0,1406,KNS_324_4972855,00.html   (386 words)

 FACTOTUM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
First published in 1975, Factotum is a picaresque describing Bukowski (as Henry Chinaski) during his drifting drunken days, bouncing from job to job.
Although he never stood in front of discount stores holding cardboard signs, at that point in his life Bukowski was more or less a member of the "will work for food" set.
Excerpts from Factotum Copyright 1975 by Charles Bukowski and reprinted with the permission of Black Sparrow Press.
www.litkicks.com /Buk/factotum.html   (253 words)

 A beat movie that's off the beat | csmonitor.com
'Factotum,' starring Matt Dillon, is based on the book by Charles Bukowski.
In "Factotum," Dillon plays Henry Chinaski, Bukowski's alter ego, and he captures something of Bukowski's hangdog surliness.
Maybe so, but "Factotum" is so sly and low-key hilarious that anybody can be in on the joke.
www.csmonitor.com /2006/0818/p16s01-almo.html   (691 words)

 Review: Factotum - Cinematical
Factotum (briefly defined as "A man who performs many jobs" in a helpful opening title) follows Hank through his days weaving and stumbling about a flat Midwestern cityscape drinking, smoking and writing.
A film like Factotum shows us a bad, mad drunk but implies that, because Bukowski went on to something like fame, it was all worth it; a film like Steve Buscemi's searing Trees Lounge doesn't have a protagonist wrench poetry from the bottom of the bottom of the bottle: They just drink.
Factotum is a more sedate look at Bukowski's life than Barfly, but it's hardly settled.
ww.cinematical.com /2006/08/25/review-factotum   (1321 words)

 Dictionary.com/Word of the Day Archive/factotum
Lewis's summertime factotum, copying pages of a play that Lewis was writing about Communism.
She is a blind, paraplegic forensic hypnotist, and he is her brother and general factotum.
Factotum is from Medieval Latin, from Latin fac totum, "do everything," from facere, "to do" + totus, "all."
dictionary.reference.com /wordoftheday/archive/2002/07/25.html   (70 words)

 Factotum (2005)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
What matters most is how you well you walk through the fire.
This drama centers on Hank Chinaski, the fictional alter-ego of "Factotum" author Charles Bukowski, who wanders around Los Angeles, CA trying to live off jobs which don't interfere with his primary interest, which is writing.
But director Hamer handles it with such warmth, humor, sly wit and at times very sharp observations that you really shouldn't care about this.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0417658   (594 words)

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