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Topic: Felix Steiner

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Felix Steiner at AllExperts
Felix Martin Julius Steiner (May 23 1896â€"May 12 1966) was a German Heer and Waffen-SS officer who served in both World War I and World War II.
Felix Martin Julius Steiner was born on May 23, 1896 in Stallupönen, East Prussia.
Steiner had always been one of Hitler's favourite commanders, who admired his 'get the job done' attitude and the fact that he owed his allegiance to the Waffen SS, not the Prussian Officer Corps.
en.allexperts.com /e/f/fe/felix_steiner.htm   (865 words)

 Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (BDA) Rudolf Steiner Biography
It was typical of Steiner, however, that these studies did not occupy all his time, for he attended nearly as many courses at the University of Vienna as he did at the Institute.
Felix Kogutski was a licensed herb-gatherer who sold medicinal plants to the city's pharmacies and the botanical department at the medical school.
His appearance in Steiner's life led to important developments, as if he were a signpost from an ancient spirituality to the roots of a new approach to the spirit, just as Felix himself brought his medicinal plants from the country into one of the world's leading cities.
www.biodynamics.com /steiner.html   (3434 words)

 Aberjona Press: Waffen-SS Encyclopedia
Felix Steiner was a participant in the 1917 fighting against the Russians, during which Stosstrupp (“shock troop”) tactics were mastered.
Steiner was convinced that the future of warfare lay with small groups of highly-trained, elite soldiers.
Steiner, in particular, was able to get a feel for the political climate in the eastern Baltic, which featured Russians and Baltic Germans attempting to maintain political power in the face of Communism and local nationalist aspirations.
www.aberjonapress.com /catalog/wss/excerpt.html   (4428 words)

 The three jewels of Buddhism in relation to Anthroposophy
Steiner strongly disagreed with the assertion that Christ would reincarnate, and lectured widely on Christianity in an attempt to show the true meaning of the incarnation.
Felix was the herald, as it were, of another personality, who served as a means to stimulate in the soul of the boy [Rudolf Steiner] - who indeed already lived in the spiritual worlds - the regular, systematic qualities one has to have in order to gain knowledge in the spiritual worlds.
In the same lecture, Steiner says of the paths and steps that he was led to follow “These particular streams that pass through the occult world, which can be recognized only if one bears in mind a double stream moving forward and backward, appeared in a living way before the boy’s soul.
www.southerncrossreview.org /16/kirchoff.htm   (6147 words)

 It (Almost) Happened Here Part 3
The battle ended in a stalemate— the Americans were forced to temporarily pull back, but the German forces in the area lost a third of their men and nearly half their planes, giving Steiner a chilling clue about what he could expect from his newest enemies.
In Dublin, meanwhile, British armor and infantry divisions had made it as far as Victoria Quay and were surrounding Felix Steiner’s headquarters inside the Parliament building.
Felix Steiner, monitoring the broadcast from his private office inside the Parliament building, lost what little fighting spirit he had left and blew his brains out with his service pistol; British infantrymen found his body less than half an hour later.
www.changingthetimes.net /samples/ww2/it_happened_here3.htm   (3166 words)

 Amazon.com: "Felix Steiner": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
FELIX STEINER Despite this unfavourable outcome, the effective deployment of the storm battalions gave some of the younger and more innovative members...
under the command of SS Standartenfhrer Felix Steiner, and "Germania" in Hamburg, under SS Standarten- fhrer Karl Demelhuber.
Steiner had been an officer in a Stosstruppe (assault troop) during World War I, and...
www.amazon.com /phrase/Felix-Steiner   (515 words)

 Battle of Narva - Battle of the Tannenbergstellung (1944) Information
Nonetheless, the formations of SS-Gruppenführer Felix Steiner's III SS (Germanic) Panzer Corps halted their withdrawal and fell into defensive positions on these hills.
The corps was bolstered by the newly arrived Kampfgruppes of the Belgian volunteer units, the 5.SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade Wallonien and 6.SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade Langemarck.
Logic stated that Steiner's corps must be close to collapse, however the men of Armee Abteilung Narwa continued to hold, throwing back every Soviet attack and grimly holding the Grenadierhöhe and 69.9 Höhe.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Battle_of_Narva_-_Battle_of_the_Tannenbergstellung_(1944)   (1756 words)

 Schwerdt Online: News Release
Official results of the election were called into question by Chancellor von H&uumul;rtgen after the count showed Steiner had won by a mere 1,956 votes.
Hürtgen alleged that several of the ballots were duplicative or forged, noting that the bulk of those ballots came from the Kantu region where Steiner was in command.
Steiner maintained all along "There were no irregularities in absentee balloting overseas and my obvious support at home is a clear withdrawel of Hürtgen's mandate."
www.freewebs.com /schwerdt/news/041003-1.htm   (312 words)

 III (Germanic) SS Panzer Corps Information
The Panzerkorps was formed in April, 1943 as a headquarters for the 5th SS-Panzergrenadier-Division Wiking and 11th SS Volunteer Panzergrenadier Division Nordland.
The corps was placed under the control of former Wiking commander SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner.
Brought back to the Oder Front and placed under Steiner's German Eleventh SS Panzer Army, the corps participated in Operation Sonnenwande and the final actions east and north of Berlin.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/III_(Germanic)_SS_Panzer_Corps   (354 words)

 Amazon.com: "Felix Steiner": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
FELIX STEINER Despite this unfavourable outcome, the effective deployment of the storm battalions gave some of the younger and more innovative members...
under the command of SS Standartenfhrer Felix Steiner, and "Germania" in Hamburg, under SS Standarten- fhrer Karl Demelhuber.
Steiner had been an officer in a Stosstruppe (assault troop) during World War I, and...
amazon.com /phrase/Felix-Steiner   (520 words)

 SS-Gruppenführer, Felix Steiner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
- Felix Steiner was born in East-Prussia in 1886.
- In the picture, Steiner is still holding the rank of SS-Gruppenführer, but he was later promoted to SS-Obergruppeführer and ended the war near Berlin, commanding a whole army.
- At Nurenberg trial, all charges that concerned crimes against humanity and other war crimes were rejected against Steiner and his divisions and Felix Steiner died at his home in 1956.
www.silentwall.com /WaffenSSPortraits2.html   (140 words)

 Steiner at AllExperts
Steiner is a German surname that is derived from the word Stein, meaning stone.
*Felix Steiner (1896â€"1966), German Heer and Waffen-SS officer
*Hillel Steiner, Professor of Political Philosophy and a Fellow of the British Academy
en.allexperts.com /e/s/st/steiner.htm   (162 words)

 Carl Savich » Kosovo Conflict
The fifth photograph from the top shows SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner, one of Adolf Hitler’s favorite commanders,  inspecting the Finnish Volunteer SS-Battalion “Nordost” on May 23, 1943 with SS-Obersturmbannführers Hans Collani (left), the commander of the battalion, and Finnish Liaison Officer Kalervo Kurkiala (second from left), and Finnish Major Erkki Kokko.
Steiner was the commander of the 5th SS Volunteer Division “Wiking”, to which the Finnish Nazi SS Battalion “Nordost” was attached.
Steiner commanded the SS Regiment Deutschland before the formation of Wiking.
serbianna.com /blogs/savich/?cat=1&paged=2   (2370 words)

 Military Antiques of Georgia
This engraved silver presentation cup was given to SS Gruppenfuhrer Felix Steiner apparently to commemorate his promotion to the rank of SS Gruppenfuhrer and is dated 1.12.40.The cup stands about 3 inches tall and has a diameter at the mouth of slightly more than 2 1/2 inches.
The cup is engraved as being presented to Steiner by "...die SS - Pz.
The cup has German silver proofs and an 800 silver content mark stamped on the bottom.
www.militaryantiquesofga.com /germanww2/SteinerCup.html   (91 words)

 Axis History Factbook: Review - SS-Wiking
Another key factor in this division was its commander, Felix Steiner.
This gave him the opportunity to infuse the whole division with his spirit, which segues nicely into the second section, Training.
One of the things Steiner wanted to avoid was the bloody battles of attrition he remembered from the First World War.
www.axishistory.com /index.php?id=5650   (648 words)

 Luftwaffe Autographs
Werner von Blomberg “ Pour le Merite” WW1.Generalfeldmarschall and Cdr of German Armed Forces pre war.
General of the Waffen SS, and Felix Steiner KC with Swords also General of the Waffen SS.
Private photo of Gille with Steiner and 2 others wartime signed.
www.bpstamps.co.uk /misc.htm   (180 words)

 Mailgate: comp.os.misc: Re: A new OS is needed...
In article <4ec0ba47.0201060628.3fe36fa@posting.google.com>, Felix Steiner wrote: > Good afternoon > > Thanks for the idea with a better.net/java support and the old > Linux-kernel.
I already had got it - before I forgot it.
Please, write me. > I'm willing to help you, I have a concept.
mailgate.supereva.it /comp/comp.os.misc/msg01387.html   (459 words)

 GENERAL FELIX STEINER :: Commanders :: THIRD REICH :: Landmark Military Books
GENERAL FELIX STEINER :: Commanders :: THIRD REICH :: Landmark Military Books
Excellent biography of this key Waffen SS general which is well illustrated with some great photos.
A J Press - Guns and Tanks
www.landmarkmilitarybooks.com /GENERAL-FELIX-STEINER-pr-1109.html   (91 words)

 BigCharts - Symbol Look-up
BigCharts was unable to find a security, fund or index matching "flsy".
Felix Steiner Ag Falco Linsen Ag Felix Berger Ag Flagg Nv Flox Nv Fallag
Flagey Sa Flexo-Line Sa Folies Douces Sa Fales Sa Felix Potin Sa Fleka Spa
bigcharts.marketwatch.com /symbollookup/symbollookupresults.asp?symb=flsy&country=all&type=all   (150 words)

 Rafael Capurro: Publications
Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag (2002) Schriftenreihe Medienethik, Bd.
Franz Steiner Verlag (2004) Schriftenreihe Medienethik, Band 5.
2) H.-G. Steiner, Hrsg.: Mathematik - Philosophie - Bildung (1982).
www.capurro.de /publi.htm   (3680 words)

 Shutzstaffel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
It developed into the elite corps, known as the "fl shirts"
Some of the men who helped shape the SS was Paul Hausser and Felix Steiner.
Both of who helped pick the 100 men to start the SS with some of them being Fritz Witt, Sepp Dietrich and
www.kawvalley.k12.ks.us /schools/rjh/marneyg/archived_projects/2001Holocaust/01_shutzstaffel_TPT.htm   (326 words)

 Historicus Forma :: Historical Miniature Magazine in UK?
"...A Sleazy Romantic" SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner Describing his boss, Reichführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
"My most insubordinate general..." RFSS Himmler describing SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner
If is is still R & J who produce it there website has not been updated in ages.
www.hfmodeling.com /modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=87935&page=1   (212 words)

 Schutzstaffel Beschreibung in Library - Definition und Buch-Tipp.
Sechs Offiziere der Waffen-SS (Hauser, Steiner, Dietrich, Gille, Wille und Bittrich) hätten sich in der militärisch aussichtslosen Sachlag
l SS-Obergruppenführer Felix Steiner, hätten die später als "Hochverräter" verurteilten Männer des 20.07 1944 nicht gemeldet, als diese in ihrer Anwesenhei
In Paris habe die "örtliche Waffen-SS" den Putschisten der Wehrmacht zu verstehen gegeben, da
schutzstaffel.know-library.net   (2738 words)

 Axis History Factbook: 11. SS-Panzer-Armee
SS-Panzer-Armee (also known as Armeegruppe Steiner and Armee-Abteilung Steiner) was formed in the end of January 1945 and consisted of a mix of units from the Waffen-SS, Heer, Luftwaffe and even Kriegsmarine.
In April 1945 Steiner was ordered to attack the Red Army forces advancing on Berlin but by then the Panzer-Armee had almost ceased to exist and it ended the war at Eberwalde.
Do you have any corrections or additions to the material presented on the site?
www.axishistory.com /index.php?id=489   (140 words)

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