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Topic: Falklands War

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  Falklands War
War between Argentina and Britain over disputed sovereignty of the Falkland Islands initiated when Argentina invaded and occupied the islands on 2 April 1982.
In the Falklands War, British troops establish a bridgehead at Port San Carlos and Argentine planes sink HMS Ardent with the loss of 22 members of the crew.
Falklands War: Surrender of Argentinian troops by General Menendez to the British Task Force in Port Stanley following the Argentine invasion of the British-owned Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.
www.thehistorychannel.co.uk /site/encyclopedia/article_show/Falklands_War/m0034193.html?from=hotlink   (605 words)

 The Falklands War: A Moral Balance Sheet
The Falklands war was remarkable for the adherence of both parties to the laws of war and to general just war understandings.
In relation to the Falkland War it may be claimed that Britain was guilty of 'a certain degree' of provocation in its dealings with Argentina in the period leading up to the outbreak of war and that this factor detracts from its claim of just cause.
Britain had a just cause for war (response to aggression) but its moral position was compromised by the extent to which it unwittingly drew Argentina towards the initiation of conflict and by the inevitable disproportion between the value of the interests being defended and the cost of that defence.
www.waikato.ac.nz /wfass/subjects/history/waimilhist/1999/falklands.htm   (7056 words)

 The Falklands War (1982) / La Guerra de Las Malvinas (1982)
The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) are a group of islands in the south Atlantic.
The government of the Falkland Islands administers the British dependent territories of South Georgia, the South Sandwich Islands, and the Shag and Clerke rocks, lying from 700 to 2,000 miles (1,100 to 3,200 km) to the east and southeast of the Falklands.
From start to finish, this undeclared war lasted 72 days, claimed nearly 1000 casualties (236 British and 655 Argentine), many of them innocent conscripts that were drafted in a hurry by the Argentine junta.
www.yendor.com /vanished/falklands-war.html   (3083 words)

 The Falklands War - 20 years later
One of the principal aims of the junta in invading the Falkland Islands was to distract the attention of the masses.
Lenin never abandoned his opposition to imperialist war, but understood that the key question was to win over the workers, and to do so it was necessary to understand and distinguish between their "honest defencism" and the deceit of the bourgeois and reformist leaders.
In the context of a war between an imperialist country and an oppressed colony fighting for national independence it is self-evident that the Marxists of the imperialist state will support the colonial slaves against their masters.
www.marxist.com /Latinam/falklands_war_2002.html   (7459 words)

 The Falklands War: 1982 - Overview
On April 2nd the war began, with thousands of Argentine troops landing on the Falklands.
Galtieri, whose raison d'être for the war was to insure his political survival, ultimately gave up the power he was trying to tenaciously cling to.
The Falklands War: 1982 is what true wargaming is all about; you don't just play history, you learn history (and perhaps even change it).
www.shrapnelgames.com /prosim/falklands_82/1.htm   (502 words)

 Falklands War - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
The Falklands War refers to the war between Argentina and the United Kingdom over some rocks with some sheep and people on them.
Captain Birdseye "fought" in the Falklands but it was later revealed that he spent all his time cowering in the galley cooking greasy fish fingers and lamenting the lack of children on board to enjoy his "treats".
The role of the clandestine resistance in The Falklands War is often over-looked, and the 2000-odd members hampered the movements of supplies to the Argentinian Special Forces(sic).
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Falklands_War   (898 words)

 Falklands Conflict : Battles : History : Royal Navy
As he neared the Falklands Woodward felt vulnerable to the threat of Argentine aircraft, both carrier and land based, missile armed surface ships and submarines.
As the ground assault began on Port Stanley, the Falklands capital, with Royal Marine Commandos in a leading role, naval gunfire and RAF Harriers brought down as reinforcements gave support.
Brown, The Royal Navy and the Falklands War (London, 1987).
www.royal-navy.mod.uk /server/show/nav.3956   (726 words)

 The Falkland Islands War
The Falkland Islands / Malvinas War - Chronicle of the Falklands / Malvinas history and war.
The Falklands War - Memories and images of the Falklands War from an engineer who served aboard the SS Canberra.
Consequently the Falklands, a distant and relatively unimportant group of islands were not in their focus despite their gaining independence from Spain.
www.ability.org.uk /falklands-war.html   (2165 words)

 Falklands War
The Falklands War (in Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas, or the Malvinas War) was a conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands between March and June 1982.
The war itself was a curious mixture of modern, high-tech warfare (the sinking of the H.M.S. Sheffield due to an Exocet attack) and low-tech, in your face battles that could have taken place in any conflict over the past fifty years.
The Falklands War was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
www.lycos.com /info/falklands-war--world-war.html   (626 words)

 The Cold War Museum - Falklands War
The Falkland Islands are a group of islands in the south Atlantic.
The total population of the islands in 1991 was estimated at 2100.
During the war, the British captured about 10,000 Argentine prisoners, all of whom were released afterwards.
www.coldwar.org /articles/80s/falklands_war.asp   (180 words)

 Falklands Network - Falklands war of the penguins
Indeed the closest colonies to the Falklands on Isla Magdalena (Chile) and Staten Island (Argentina) appear to have increased as Falklands populations declined.
It suggests that insufficient chicks are being reared in the Falklands to replace natural adult mortality.
The two Falklands species which do not compete for food with commercial fishing have both increased since commercial fishing began, possibly filling part of the niche left by species that have declined.
www.falklands.net /Newsletter1.shtml   (1273 words)

 Falkland Islands Book Shop -  1982 Falklands War
Argentina's continuing claim to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, against Britain, was still in the hands of the United Nations when in 1982, Argentine troops seized the islands in a lightning raid.
June 1982, and in the middle of a South Atlantic winter, the Falklands War is at its height.
This military history of the Falklands War describes how the Task Force was assembled, within limited resources, and although 255 British servicemen lost their lives, of how victory was secured.
www.falklands.info /books/conflict.html   (4404 words)

 Excite France - Falklands War > Wars and Conflicts > Twentieth Century > By Time Period > History > Society ...
Based on the book "Battles of the Falklands War", it covers all actions as well as unit, ship and squadron movements with maps and photos.
The Falklands War as seen by the crew of the British frigate HMS Broadsword.
Covers the war on land, sea and air largely from the British perspective.
www.excite.fr /directory/Society/History/By_Time_Period/Twentieth_Century/Wars_and_Conflicts/Falklands_War   (236 words)

 Mazaworld - The Falklands War
The war was triggered by the occupation of South Georgia by Argentina on 19 March 1982 followed by the occupation of the Falklands, and ended with Argentine surrender on 14 June 1982.
Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas, is an island group, British dependency, in the South Atlantic Ocean, east of the Strait of Magellan and northeast of the southern tip of South America.
The low-lying areas of the Falklands are composed of clay, slate, and soft sandstone, and the hills and ridges are formed of hard sandstone and white quartzite.
www.mazalien.com /the-falklands-war.html   (1865 words)

 Falklands War, 1982
Falkland Islands War, 1982, by Ralph Zuljan (On War.Com)
Battles of the Falklands Islands War, 1982, by Gordon Smith (Naval History.Net).
Falklands Conflict, the View from Plymouth, by Steve Johnson.
www.regiments.org /wars/20thcent/82falkis.htm   (348 words)

 Falklands Network - Falklands penguins war
A North Wales man claims a sinister campaign to silence his important environmental research is being waged against him in the Falkland Islands.
After a war of words about the results with his employers - environmental charity Falklands Conservation - Mr Bingham lost his job when his contract ended and the post was re-advertised.
Though the oil companies have so far not found commercial quantities, drilling is shortly to begin to the west of the Falklands, the most sensitive wildlife area.
www.falklands.net /InTheNewspapersDailyPost.shtml   (1431 words)

 Falklands: war and lies|17Mar07|Socialist Worker
It is 25 years since Thatcher launched the Falklands War to save her career.
This was a myth that became one of the cornerstones of Thatcherism.
Another important colonial war was fought in Dhofar, a province of the sultanate of Oman.
www.socialistworker.co.uk /article.php?article_id=10932   (1651 words)

 Malvinas / Falklands
Falklands Conflict Produced by Navy News, newspaper of the Royal navy.
Crucial Falklands role played by US missiles Guardian article explains in 2002 how Thatcher would have lost the Falklands war in 1982 if America had failed to provide crucial missiles to bolster British air defences.
Falklands war almost spread to Gibraltar UK Guardian, July 2004: One of the Argentinian admirals who sent his country to war with Britain over the Falkland islands has admitted that he dispatched a team of saboteurs to sink a Royal Navy ship in Gibraltar.
www.casahistoria.net /Malvinas_Falklands.htm   (2415 words)

 RealClearPolitics - Articles - A Second Falklands?
When Argentina invaded the Falklands Islands in April 1982 and ignited the Falklands War with Great Britain, many commentators saw the conflict as something of a quaint historical anomaly, a "throwback" campaign reminiscent of 19th century "petty scrapes" imperial Britain engaged in when the sun never set on its globe-circling empire.
The Falklands War serves as a historical sketch of a dangerous gambit.
With the battle cry, "Las Malvinas son Argentinas" (the Falklands are Argentine, Malvinas being the Argentine name for the islands), the junta launched an "anti-imperialist" international confrontation.
www.realclearpolitics.com /articles/2007/06/a_second_falklands.html   (691 words)

 Falklands Network - Falklands war of the penguins
Whether you concentrate on the decline, the increase, or the overall change depends on your viewpoint or political stance.
The Falklands are made up of more than 700 islands, with a total land area of 12,000 square kilometres, but they have a human population of less than 4,000 people (2,500 civilians and 1,500 military personnel).
The Falklands may seem an unlikely destination for ecotourism, but in fact they receive more than 30,000 tourists per year, and the numbers are growing.
www.falklands.net /Newsletters.shtml   (216 words)

 The Falklands War: 1982
The Falklands War: 1982 is the definitive treatment of this amphibious war in the South Atlantic.
The Falklands War: 1982 development and BETA test teams have completed work on this definitive work on this South Atlantic conflict.
The Falklands War: 1982 development team has completed work on the coding and is ready to begin post-production work.
www.prosimco.com /tfw   (1235 words)

 WAR & PEAS. Intimate Letters from the Falklands War 1982 By Rear Admiral John Lippiett CB MBE
WAR and PEAS is a book with a difference, containing the raw emotions of letters written between John Lippiett and his wife Jenny during the short but intense Falklands War.
She, pregnant and struggling to be brave, is looking after their two children, their errant dog and the peas in the garden, while he, onboard HMS Ambuscade, is battling not only with the enemy, but also with the elements.
The letters are interspersed with descriptions of daily life at sea during the war, together with accounts of operations and extracts from Daily Orders and other documents of the time.
www.falklandswarletters.com   (822 words)

 IWM Portal > Your History > Facts + Information : Falklands War 1982, Linda Kitson's artistic record
With hindsight she felt that the 'horrors of war' were best left to the photographers anyway, and that she did her best work recording the daily life of the troops and the conditions in which they had to operate.
Kitson returned to Britain after the re-taking of the Falklands but well before the return of the troops and an exhibition of her many drawings was organised at great speed in November 1982 in order to capitalise on public interest in the war.
The drawings were exhibited at the Imperial War Museum, November 1982 - February 1983, and a selection was then toured in the UK in response to demand from regional galleries.
www.iwm.org.uk /server/show/ConWebDoc.2478   (479 words)

  Falklands War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas) was fought in 1982 between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the Falkland Islands (also known in Spanish as the Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.
The war was triggered by the occupation of South Georgia by Argentine forces on 19 March 1982 followed by the occupation of the Falklands, and ended with Argentine surrender on 14 June 1982.
The war has played an important role in the culture of both countries, and has been the subject of several books, movies, and songs, although due to the low number of casualties on both sides it is not seen as a truly major event of either military or 20th century history.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Falklands_War   (10329 words)

 Background to the Falklands War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On April 5, 1764, France established a settlement on East Falkland and claimed the islands, which the Spanish offered to buy as they were concerned about disrupting the balance of power in the region.
Between 1976 and 1983—under military rule—in the middle of the "Dirty War", supposedly waged against communism, thousands of people, most of them dissidents and innocent civilians unconnected with terrorism, were arrested and then vanished without trace.
Critics of the invasion by Argentina claim that the Junta sought to use the patriotism of war to quell unrest in the working classes, hoping that whilst engulfed in a patriotic fervour, the Argentines would forget about the crisis, and the crimes of their military.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Background_to_the_Falklands_War   (624 words)

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