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Topic: Fecundity

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  Infertility & Impaired Fecundity Statistics
The term impaired fecundity is defined as difficulty conceiving or in carrying a child to term.
The percent with impaired fecundity increased to 10.2% in 1995 from 8.4% in 1988.
The trends with regard to impaired fecundity and infertility among older childless women appear to be associated with two factors: delayed child bearing and the very large numbers of Baby Boom women who have moved into their reproductive years.
statistics.adoption.com /infertility_impaired_fecundity.php   (620 words)

 Plotinus [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Without in any way impairing the unity of his concept of the Intelligence, Plotinus is able to locate both permanence and eternality, and the necessary fecundity of Being, at the level of Divinity.
Being is necessarily fecund -- that is to say, it generates or actualizes all beings, insofar as all beings are contained, as potentialities, in the 'rational seeds' which are the results of the thought or contemplation of the Intelligence.
The intelligible type is identified as the palette upon which the various colors and hues of intelligible Being are made visible or presented, while the sensible type is the 'space of the possible,' the excessively fecund 'darkness' or depth of indeterminacy into which the soul shines its vivifying light.
www.iep.utm.edu /p/plotinus.htm   (8030 words)

 Infertility - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Another way to look at costs is to determine the cost of establishing a pregnancy.
Thus if a clomiphene treatment has a chance to establish a pregnancy in 8% of cycles and costs $500, it will cost ~ $6,000 to establish a pregnancy, compared to an IVF cycle (cycle fecundity 40%) with a corresponding cost of ($12,000/40%) $30,000.
In the UK all patients have the right to preliminary testing, provided free of charge by the National Health Service.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Infertility   (2049 words)

 Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek mythology
The Muse of the sacred hymn, eloquence and dance.
A Cretan goddess associated with the poppy seed, fecundity and perhaps sleep and death.
Who stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind.
www.pantheon.org /areas/gallery/mythology/europe/greek   (403 words)

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