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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  History of Falstaff Beer and the Falstaff Brewing Corp.
Falstaff Brewing was the story of two St. Louis based brewing families, the Lemps and Griesediecks.
By the 1960s, Falstaff was the third largest brewer in America with plants situated from coast to coast.
The Falstaff breweries were eventually closed and most of the equipment sent to China.
www.falstaffbrewing.com   (1235 words)

 Jack Falstaff
Join Executive Chef Jonnatan Leiva at Jack Falstaff every Saturday evening for a taste of the day's Farmer's Market Find.
If the day's best is a cheese, then that's what will be served - or it could be the perfect peach or the most fabulous figs - depending on the season.
www.plumpjack.com /falstaff1.html   (211 words)

Sir John Falstaff is a fictional character who appears in three plays by William Shakespeare as a companion to Prince Hal, the future King Henry V. A fat, vainglorious, and cowardly knight, Falstaff leads the apparently wayward Prince Hal into trouble, but he is ultimately repudiated after Hal becomes king.
Falstaff's lines in The Merry Wives of Windsor are usually not included because the Falstaff of that play is generally viewed by scholars as a different depiction of the character.
Marvel's Falstaff is an Asgardian, a member of the Warriors Three, and a friend and comrade of the demi-god superhero Thor.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Falstaff   (1719 words)

  Falstaff of Merry Wives
Falstaff's fame (and unmistakable form) were carried on into Henry IV, Part II, and his dying words give a reverberating pathos (even in the Hostess's mouth) to the early scenes of Henry V.
Falstaff is a superb talker, an incomparable performer, a veritable "star of England," but he could never be considered for the criminal mastermind Oscar.
It is vital that Falstaff be caught so that he may save himself with his wit, be fooled so that he may whip his persecutors with words, and be abused so that he may strike back with his most unsavory similes.
dsc.dixie.edu /shakespeare/falstess.htm   (1377 words)

 Sir John Falstaff (In-Depth Analysis)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Two reasons that Falstaff retains this esteem are that he plays his scoundrel’s role with such gusto and that he never enjoys enough success to become a real villain; even his highway robbery ends in humiliation for him.
Falstaff seems to scorn morality largely because he has such a hearty appetite for life and finds the niceties of courtesy and honor useless when there are jokes to be told and feasts to be eaten.
Largely a creature of words, Falstaff has earned the admiration of some Shakespearean scholars because of the self-creation he achieves through language: Falstaff is constantly creating a myth of Falstaff, and this myth defines his identity even when it is visibly revealed to be false.
www.sparknotes.com /shakespeare/henry4pt1/terms/charanal_2.html   (334 words)

 Falstaff Lemp Brewery History
Falstaff Beer was introduced in 1903 by the William J. Lemp Brewing Co.of St. Louis.
Falstaff expanded its illfated feed division in 1967 by aquiring a feed mill in La Grange,Texas.
Falstaff was once the 3rd largest brewers in the nation, in 1975 they were number six, now they are just about gone.
www.breweriana.com /history/historyfalstaff.html   (671 words)

 What “Maior” is Falstaff Denying?
It follows proper Elizabethan form, is based on the principal question of the scene, allows Falstaff to remain focused on his objective (proving he is brave), follows easily from the dialogue, and, as we shall see, allows Falstaff to make a witty pun on "major," showing his presence of mind in the midst of danger.
Falstaff's pun on "major" as "officer" is apparent, but I believe an aural pun, based on a similar pronunciation of "major" and "mayor," was unlikely for the Elizabethans and certainly impossible for today's audience.
Hence Falstaff's pun," and the note in the Arden edition explains that the pun is a "quibbling on 'major/mayor', pronounced often spelt alike." None of these notes questions the assertion that "maior" ("major") is pronounced the same as "maior" ("mayor").
www.shakespeare-usa.com /Maior.htm   (3077 words)

 Nov98 Falstaff and Folly articl   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Falstaff seems graced with god-like powers, as when he joyously boasts, "The brain of this foolish-compounded clay, man, is not able to invent anything that intends to laughter more than I invent or is invented on me" (2HIV, 1.2.7-9).
Falstaff's sententious and moralistic discourse caricatures regal rhetoric (the King's opening speech suggests a penchant for over elaboration, and in 3.2 Henry delivers one of the longest speeches in all Shakespeare).
Falstaff thus embodies another paradox of folly: full of life, he is closer to death.
www.williams.edu /English/faculty/rbell/ShakesGreatFool.html   (5468 words)

 Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast Information Center - Opera Archive
Falstaff was in many ways Verdi’s crowning achievement — it took him to the end of a successful opera composition career while sending him to a completely new genre and composing experience.
Falstaff was an archetype, a lovable fat scoundrel and rogue who amusingly indulges in mischief.
Falstaff is not so much the victim of deceit and trickery as the cause of fun, frolic and laughter.
archive.operainfo.org /broadcast/operaBackground.cgi?id=46&language=1   (737 words)

 University Productions Presents - Falstaff
Falstaff had long been one of Verdi's favorite characters and Boito's libretto is one of the most brilliant adaptations of Shakespeare in opera.
At the end Falstaff concedes his defeat, but admits that "Were it not for the salt I give your lives when you laugh at me, your life would be really boring." Director Joshua Major has focused on this aspect of the comedy.
The plan for Falstaff to meet Alice in the park at midnight is overheard by Ford and Dr. Caius, who arrange for Falstaff's come-uppance and Caius' marriage to Nannetta that very night.
www.music.umich.edu /performances_events/productions/past/00-01/uprod-falstaff.html   (1655 words)

 Falstaff Beer History
Falstaff becomes the first beer to be delivered by air - Tony Janus attempts delivery a case of Falstaff from St Louis in a Benoist type aircraft to the mayor of New Orleans.
Falstaff kept their brewer's yeast alive during prohibition, and later insured it with Lloyd's of London for over $1 million to ensure its famous flavor.
Falstaff was also involved in litigation from a stockholder reference the divergence of company funds to pay for the Pabst take over as well as the City of Saint Louis.
www.falstaffbrewing.com /interest.htm   (9268 words)

 Amazon.ca: Falstaff Or The Three Tricks: Music: Antonio Salieri,Alberto Veronesi,Milan Madrigalists,Filippo ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Salieri's "Falstaff, ossia le tre burli" ("Falstaff, or the three hoaxes"), to a libretto by Carlo Prospero Gianfranceschi, was first performed in Vienna in 1799, making it one of his last operas.
Another highglight is Falstaff's Act I aria ("Nell'impero di Cupido"), which is somewhat reminiscent of Bartolo's Act I aria in "Figaro" and even seems to look ahead to some of Rossini's buffo patter songs (I am thinking in particular of Don Magnifico's Act III aria in "Cenerentola").
Falstaff, is one of Salieri's last operas (Vienna, 1799), and one of the first to derive its plot from Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor (later composers like Adolphe-Charles Adam, and Guisseppe Verdi composed operas on the same subject during the 19th century).
www.amazon.ca /Falstaff-Three-Tricks-Antonio-Salieri/dp/B000005Z6S   (2350 words)

 Falstaff - Giuseppe Verdi
Falstaff was first performed at La Scala in February, 1893--the year that Verdi was to turn 80--and the opera was a popular and critical success, a triumph for the aging maestro.
Falstaff sings a long, ironic monologue on the subject of honor, cynically concluding that honor is nothing but a word.
Falstaff's ruse is quickly discovered by the wives and Ford; two separate plots of revenge are hatched, seeking retribution by utilizing Falstaff's own vanity and overconfidence to bring him down.
www.culturevulture.net /Opera/Falstaff.htm   (748 words)

 Portale Guseppe Verdi Ing | Life and Operas | Falstaff
Sir John Falstaff is accused by Cajus to be a thief, but the only answer the rotund Falstaff gives is to have him thrown out of the tavern.
Falstaff, soaking wet, is furious for the treatment given him, but Quickly reassures him: it was the fault of the servants.
, 1893 at the Scala in Milan; the conductor was Edoardo Mascheroni, with Victor Maurel in the role of Falstaff (baritone), Giuseppina Pasqua as Mrs.
www.giuseppeverdi.it /Inglese/page.asp?IDCategoria=162&IDSezione=580&ID=19737   (979 words)

The story revolves around Sir John Falstaff, who, having fallen out of favor with his royal cohorts in King Henry's court, is financially and romantically washed up, a toper and a gourmand, an eternal roustabout of huge girth and character with only slightly quashed pride and blowhardiness to match.
Musically, Falstaff differs from operatic norm, with no set arias interspersed with recitative, but a subtle telling of the tale in rhythmic and melodic motifs -- a fusing of dramaturgy and music.
Falstaff is a figure of fun to all, but it's the music that laughs the loudest, and which keeps a smile on the faces in the audience.
www.vnuemedia.com /thr/reviews/review_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000953853   (601 words)

 Robert Fulford's column about Falstaff   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He plays madcap prince (with Falstaff as a prop), lowering everyone's expectations, and then emerges as the grand and kingly Henry V, in the process discarding his old friend.
It might have been wonderful, our modern showman Falstaff breathing fresh life into the old fellow, but it turned out to be one more of the ruins littering the landscape of Welles' career.
Falstaff reacts against a world driven mad by twisted idealism; early in the 15th century, people are still talking about another crusade to the Holy Land.
www.robertfulford.com /Falstaff.html   (936 words)

 Falstaff (81)
Falstaff's action on the field leads to his proverb, "the better part of valour is discretion" (Act V, scene iv).
Falstaff is left on his own while Prince Hal must adjust to his new situation as his father, the king, falls ill and dies.
Reaction to and significance of the "Windsor Falstaff."
www.fictional100.com /falstaff.html   (356 words)

 The St. Petersburg Times - Arts + Features - A very merry Falstaff
Mistress Quickly (Mzia Nioradze) urges Falstaff to court Alice, while Alice’s husband (Alexander Gergalov) disguises himself as her unhappy admirer “Fontana” and comes to Falstaff to convince the ladies’ man to seduce Alice.
Mistress Quickly persuades Falstaff to meet Alice in Windsor Forest, where the long-suffering man gets pinched, punched, tickled and pricked by Alice, Meg and the rest of the crowd pretending to be “evil spirits.” Nannetta and Fenton use this masquerade to get married.
Falstaff, who should react violently to the tortures of the “evil spirits,” instead receives passively an attack of quite merciful and not-very-energetic little pinches.
www.sptimes.ru /index.php?action_id=2&story_id=16870   (807 words)

 Exbiblio Blog - The Story of a Startup » Blog Archive » Falstaff
We’ve been using the name Falstaff to refer to our first prototype of the oPen.
Falstaff will have three printed circuit boards (PCBs) to connect all of its electronic components: a processor board that has the processor, RAM, and ROM; an input/output board that has the buttons and lights; and an image-sensor board that, you guessed it, holds the image sensor and illumination lights.
Here’s a picture of Rev 1 of the Falstaff processor board which was completed on Wednesday.
blogs.exbiblio.com /2006/08/25/falstaff   (349 words)

 WMU News - Four performancs of "Falstaff" staged in Dalton   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Tickets are available in advance through the Miller Auditorium Ticket Office at (269) 387-2300 or (800) 228-9858 and also may be purchased at the door.
"Falstaff," based on Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor," tells the story of the legendary fat knight's hilarious attempts to seduce two married women, and the humorous way the "Merry Wives" teach Falstaff the error of his ways.
The opera will be sung by alternating student casts in Andrew Porter's English translation, accompanied by an instrumental chamber ensemble conducted by WMU faculty member David Little.
www.wmich.edu /wmu/news/2006/02/009.html   (235 words)

 ML Hart - Opera: Production Photographs / Falstaff
Falstaff and Dame Quickly, arranging for his visit to Mistress Ford - he is perfectly convinced that she will not be able to resist him, not realizing that the ladies see right through him and are already planning to forestall his plans.
Falstaff, in disguise, awaits his fateful rendez-vous in the forest at midnight.
Falstaff is hidden in the laundry basket - although this scene comes from the Shakespearean original play, there is a greater sense of fun in the opera.
www.mlhart.com /opera/01falstaff.htm   (826 words)

 Amazon.com: Verdi - Falstaff / Gobbi · Schwarzkopf · Moffo · Karajan: Music: Giuseppe Verdi,Herbert von Karajan,Tito ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This Karajan Falstaff has much to recommend it: Fedora Barbieri's Mistress Quickly is a force of nature, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, only slightly affected, is a liquid, appealing Alice Ford, and Luigi Alva and the young Anna Moffo are ideal as the young lovers, Fenton and Nanetta.
As is usual with this great singing actor, his characterization comes from within--his is a Falstaff born to be deflated, arrogant and self-deluding on a level that is actually funny.
Conductor: Herbert von Karajan with the Philharmonia Orchestra and Chorus.
www.amazon.com /Verdi-Falstaff-Gobbi-Schwarzkopf-Karajan/dp/B00000K4GH   (2039 words)

 Chapter Falstaff <i>to</i> Fashionable Lover of F by Brewer's Readers Handbook
Falstaff (Sir John), in The Merry Wives of Windsor, and in the two parts of Henry IV.
“Falstaff” is a character loaded with faults, and with those faults which naturally produce contempt.
He is a thief and a glutton, a coward and a boaster, always ready to cheat the weak and prey upon the poor, to terrify the timorous and insult the defenceless.
www.bibliomania.com /2/3/174/1116/14680/1.html   (655 words)

 Online NewsHour: Becoming Falstaff -- January 7, 2004
Jack Falstaff is part truth teller, amid the hypocrisy, rivalry and open warfare for the throne of England, as he leads young Prince Harry into a life of drink and debauchery.
But if you steal and you've appropriated it because it resonates and because you actually, somewhere in your core, if one has one of those, it's, it actually reflects how you feel about a particular line or a particular moment or scene, then it's no longer, it's no longer stolen, it is now shared.
KEVIN KLINE: Falstaff is one of the greatest rationalizers in all of literature.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/entertainment/jan-june04/falstaff_01-07.html   (1283 words)

 CD Baby: FALSTAFF: Streetcar Giant
Falstaff began life as an acoustic duo, developing early into a full band as the music's potential made itself evident.
With their song driven style and an awareness of their acoustic roots, Falstaff is poised to continue their rapid rise.
Falstaff is a very professional sounding 5 piece band from Virginia Beach, VA. This full length CD shows Falstaff's absolutely unclassifiable sound.
cdbaby.com /cd/falstaff   (567 words)

 Falstaff - Moviefone
Falstaff Movie at CD Universe Falstaff DVD movie $20.55 in stock at CD Universe, DVD Features Region 1 Keep Case Full Frame 1,33 Audio Dolby Digital 2,0 Italian Subtitles English,...
Falstaff Movie at CD Universe Falstaff DVD movie $34.25 in stock at CD Universe, Antonio Salieri's 1750-1825 &#39;opera buffa' in two acts, based on Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor.
Campanadas a medianoche (1965) The tenderness she feels for Falstaff is crucial in softening his character a...
movies.aol.com /movie/falstaff/1011361/main   (158 words)

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