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Topic: Father Time

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Taking Father Time
No father in his office had ever taken off more time, and although Garcia was disappointed, he valued his job and decided to make do.
Studies show that the majority of fathers do want more time off from work to be with their families.
This leaves dads with little time to be equal partners in the parenting process -- a fact that experts say can be a loss for both father and child.
www.webmd.com /parenting/features/taking-father-time   (796 words)

  Father Time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In various New Year's Eve customs, Father Time's image is used as the personification of the previous year (or "the Old Year"), who "hands over" the duties of time to the Baby New Year (or "the New Year").
Sometimes, due to the relationship between death and aging, Father Time is associated with the Grim Reaper.
In the series, Father Time often explained various historical facts, and served as a narrator; he was also accompanied by various other characters, including Big Fat Baby, a humorous version of the Baby New Year.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Father_Time   (778 words)

 Father Time (Marvel Comics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Father Time is a superhero from the Golden Age of Comic Books who appeared in Captain America Comics #6 (September 1941), published by Timely Comics (later Marvel Comics).
He became Father Time to save his wrongfully accused father from the electric chair, but was only seconds too late to prevent his father's death.
Given the unique nature of the Elders of the Universe, either this Father Time was a different character than Larry Scott, or Larry Scott's origin was heavily retconned by establishing him as an Elder.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Father_Time_(Marvel_Comics)   (243 words)

 Getting to be a Father, Full-Time Dads;Issue 1
In the movie, "Parenthood," the character Todd, soon to become a father himself, recounts some of the abuse and bitterness he was subjected to as a child.
Fathering is a subtle combination of wisdom, humor, and patience.
Fathering is knowing when to talk, when to walk, and when to rock- It is knowing how to hold and how to scold.
www.fathersworld.com /fulltimedad/chrisarchives/01aget.html   (1318 words)

 NNCC Father's Care
These fathers may use physical punishment as a form of discipline, and they tend to be inconsistent and erratic in their childrearing techniques.
On one hand they want their father to be strong and powerful (in the sense of being self-confident and determined) but they may also be frightened at times by that power.
Fathers who expect to be constantly vigilant disciplinarians who show no tenderness create a climate of coldness that puts distance in their relationships.
www.nncc.org /Parent/father.care.html   (3256 words)

 Time (II).   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Time II was born as a baby, just for the sake of traditional belief, but in the next jiffy, or tick, became a full grown replica of Time (I), only in an ice blue dress instead of a red-and-fl one.
Time does not have to follow any normal rules, from gravity all the way up to divinity, but she does any way just for the fun of it.
Time really "froze" once, actually, she was more trapped, and it nearly destroyed all of history and everything for that matter, but the trap was flawed, breaking and letting her free, and history was repaired by the same group that knows how to use time as a weapon.
home.comcast.net /~adanguiano/time.html   (1679 words)

 NDSU Extension Father Times
Father Times is an educational newsletter series designed to provide fathers and father figures of young children with quality information and ideas about healthy parenting and child development.
The Father Times parenting newsletter is targeted at fathers or father figures of young children (ages 0 to 8) and those who support them.
The Father Times parenting newsletter is available in two versions, an in-depth eight-page version (recommended) and a shorter four-page version.
www.ext.nodak.edu /parenting/fathertimes.htm   (388 words)

 The Vanishing Father, Full-Time Dads;Issue 1
To understand today's major trend, picture a father who is absent from the home altogether: divorced or never married, having little or no steady contact with his children.
Consider, for example, a popular slogan that proceeded "new father." The phrase was "good family man" this compliment was once widely heard in our culture, bestowed as a badge of honor to those deserving it.
I suspect that most fathers today, induding those who act like new fathers, are not especially attracted to the phrase "new father," or to the ideal it represents.
www.fathersworld.com /fulltimedad/chrisarchives/01avan.html   (826 words)

 Old Father Time
Nonetheless, time is not wholly destructive, for the gift of time is the serenity and wisdom that are attainable only through the experiences of a long life.
A modern notion of the relationship of time with Saturn or Kronos is that the association may have originated due to the confusion created by similar-sounding words ("Kronos" and "Chronos").
Both of these modern figures...Father Time and the Grim Reaper...are sometimes accompanied by a crow and there is speculation that the word "Chronos" and the subsequent associated God may have actually been representative of this bird, which was symbolic of both fertility and death.
www.novareinna.com /festive/oft.html   (1162 words)

 Father Time (c) Atham Z 2002
Father Time not only seems to be running faster and faster but he is kicking up quite a bit of dust and dirt in the process.
Father Time may be jogging so fast because he has got to get to some finish line before it is too late.
Father Time also played a major role for that incredible visionary Nikola Tesla, who in 1901 devised a planetary system of instant communication on a totally inter connected electronic grid (the Internet).
members.tripod.com /TarotCanada/FatherTime.html   (1123 words)

 The Importance of Father's Time
Finding the necessary time to spend with our children is, indeed, more and more difficult because of the ever-increasing demands of a competitive marketplace; but as society slips away into a moral state of numbness, our greatest trump card as fathers may just be ourselves.
Fathers tend to be more focused on 'doing practical, educational things rather than talking about doing things.' As they are more physical with their children than moms, dads play an important role in developing their children's motor skills and ethical limits in regard to physical interaction (Horn 37-39).
When fathers take an active role in their children's lives, it not only helps them to develop healthy friendships and achieve good grades, but it will play a major role in their success as adults.
www.fathermag.com /204/fathering   (1522 words)

 Fable of the Father of Time
Father Time was feeling a little frantic; He had never felt these feelings before - but when he had misplaced his ring, The Ring of Eternity, he had had a thought that if he didn't find it right away something terribly wrong could happen.
It was in the Void that Father Time had misplaced the Ring of Eternity.
Father Time brought his focus to the ring and read the inscription.
www.richheartmusic.com /FatherTime.html   (1565 words)

 Outpost Gallifrey: Reviews
FATHER TIME marks another instant classic for Lance Parkin and a milestone for the enduring series.
Parts of Father Time ache with possibility, but what most reviewers of the book have shied away from is saying that the truly tantalising back cover blurb disappoints when you get to page 280 (page 281 is just so indulgent that it really should not be there).
"Father Time" is no exception, and it's no spoiler to say that the back cover mention of the Doctor's daughter made this the most anticipated novel of the year for me. And I wasn't disappointed.
www.gallifreyone.com /review.php?id=bbc8-41   (3011 words)

Honest is honest, we cannot strive to maintain the problem for the sake of the study, limit a materially favored and protected elite or block its growth, and leave the chaos, the risk and the spiritualization to the masses or to foreign people.
Together with the heroes of all times, also the times of this moment, I request you to cooperate in the line of your own study of time- and consciousness-phenomena and unite scientific psychology for the sake of this analytic conclusion and the thereto belonging proper action.
Time is matter in relation, a quality of matter and that reality must not unnecessarily be refuted.
theorderoftime.com /science/fathertime.html   (8631 words)

 TIME.com: Father's Son -- Dec. 4, 1939 -- Page 1
Less like his father than the other children, but his father's favorite, Kermit followed in Father's boisterous wake, but liked to take books out of the Library of Congress and read while Archie and Ted played, argued with the whole White House staff.
Father interrupted his studies at Harvard by taking him along as official photographer on the African game hunt in 1909.
At Father's death, Kermit Roosevelt carried on the family tradition, but the old whoop and holler was gone.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,762934,00.html   (460 words)

 TIME.com: Like Father, Like Son -- Aug. 7, 2006 -- Page 1
His father, Admiral John S. McCain Jr., commanded U.S. forces in the Pacific during Vietnam, when the young McCain was a prisoner of war in Hanoi.
His father is a leading contender for the White House in 2008.
During that time, his father continued to approve air strikes against Hanoi, knowing his son was there.
www.time.com /time/magazine/article/0,9171,1220528,00.html   (1004 words)

 Father Time
There is no holiday for their field, there is no break and there is no respite, for their field is the field of preserving life, the measuring stick of time, and life, as they quickly discover, is always happening.
Through all of the big events of our lives, father time has stood there watching, doing what he does best, counting the minutes and seconds off as he always has.
For time is not our realm my friends, though it is a cruel master, impersonal to the core and careless to say the least.
www.ravensrants.com /rants/000491.html   (449 words)

 Plastic Surgery: Staring Down Father Time - Healthy Living: Living a healthy lifestyle for disease prevention on ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The trend among many middle-aged adults is toward noninvasive procedures such as Botox, laser hair removal and soft-tissue fillers such as Restylane to smooth out wrinkles and plump up lips and other body parts showing their age.
But that might have more to do with time constraints than desires, said Dr. Laurie A. Casas, a spokeswoman for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and an associate professor of surgery at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.
While the less-invasive techniques require less down time, "people have to understand exactly what they are getting," Fleming said.
www.medicinenet.com /guide.asp?s=rss&a=64016&k=Breast_Augmentation_Specialty   (854 words)

 Worldandnation: Time for father-son reunion, Reno says
She said two psychiatrists and a psychologist have advised the Justice Department to arrange the reunion as soon as possible.
Reno met with the boy's father, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, Friday morning and said she came away convinced that he loves his child.
The family agreed to host the meeting at their Miami home, but said it could also be held at a "neutral location" in South Florida or Washington.
www.sptimes.com /News/040800/Worldandnation/Time_for_father_son_r.shtml   (894 words)

 Father Time
His claim is accepted, but by the time it’s all sorted out, Miranda has gone and the Doctor doesn’t know where she is...
It crashed on the Needle some time ago, and his people are still learning its secrets; but soon he feels certain they will be able to build a fleet of similar ships and unite the warring factions of his time.
As time shuffles about him, he catches glimpses of his future -- a swarm of wasps, Mr Saldaamir, violin music in the heart of a thunderstorm, a planet named Albert, a robot with flashing lights on its domed head and a camera eye-stalk...
www.drwhoguide.com /whobbc41.htm   (4675 words)

 Father Time
Unfortunately, Larry is too late, and his father is executed by the state.
In the modern era, however, it was revealed that Larry had been an Elder of the Universe all along, and that in his own land he was obsessed with time and with the symbols of America.
The retconned Father Time has all the powers of an Elder of the Universe.
www.geocities.com /jjnevins/time.html   (166 words)

 Sheila Moss, Humor Columnist - An Interview With Father Time
To carry her self- syndicated weekly column in your publication, or to republish an article, please contact her.
Father Time, before we begin I just have to ask you this.
You present a striking figure, Father Time, in a long white robe with your flowing beard.
www.humorcolumnist.com /fathertime.htm   (693 words)

 Exercise and aging: Can you walk away from Father Time?
In terms of cardiac function, though, the toll of time was not as severe as the toll of inactivity; at 50, the men were far below their 20-year-old best, but they were not quite as feeble as when they emerged from three weeks of bed rest in 1966.
Like strength training, 20 minutes of dedicated time two or three times a week is ideal.
Give yourself enough time to recover from injuries and illness — and remember that recovery may take longer as you age.
www.health.harvard.edu /newsweek/Exercise_and_aging_Can_you_walk_away_from_Father_Time.htm   (3089 words)

 Saturn thru the Ages
For instance, all Golden Age traditions maintain that it was a time of eternal spring.
When the name Chronos is used, it is in relation to his role as father of the HORAE who are regarded as time within the day rather than seasons or years.
For a long time the name 'Saturnian' stuck to the people, and Latium was named for the lately evicted god.
www.12x30.net /saturn.html   (2754 words)

 Daddy Time - a father's thoughts about improving family priorities   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
It is a time in our history when it’s increasingly difficult to feel optimistic about the state of the world.
And it’s a time of the year when we are flooded by the memories of the years past, and by the hope of a better year to come.
It is interesting to note that what kids want from their fathers is the same thing that fathers want for their kids.
www.christianfathers.com /daddy-time.htm   (500 words)

 Measuring Time
Topics include time's origins, some common time spans, clocks, time zones, daylight-saving time, calendar, B.C. and A.D. In Greenwich, the Science of Time is Measured in Seconds.
A brief discussion on time and the sun with reference to the Cheops Pyramid thought to be a huge stone calendar, and the Mayan calendar which predicted eclipses and accurately marked the position of the sun years in advance.
Future Time allows you to determine what time it will be in various locations at a time in the future.
www.aresearchguide.com /time.html   (3469 words)

 LP News September 1999 - Uncle Sam versus Father Time   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
LP News September 1999 - Uncle Sam versus Father Time
In the July 1999 issue of the Sharper Image catalog (which markets high-priced, high-tech "toys for Yuppies"), an advertisement for a state-of-the-art timepiece noted: "Libertarians may not rejoice, but the 'time' is what our government says it is -- via radio signals from the U.S. Atomic Clock."
The Sharper Image wristwatch automatically checks the U.S. Atomic Clock (which is accurate to millionths of a second) to maintain its on-time precision.
www.lp.org /lpn/9909-time.html   (180 words)

 Father Time Antiques | Product List
When one of our master watchmakers finishes with the restoration of an individual piece it is timed to within factory specs, or better, in all original, rated positions, for that particular timepiece.
You have three days from the time that you take delivery of the watch to return it.
You must call us during this time period to alert us and return the watch within the time period.
www.fathertimeantiques.com /faq.php   (484 words)

 Early menopause is devastating-—When Father Time Comes Early
When Father Time Comes Early is an affirmation book......something to identify with.
At the same time, the body encounters the physiological changes of life at such a young age.
Father Time close by your side; As you stand a blushing bride.
www.plannersguide.com /early_menopause.htm   (853 words)

 The Future Shock - Part Five - The Father Time Loop
Father Time had let me know the previous night that a resistance member, the great warrior Leyzon, would be meeting me at the airport baggage claim at 1pm.
It was the entire history of the Father Time Loop that had been given to me at the Star Wars Episode III opening so many months ago, but fully illustrated as a comic.
All this time I thought I was merely an afterthought, a postscript, a forgotten child.
www.thefutureshock.com /five.html   (7846 words)

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