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Topic: February 2004

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In the News (Sat 25 May 19)

  February 2004
Katie Lynn Forry, infant daughter of Todd and Deby Forry of Laramie, was born and died Thursday, Feb. 19, 2004, in Ivinson Memorial Hospital of Laramie.
Survivors include her husband, of Sheridan; a brother, Tim Winslow of Buffalo; and two sisters, Susan Young of Bridger, Mont., and Patricia Durham of Gallatin Gateway, Mont. Memorials may be made to the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter, 84 East Ridge Road, Sheridan, WY 82801.
17, 2004, in Chandler, Ariz. She was born Sept. 22, 1927, in Sheridan to Martin and Edna Timm.
www.thesheridanpress.com /February2004.htm   (8939 words)

  Waxy.org: February 2004
February 13, 2004: I was cc'd on an e-mail from EMI's lawyers to my ISP, stating that I'm in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.
February 19, 2004: Downhill Battle is organizing Grey Tuesday, a day of coordinated civil disobedience in protest of EMI's attempt to squash this album.
February 23, 2004: The law firm of Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman (representing Capitol Records) has started e-mailing cease-and-desist notices to the websites that are participating in the Grey Tuesday protest tomorrow, whether they're hosting the album or simply changing the colors of their homepage.
www.waxy.org /archive/2004/02/index.shtml   (681 words)

 Blog 702: February 2004
To judge from the review, the book (which we have not read) argues that university research has become too financially intertwined with the world of commerce, and that the integrity of the scientific enterprise is suffering as a result.
On the reversibility issue, the court articulated at least three characterizations of the evidence absent which it could not sustain the regulations against constitutional challenge: a "reasoned medical opinion," an "articulated medical basis," and "strong medical evidence." If these expressions mean different things, it is the third, seemingly, that will govern.
The February 9 edition of the New Yorker reports on a controlled study undertaken by Dr. Kenneth Allen, a professor of dentistry at NYU, establishing beyond reasonable scientific peradventure that chewing gum in class will raise your dental anatomy grade from a C+ to a B-.
www.daubertontheweb.com /2004_02_01_archive.html   (4558 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Weblog
February 23: Blogger and BBC journalist Stuart Hughes is blogging from Iran at the moment, including a videoblog.
February 6: Guardian Unlimited Politics reports that Labour is considering turning Tony Blair into a blogger for the next general election to make the campaign an 'engaging dialogue with the British people'.
February 2: Wired has a story about a portable geek gym that allows one to run and surf the web and check email: in other words, the things any non-geek goes running to get a break from.
www.guardian.co.uk /weblog/idx/0,6799,1137060,00.html   (2995 words)

 February 2004 Archives - Netcraft
NSI is trying to prevent the legitimate relocation of the domains with newer and ever-changing technical hurdles," Strato said in a press statement.
Netcraft has developed a service to help banks and other financial organizations identify sites which may be trying to construct frauds, identity theft and phishing attacks by pretending to be the bank, or are implying that the site has a relationship with the bank when in fact there is none.
The most recent Web Server Survey found some 58 hostnames running web sites that resolved to this ip address, and one would presume that SCO is unconcerned about their availability, since it would have been possible to give www.sco.com its own ip address in the prelude to the DDoS.
news.netcraft.com /archives/2004/02/index.html   (4014 words)

 man of lettuce: February 2004
February 25, 2004 in Politics, Sydney tribes
February 22, 2004 in On the job, Sydney tribes
February 19, 2004 in On the job, Sydney tribes
jafablog.typepad.com /man_of_lettuce/2004/02   (1206 words)

 Slant Point: February 2004 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He'll be asking the question of whether the protests were legitimate dissent of a threat to homeland security, and whether police actions are serving the...
I may be convinced that the reason Republicans don't do a great job of reaching out to communities like Blacks and Hispanics is simply this: Democrats do it, and their pandering while doing so is disgusting.
February 28th will feature an opportunity for anyone and everyone in the NYC area to protest John Kerry regarding his many opposing stances on war.
www.slantpoint.com /mt-arx/2004/02/index.php   (4027 words)

 February 2004 Archive | Memento
Yikes, I've been too focused on getting the 26th February issue of Shounen Ace (which hopefully will contain a new chapter of Evangelion) to the point that I forgot that there is a new chapter of Fruits Basket inside this week's Hana to Yume.
In Furuba's case this time around, there won't be any new Furuba chapter until April 5th, 2004.
I can't wait until the anime series is screened in Japan this upcoming April 2004.
www.designchronicle.com /memento/archives/2004/02   (1814 words)

 Preoccupations: February 2004
February 28, 2004 in Commerce, Education, Politics & Society, Web/Tech
Topics you should be well aware of and have detailed notes on include: language and style, set pieces (ie, the opening), the narrator's role and place, irony, idealism, the three estates and society, characterisation...
February 18, 2004 in 6.2, Literary Criticism, Literature
www.preoccupations.org /2004/02/index.html   (8267 words)

 Flying Chair Archives: February   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By Phil on February 13, 2004 at 06:35 PM I thought the girl selling her virginity on Ebay was one thing but this is, well, another.
By Phil on February 13, 2004 at 10:47 AM Nancy Kissel appeared briefly in Eastern Magistrates Court this morning only for her committal to trial to be delayed for at least another four weeks.
By Phil on February 09, 2004 at 06:30 PM Further proof that Senior Chinese Officials simply can't wrap their heads around the concept of a free (ish) press was revealed when a senior Guangdong politician started threatening to sue.
www.flyingchair.net /archive.php?month=2004-02   (5943 words)

 February 2004
The purpose of the measures is to facilitate the integration and interchangeability of as many management positions as possible within the department's organisational units in order to improve the co-ordination of foreign policy and development policy activities as well as to save resources.
There are two target groups for this consolidation of the management structure: those who have held managerial posts in the SDC co-operation offices and career diplomats with several years experience representing Swiss interests abroad who have experience in the development field or have professional experience in a developing country.
On 3 February 2004, the Swiss national, Ambassador Anton Thalmann, was elected as chairman of the newly established UN working group to negotiate an international instrument against the illicit proliferation of small arms and light weapons.
www.eda.admin.ch /eda/e/home/recent/press/press_old/press/02.html   (4235 words)

 February 2004 Archives
February 12, 2004 – The Mercury Theater On the Air
February 14, 2004 – Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (Challenge of the Yukon)
February 26, 2004 – Academy Award®/The Bashful Bachelor (1942)
home.comcast.net /~iscreve/February_2004_Archive_Page.htm   (128 words)

 Honduras This Week Online - February 2004
Last Wednesday the 18th of February, journalist Renato Alvarez was sentenced to two years and eight months jail for defamation.
Javier Darío Restrepo, 2004 This week, the Habeas Data law, to be ratified any time now into Article 182 of the Honduran Constitution by the Honduran National Congress, was condemned by local and international organizations as evidence of a serious threat to freedom of expression in the country.
It was a rare cold and rainy night, last Wednesday the 18th of February at the National Stadium “Tiburcio Carias Andino” in Tegucigalpa for the “friendly” clash between Latin American rivals Honduras and Colombia.
www.marrder.com /htw/2004feb   (1260 words)

 February 2004
Kimesha is planning to graduate at the end of the summer term with her Associate of Arts degree.
A film and video fest will be held February 9 through 11, from 10 a.m.
Our overall theme for 2004 is “There's No Place Like Home” which gives you many avenues for your Team theme.
www.brevard.cc.fl.us /news_cocoa/February2004.htm   (1776 words)

 BrothersJudd Blog: February 2004 Archives
To reach these conclusions all she had to ignore was: the reasonably normal evolution towards liberalism and industrialization of tsarist Russia; the nature of totalitarianism in the USSR, the gulag, and the 20 million murdered by Stalin; two atomic bombs, with their accompanying death toll; and the imperfect but improving condition of Putin's Russia.
Bush aides have been saying that he was going to present a vision of an ownership society, to differentiate between his programs that provide choice and accountability and the Democrats' programs, which, in their view, do not.
It's is not given to every generation to have a clear vision and an real opportunity to cure the defects of the manner in which society is arranged, but our generation enjoys just such a vision and opportunity.
brothersjuddblog.com /archives/2004/02   (17188 words)

 doubting thom: February 2004 Archives
As far as I'm concerned, a vote for Bush in 2004 from anyone I know and love quite simply is a statement of ignorance, hatred and scorn, and I will no longer need that person in my life.
Yesterday the temperature reached an almost-balmy 60 degrees, the skies were clear and the sun continued to shine after I left work, and today promises to be similar (if perhaps turning a little cloudy later in the day) with the weekend temperatures also predicted to be in the high 50s.
I drove on a small, broken dirt road to the monastery to find a group of 20- to 30-somethings who were in the process of restoring it in order to turn it into a commune.
www.thomwatson.com /2004/02   (6778 words)

 Living in Dryden: February 2004 Archives
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED_that at its regularly scheduled Board meeting held on February 19th, 2004; the Board of Trustees of the Village of Dryden unanimously adopted Local Law 001-004.
At the January 27 meeting, Councilman Michael proposed "that the Town approve a contract at the February meeting, and if the departments like it they can sign it and send it back." Perhaps negotiations continue.
The preliminary 2004 budget is also available for comparison, though I think it's the much less detailed version that was earlier referred to as a "coversheet".
livingindryden.org /2004/02   (13212 words)

 gwendolyn: February 2004 Archives
Even with all the horrible things that had happened to me before I met Terry and the depressing situation that was a miscarriage at fifteen and then constant turmoil and solitary confinement at home for the rest of my years there, I liked who I was and what I was.
Now I just am a little sad and thought to myself that if there is any truth to the theory of reincarnation, that I hope I get a better shot at childhood next time.
I have a couple of things, as a mother of small children, to say about all of the freaking out everyone is doing over the Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake performance last night.
www.gwendolyn.us /archives/2004_02.shtml   (2956 words)

 somefoolwitha.com » 2004 » February   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You are currently browsing the somefoolwitha.com weblog archives for February, 2004.
Posted on Thursday, February 26th, 2004, early evening.
Posted on Saturday, February 21st, 2004, early morning.
www.somefoolwitha.com /2004/02   (284 words)

 BeyondVC: February 2004
Another interesting company was IMlogic which has a platform to allow you to integrate existing enterprise applications with IM.
I am at Demo 2004, and it is great to feel the positive buzz in the room.
As we reviewed the 2004 budget and dove into the technology department and product deliverables for the year, it was clear that the developers were getting pulled into many different directions.
www.beyondvc.com /2004/02/index.html   (2274 words)

 stone: February 2004 Archives
Three years from now they will have caught on to what we were doing in 2004, but then it will be too late for them to catch up.
On the Yankee or Dixie quiz, which is kind of funny as I have spent perhaps 4 weeks of my life total in the Southlands.
I never thought much of his political chops, as the skills required to run a 98% white, homogeneous collection of rural hamlets are poor preparation for the extended interest groups, ethnicities, lobbies and caucuses of an enormous country.
www.cenedella.com /stone/archives/2004/02   (6334 words)

 TheCorporateCounsel.net Blog: February 2004 Archives
For accelerated filers, the compliance date was the first fiscal year ending on or after June 15, 2004 - the new compliance date is the first fiscal year ending on or after November 15, 2004.
For those companies who have already held their 2004 annual meetings, and would therefore have less than the requisite 30 days, these must be filed 30 days from Tuesday.
The February edition of "Carl's Corner" is up - and deals with analysis of boilerplate agreement provisions.
www.thecorporatecounsel.net /blog/archive/2004_02.html   (7217 words)

 This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow: February 22, 2004 - February 28, 2004 Archives
« February 15, 2004 - February 21, 2004
February 29, 2004 - March 06, 2004 »
The problem in the year 2004 is that the body politic is also suffering from multiple wounds and blunt force trauma, we're in the emergency room and it's a damn mess and there's blood everywhere and the doctors are working furiously but it's anybody's guess how things are gonna turn out.
www.thismodernworld.com /weblog/mtarchives/week_2004_02_22.html   (3981 words)

 ResourceShelf » 2004 » February
February 29, 2004 at 10:22 am · Filed under Uncategorized
This paper by Jeffrey Pomerantz and Frederic Stutzman from the University of North Carolina has been submitted to JCDL 2004.
February 29, 2004 at 2:22 am · Filed under Uncategorized
www.resourceshelf.com /2004/02   (1665 words)

 Kids Lit: February 2004 Archives
Luckily, it enhances rather than detracts from one of the main themes of the book: being different is not only OK but has power.
The Lambda Literary Foundation is "devoted to the recognition and promotion of gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual writing." They have released their list of finalists for their literary awards.
Website for this author of the 2004 Coretta Scott King Honor Book, The Battle of Jericho, which happens to be at the top of my reading pile.
kidslit.menashalibrary.org /archives/2004_02.html   (3527 words)

 Maud Newton: Blog
Despite the city’s high crime rate, around seventy percent of the books are returned when the passengers disembark.
Unfortunately, once we got to the station, the police officer had never heard of spam and I couldn’t seem to explain it properly to her.
In the aftermath of the, um, probing examination of the state of Henry James’ testicles (scorched), Michael Wood and Jonathan Ames have launched the Literary Dick.
maudnewton.com /blog/?m=200402   (2491 words)

 Cox & Forkum: February 2004 Archives
You will have to excuse us Iranians for our lack of sympathy for these so-called reformers: Just ask yourself, as we ask ourselves, where they were while Iranian youths were being beaten, tortured, abducted, maimed, and deprived of their legitimate rights to continue their university studies.
But despite our disappointment with the Khatamists, Iranians were nevertheless given an occasion for joy and pride on February 20, the date of our most recent elections, and of the momentous boycott of them.
Throughout the day on February 20, I went to different parts of Tehran to observe for myself what was going on at the polling stations.
www.coxandforkum.com /archives/2004_02.html   (7102 words)

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