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Topic: Falun

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  Falun Gong, Falun Dafa, Falungong - religious cults, sects and movements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Falun Gong's founder, who promotes racism, has told Western reporters that humanity will soon be wiped out, that space aliens are on Earth trying to replace human beings with clones and that he is invested with supernatural powers allowing him to move through dimensions.
Falun Gong (pronounced fah-luhn gung) borrows heavily from Buddhist and Taoist philosophies and styles itself as a school of qigong (pronounced chee-gong), a traditional Chinese practice that uses meditation and martial arts exercises to channel unseen forces and improve health.
Falun Gong followers in Hong Kong and the United States are squabbling over assertions by a woman in the southern Chinese territory that she is the ''true master'' of the spiritual movement, having taken over from its founder, Li Hongzhi, who has dropped from view.
www.apologeticsindex.org /f02.html   (4921 words)

  Falun Gong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Falun Gong professes a number of beliefs, some of which are similar to various schools and systems of belief such as Taoism, Christianity and especially Buddhism as well as other tenets unique to Falun Gong, including seemingly New Age and apocalyptic beliefs.
Falun Gong practitioners believe that illnesses are the result of karma (similar to "fl" or "bad" karma in other systems), and teach that the practice of these exercises will cleanse the body and eliminate the karma, thereby improving health.
All Falun Gong exercises are taught free of charge by Falun Gong practitioners and are detailed in Li's books, which may also be found free of charge on their websites (such as http://www.falundafa.org).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Falun_Dafa   (3399 words)

 Falun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Falun is a city in central Sweden and the seat of Falun Municipality.
Falun is the city of residence in Dalarna County, and is still an important service and industrial city although the mine itself is closed.
Falun is one of the 134 towns with a historical City status in Sweden.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Falun   (357 words)

 CESNUR - Falun Gong 101 - by Massimo Introvigne
CESNUR - Falun Gong 101 - by Massimo Introvigne
Falun Gong also teaches the law of karma and reincarnation, the need for "tribulations" in order to test the disciple and to pay off karmic debts, and the existence of both benign deities and demonic forces (the aliens interfering with Planet Earth in this century may be manifestations of the latter).
Falun Gong emphasizes the Qi Gong concept of Falun, the center of spiritual and physical energy believed to be situated in the lower abdomen.
www.cesnur.org /testi/falung101.htm   (889 words)

 Falun Dafa Information Center: FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Falun Gong is a traditional Chinese spiritual discipline that includes exercise and meditation.
Falun Gong is not a religion in the sense that the term is understood in Eastern cultures.
Practitioners of Falun Gong in China have, for the past five years, continually made appeals to the Chinese government via peaceful, legal channels, and have resisted the persecution with nonviolent public protests -- acts which, themselves, have often lead to imprisonment, torture and murder at the hands of Chinese police.
faluninfo.net /faq.asp   (1063 words)

 Falun Municipality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Falun Municipality is a Municipality in central Sweden where the city Falun is the seat.
Mining for copper had been a local business since the mid-1200's and the organisation for the extracting of copper and gold from the (Stora Kopparberg) is believed to be the oldest still existing enterprise in the world, proved active since 1347.
Falun is located in the Bergslagen district, and the mining area of the in Falun has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
www.hartselle.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Falun   (391 words)

 falun.se/Välkommen Welcome to Falun!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The town of Falun is the centre of Falun municipality, which has an area of 2,054 sq.
The town of Falun has its origin in the huge copper deposit that was discovered about a thousand years ago, thus at the same time as the vikings still were discovering the world in their own way.
Falun´s profile is mainly caracterized by education and culture, varied trade and industry, media production, environmental efforts, international events and tourism.
www.falun.se /www/falun.nsf/doc/45A2A4C8489AF6D7C1256B210078C182   (268 words)

 Religious Movements Homepage: Falun Gong
Falun Gong members have repeatedly claimed that Falun Gong is not a religion, but a cultivation discipline of a routine set of practices.Li Hongzhi has stated that Falun Gong members can be of many differnent faiths, as Falun Gong does not contradict nor preclude anyfaith.
Falun Gong members were told that their phones were being monitored and that their retirement pensions would be terminated.
Falun Gong is defined by the government as a dangerous cult, and accused of the murders and destruction of manyChinese and their families.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /nrms/falungong.html   (3822 words)

 falun gong
Falun is the miniature of the universe with all the abilities of the universe.
In short, falun gong is based upon the belief that the universe consists of magical energies that can be tapped into by certain practices and which can eliminate the need for medicine, bringing one to a state of enlightenment and physical immortality.
It is anti-science, anti-medical establishment, and anti-materialism; thus, falun gong is attractive to many people who are fed up with the world as it is and their position in it.
www.skepdic.com /falungong.html   (961 words)

 Why is the Jiang Persecuting Falun Gong?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The propaganda was released through government-run media to defame Falun Gong and its founder from June 1996, and escalated to the mobilization of police and the use of physical violence in Tianjin on April 23, 1999.
Were Falun Gong “against” communism or the Government, this would mean that millions of practitioners were “against” themselves: millions of practitioners were Chinese Communist Party members before the ban, and this includes many high-ranking officials.
Mr Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, released a statement on July 22, 1999, in response to the Chinese government's announcement of a nation-wide crackdown on Falun Gong.
back.faluninfo.net /why   (1514 words)

 Falun Dafa - The Falun Dafa Books
Zhuan Falun is a comprehensive explanation of Falun Dafa that ranges across an enormous array of topics, shedding light where no other authors have.
Falun Gong has since been translated into nearly a dozen languages, enabling Falun Dafa's transmission to a variety of cultures and continents; it has proven itself to transcend cultural barriers.
Falun Gong is an introductory book, systematically spelling out the practice of Falun Gong in plain, accessible language.
www.falundafa.org /eng/books.htm   (1100 words)

 FALUN GONG: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
While uniformed and plainclothes policemen kick and pummel members of the banned Falun Gong [group] in Beijing's Tienanmen Square, in Boulder's Eben G Fine park, practitioners of the meditation exercise practice serenely, their only threat being the dropping temperature.
Fifteen months after the CCP outlawed Falun Gong, the group, former Beijing Resident and current Colorado Daily correspondent Joshua Samuel Brown went to the park to discuss the [group], their beliefs, and their outlook on the future with local Falun Gong Practitioners.
Falun Gong practitioners hold sacred the three principles of "Zhen, Shan, Ren," or "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance".
www.falun-co.org /media/co-daily1003-00.htm   (1023 words)

 China: The crackdown on Falun Gong and other so-called "heretical organizations" - Amnesty International
In the case of Falun Gong practitioners, this means that anyone who has petitioned the authorities or taken part in peaceful assemblies or demonstrations against the ban on the group, or who continue to practice Falun Gong despite the ban, is liable to be punished.
A husband and wife, accused of being leaders of the Falun Gong in Wuhan, Hubei province, were sentenced on 6 January 2000 after being found guilty of ''organizing and using a heretical organization to undermine the implementation of the law''.
Several cases have been reported in which Falun Gong practitioners, alone or in groups, were taken by police to mental hospitals where they were detained for periods varying from a few days to several weeks, and often forced to take drugs against their will.
www.web.amnesty.org /ai.nsf/index/ASA170112000   (16245 words)

 Falun Dafa & Falun Gong
Falun Dafa is a largely spiritual movement that incorporates:
However, the Falun Dafa is taught as more than this; it is seen a way of life.
Barend ter Haar, "Falun Gong: Evaluation and further references," at: http://sun.sino.uni-heidelberg.de/
www.religioustolerance.org /falungong.htm   (133 words)

 CNN.com - Hong Kong warns Falun Gong - February 8, 2001
The Falun Gong, which Tung called a "cult," must be closely monitored, he said, adding he was shocked by the images of people who set themselves on fire in an apparent suicide bid in Beijing's Tiananmen Square last month.
The Falun Gong in Hong Kong group said it would be more cautious in light of recent verbal attacks against it by the government and pro-China figures.
Falun Gong has attracted millions of followers, most of them in China, with its combination of slow-motion exercises and philosophy drawn from Taoism, Buddhism and the often unorthdox ideas of founder Li Hongzhi.
archives.cnn.com /2001/WORLD/asiapcf/east/02/08/china.tung.01   (642 words)

 Falun Gong Cult Outlawed
"Falun Gong is indeed an evil cult and it led me to this," said Chen Guo, showing her horrific injuries to Chinese and foreign reporters at a hospital in Henan province, central China.
Cui Dezhen, a Falun Gong practitioner from east China's Shandong Province, was not beaten to death as asserted by the Falun Gong headquarters abroad, but killed accidentally by an electric shock while spreading propaganda materials on the cult.
Falun Gong practitioner Lin Shenli was released on January 23 after serving two years in a penitentiary for labor education and rehabilitation.
english.peopledaily.com.cn /zhuanti/Zhuanti_99.html   (948 words)

 Friends of Falun Gong USA- News/Media Report
Friends of Falun Gong USA is sponsoring a civil lawsuit targeting former head of the Chinese Communist Party Jiang Zemin and the Falun Gong Control Office (Office 6-10).
Falun Gong practitioners who have lived in China or currently live there filed suit under the aegis of the Alien Tort Claims Act and the Torture Victims Protection Act.
Friends of Falun Gong USA believes that all people should be free to follow their spiritual beliefs.
www.fofg.org /news/news_story.php?doc_id=457   (844 words)

 TIMEasia.com: News -- The Breaking Point   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The last time, in November, she brought her four-year-old daughter and unfurled a yellow banner reading, "The Falun Law Is the Universal Law!" Police jailed Liu and threatened to dispatch her to one of China's labor camps.
Falun Gong is an amalgam of religions and exercises that Chinese have known for centuries.
Falun Gong practitioners once conducted their own meditation sessions to musical accompaniment in the factory yard.
www.time.com /time/asia/news/magazine/0,9754,165163,00.html   (2869 words)

 AllRefer.com - Falun, Scandinavia (Scandinavian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It is the headquarters of Sweden's oldest company, the Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags Aktiebolag, founded (1347) to operate the copper mines of Falun (no longer mined).
The company, which helped considerably to finance Gustav II's campaigns during the Thirty Years War (1618–48), is still one of Sweden's largest, holding wide interests in iron, steel, chemicals, lumber, and paper, as well as in hydroelectric power.
Of note in Falun is a 17th-century church, the Kristine Kyrka.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/F/Falun.html   (191 words)

 Falun Dafa Clearwisdom.net
I am one of the police officers in Shouguang City who used to be "at the frontline in the battle against Falun Gong" from 1999 to 2003.
Now that I understand it thoroughly I believe the facts regarding Falun Gong will soon be exposed, and those who are directly involved in the persecution will not be able to escape their historic culpability.
Fourth, I sympathize with and want to help the Falun Gong practitioners who have been illegally arrested, held, imprisoned, sent to labor camps, and fined merely because of their belief.
www.clearwisdom.net /emh/articles/2004/8/23/51656.html   (976 words)

 Open Directory - Society: Religion and Spirituality: Falun Dafa   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Clear Harmony - Falun Dafa in Europe - Provides daily reports on Falun Gong news and activities across Europe, and from the rest of the world, along with media reports and daily news on the persecution in China.
Falun Dafa and Falun Gong - Falun Dafa and Falun Gong: what they are and why the Chinese government is terrified of them.
Falun Gong at Heidelberg - Falun Gong at the Institute of Chinese Studies, Leiden University.
dmoz.org /Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Falun_Dafa   (360 words)

 Falun Dafa Information Center
All except two died from physical abuse in police custody, perpetrated after the individual’s refusal to renounce his or her religious beliefs.
An ethnic Chinese adherent of the Falun Gong, Mr.
Gao also says his deportation may be part of a larger campaign to illegally repatriate several Falun Gong practitioners currently living in Russia.
www.faluninfo.net   (845 words)

 Falun Dafa Clearwisdom.net
The goal of clarifying the truth is to help people understand Falun Gong, to dispel the lies of the communist regime in China and to raise public support to end the persecution.
For a more complete discussion of the illegality of the persecution of Falun Gong, please refer to the article "The Ban on Falun Gong—A Dictator's Whim, Not the Rule of Law".
In the statement, the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practicing Falun Gong, promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.
www.clearwisdom.net /emh/glossary.html   (865 words)

 The Falun Gong, Falun Dafa Movement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Falun Gong turns to international courts in campaign against Chinese leadership
Falun Gong Blamed for 24 Deaths, Injuries in Inner Mongolia
Falun Gong practices in HK amid China ban
www.rickross.com /groups/falun.html   (1012 words)

 Falun Dafa Information Center: Tiananmen   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
By using the pictures of Liu Siying to foment the public’s hatred towards Falun Gong, the government hoped to justify the long-lasting violent crackdown against Falun Gong.
The most striking part of yesterday’s local presentation was the screening of a slow-motion, stop-action version of a videotape that the Chinese government says shows Falun Gong members burning themselves to death Jan. 23 on Tiananmen Square in central Beijing.
Falun Gong members identified the man as a police officer.
www.faluninfo.net /tiananmen/immolation.asp   (1134 words)

 Friends of Falun Gong USA- Act Now
The suppression of Falun Gong by Chinese authorities has spread overseas to democratic countries as well- notably here on American soil.
In all of this, those who practice Falun Gong have remained committed to a nonviolent response; not one case of violent retaliation has been reported - either in China or abroad.
Therefore, we, the undersigned, call on the United States to demand that the government of the People's Republic of China cease its persecution of Falun Gong immediately, and release all Falun Gong prisoners of conscience.
www.fofg.org /act/act_petition.php?pid=1   (391 words)

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