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Topic: Favela

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  Favela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A favela is fundamentally different from a slum or tenement, primarily in terms of its origin and location.
Most of the current favelas began in the 1970s, as a construction boom in the richer neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro initiated a rural exodus of workers from poorer states in Brazil.
The best-known favelas are those in and around Rio de Janeiro, where they provide a dramatic illustration of the gap between poverty and wealth, positioned side-by-side with the luxurious apartment buildings and mansions of Rio's elite.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Favela   (1142 words)

 Favela - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Favelas are often characterized by an almost total absence of numbered streets, sanitation networks, electricity, telephone service, or plumbing.
Favelas are often troubled by drug-related crime and gang warfare.
The most famous favelas are those in and around Rio de Janeiro, where they provide a dramatic illustration of the gap between poverty and wealth, positioned side-by-side with the luxurious apartment buildings and mansions of Rio's elite.
voyager.in /Favelas   (728 words)

 Rio de Janeiros Favela Tourism Off The Beaten Track,Urban Style   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Favelas would need to remain poor and officially dangerous for tourists in order to be worth visiting, and there was something voyeuristic and exploitative about visiting a shantytown while expecting it to remain ‘just so’ despite the continuous gaze of tourists.
As a genre, favela tours tend to be grouped with adventure tourism rather than cultural sightseeing, as if poverty and semi-legal conditions render favelas closer to nature than other urban destinations.
Favelas are perfect urban candidates for “off the beaten track” adventure tourism because they are marked off from the rest of the city by geography.
www.fas.harvard.edu /~drclas/publications/revista/Tourism/mahieux.html   (1790 words)

 What is a Favela?, Belo-Beaver Partnership, Park Presbyterian Church, Beaver, PA,   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Favela is not the name of one particular place; all Brazilian cities have favelas.
Favelas are not the result of inner-city decay; the houses in the favelas are built by the people who live there, the favelados.
Favela houses are often first built of wattle-and-daub, and as time goes by, families improve their houses with brick and cinder blocks.
www.parkchurchbeaver.org /belofavela.shtml   (546 words)

 Claus Bantel - Favelas
Favelas (illegal settlements or shanty towns) are a typical scene of the contemporary city in Brazil and in other developing countries with an fast economic or population increase, which results in an explosive and uncontrolled growth of the cities.
The first Favelas in Brazil grew up on the beginning of the 20th century in Rio de Janeiro as a result from the immigration of land workers from the less developed northern regions.
The Favela syndrome is a big social, and mostly an ecological problem for Brazil.
www.clausbantel.de /www_gb/txt_favelas.html   (403 words)

Living in a favela is an alternative to living in some suburb and spending as long as 4 hours commuting back and forth (if your train makes it on time, that is).
And if you are ready for the plain truth, favela residents are often very proud of their community, and would not consider moving elsewhere.
Visiting a favela in Rio is considered a highlight by many international visitors, who are always favorably surprised at the warm reception they get from residents.
www.ipanema.com /rio/basics/e/favela.htm   (629 words)

The prevailing view is that the favelas are just a transfer of poverty form the country to the city and are responsible for the negative effects of over-urbanization.
This in not the case of the favelas closer to the city.
Since these favelas are located on marginal land, in a prime location, they live in constant fear that developers will come in and remove their homes to make way for new development.
www.macalester.edu /courses/geog61/chad/thefavel.htm   (2047 words)

 Untitled Document
The first recorded favela was in the early 1920's, made up of about 839 of these houses, even though squatter settlements have existed in Rio since the late 1800's.
The first of these favelas were located on the hillside because of no rent and their central location to the city, utilities and work.
Today, there are over 500 favela communities existing within the city of Rio and comprise about a third of the total population.
www.baroni.net /claudia/problems.html   (746 words)

 Favela Rising
Favela Rising is the electrifying story of a man and a movement, a city deeply divided and a vision for a community finally united.
Zimbalist and Mochary also taught favela children to use digital video cameras so they would be confident and competent enough to document their own lives.
In fact, several remarkable sequences in the film were captured by local favela youth.
www.timeandspace.org /tsl/calendar/0602/favela.htm   (1043 words)

 SFist: SFIFF: Favela Rising   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The movie focuses on Anderson Sa, who lost his brother to what has been deemed "the Massacre," when the police entered his "favela" (which is the term used for poorer Rio neighborhoods), Vigario Geral, and killed 21 innocent people to avenge the killings of four police officers by a local druglord.
AfroReggae’s primary success lies not in its international recognition, but in the effect it has had on favela residents (not just the Vigario Geral favela where it was founded) in reducing violence, in bridging the gap between favela residents, the police, and the cartels, and in offering youth and young adults an alternative path.
While there are a few superficial similarities in that all underscore the poverty, violence, and daily struggles faced in the favelas, "Favela Rising" was unique because it shed light on some of the more public heroes from Vigario Geral, one of Rio de Janeiro’s more than 600 favelas.
www.sfist.com /archives/2006/05/01/sfiff_favela_rising-print.php   (533 words)

 Favela Faces: Introduction 1/3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The first favela - Morro da Providência - like those that would follow, was the result of a serious shortage of affordable housing for low-income workers—and the government’s unwillingness or incapacity to provide that housing.
While long established favelas in the Zona Sul and Zona Norte have relatively good access to basic urban services, an explosion of new favelas in the Zona Oeste (where the population living in favelas is growing at the rate of 400% per year) have raw sewage in the streets and no running water or electricity.
In favelas - which make up the bulk of the households without these urban services - residents use illegal connections (gatos) to water and electricity, and sewage is often dumped straight into rivers, drainage ditchs, and lagoons.
www.favelafaces.org /intro_eng.html   (343 words)

 Daily Collegian - 'Favela' documentary featured on campus
Jeff Zimbalist: A favela is a Brazilian word that describes a slum, shanty town or ghetto near the peripheries around the hills in urban areas in Brazil.
When we showed the film in the favela they loved it because their stories are never told.
While, 99% of people living in the favela, (and ghettos in the US) are hardworking innocent people and their stories aren't told enough.
www.dailycollegian.com /home/index.cfm?event=displayArticlePrinterFriendly&uStory_id=e6fd3638-7231-4602-bda8-23493b51eedf   (1797 words)

 CNN - A century of poverty in Rio's 'favelas' - August 7, 1997
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (CNN) -- It was 100 years ago that the first favela, or hillside shantytown, appeared on the outskirts of Rio De Janeiro.
However, Mayor Conde downplays the connection between the favelas and drug trafficking, noting that cities without the former still have the latter.
And despite the obstacles, his new campaign to improve the favelas has sparked hope in people like Noemia Farias, who has raised nine children and 32 grandchildren in a tiny home with no running water where she's lived for decades.
www.cnn.com /WORLD/9708/07/brazil.favela.anniversary   (384 words)

 Welcome To Favelas Mexican Grill
In 1990, a young Veronica and her father Elisardo Favela found a need for a new style of Mexican restaurant; it would be a casual style with festive surroundings.
The Favela’s “Familia” believed strongly that the values they established would eventually lead to success.
After fourteen years, Favela’s is ready to expand into the Sacramento market finding a niche in the West Sacramento area.
www.favelasmexicangrill.com   (507 words)

 Favela Rising Interview, Part One: Jeff Zimbalist - Cinematical
Mochary was calling from a favela (slum) in Rio de Janeiro to tell Zimbalist he had found a story the two of them had to make into film, about a movement in Rio called Afroreggae, and the two men behind the movement, Anderson Sa and Jose Junior.
In the favelas, that’s there, that sense of cause is clear and very tangible.
There is a mild 'favela' music wave creeping through the dance underground right now (you can google 'diplo' or search pitchfork.com if you want more info), not the same music scene that this film covers.
www.cinematical.com /2006/01/16/favela-rising-interview-part-one-jeff-zimbalist   (2028 words)

A slum, a favela, is the result of an unjust socio-economic system in the country and in the whole world.
Whereas in the favela the women only show their breasts when nursing infants, the women in that district do so while the men pass through on their way to work, even when in the company of the priest.
The favela residents aren't anti-social, but simply poor people who, because of their low income, cannot afford decent housing and therefore nail together huts made of boards on the edge of the city.
www.southerncrossreview.org /1/favelapref2.html   (3882 words)

 HBO: Favela Rising - Synopsis
Favela Rising exposes the gritty reality of life in Rio's slums, where the average weekly salary is only US$13 (a drug soldier can make $600), and violence and murder are commonplace.
While living in the favela with Sá and Junior, Zimbalist and Mochary taught youth members of Afro Reggae and a group called Nos do Cinema how to use DV equipment, often leaving cameras with the children when they returned to NY.
This footage reveals some of the more violent episodes of the favela and proves to be some of the most visceral, authentic scenes in the film.
www.hbo.com /docs/programs/favelarising/synopsis.html   (545 words)

 Alejandra Favela
Favela, A. and Torres, D. Educational Border Crossers: Recruiting and Retaining New Minority Teachers.
Favela, A. and Wolf, L. Partnering with Districts to Promote Success for Novice Teachers and their ELL Students Oregon Association of Teacher Educators Conference, Portland, OR.
Favela, A. and Exposito, S. Reflective voices: Valuing immigrant students and teaching with ideological clarity.
www.lclark.edu /faculty/afavela   (405 words)

 World Environment Day 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
This article is printed with permission from Viva Favela, the first Internet web site to focus on the needs and interests of low income communities.
Viva Favela started in July 2001 to allow those living in shantytowns throughout Rio de Janeiro the opportunity to write about the human, cultural, economic and social dimensions of their communities referred to as favelas.
In Rocinha, Brasil, one of the largest favelas in all of Latin America, a green renewal is taking hold.
www.un.org /Pubs/CyberSchoolBus/wed/2005/vivafavela.asp   (984 words)

 Favela Rising (2005)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Favela Rising is one of those gems that gives a new meaning to human transformation.
I remember how hopeless some situations were in the Favelas and how decadent the society was due to the governments neglect.
He talks about the police corruption, and how the communities were so immobilized by drugs and gangs that you couldn't visit family members in other Favelas you had to meet in a neutral location.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0455949   (557 words)

 Brazil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a critical issue, and is in part attributed to the country's economic inequality, considered one of the world's highest according to the Gini coefficient index.
Poverty in Brazil is most visually represented by the various favelas, a great number of slums in the country's metropolitan areas and in upcountry remote regions with low rates of economic and social development.
The Northeast region has chronic problems due to the semi-arid climate in the inner regions, as its periodic droughts affect millions of people [2].
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Brazil   (4780 words)

 www.myspace.com/favela_rising   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Favela Rising opens in New York City June 2 at Village East Cinemas (181 2nd Avenue at E 11th St).
Favela Rising is a powerful documentary and a film with a very different agenda.
The directors and producers of Favela Rising are giving all proceeds back to the community where it was filmed and to the Afro Reggae movement.
www.myspace.com /favela_rising   (506 words)

The wedding became a real festival, very gay for us but a torment for the bride and groom who only danced once and otherwise could only let themselves be admired by their relatives, many of whom had come from far away.
City sewers empty into the favela and the filth pours into a ditch and oozes alongside the water spring.
The problem of how to get from the dripping, muddy favela to the city was solved in the classic manner: the prefect happened to be visiting and he drove us in.
www.southerncrossreview.org /2/mazul2.html   (2705 words)

 Solo, The Law of the Favela
In the slums of Rio de Janeiro, the favelas, soccer might be the only chance to escape from the omnipresent atmosphere of violence and crime.
Solo, The Law of the Favela focuses on this dream of a number of boys against the background of the everyday life in the favela, at the time of the World Cup Soccer Championships in the USA.
After this match Leonardo is forced to choose: either to continue playing in the favela with his friend or to go to a big club alone, where he can earn money for his mother.
www.frif.com /new97/solo__the.html   (380 words)

 favela - Search Results - MSN Encarta
housing in Brazil, batucada music (audio clip), carnival in Rio de Janeiro, pictures of favelas, poverty among native South Americans, quotation,...
The mayor's office is the dining room and the city is the garden.
Carnival did not take on its present spectacular form in Rio until the 1930s, when the dance known as the samba emerged in the favelas (shantytowns)...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/searchdetail.aspx?q=favela&pg=1&grp=art   (99 words)

 Reason: Illegal Cities: Life among the Third World’s squatters
In the favela squatter settlements of Rio, law and order is privately maintained by local drug lords, and there is hardly any crime, comparing favorably in this regard with most Rio neighborhoods served by the city police.
For years, favela dwellers stole electricity from exterior transmission lines and obtained their water from plastic pipes run through the narrow alleys and stairways from exterior sources.
Whatever their official legal status, these transactions are recognized within the favela as valid.
www.reason.com /0508/cr.rn.illegal.shtml   (1528 words)

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