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Topic: Faunal stage

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  Faunal stage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Faunal stages are a subdivision of geologic time used primarily by paleontologists who study fossils rather than by geologists who study rock formations.
Typically, a faunal stage will consist of a series of rocks that contain similar fossils.
Faunal stages were very important in the 19th and early 20th Century as they were the major tool available for dating rock beds until the development of seismology and radioactive dating in the second half of the 20th Century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Faunal_stage   (266 words)

 Stage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stage (bicycle race), a one-day segment of a multi-day race.
Faunal stage, a subdivision of time on the geologic timescale
Stage (culinary), refers to a chef coming into a kitchen to either apply for a job or learn new techniques, a stage is almost always unpaid
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Stage   (225 words)

 [No title]
This function %can be called either with start and end dates so that it shows the %divisions in that time interval, or with the name of a particular stage %in which case it display that stage and the surrounding ones.
Defaults to no. faunal = 0; %stageprint is a indicator of whether to display the ICS stages %0 = no, 1 = yes.
for a = 1:length(times) %b is an index to the position in the stages array while seraching b = 1; %current is an array of stages that are present at the current time.
www.stratigraphy.org /geowhen/downloads/geotimeline.m   (720 words)

 Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
In rocketry, a stage is one of several independent rockets used to reduce theneed for fuel.
Stage is often used as a more general term to refer to anything relating to the creation ofperformance art.
In medicine, the stage of a tumor isused to assess the prognosis of a cancer.
www.witchware.com /File/29687-Stage.4.Ovarian.Cancer.Html   (588 words)

 [No title]
The three European massifs that include orthide data form a separate faunal group, while the remainder of the analyzed plates form an undifferentiated cluster, whose internal organization is not very well resolved and varied between the indices used (Dice, Raup-Crick and Simpson) for generating the dendrograms.
The differences are fairly well correlated with the signal strength in the faunal data, i.e., the differences were largest in the diagrams for the temporal intervals of the lowest diversity, e.g., the Tremadoc.
Bohemia shared faunal elements with all three groups, however, as indicated by the classification analysis, the terrane is now firmly placed with the Gondwanan and core Iapetan faunas.
palaeo-electronica.org /2004_1/orthida/results.htm   (1829 words)

The Topazan Stage is proposed for the interval between the Delamaran Stage and the originally proposed base of the Marjuman Stage.
The Topazan Stage is defined as the interval between the Delamaran and Marjuman stages (Fig.
The faunal change is abrupt, with abundant specimens of Glossopleura boccar (Walcott, 1916) occurring within 10 cm of the boundary and abundant specimens of Proehmaniella basilica occurring in the first 10 cm above the boundary.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3790/is_200501/ai_n9468317   (1303 words)

 HACIMUSALAR PROJECT: FAUNAL ANALYSES FROM HACIMUSALAR HOYUK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The purpose of this research is to analyze the faunal assemblage retrieved from the excavations at HacImusalar Höyük to determine the spatial and/or temporal differences in that assemblage.
Excavated faunal remains are bagged and labeled with the date of excavation and the horizontal and vertical location of the strata from which they were excavated.
The age at death of the animals was calculated in two ways; first on the basis of the epiphyseal fusion stage of the post-cranial bones, and secondly on the basis of the dental eruption and the wear patterns of mandibular teeth.
www.choma.org /~mgarriso/Drafts/HMFaunal.html   (2808 words)

 Faunal succession on deep-sea whale falls
To evaluate faunal succession and persistence times of whale-fall communities, we are conducting time-series studies of three implanted whale carcasses and radiometric dating of two natural whale skeletons harboring chemoautotrophic assemblages.
An enrichment opportunist stage, wherein surrounding sediments are heavily colonized by newly discovered chrysopetalid and dorvilleid polychaetes, cumaceans, and in some cases, juvenile gastropods and bivalves.
The sulfophilic stage includes mussels (Idas washingtonia) which appear early in the evolutionary lineage of the vent-seep subfamily Bathymodiolinae.
www.mbari.org /seminars/2002/winter2002/mar27_smith.html   (147 words)

 Stage Three Project Databases
The Stage Three Project's two databases, one faunal and the other archaeological, were conceived to be complementary, and indeed were constructed using many of the same sources.
The Stage Three Project is most grateful for their generous assistance, which makes the use of geographic aspects of the databases much simpler and more convenient.
Users of the faunal database are therefore advised not only to download a copy of the Table of Faunal Codes, but also the Archaeology database Guidelines before they start.
www.esc.cam.ac.uk /oistage3/Secure/OIS-3i.html   (2737 words)

 USGS Open-FIle Report 94-023: Borisova
The Akchagylian stage (poorly dated, but estimated to range from 3.5 - 2.0 Ma) is subdivided into three substages on the basis of mollusk and ostracode faunas and on palynological data.
The reconstructed temperatures for the interval from 4.0 to 4.2 Ma are the warmest of the Pliocene, and at the end of Kimmerian the area of forest cover was reduced due to drier climatic conditions.
In general, for any stage within the Pliocene the same pattern can be observed: greater continentality and aridity in the east than in the west.
pubs.usgs.gov /of/1994/of94-023/15_Borisova.html   (1672 words)

 KGS--Bulletin 169--Raasch and Unfer
Whereas the faunal criteria were readily communicable by means of faunal lists and range charts, the sedimentationaI, based to a large extent on visual inspection of grain size and sorting characteristics, were conspicuously less so.
Nevertheless, at this highly preliminary stage in the investigation, it must be kept in mind that significant as these appear, they as yet are based on single observations and still require the substantiation of multiple control.
From the foregoing it can be seen that, whereas seven major faunal zones are present in the Croixan succession of the type region, eight sedimentational cycles were discriminated in the course of this study, to which the unstudied portion of the lower Trempealeau (Arcadia-St. Lawrence-Lodi) might, on the basis of visual inspection, add several more.
www.kgs.ku.edu /Publications/Bulletins/169/Raasch   (4965 words)

 What is Stage Three?
The Stage 3 Project was born at the Institute for Quaternary Research at Cambridge University.
The ultimate goal of the Stage 3 Project was to place the spatial and temporal distribution patterns of Middle, Early Upper and Upper Palaeolithic human sites within the context of the Stage 3 climate and landscape simulations to assess the level of human response to climate and resource changes.
In September of the same year another workshop, representing faunal and archaeological objectives and results, reviewed the reconstructions provided by the climate and vegetation workshop, and in its turn prepared a list of publications to represent the gist of the archaeological part of the Stage 3 Project.
www.esc.cam.ac.uk /oistage3/Details/OIS-3a.html   (1899 words)

 Kungurian Stage --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
The regional stages are necessary and important because they are based on strongly provincial faunal zonations in stratigraphic successions that...
The theatrical stage known as the thrust stage projects into the audience and is surrounded on three sides by the audience.
The thrust stage, which is also called the open stage or the platform stage, was used in the corrales of Spain's Golden Age of theater (beginning about 1570) and in the traditional No theater of Japan.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9046437?tocId=9046437   (854 words)

 Waurn Ponds Creek Revegetation - Stage 2
to provide faunal habitat, to encourage wildlife to the suburban area, to protect the species of fauna already living in the water and on the land.
Its faunal value would be by providing tall trees, as well as open areas for ground-feeding birds.
Faunal values are in a wide range of birds which make use of the riparian areas, and in the vegetation which will shade the water in the creek.
home.vicnet.net.au /~fofwpc/Revegetation_2.html   (1571 words)

 Evolution: Glossary
Specifically in humans it refers to the stage of development after the appearance of bone cells, a process occurring 7 to 8 weeks after fertilization.
Before the widespread acceptance of continental drift, the existence of former land bridges was often invoked to explain faunal and floral similarities between continents now widely separated.
For example, a caterpillar is the larval stage of a butterfly or moth.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/evolution/library/glossary   (13323 words)

 Forest Faunal Systems of Lasting Forests
Faunal edge may not be a line (solid line shown as E) but a tunnel, " a volume", to be estimated by the manager.
The stages differ by SAF type but the name tends to be that recognized as the mature or final, most stable stage.
The discreteness of each stage is related to the units used, the area, and the magnitude of the range of difference between the disturbed and the final condition.
fwie.fw.vt.edu /rhgiles/forestfauna/chap7-II.htm   (18096 words)

 The Archaeologist's Laboratory: Exercises - Using Microscopes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A petrological microscope has a polariser and a circular, rotating stage, and is used to identify minerals in thin-sections.
Rotate the stage so that these lines are vertical and note the position of 0o on the stageís scale.
Now rotate the stage until the crystal turns fl and record the angle through which you had to rotate the stage to make this happen.
www.chass.utoronto.ca /~banning/Labs/312lab13.htm   (544 words)

In this early stage of excavation our naming system for the stratigraphy is to have a initial roman numeral indicating the area of the site (I for the upper Western coupe, II for the lower bench squares), followed by arabic numerals for major couches and letters for archaeological levels.
There were 2 lithic artifacts and 5 faunal remains recovered from this level, plus twenty-three screened samples.
Depositionally, Level I-2B is probably the same unit as Level I-2 but it includes some of the roof fall which has resulted in a post-depositional alteration of the sediments.
www.oldstoneage.com /pechiv/2000/strat2000.htm   (577 words)

 Journal of Paleontology: Correlation of the type Bashkirian stage (Middle Carboniferous, South Urals) with the Morrowan ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
On the basis of recent 4Ar/3"Ar and SHRIMP zircon geochronology studies, the age of the mid-Carboniferous boundary is estimated at 314 Ma and a horizon of early Atokan age is dated at 310.8 Ma.
Bashkirian stratotype.-The Bashkirian Stage was established by Semikhatova (1934) as the interval of rock beneath the Moscovian Stage characterized by a group of brachiopods called "coarse-ridged Choristites" (Nemirovskaya and Alekseev, 1995).
Currently, a working group of the I.U.G.S. Subcommission on Carboniferous Stratigraphy is evaluating the Bashkirian Stage as a global chronostratigraphic unit, focusing particularly on the upper and lower boundaries, the base of the Reticuloceras genozone, and the Namurian-Westphalian (intra-Bashkirian) boundary (Kullmann and Nikolaeva, 1997).
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3790/is_199905/ai_n8829138   (1392 words)

 [No title]
Irrespective of the specific choice of ordination and cluster methods and the different way these calculate faunal associations or taxon-space organization of samples, using several methods allows for consistent cross-validation of results (Harper et al.
As a further check on results, analyses were performed at both epoch and stage levels of temporal resolution.
Likewise presented are examples of the ordination diagrams at stage level of resolution.
palaeo-electronica.org /2004_1/orthida/methods.htm   (369 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Effects of Past Global Change on Life (1995)
Prominent trilobite mass mortalities appear to have taken place near the end of the Hirnantian Stage in the tropics and at the Rawtheyan-Hirnantian boundary outside the tropics.
Conodont mass mortality or faunal turnover occurred at about the same time the graptolites commenced reradiation during the time of the persculptus zone.
Faunal and geochemical studies appear to be consistent in indicating a marked biomass change near the Rawtheyan-Hirnantian boundary.
www.nap.edu /books/0309051274/html/44.html   (1073 words)

 anrepeap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Catastrophic faunal change occurs at the top of the Triassic and the Cretaceous.
In contrast, faunal and floral changes that occur at the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary are barely discernible.
The Tithonian stage was first introduced by Oppel (1865), who, unfortunately, failed to designate a stratotype.
www.utdallas.edu /dept/geoscience/anrepeap.html   (619 words)

 Summary of Citation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Murfreesboro stage is new name for lower upper Miocene deposits in northeastern NC and eastern VA. Consists of blue sand clays, typically exposed at Murfreesboro, NC, and along Meherrin River in immediate vicinity of Murfreesboro.
Throughout is areal distribution the stage is uniform and in many respects represents most typical expression of our east coast or cold-water Miocene, to which the name Chesapeake is generally given.
After its close, and during Yorktown stage, changes toward the warmer Pliocene were inaugurated and new faunal elements introduced.
ngmdb.usgs.gov /Geolex/Refsmry/sumry_2912.html   (310 words)

 Port Jackson Archaeological Project
During this initial stage the condition and research potential of shell middens and archaeological deposits in the study area were assessed to determine whether archaeological research into the local Aboriginal prehistory was feasible in a landscape as developed as that of Sydney.
Stage I clearly demonstrated that a very large number of shell middens still survive in the Sydney area (over 400).
Excavated materials, including artefacts of stone, bone and shell, faunal remains (animal bones and shell), charcoal and pumice, are being analysed.
www.amonline.net.au /anthropology/research/jackson.htm   (1206 words)

 [No title]
In general the smallest stages have the least certain dates, %and may even be uncertain in their ordering and position relative to other stages.
%Additional stages should be added to this file by placing them under the %appropriate category heading, and then by age (or stratographic group then age %if their are competing divisions of the same time block).
if (~isempty(p)) %name of other stage to access nm = tmpe(1:(p(end)-1)); %field of other stage to check fld = tmpe((p(end)+1):end); %number of the record with the information we seek %set to 0 to indicate not found yet.
www.stratigraphy.org /geowhen/downloads/Old/geologicstages1p0p0.m   (1782 words)

 Faunal Extinctions and Coral Reefs; What Can Hobbyists Do? by Ronald L. Shimek, Ph.D. - Reefkeeping.com
What most people probably don't realize is that this condition is nothing new; we are in the midst of a faunal extinction event that is at least roughly equivalent in effect to the Cretaceous/Tertiary asteroid impact that killed off the larger dinosaurs (Ward, 1997, 2000).
If your animal of choice has a feeding larval stage, there may be many problems involving the choice of potential foods.
Once the animals have reached this stage, all you have to do is grow them to a sellable or trading size.
www.reefkeeping.com /issues/2005-07/rs/feature/index.php   (8616 words)

 Vertebrate paleontology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The faunal association is, therefore, well balanced, of continental type, suggesting that, in tbe Middle Pleistocene, Capri was not yet an insland but merely an extension of the present Penisola Sorrentina.
During the Pliocene, the mammal faunal assemblages are characterized by several dispersal events, that may be related to important climatic global changes.
Actually, these changes in the faunal assemblages are not very sharp break and they result from several bioevents, chronologically separated, but that can not be kept quite disctinct one from the others.
tetide.geo.uniroma1.it /sciterra/pubdip/publicaz/07_vert.html   (6546 words)

 Geological Background
Faunal assembles from single stratum at a site should represent a section or snapshot in time of the regional faunal history.
The universe at this stage was like a balloon being inflated as matter sped outward from the point of origin.
As this enormous cloud of matter dispersed, gravity began to coalesce the dispersing matter into clouds and then to gaseous galaxies that continued their rapid outward flight to create the expanding universe known to us today.
uts.cc.utexas.edu /~bramblet/ant301/eleven.html   (6513 words)

 Deinsea 7   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Updated faunal lists are subjected to cluster statistical analyses for a quantitative estimation of chronological segregation patterns of the faunal assemblages.
The Simpson's Faunal Resemblance Index was used as the variable for the faunal correlation.
Join cluster analysis' basic pattern did separate the pre- from the post-Messinian faunas, but sampling error due to small faunal size, bias due to skewed sampling of the faunal diversity at the population level, and geographic proximity, could not be factored out.
www.nmr.nl /deins719.html   (325 words)

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