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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

 AlterNet: Sexing Up the Boy Bands
Writing on a fan fiction discussion board, one author named Ghost says, "If you write real person slash, you should not be surprised when the lawsuit smacks you in the face for defamation of character, slander, libel or anything else an attorney can come up with.
But band fiction represents a significant change in the fan fiction universe, because instead of creating fantasies around fantastical characters, band fiction features characters who actually exist.
The fan fiction universe has grown to include many sub-genres and unusual concoctions that original fan fiction enthusiasts could never have imagined. /story.html?StoryID=12823   (1704 words) - - Website Reviewing Community
I think side-scrolling is really a personal preference, which is why I don't take that into consideration too much since it's pretty much a 50/50 split of who likes them and who doesn't.
I find it tough to swallow that you actually wrote fan fiction from the perspective of musicians, as though you could adequately or accurately describe, or even assume to know their perspectives and emotions.
The fan fiction thing actually made me laugh cause come on man. It's fan fiction. /site.php?id=1285   (2010 words)

 Fan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A person who is a "fanatic" or enthusiast is called a fan (aficionado) (the bracketed word being the Spanish translation), someone who exhibits the behavior of intense, occasionally overwhelming, liking of a person, group of persons, work of art, idea, or trend.
A fan (implement) is a device to agitate or move air or gas.
A fan that may used in martial arts, for example a Japanese war fan. /wiki/Fan   (154 words)

 Fan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A person who is a "fanatic" or enthusiast is called a fan (aficionado) (the bracketed word being the Spanish translation), someone who exhibits the behavior of intense, occasionally overwhelming, liking of a person, group of persons, work of art, idea, or trend.
A fan (implement) is a device to agitate or move air or gas.
A fan that may used in martial arts, for example a Japanese war fan. /wiki/Fan   (154 words)

 Fan Fiction Primer - History and Definitions
In many cases, fan fiction appears to be acceptable if the author does not profit in any way from the story, and if a disclaimer is published or posted acknowledging the creative rights to the characters.
A genre of fiction written in second person present tense, where the writer attempts to transport the reader into the shoes of the person who is telling the story and speak to the reader as though the choices are theirs.
Fan fiction thrives particularly in areas where it boosts or keeps alive a struggling show, such as in the early days of The X-Files. /fanficFAQ.html   (2480 words)

 Chuck Norris - Page 1
According to Chuck's office, there is no official, sanctioned fan club in existence at this time.
I've been lucky enough to see Chuck in person and speak with him a couple of times.
I'm also frequently asked about Chuck's fan club. /martial/chuck.htm   (278 words)

 Fan Film Competition: Terms and Conditions
If a fan has worked with any other person in creating their Fan Film, it is the fan's responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary permissions to give the details of any other person and to use their work.
To enter, the fan must be aged 13 or over, and must not be an employee of the Promoter or any of its subsidiary companies or agents, or be a Promoter's employee's family member, partner, housemate or be anyone else commercially connected with this Competition or the Promoter.
Each copy of the Fan Film submitted must be clearly labelled with the Fan's name, the title of the Fan Film, the date the Fan Film was completed and the length of the Fan Film. /archive/film_ts_and_cs.html   (1416 words)

 disinformation marilyn manson
Marilyn Manson has always asked his fans to think for themselves and challenge what John Searle calls "the Social Construction of Reality." Here a fan offers her thoughts on Christianity, the Internet, Marilyn Manson, Drugs and other controversial and taboo topics.
A Marilyn Manson fan wsite devoted to his early albums, with hard-hitting eye-catching photos of the AntiChrist Superstar himself.
The truths in much of Manson's message are the very reasons we should be arguing against his call toward the 'beauty' of Armageddon. /archive/pages/dossier/id284/pg1   (2158 words)

 EclecticEveryday: Fanfiction Stupidity
Personally, if you were planning on cultivating a larger audience within the homoerotica communities online, I wouldn't recommend going about it by slamming the slash fanfic writers.
To any real world publisher, publication of original work in an ezine that only wants fanfiction authors writing for it is enough to demonstrate that no standards are applied to the quality of the output.
They're playing for the crossover audience by using a staff of big names in fanfiction and their networks to reach out to the slash fanfiction audience and try to bring them over. /2005/06/fanfiction-stupidity.html   (6519 words)

 Marilyn Manson
For all you know, the Britney Spears fan sitting next to the Marilyn Manson fan might be the one with the problems.
It never shows the young teenager, a morale, ethical person that finds pleasure and outlet in the music.
There are problems a lot bigger then the music of Marilyn Manson. /SunsetStrip/Venue/6904/manson.html   (541 words) The Rediff Special Message Board
If he is killed it will open upa big conytroversy and not only that I believe that Mr.Veerappan is a very shrewed person, he must have already recorded and kept all he want to say with his close associates.
Your Views:sacrifice nagappa is not big deal, but u people show him way when he took rajkumar.if u have delt with hardle that time only u may get this chance.Is it because he is not popular person u telling for scrifice then it is not fare.
I am not a big fan of him. /news/2002/aug/30mess1.htm   (6370 words)

 Real Person Fiction
This is a site built for entertainment purposes only, allowing the artist of Fan Fiction and Fan Arts the chance to share their works of art with other artists.
The works of arts found on this page are purely works of fiction.
There is no profit being had and no copyright infringement is intended. /fslashygoodness17029frm84   (95 words)

 Fan death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For example, it might be explained that the fan lowers the oxygen level in the room while raising carbon dioxide levels, which could prove fatal to a sleeping person already weakened by hypothermia.
Fan death is an urban legend that was originally primarily confined to South Korea, but has spread to other countries in the Far East.
When the air conditioner or fan is on in a car, Koreans are apt to leave their car windows open a crack to avoid "fan death". /wiki/Fan_death   (1103 words)

 Fan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fan (aficionado) (the bracketed word being the Spanish translation), someone who has an intense liking of a person, group of persons, work of art, idea, or trend
Fan (implement), a device to agitate or move air or gas
Fan, a Swedish swearword roughly translated as "fuck" /wiki/Fan   (149 words)

 Erosion Control -- Holding Back the Sands of Time: Challenges for New Communities in Lands of Little Rainfall
If a person were to observe time-lapse photography of fan development over millions of years, he or she would see the main stem wandering from one side of the fan to the other.
Interestingly, the active fan apex was not found at the head of the fan, as might be expected, but farther down from an entrenched channel that, House observed, had been capable of conveying the majority of discharges associated with the flooding events of the 1990s.
Alluvial fans are attractive places to live because of their elevation above valley floors, but they may pose hazards from infrequent dry-mantle flooding events. /ec_0003_holding.html   (3372 words)

 Can a Mathematician Be All Things to All People?
Chung had her "dynamic" former colleagues in mind when she first began to develop her course at Penn, and in some cases she calls on them now to address her classes in person.
Students learn mathematics "in courses that have been in existence for 30 or 40 years without much change in the curriculum," says Fan Chung Graham; "there is a nontrivial gap between classroom mathematics and the math used in current technology."
Chung's own flexibility seems to have made her equally capable of succeeding in the corporate research laboratory environment of Bell Labs and Bellcore and in the very different world of academia (before joining the Penn faculty, she had spent leaves from the labs at the Institute for Advanced Study and Harvard). /siamnews/03-98/all.htm   (1091 words)

 Let the Finder Beware: Second Person Narrative
My interest in second person narrative was piqued again recently when I stumbled across a site called in a second, which is largely a collection of Harry Potter fan fiction(!) all written in the second person.
Second person narrative was passed over in silence; it was not so much as mentioned, not even to say that it can't or shouldn't be done.
Second person stories are, like I said, almost unheard of. /2004/12/second-person-narrative.html   (1091 words)

 Chuck's Birthday (Rainan) - The Cult
Meeting Chuck in person was like...if you had an invisible friend...and for years you had been forced to go to therapy.
I have seriously been a changed person since receiving that package and am committed to spreading all that warmth and goodwill you displayed through that gesture to everyone around me. I knew you were an incredible person from the first few pages of Lullaby, and I see I haven't been proven wrong.
You know, I've been a fan for a few years (since the Fight Club movie came out), and I never realised that Chuck's birthday was only three days before my own (although Chuck's got the lead by 16 years). /community/showthread.php?t=19427   (3065 words)

 Chuck Niles June 24, 1927 - March 15, 2004
I've been a fan of Chucks' for over 40 years.
Chuck will be missed here but I am sure if he dosn't get on the clarinet line in the Big Band in Heaven he will be warmly welcomed as their newest MC.
Chuck was one of a kind and has influenced many to start their careers in radio like myself. /music/programming/pages/ChuckNiles_condolences.shtml   (4723 words)

 World's oldest person celebrates 114th birthday
Although a Lebanese woman who has documents showing she was born in 1877 -- making her at least 126 years old -- could be the oldest person in the world according to a report earlier this month, Guinness World Records have not verified this.
Wearing a blue dress, white cardigan and with a rose pinned to her blouse, Van Andel-Schipper was presented with a silver commemorative plate by her favourite soccer team, Ajax Amsterdam, recognising her as the club's oldest fan, and with a pendant by the local mayor.
Hendrikje van Andel-Schipper was declared the world's oldest woman -- and person -- by Guinness World Records when the previous 114-year-old title holder Ramona Trinidad Iglesias Jordan of Puerto Rico died last month. /health/oldest_person_birthday.htm   (4723 words)

 Fan in TutorGig Encyclopedia
Fan art or fanart is a type of artwork that is based on a person or item that the artist did not create...
Fan Rong K Chung Graham & 37329 & 33459 & 33993, pinyin J& 299 n F& 257 ngrĂ³ng born October 9, 1949, known professionally as Fan Chung, is a mathematician who works mainly in the areas of spectral..
Fan death is an urban legend confined primarily to South Korea. /es/Fan   (4723 words) - Banana Fan Sea Resort
The longest and most popular is Chaweng Beach and the Banana Fan Sea Resort is located right in the center, with the whitest powder sand and cleanest part of the beach overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.
A magical oasis in a tropical paradise, Banana Fan Sea Resort lies on the most beautiful part of Samui's famous Chaweng Beach in the Gulf of Thailand, with the finest white and powdery sand.
Transfer From or To Samui Airport THB 200 per person per way /bananafansea   (482 words)

 Fan fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Real person fiction is a type of fanfiction written about real people such as actors, politicians, athletes and musicians.
Fan fiction (also spelled fanfiction and commonly abbreviated to fanfic or fic when used in a singular sense) is fiction written by people who enjoy a film, novel, television show or other media work, using the characters and situations developed in it and developing new plots in which to use these characters.
However, this only requires that fan fiction producers make certain that their work cannot be confused with the trademark holder, and does not claim to be endorsed or produced by them; it does not ban the use of a character any more than the registered trademark status of Coca-Cola prohibits its mention here. /wiki/Fan_fiction   (9105 words)

 Autopsy Awaited In Bonnaroo Fan Death
But Monica Lambert, a local nurse who tried to help the man, said the victim's friends told her he suffered from the medical disorder in which the throat passage is narrow and becomes blocked by the throat muscles when they relax, cutting off the person's supply of oxygen.
The man is the first to die at this year's festival, which has drawn roughly 75,000 music fans and revelers to a 700-acre Manchester farm.
A cause of death has not been determined and his name has not been released. /bbcom/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000955310   (501 words)

 Peace Corps Online September 30, 2004: Headlines: COS - Korea: Humor: JoongAng Daily News: Ken Kaliher has lived in Korea for 33 years, since he first came with the Peace Corps
Others say some fans create an air current that seals the room, driving oxygen to the ceiling and carbon dioxide toward the floor, suffocating the person inside.
Some of the deaths were chalked up to electrical failure of the fan and related fires, but many of them said the victims died from suffocation or hypothermia because the windows and doors were closed.
A July 9, 1973, story describes how a 20-year-old man was found dead in the morning after going to sleep with two fans turned on and the room's windows and door shut. /messages/messages/467/2023858.html   (733 words)

 Rogue Slayer Law Student Movie Fan
Any person under the age of seventeen (17) years who violates any provision of this section shall be treated as a delinquent within the jurisdiction of the youth court.
He doesn't hate gay men and lesbians, he wants to protect our individual rights, but our relationships just don't have the same value as those of heterosexual couples, and marriage isn't an individual right since it is entered into by two persons.
Her details are freakishly akin to my own, although after I managed to track down an available trailer (no truck was available anywhere in New England, apparently), my ordeal continued in person at the U-Haul center, where I was actually put on hold in person! /2004_06_01_rogueslayerlawstudent_archive.html   (733 words)

 New Rebublic Fighter Command Rogue Squadron HQ
After seeing her live and in person in July she expressed her feelings and concerns of not being able to do much of anything for Rogue Squadron, but I believe it would be a waste to dismiss such a talented and wonderful pilot.
As Rogues we say the impossible is what we do best, and Chanel has done just that with SF Fan Force.
For this person was in the heart of the community that she loved and who loved her in return. /jeditenken/default2.htm   (733 words)
Each person's love and passion for writing and playing music comes together to form the intricate, high energy, aggressive, rock n roll phenomenon known as Aficionado.
Aficionado formed in October of 2004 when all members happened to cross paths, attending colleges in the city of Albany, NY.
Without a set idea of what the music was going to sound like, they just approached writing with a "whatever happens happens" kind of attitude. /aficionado   (937 words)

 Ethics of China 7 BC To 1279 by Sanderson Beck
Fan Zhongyan said, "An educated person should suffer before anyone else suffers and should enjoy only after everyone else has enjoyed."3 He recommended The Center of Harmony (Zhong Yong) as a Confucian classic and helped catalog the library along with historian Ouyang Xiu, who suggested adding as a classic Higher Education (Da Xue).
Fan Zhongyan (989-1052) rose from a poor family by study and became prefect of the capital at Kaifeng.
Fan's reforms established inalienable lands called estates of equity to provide income for educational and other needs of clan members, thus enabling a charitable estate to hold property jointly for the benefit of all its members. /AB3-China.html   (937 words)

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