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 Fancy rat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fancy rat or pet rat is a domesticated breed of the Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus).
The origin of the fancy rat is probably the rat-catchers of the late 19th century who trapped rats and were paid by town governments per rat, and who also kept certain rats for exhibition/gambling fights.
Rats enjoy climbing the cage walls (the cage should have horizontal and vertical bars) and use their noses to sample the scents of the outside world since scent is very important to rats. /wiki/Fancy_rat   (5083 words)

 National Fancy Rat Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Publicity in Fur and Feather magazine had increased interest in the fledgling fancy and caused an increase in entries in the rat sections of mouse shows during 1974 and 1975 to the point that after cajoling from the mouse fanciers it was decided to form a club or society purely for rat fanciers.
The National Fancy Rat Society, founded in 1976 is a UK based club for rat fanciers that promotes fancy rats exhibitions, as well as the study and breeding of these rats.
Thus it was that the National Fancy Rat Society was formed on January 13 1976. /wiki/National_Fancy_Rat_Society   (283 words)

 Domestic vs. Commensal Rodents - FAQ
A fancy rat or mouse is a domestic rat or mouse.
The breeding of rats or mice is known as a "fancy", and rat and mouse breeders and keepers are known as "fanciers".
Commensal rats and mice often share the same environments with peridomestic animals, such as free-ranging cats and dogs, opossums, raccoons, and squirrels, that may be infected with diseases like typhus or rabies. /articles/domestic.html   (903 words)

 CritterStation Species Showcase - Hamsters - Small Animals -- rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, chinchillas, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, etc.
The fancy rat (and the "laboratory rat") are derived from the brown rat, and in England they have been bred since the middle of the 19th Century.
Wild rats are almost all brown or black, but the fancy tame rats are now bred in almost 20 colours and 10 varieties of markings; blue, fawn, cinnamon, siamese, dalmatino or just a non-marked agouti.
The rat's long, hairless tail may not be so appealing to the non-rat-lover, but it is really a remarkable structure, and quite necessary for the rat. /rats1.htm   (923 words)

 Star Rats- Info
Fancy rats usually live 2 to 3 years, but with loving care and a good set of genes, they have been known to live up to 5 years.
The bloodsucking mites that infect rats are Ornithonyssus bacoti.
Mycoplasma pulmonis, the organism that almost all rats in the general pet population carry is the cause of the majority of respiratory and genital infections in rats. /~levydust/ratinfo.htm   (4826 words) - Rat - Fancy Page (Printer Friendly Version)
Should you decide to breed the Fancy Rat, then it is good to keep in mind that male and female Rats reach sexual maturity as early as five to six weeks of age, though it is generally best to wait until 16 weeks or later for the safest breeding of a female.
While the very word "Rat" may conjure images of vile, sewer-dwelling, plague-infested rodents with beady, red eyes and wet fur covered with lice and fleas, the Fancy Rat is a fully recognized genetic breed of domesticated rat.
Fancy Rats are not only a recognized breed, they have their own breeding shows. /php/PrintFriendly.php?AnimalNumber=1537   (1913 words) Wild vs. Domesticated
If a rat doesn't know what it's like outside, doesn't know the difference between friend and foe, doesn't know how to protect himself from cold, from illness, from parasites, etc, he can't know how to solve the problems he encounters and therefore is at a greater risk of coming into harm's way.
A pet rat left in the wild for an extended period of time may learn fear and appear nervous, but if they were handled by their previous owners, they are quite likely to come toward you.
Grabbing a rat's tail either will result in him attempting to take off (without it - which is why it's a bad idea to grab the tip) or will result in him turning around in an attempt to bite the grabber so the grabber will let go (thus, the gloves - rats are very flexible!). /WildVsDomesticated.html   (1535 words)

 Genetics Tutorial 101
It's their personalities that hooked me. But to many people, a fancy agouti rat looks like a wild sewer rat, and not like the intelligent domesticated pet it really is. If you are going to breed fancy rats be prepared when the rest of the world doesn't share your enthusiasm.
So when rats mate, half of the mother's chromosomes are in her egg and half of the father's chromosomes are in his sperm.
RAT #1 is homozygous for Black and Russian Blue, heterozygous for dumbo, and homozygous for rexing. /Petsburgh/7989/rats/genetics.html   (1277 words)

 Pet Rat Breeders
We are a small breeder of fancy rats breeding only once or twice per year.
The majority of my rats are free to good homes although this may vary depending on the variety, and/or the vet bills that I have occured in the upbringing of the rats.
All the rats that I have bred are related in some way to my original rat and I select primarily for the temperament of the animal. /breeders   (2788 words)

 A Rat That Rocks - Pets - Rock Punk Fashion Magazine -
Your fancy rats can use it as a place to play when they feel feisty, as a snug hideaway when they want privacy, or as a gigantic chew toy when they get the urge to gnaw and wear down their incisors.
While fancy rats physically resemble their feral cousins, they're very different: these affectionate, quiet, clean animals make surprisingly good pets.
The fancy rat—a domesticated version of the wild rat—has been bred for the last 200 years. /newsletter/0205/rp/feature.php?sec=pets   (350 words)

 AFRMA Fancy Rats & Mice
The following is a brief description of the rat and mouse varieties as recognized by the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association.
Besides color and markings, individual rats and mice are also judged on type, condition, coat, head, eyes, ears, tail, and size.
At present, all rats are shown in six Varieties: /fancyrm.htm   (1099 words)

 The Agile Rat
Fancy Rat Agility is gaining popularity as it is fun to participate in as well as to watch the Fancy Rats manouver the agility equipment.
Fancy Rat Agility is just like dog or cat agility competition only the contestance are Fancy Rats and the agility equipment is smaller and set up for Fancy Rats.
Fancy Rat agility equipment is FAR easier to store and transport then either cat or dog agility equipment.   (217 words)

 Home Page of the LSCMRC
Fancy Rats have been exhibited in Britain for almost as long as Fancy Mice.
Pet Mice and Rats The London and Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club is a Fancy Club, NOT a pet club but there are some pet classes for both adults and children.
Other material on the Rat Fancy and its history is also included on this website.   (248 words)

 National Fancy Rat Society
However, the aims relating to keeping fancy rats as pets are important too, and the vast majority of members keep rats simply as pets.
To publish the definition of the true type as the only recognised and unvarying standard by which fancy rats shall be judged, and to adopt standards relating to the various varieties
Rats are exhibited in standard 'show tanks', so that the judge cannot tell who owns each rat; this means that first-timers are judged on the same basis as established breeders. /about.html   (1113 words)

 About Fancy Rats
Well, scratch the expensive part - most "standard" fancy rats from a good breeder sell for about $10.
Rats come in a rainbow array of colors from brilliant orange ("fawn") to silvery blue - 32 colors are recognized in all.
A rat at play will pounce, bounce, and scamper like the cutest puppy or kitten; even a rat's day-to-day activities, like building a nest or scaling the walls of its cage, are out of the ordinary to those familiar with ground-bound pets! /~autumnglory/rats/about.htm   (603 words)

 Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats
The fancy rat is purposely bred by humans for impeccable health, a mild disposition, friendliness toward their care-givers, and as a show or pet quality animal.
A Fancy Rat can be the rat that is purchased from the pet store feeder bin for as little as $2.00 to the pedigree rat purchased from a reputable breeder for as much as $25.00 (more or less).
"Fancy Rat" is a name used to clearly define to the world that these are domestic, gentle, animals, and not the "wild vermin that disgusts so many people". /domesticpets.html   (1305 words)

 BurnerKitty.Com - Rizzo K - Fancy Rex Rat - Rainbow Bridge - with Pictures
Some on other pet Rat web sites that have crossed the ocean to the U.K. Some family & friends thought it was quite strange when I got a pet "Rat" but after seeing him & realizing how sweet he was they changed their minds & excepted him as a part of our family.
Pet rats are said to be a cross between a playful kitten & as trainable as a new puppy.
Although we spend a lot of time with him I believe rats should have other's with them all of the time when you cannot be there. /11232   (447 words)

 Pet Info Packets :: Rats
It is not recommended to breed your rats unless you are about to become, or are, a professional breeder and know everything you should know about genetics, coat colors, health problems, etc. If you do not know the backround of your rats you could be breeding in bad genes which causes illnesses.
Most rats will learn on their own not to use the bathroom on you or anywhere outside of the cage after getting used to their new home.
Rats are also very social animals and should be kept in same sex pairs or groups. /rats/ratinfopacket.html   (512 words)

 Varieties of Fancy Rat
Below are the Standardised Varieties of fancy rat in class order as per North of England Rat Society Shows (updated March 2006).
North of England Rat Society Shows are judged to the National Fancy Rat Society's (NFRS) Standards of Excellence as detailed below.
The rest of the upper portion (back, sides and tail) of the rat's body to be white, evenly marked with patches and flecks of distinct colour, the colour to conform to a recognised colour variety. /Variety.htm   (1545 words)

 Home page
The disease was actually spread by fleas that jumped from the rat to a person and passed on infectious bacteria.
Although many rats have caused diseases and some are mean it does not make all rats mean.
Rats are very intelligent very sweet and hardly ever bite.   (230 words)

Rat Reruns is a privately run and not for profit (working on obtaining official status as such) and no-kill Rat information, and adoption referral service, which operates on donations mostly from individuals and rarely corporations.
Rat Reruns is temporarily an educational organization only, which offers public and classroom pet awareness and educational demonstrations.
Baby ratties are rare in rescue, and if you are looking for a good breeder for babies please visit and click on the breeder referral links at.Our Links Page We have a contract that states clearly our expectations of potential adopters, and an application that helps match you with the right pet for your family. /shelters/OH48.html   (528 words)

 Spoiled Ratten Rattery-Breeder of fancy rats for temperament and health. Care info, pets and photos!
Breeder of pet fancy rats for temperament and health.
Spoiled Ratten Rattery-Breeder of fancy rats for temperament and health.   (53 words)

 Fancy Rats Home
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Rat Names section.
A guide to introducing new rats to an established group or individual.
Whilst you're here you can learn about all aspects of caring for rats in the information section and make use of our essential resources.   (145 words)

Fancy rat genetics and explanations are already researched and bound in this very handy reference booklet.
A glossary of genetic terms, and the official fancy rat show standards set forth by both RatsPacNW Rat Showing Club in the USA, and the National Fancy Rats Society Club (NFRS), one of the oldest rat showing clubs in the UK, are included.
This booklet contains descriptions of all of the fancy rat varieties, colors, coat types and ear sets and their corresponding sceintific and rat fancy genetic symbols cited from the Rat Genome Project. /Products.html   (161 words)

 North American Rat Registry ~
The NARR records individual rats as well as litters, and all varieties of fancy rats are welcome for registration.
The North American Rat Registry (NARR) is a registry for fancy rats in the United States and Canada.
If you had a rat which, for example, had a tumor, you can register that rat for free with the NARR whether you are a member or not.   (391 words)

 Sandra Beasley and the Spaz Rats
Due to the offensive companies who choose to place their ads with the SPAZ RATS, I appologize for their blatant disregard and lack of respect for our beloved pet Fancy Rats and the contents of this site that is devoted to them.
In order to enjoy the privilege of a cost-free website, advertizements must be accepted as is. The ads that are attached to the web pages throughout the SPAZ RATS website have been put there by a third party.
The SPAZ RATS is an educational website only.   (241 words)

 Rat Lovers' Association, for People Who Love Rats
A reputable breeder is actively involved in the rat fancy, including show or pet clubs.
North American Rat Registry, a registry for fancy rats in the United States and Canada.
Inform your veterinarian that you are a breeder, as there are times when you may need to treat an entire colony of rats without the veterinarian seeing each rat. /breeders.asp   (422 words)

 Current and Upcoming Litters Listed Below
Rats are well socialized by three weeks of age.
I'm not saying that pet shop rats are bad pets because in fact some people have located the greatest personalities ever but that dosen't mean they are breeding quality.
You are not required to have purchased a rat from me. I have had people from CA, NYC, Nevada, Lousiana and Oregon contact me about rats. /mn/gizmoadria   (394 words)

 Fancy Rat FAQ
My rat's head is crooked and he walks in circles.
My rat won't eat or drink and is losing weight.
This resource is for anyone who breeds or owns (or is owned by) rats. /rodents/rats/ratfaq.html   (473 words)

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