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Topic: Felching

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A quick search outside e2 provides a whole wealth of resources claiming to know what felching is, and one or two who claim to perform it on a regular basis.
Those who prefer to think of felching as a sexual act involving small animals quickly descend into urban myth, exchanging the same story of a gerbil-related mishap that it is claimed appeared in the LA Times.
It should also be noted that despite the implication that one would felch out one's own semen, there is the possibility of felching out the ejaculate of another, previous lover.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=29515   (714 words)

 Felching! - Page 6 - The Cult
So cute, but Opus is still tops with me. Maybe I'll call you Chilly Willy, instead.
If you don't stop talking 'bout felching I will have to kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i knew what felching was before i read it
www.chuckpalahniuk.net /community/showthread.php?t=15733&page=6   (383 words)

 Felching: How to do it and why you shouldn't@Everything2.com
As we all know, felching primarily refers to shoving rodents up one's bum.
Felching is not gerbiling, which is an urban myth.
We're aware of the fact that this is not felching but give the node creator artistic licence (for now).
everything2.org /index.pl?node_id=910805   (1088 words)

 b3ta.com board   (Site not responding. Last check: )
-->(scratchresistor hasn't ever practiced moebius felching as of, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 16:51, archived)
-->(scratchresistor hasn't ever practiced moebius felching as of, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 16:53, archived)
-->(scratchresistor hasn't ever practiced moebius felching as of, Thu 5 Oct 2006, 16:59, archived)
www.b3ta.com /board/6398702   (317 words)

 Sugarzine : Sex
Research tells me that while felching (the "a" definition), at least porn-wise, was more prevalent in male homoerotica, the current mainstream adult entertainment market is largely devoid of such behavior.
While the general consensus (among my crew of experts, anyway) is that the activity is somewhat of a fringe fetish...it's also likely that extremely high risk behavior such as this is taboo...and that's probably for the best.
Regardless of its rarity, however, felching is not a myth.
www.sugarzine.com /site_11.02/sex.html   (436 words)

 cum felching
That WILL be a walrus or hippopotamus, cum felching then she looked down at her hands, and was surprised to see if she had tired herself out with cum felching cum felching poor child, cum felching I never was so much surprised, cum felching for the hot day cum felching her feel very sleepy and.
And cum felching tried to curtsey as she passed; it was very likely true.
Alice was soon submitted to by cum felching fire, licking her paws and washing her face--and she is such a thing.
just1as.info /9/cum-felching.html   (551 words)

 felching, felching pictures
Felching is sucking your cum out of someone's arse.
Felching is a particulary common practice among Arab men.
A largely gay practice, some people like to then pass the spunk back and forth from their mouth to their partners mouth.
www.magicplants.co.uk /porn/felching.html   (98 words)

 Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.
Felching (from what I've been told) is a nasty combination of necrophelia and cunnelingus.
and felching is receiving the fruits of your labors in your mouth from the recipient rectum.
02:27:53 AM Felching is the insertion of a tube in your anus and then forcing a small rodent down the tube and up into your anus.
www.aintitcool.com /talkback_display/6361   (1116 words)

 Female First Forum :: View topic - Felching: Hot or Not?
Felching is a sexual practice in which semen is sucked out of another person's vagina or asshole after a vaginal or ass cream pie.
I had thought it was the injection of fluid water beer choc milkshake and the inserting a drinking straw.
It's not easy to find an accomplished felching guy, but I'm a girl that is turned on by being felched so I'm always looking.
www.femalefirst.co.uk /board/viewtopic.php?t=87151&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=   (500 words)

 Did Sylvester Stallone Start Richard Gere Felching Rumor? - The Hollywood Gossip
According to Sly, Gere thinks he did start the hilarious, yet also disturbing “felching” tale that dogs Richard to this day.
As Stallone tells it, the bad blood between the two all started when he and Gere had a falling-out on the set of the 1974 flick The Lords of Flatbush.
Felching is the act of sucking semen out of a persons anus.
www.thehollywoodgossip.com /2006/12/did-sylvester-stallone-start-richard-gere-felching-rumor   (692 words)

 Barbarian Answers Your Questions! Archive for 18 October 2000.
Felching is analingus after anal intercourse, usually with the intention of sucking the ejaculate from the anus.
If everyone involved is a willing participant of legal age, I really have a hard time calling anyone's sexual proclivities "disgusting." Personally, I don't understand "Body Modification," but I can't say it disgusts me just because it's not my kind of thing.
I've also seen numerous claims that activities like felching are only performed among homosexuals, but that is flat out wrong.
pages.ripco.net /~barbarian/archive_18OCT00.html   (830 words)

 Pastor Chris Scam   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The mission of Felching Wombats home For Disenfrachisd youth: To enhance the quality of life for all members of the global community, especially those who are poor, suffering, or are otherwise disadvantaged.
Felching Wombats home For Disenfrachisd youth will respond to all people in need regardless of race, religion, national origin or social position.
Please have some of the little tykes write a brief sentence about how they love to felch wombats and send it to me. I know that Charlie Manson would be so happy to see the words from the little orphans themselves.
users.aristotle.net /~sternodox/pages/pastor_chris2.html   (7371 words)

 ZUG: Comedy Articles: Prank Call to Reebok
The name of the fictitious company was "Felcher and Sons." If this doesn't strike you as hilariously, uproariously funny, it's because you don't know the true meaning of the verb "felch," which is one of the most vile, stomach-churning sexual acts imaginable.
I mean, it is so gross that I would not felch Natalie Portman, even if both the Olsen twins were willing to pay me $1,000 to watch.
(But at least I'm not felching him.) I have built an airtight case that Reebok knew good and goddamn well what they were doing when they embarked on their quest to put FELCHING in the homes of six billion Super Bowl viewers.
www.zug.com /gab/index.cgi?func=view_thread&head=1&thread_id=28776   (796 words)

 What Is Felching !?!?
I would really like to enjoy the experience of felching my girlfriend but I have one problem.
Sounds pretty silly to 'really' want to do something to your girlfriend and not know what it actually is. Well let's hope she can hold you to this one.
felching is to ingest your semen from the ass you just deposited it into.
www.askthecouch.com /emailit.asp?article=17   (208 words)

 Expand My Search For Armageddon felching news story   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Perhaps you are looking for other information about another subject related to Expand My Search For Armageddon felching news story.
Maybe you need information on other subjects than Expand My Search For Armageddon felching news story.
Whether you are looking for products or services directly or indirectly we provide flexible search and information allowing you to find the best deals and cheapest prices on Expand My Search For Armageddon felching news story.
www.newslocator.com /newslocator/news-locator3/Expand-My-Search-For_Armageddon-felching-news-story.html   (211 words)

Felching, the activity in which so many of today's hip kids and jocks partake, being when someone, having just accomplished anal sex with another, decides to orally extract the product of their union.
The head of this felching/chicken fetish cult is Nix, who was forced to resign thirteen years earlier due to a sex scandal involving hot dogs and bologna.
When Swann is killed by a cyanide laced rubber chicken, Beckett and Dorothea decide to engage in some rich felching, which allows Barker to show off his skill as a director.
homegame.org /HG/j-l/loi.htm   (1074 words)

 AskMen.com - Edgeplay
How to use it in a sentence: "We engaged in a little edgeplay last night, and I thought I was going to die, man."
Felching involves ejaculating into a woman's anus and then sucking or licking the semen out.
A more tame term, "frottage" refers to rubbing against someone for sexual pleasure without actually engaging in sexual penetration of any kind.
www.askmen.com /love/love_tip_150/174b_love_tip.html   (836 words)

 CREAMPIE FELCHING: Tired of searching for Creampie? This way! Teen creampie!
creampie felching Creampie Pretty Mom And Blacks Interracial Ffm hentai creampies men who swap cum filled asses free whores was to creampie creampie felching her Ex Wives wife must internal cumshots at May 15, 2006 at the creampie felching review true dirty aly you have.
He creampie felching Jerks Off November 18, 2006 0843 AM Free Amateur creampie suppries free hentai creampie felching us and my pussy and a teen american single moms bbw Cum jeanswing creampie Filled Cunts models featured in pussy penis uncut cumshots.
Creampie Cuckold Husband I was creampie felching already a for single russian middle aged russian babe blonde anal creampie surprise.
kaligula.ifastnet.com /creampie-felching.html   (796 words)

 The Churning » Unacceptable Topics for Dinner Conversation
Sure, I’d be glad to tell you what “felching” means.
[No– not the one about open sore porn] I was shocked that some people dont know what felching is. Apparently, though, my discourse on the ‘c-bomb’ wasnt received too well.
felching is certainly worse than a cleveland steamer… or maybe i’m just partial to things named after cities in ohio.
www.thechurning.com /2006/09/08/unacceptable-topics-for-dinner-conversation   (828 words)

 Pastor Chris Scam   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In that case we would be unable to donate to your cause until the beginning of fiscal year 2004, which begins in mid-July.
Although it would pain me to see the Felching Wombats Home For Disenfranchised Youth wait until July for the funds, there is nothing I personally can do to change board policy.
I think it would be a good idea, in order to facilitate the transfer of the funds, for you to draw a simple sketch of the building, showing its dimensions and how the rooms will be laid out.
users.aristotle.net /~sternodox/pages/pastor_chris.html   (5821 words)

 Porn Director Fights Ratings Board For Single-X Rating
But I refused to cut the felching scene.
I mean, come on, it's 1997, and we've still got societal hang-ups about octuple-daisy-chain felching?"
Actress Chasey Lain, one of the stars of Oral Arguments 7, agreed with her director.
www.theonion.com /content/node/29713/print   (542 words)

 ftwcumeater's Profile - Man Looking For Men, Gay couples (2 guys) or Bi Couples (woman and bi man) for a "discreet" ...
Like cum, dick, ass eating, felching, and some piss.
I like hairy sweaty armpits, hooded dick, hair, daddies, licking, sucking, rimming, ball play, hand ball, felching, piss, outdoor sex and talking dirty.
Hairy sweaty armpits, hooded dick, hair, daddies, licking, sucking, rimming, ball play, hand ball, felching, piss, outdoor sex or talking dirty.
outpersonals.com /p/member.cgi?dcb=gaypost&who=UmFuZG9tSVYW5r_E8zqtfhO9ZLYgOUDQbXZn1rAswgTSw5ey7Y3w8hC3rhCiuuV92TvpF9rxqzlIXM9tPnOH0ylxG_CEkr1K6Qs0B5rH2OvDg7CfVKt_6D0jmLrpU_CS63YqjYT8RPR9YZXWTy8/KYINIF_QmH882tiaCKEr5EfpYEGbCgmCGVGlOkQp/BE9&mid=3576614_80363   (222 words)

 TheTongue.net - The Tongue Adult Reviews ExtremeGirlNetwork - Ass to Mouth Extreme Felching Hardcore Size Queen Stars ...
To tag this review you must Login first.
Like a whore hall of fame ExtremeGirlNetwork enshrines one filthy piece of fuckmeat after another for your viewing pleasure.
You must Login if you wish to add a comment.
www.thetongue.net /review.php?full=6   (346 words)

 gay cum shot - cum eating on Gaydemon
Twink friends with perfect young bodies kissing with mouths full of cum.
Felching explained and discussed in more detail on wikipedia - free encyclopedia.
Gay couple exchanging their warm and juicy cum from mouth to mouth.
www.gaydemon.com /directory/fetish_and_BDSM/cum_eating   (865 words)

 Bareback Bedroom Two - 11454
Kevin's abs shimmer with sweat as he releases all his sexual energy into his partner.
Rob then turns around and cleans Kevin's cock, sucking out the last bits of sperm, and they share this moment by Kevin turning Rob over and felching out his own jizz from Rob's well-worked hole.
Kevin then obliges Rob sticking his still wet cock back in his spermed butt, and fucking the cum right out of the muscle boy.
www.spunkvideo.com /index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=1454   (1967 words)

 The Betty Hubbard Clinic-Felching Pump
Ever had the situation where a gerbil or other small rodent has become lodged in an inconvenient, uncomfortable or embarrassing place, and even a plumbers mate won’t budge the little blighter?
What you need is the patented Pneumatic Felch Pump guaranteed to shift any solid or liquid mass that is blocking progress.
: patented felching pump, plastic glove, tissues and a free sachet of WD40.
www.port88.freeserve.co.uk /felch-pump.htm   (326 words)

 Like Anna Karina's Sweater: June 2006
Their conversations were entirely inappropriate for a ten year-old, but it was quite an education in salty slang.
(I was the only kid at school who knew what felching was.
I was somewhat surprised (and a bit relieved) to hear similar reactions from many of you.
www.filmbrain.com /filmbrain/2006/06   (4816 words)

 anal cream felching pie
Posted: June 28, 2005, 8:48 pm Post subject: anal cream felching pie
Really to find the anal cream felching pie in Google.
I know a web-site where there is a anal cream felching pie.
bigsexguide.org /anal/page723.html   (372 words)

 *Phassy*Freaks*4Eva* - *Mick*Jones*Is*So*Sexy* -   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Calling All Phassys The New Felch Pump Is Here, "Just Squeeze Release And Go"
Not only did it work a treat but it is the only Felch pump available that's officially approved by the British Felching Association"
The Boiz From The O.C Certainly Take A Fancy To Felching: Bringin Friends Together.
www.freewebs.com /phassy_freaks/phassyfelching.htm   (192 words)

 Creampie eating, felching - creampie eating pictures and creampie eating videos.
This site is all about creampie eating (also called felching).
Creampie eating, sometimes called felching, is a practice in which a person sucks creampie right out of his or her partner's pussy (pussy creampie eating) or ass (anal creampie eating).
Cum can then be swallowed, or passed to another person during the kissing - this act is called snowballing, or the lesser known squeegeeing.
www.creampie-felching.com   (277 words)

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