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Topic: Fallout shelter

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  The Ward-O-Matic: Fallout Shelter Handbook 1962
There are a few advertisements in the Fallout Shelter Handbook, most of which are dull and mundane.
If you were somewhere that you needed to be in a fallout shelter, you'd need to be in it for years.
Fallout shelters are still built in Switzerland in all residential houses and most underground carparks are fallout shelters.
wardomatic.blogspot.com /2006/11/fallout-shelter-handbook-1962.html   (2079 words)

 Fallout shelter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fallout shelter building or structure that may be used as a protective area against the dangers of radiation; typically concrete or brick buildings,.
Fallout shelters are a good defense from radiation but are woefully inadequate in the US and should become a government priority, she said fallout shelter..
Fallout shelters which are a part of a private residence and are intended for private.
www.topdebt.com /fallout-shelter.html   (298 words)

 2175 -- Evacuation Plan
The City has a number of municipal buildings and a number of fallout shelters that were build specially to hide municipal workers in case of a nuclear war.
Instead of assigning every worker to a fallout shelter individually (which will be a huge amount of information to keep), they allocated fallout shelters to municipal buildings, listing the number of workers from every building that shall use a given fallout shelter, and left the task of individual assignments to the buildings' management.
The City Council claims that their evacuation plan is optimal, in the sense that it minimizes the total time to reach fallout shelters for all workers in The City, which is the sum for all workers of the time to go from the worker's municipal building to the fallout shelter assigned to this worker.
acm.pku.edu.cn /JudgeOnline/problem?id=2175   (794 words)

 still more about fallout shelter
A fallout shelter is a civil defense measure intendedto reduce casualties in a nuclear war.
1950s Fallout Shelter intuit quickbooks pro 2002 The Secretary of the Treasury was always ready to oblige his colleagues in the Cabinet by taking care of their friends to any reasonable extent.
1950s Fallout Shelter emerald jewelry The John Brown tragedy was of course deeply felt by Sarah and Angelina, and the bitter and desperate feelings which inspired it fully sympathized with.
www.yourinsuranceworld.com /shelter/falloutshelter   (879 words)

 Homeland Security, Fallout Shelter
The basic difference between a tornado shelter and a fallout shelter is the 30 inches of dirt over a fallout shelter, and the U shaped air inlet and outlet that makes the air go up before it enters the shelter.
Most fallout is heavy dust that will not go up the curved 6 inch air intake pipe, especially if it has a dust filter on it.
You need to build and stock your own Fallout Shelter to survive the fallout from nuclear explosions or accidents in the USA or the Middle East.
www.ballew.org /homeland/fallout.html   (611 words)

 Gimme Shelter
Fallout shelters now occupy a peculiar space between being relegated to the past and taking up space in the present.
June could not recall exactly how much it cost to build the shelter, although she thinks they spent around $2,000, “which in those days was quite a bit of money, about the cost of a new car,” to build and stock the shelter.
Fallout shelters were administered by the U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration, which operated from 1951 in various forms until 1979, when its functions were pulled into the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
www.pyramid.net /burghart/Fallout.htm   (2212 words)

 Bones: The Man in the Fallout Shelter - TV.com
Brennan and her team are brought in to identify the body of a man found in a fallout shelter.
All The Man in the Fallout Shelter Trivia »
All The Man in the Fallout Shelter Allusions »
www.tv.com /bones/the-man-in-the-fallout-shelter/episode/549915/summary.html   (880 words)

 Understanding Radioactive Fallout
Although the purpose of this article is to discuss the effects of radioactive fallout after a nuclear attack, it is appropriate first to briefly go over the other effects of these powerful weapons so that a good understanding of the situation leading to the necessity of sheltering from fallout can be had.
Given a large flat area covered with fallout, a person receives 50% of their exposure from the area within a radius of 25 feet, 75% of their exposure comes from the fallout within a radius of 50 feet, and 25% of their dose comes from beyond 50 feet.
The public fallout shelters that once were found underneath almost every school, hospital, and other public building are no longer stocked with emergency food, water, and medical supplies and other rescue and radiological equipment.
home.att.net /~sustinemus/nuke/fallout.html   (4942 words)

 Improvising Fallout Protection for Your Family   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An improvised shelter may not give as much protection from fallout radiation as a permanent shelter, but any protection is better than none.
Shelters can also be improvised in the crawl space under your house, or on the ground floor if there is no basement or crawl space.
After all occupants are inside the shelter space, block the entrance way with concrete blocks, sandbags, bricks, earth, or other dense shielding material.
interests.caes.uga.edu /disaster/nuclear/articles/nuclear06.htm   (485 words)

 Welcome to SurvivalRing > Civil Defense Now! > Build A Fallout Shelter >
Most people who would hear the words "fallout shelter" these days, would think they were in the vicinity of the neighborhood kook, or maybe a member of a wierd religous cult.
Current Federal government thought on community shelters are to instead replace their use with various forms and methods of CRISIS RELOCATION, or moving mass populations out of cities into rural areas, where there would be less loss of life, at least as direct result of nuclear detonations.
I have also seen plans where the shelter was used as an underground maintenance room for a swimming pool, with water pump, filters, and heating equipment for the pool all in the underground room.
www.survivalring.org /buildfallout.htm   (3721 words)

 Mini Blast & Fallout Shelter
The shelter room is a cylinder 46 inches in diameter and 12 feet long, which is fabricated from two 6 by 12-foot sheets of 10-gauge cold-rolled steel.
The shelter is buried with three feet of earth over the top of the shelter room and the 25 1/2 inch entryways extending two inches above the ground surface to avoid rain run-off into the shelter.
The shelter should be located as far as is convenient away from burnable structures and on the side toward any expected nuclear targets so that the buildings will fall away from the shelter.
www.radshelters4u.com /mini-blast-shelter.htm   (2211 words)

 CONELRAD: Atomic Platters | Fallout Shelter by Billy Chambers [1962]
Its melodramatic storyline of a boy who wants to share his family's shelter with his girlfriend and his father's intervention is a perfect blending of elements from the overt and the allegorical/subtle Bomb song.
A secondary, non-amphetamine induced inspiration for his song, according Braddock, was a 1961 episode of the "The Twilight Zone" (The Shelter) in which a false attack alert throws a small community into chaos with a neighbor's shelter becoming a flashpoint of mob violence.
"Fallout Shelter," which was recorded in two or three takes along with the ironically titled A-side of the disk ("That's When I Stopped Living"), was sung by 24-year-old Billy Chambers and a chorus of back-up singers from Florida Southern College.
conelrad.com /media/atomicmusic/sh_boom.php?platter=29   (1086 words)

 F-5 Storm & Fallout Shelters--Fallout   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In terms of population put at risk, radioactive fallout is by far the most important effect of ground-burst nuclear weapons.
A Fallout Shelter is needed everywhere outside of the areas exposed to the risk of blast.
The rest of the shelter is already protected from the fallout by the dirt on top of the shelter.
www.f-5stormshelters.com /fallout.htm   (980 words)

 [No title]
Hospital fallout shelters are among that class of protected facilities which...
Hall said that he guessed the reason the government used the basement as a fallout shelter was because the building's thick walls, constructed out of stone 18 to 24 inches thick, would serve as an adequate shield against radiation.
Fallout shelters do not need to be specially constructed for protecting against fallout.
www.lycos.com /info/fallout-shelter.html   (386 words)

 Fallout Shelter Construction and Stocking
These include such reminders as to pull the crawlspace sandbags into position, to deliver a battery into the bushes and connect it to the wire already strung, to bring a chair into the closet before closing and locking the door, and to use duct tape to seal the door shut.
Fallout shelters are produced through the work of poorly organized local construction workers, handimen and day laborers.
If a construction company were to specialize in producing fallout shelters they might generate enough revenue to make contributions to political campaigns.
www.lacarte.org /calamity/projects/fallout/index.html   (918 words)

Radioactive fallout is the particulate matter (dust) produced by a nuclear explosion and carried high up into the air by the mushroom cloud.
This radioactive fallout 'dust' is dangerous because it is emitting penetrating radiation energy (similar to x-ray's).
As cramped as that crawl space fallout shelter might seem, the vital shielding provided by simply moving some mass into place could be the difference between exposure to a lethal dose of radiation and the survival of your family.
www.ki4u.com /guide.htm   (5054 words)

 [No title]
To the left is where the generator was stored and up against the far wall is where the heating and air conditioning unit was placed.
Fallout shelters were principally the work of the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, in conjunction with state and local officials.
The shelters were part of a comprehensive program created to prepare U.S. citizens in the event of a nuclear attack.
www.lycos.com /info/fallout-shelter--miscellaneous.html   (449 words)

 Civil Defense Fallout Shelter Sign (ca. 1960s)
The Office of Civil Defense originally intended fallout shelters to use the radiation warning symbol (yellow background with a magenta circle in the center of three magenta blades) but this idea was rejected because a fallout shelter represents safety whereas the radiation warning symbol represents a hazard.
The above version of the national fallout shelter sign was introduced to the public by the Defense Department on December 1, 1961.
Unlike this example, these signs often had yellow arrows below the words "fallout shelter" to indicate the direction to the shelter.
www.orau.org /PTP/collection/civildefense/sheltersign.htm   (522 words)

 Civil Defense Museum-Fallout Shelter Supplies Main Page
During the Fallout Shelter program the Office of Civil Defense provided supplies to be stocked in marked community shelters.
The Shelter Management Textbook does state that if there was a outbreak of illness let alone the effects of radiation that these supplies would have been severely taxed and supplemental supplies would have to be sought out.
Fallout shelter supplies were available for purchase by Federal agencies and State and local governments.....
www.civildefensemuseum.com /shelsupp.html   (1401 words)

 Build a Fallout Shelter - By Richard Fleetwood
If your home is north of a military base, then you want to use the southern wall of your basment or the yard by the north facing side of your house to put your fallout shelter.
Most fallout shelters have a masonry area covered at least by some earth to help slow down the path of gamma rays.
Most of these people are more concerned with whether or not their new car needs another coat of wax, or if they need to pick up their laundry or have their fingernails refinished at the local mall on the way home.
members.aol.com /rafleet/fallout.htm   (1587 words)

 Fallout Shelter - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
Fallout Shelter - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
CBS News learns that plans are afoot to build a fallout shelter for President Kennedy in Hyannis Port, his summer home on Cape Cod.
Edward McDermott, Deputy Director of Civil Defense, said that one of the best ways to cut national apathy about Civil Defense was for federal officials to set an example, and that is what the President is going to do by getting a fallout shelter in his summer home.
www.jfklibrary.org /Historical+Resources/Archives/Reference+Desk/Fallout+Shelter.htm   (243 words)

 Fallout shelter
Radiation levels from the blast itself drop off rapidly with increasing distance, and fallout is also lower as you move away and/or upwind from any blast.
If you do build a shelter, the amount of radiation attenuation given by 16 inches of concrete (compared to 24 inches) is a factor of 2 or so, depending on the composition of the concrete.
And, if you build a shelter, please have the design checked out by a professional—it would be a shame to have it cave in on you or collapse after a few years.
www.hps.org /publicinformation/ate/q1470.html   (763 words)

The first type of shelter was the basement shelter, typically just an area of the basement walled off by concrete, brick, or wood.
Various companies sold different shelters, which cost as little as one hundred dollars for a basement shelter to as much as five thousands dollars for an underground shelter with a telephone and a toilet.
The government tried to normalize the fallout shelter stocking process by telling people to stock their shelters like they would stock their pantry if they were living in the country far away from the grocery store.
www.piedmontcommunities.us /servlet/go_ProcServ/DBPAGE=page&MODE=display&GID=01302001151018136206721507&PG=01302001151018136206973037&START_COUNT=1   (535 words)

We were told that a updated bulletin was in the process of being published in the near future.
chemical or other types, shall be provided on the basis of one toilet per 50 fallout shelter occupants.
Toilets may be outside the fallout shelter in other portions of the building provided that they may be reached by occupants of the fallout shelter without exposure to direct fallout radiation as defined in TR-20 (Volume 1), Shelter Design and Analysis
www.detailshere.com /govtfalloutshelterbulletin.htm   (1635 words)

 fallout shelter
Many old institutions were equipped as Emergency Fallout Shelters, comforting communities during the Cold War.
The shelters may contain anything from large drums of drinking water to sanitary bathroom supply kits; the more well-equipped ones contained Medical Kits.
According to the Office of Civil Defense's 1962 instructions for a Fallout Shelter Medical Kit, unless you were among a small handful of health professionals, "the special medicines should NOT be used." Hmm...
www.urbanlens.com /files/fallout/fallout.html   (304 words)

 Root Cellar
It is to be used in case of the structure is used as a fallout shelter.
The entryway should be curved so that the structure can have a secondary purpose of being a fallout shelter.
The dome is covered with straw to help the structure achieve it's ultimate load capacity, which is achieved due to the effect of earth arching.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/robert_conroy/rootcell.htm   (291 words)

 American Shelter Technologies
Throughout their history, Wonder Buildings have pioneered the development of new applications, working with the military and government agencies and private industry to solve new shelter problems.
Wonder Buildings have been used for a variety of earth-covered and hardened applications including underground homes, underground tank and pipe covers, storm shelters, fallout shelters, bomb shelters, aircraft shelters, and other protective shelters.
Wonder Buildings have been been successfully tested as ammunition shelters, earth-covered shelters, and hardened aircraft shelters by the United States Department of Defense.
www.americansheltertechnologies.com /contents/general/history.asp   (880 words)

 GROUND ZERO | The Greenbrier: Five Star Fallout Shelter or the Graceland of Atomic Tourism
Share your thoughts about the Five Star Fallout Shelter with other CONELRAD readers at the GREENBRIER QuickTopic message board.
In the summer of 1992 the Washington Post revealed the existence the immense government shelter you are about to read about.
The left over propaganda posters (which are now "exhibits") warning staff never to divulge their mission is the creepiest reminder that the public was never intended to see the inside of the shelter.
www.conelrad.com /groundzero/greenbrier.html   (738 words)

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