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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Can low-rent Spice Girls make Fanta cool? - By Rob Walker - Slate Magazine
The young men are invariably pleased to accept a Fanta from the dancing girls, acknowledging their desire (for a Fanta, I mean) with a muted "Mmm-hmm."
Coke says Fanta is a big seller in, among other places, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Italy (and come to think of it, the last time I thought about Fanta was several years ago when I saw an empty bottle floating in a canal in Venice).
But in a funny way it was the ads themselves that reminded me, indirectly, of Fanta's origins: The commercials are basically a clever repackaging of almost every youth-marketing trope in recent memory—their leavings, if you will—with plenty of pop culture scraps besides.
www.slate.com /?id=2068277   (941 words)

  Urban Legends Reference Pages: Fanta and the Nazis
Fanta was formulated by Coca-Cola for the Nazis, because the political climate of those days made it akin to corporate suicide to attempt to supply the Allies' enemy with the same drink the Allies were gulping down.
Fanta was invented in Germany when the war made it difficult to get Coca-Cola syrup from the USA to Germany.
Fanta came by its name thanks to Keith's instructions to employees during the contest to christen the beverage
www.snopes.com /cokelore/fanta.asp   (974 words)

  Fanta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fanta was invented during World War II in Nazi Germany by the German Coca Cola (GmbH) bottling company.
Fanta Orange is the most popular Fanta flavor, available in 180 countries.
TaB diet Cola was originally produced by the Fanta division of Coca-cola and was, at one time, available in a variety of non-cola flavors as well.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fanta   (1657 words)

 Fanta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Fanta is a product of the Coca-Cola company.
Fanta was originally made from byproducts of cheese and jam production.
After WW2 Fanta was picked up by the main company and in 1960 they bought the trademark.
www.serebella.com /encyclopedia/article-Fanta.html   (408 words)

 Welcome to the FANTA (Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance) Project
FANTA has been exploring the use of Lot Quality Assurance Sampling (LQAS) as a rapid and cost-effective alternative for assessment of the prevalence of acute malnutrition.
FANTA has worked with IFPRI, University of California at Davis, WHO, and collaborating researchers from several developing countries to develop and validate indicators of feeding practices, specifically related to the frequency of feeding and nutrient density of complementary foods, for infants and young children 6 through 23 months of age in developing countries.
Support for FANTA for the development of CTC and the production of the manual came from the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) and the Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition at the U.S. Agency for International Development.
www.fantaproject.org   (1161 words)

 Respiratory Disorders Program at Brigham and Women's Hospital Faculty Members
Fanta, C. "Asthma in the elderly." J Asthma 26(2): 87-97.
Fanta, C. "Clinical aspects of mucus and mucous plugging in asthma." J Asthma 22(6): 295-301.
Fanta, C. "Role of calcium in airway smooth muscle contraction and mast cell secretion." J Asthma 21(6): 387-405.
www.brighamandwomens.org /respiratorydisorders/Faculty/Fanta.aspx   (5555 words)

 Coca-Cola - Press Center - Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Fanta de Sărbătoare captures the Christmas atmosphere due to its particular mixture of cinnamon and rum flavor.
Fanta de Sărbătoare is specially created to be a mixer for Christmas parties and for joyfull holidays enjoyed in friendly company.
Fanta de Sărbătoare is our Christmas gift for all these very inventive young people, overflowing with imagination, who first and foremost wish to have a good time with their friends.
www2.coca-cola.com /presscenter/nr_20031115_romania_fanta_sarbatoare.html   (381 words)

 Coke Connect - Products - Fanta
The application to register 'Fanta' as a trademark in Germany was filed on the 9th of May, 1940 and the registration became effective on the 28th June, 1941.
Between the end of the war and 1955 the trademark 'Fanta' was used only enough to maintain its registration.
In 1955 'Fanta' was revived as a brand name for an orange drink introduced in Naples, Italy.
www.cokeconnect.com /products/fanta.html   (253 words)

 FANTA PRO 1.0   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
FANTA PRO permette anche di prevedere, sulla base dei dati immagazzinati e con parametri completamente definibili dall'utente, la miglior squadra che potrà essere schierata visualizzandola poi in un campo da calcio secondo il modulo selezionato.
FANTA PRO ha la possibilità di gestire un fantacampionato, e più in generale un qualsiasi campionato, permettendo la generazione automatica del calendario da 2 a 24 squadre con formula all'italiana (cioè a girone unico oppure andata e ritorno).
FANTA PRO consente anche la compilazione e la stampa della schedina (non di un sistema!) di una giornata del campionato correntemente aperto con la possibilità di selezionare gli incontri desiderati, il numero di colonne e le fonts.
www.ascu.unian.it /~bepi/fantapro.html   (703 words)

 Coca-Cola - Press Center - Press Release   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Fanta, the flavor segment leader, grew at twice the rate of the segment, achieved a record high share of over 70% nationally and attracted over a million new consumers.
Fanta NeoTrio will definitely meet the needs of teenagers aged 12-19 years old who are looking for new and exciting, modern trends," said Chuenhathai.
Fanta NeoTrio will be available in all key packages: 10oz returnable glass bottle at 7 baht, 15oz returnable glass bottle at 8 baht, 325ml cans at 13 baht, 390ml PET at 14 baht, and 1.25L PET at 23 baht, in both modern trade and traditional retail outlets starting November 15th.
www2.coca-cola.com /presscenter/nr_20031118_thailand_fanta_neo_trio.html   (556 words)

Fanta is a household name throughout the world, but like most brands, it has its fair share of challenges.
There are many brands competing to be "the teen brand" in the soda segment, and yet it is essential for Fanta to appeal to and own this segment of the population, in order to remain a preferred market option.
Fanta gives them the opportunity to be entertained and to live the brand by having FUN.
www.ogilvy.com /viewpoint/view_ko.php?id=41375&iMagaId=-1   (1487 words)

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