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Topic: Feminist spirituality

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  Spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spirituality is, in a narrow sense, a concern with matters of the spirit, however that may be defined; but it is also a wide term with many available readings.
One aspect of 'Being spiritual' is goal-directed, with aims such as: simultaneously improve one's wisdom and willpower, achieve a closer connection to Deity/the universe, and remove illusions or false ideas at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspects of a person.
Spirituality, according to most adherants, is an essential part of an individual's holistic health and well-being, by developing an awareness of a "transcendent dimension" to life.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Spirituality   (749 words)

 Feminist spirituality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Feminist spirituality is a class of religious beliefs in which certain feminist ideas play an important role.
Some feminists find the worship of an all-loving goddess, rather than a god, to be consonant with their views.
Feminist spirituality may also object to images of God that they perceive as authoritarian, parental, or disciplinarian, instead emphasizing "maternal" attributes such as nurturing, acceptance, and creativity.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Feminist_spirituality   (321 words)

 Feminist spirituality -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Feminist spirituality is a class of religious beliefs in which certain (A supporter of feminism) feminist ideas play an important role.
Some feminists find the worship of an all-loving (A female deity) goddess, rather than a (The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions) god, to be consonant with their views.
In those cases, the notion of (The supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe; the object of worship in monotheistic religions) God as having a male gender is rejected, and God is not referred to using male pronouns.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/f/fe/feminist_spirituality.htm   (340 words)

 CTA Spirituality/Justice Reprint
Feminist spirituality points us towards a contemporary spirituality, a new world view: it is a cry for wholeness in a world and a church intent on division and domination, on power rather than on perspective.
Feminist spirituality follows the Jesus who sought out tax collectors and zealots, women and children, Pharisees and paralytics pronounced to be in sin, and raised them all to the full height of their souls, and of his.
Feminist spirituality brings with it a new image of God to liberate both women and men from the God of the medieval courts and ancient battlefields, the rules and the stopwatch, the transcendently distant and the powerfully masculine.
www.cta-usa.org /reprint1-98/chitti.html   (4615 words)

 Whole Earth Review: Feminism in Jewish spirituality
Just as the basic feminist insight that "the personal is political" emphasizes the connections among all those aspects of experience we have been taught to see as separate and oppositional, the heart of Jewish theology is the affirmation of the unity of all being.
In contrast to models of spirituality that emphasize detachment or otherworldliness, Jewish spirituality is rooted in the interrelationship among study (in the larger sense of learning and teaching), prayer (including reflection, shared visions and communal celebration), and social work for justice.
Feminist reconstructions of the origins of Judaism in ancient Israel are another example of research that questions longstanding assumptions about the status of women and the nature of Jewish beliefs.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1510/is_n75/ai_12245268   (1423 words)

 Encyclopedia: Spirituality
Jump to: navigation, search Oneness is a spiritual term referring to the experience of the absence of egoic identity boundaries, and, according to some traditions, the realization of the awareness of the absolute interconnectedness of all matter and thought in space-time, or ones ultimate identity with God (see...
In metaphysics and esoteric cosmology, a plane of existence (sometimes called simply a plane, dimension, vibrating plane, or an inner, invisible, spiritual, or supraphysical world) is a theoretical region of space and/or consciousness beyond the known physical universe, or the region containing the universe itself.
Spiritual evolution is the philosophical/theological/esoteric idea that nature and human beings and/or human culture evolve along a predetermined cosmological pattern or ascent, or in accordance with certain pre-determined potentials.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Spirituality   (3728 words)

 Feminist spirituality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Feminist spirituality refers to certain kinds of religious beliefs in which certain feminist ideas play an important role.
Some feminists find the worship of an all-loving goddess, rather than a god, to be consonant withtheir views.
Feminist spirituality may also object to images of God that they perceive as authoritarian,parental, or disciplinarian, instead emphasizing "maternal" attributes such as nurturing, acceptance, and creativity.
www.therfcc.org /feminist-spirituality-8477.html   (307 words)

 Catherina Halkes: Feminism and Spirituality
Major elements of American feminist spirituality are interpreted in a European context as promise and challenge for Christian theology and liberation.
SPIRITUALITY presents a sensible way to approach the subject of "feminism and Christianity." My intention is to recognize the mutual tension between them; not to reconcile them too soon, but to keep them confronting each other.
Feminist theology often rightly accuses Christianity as it is practiced of being a necrophilic religion far too oriented towards suffering and death because of the image of a suffering Christ and the influence of a specific mystique of suffering.
www.spiritualitytoday.org /spir2day/884033halkes.html   (5361 words)

 Feminist Spirituality
Feminist Spirituality is one of the topics in focus at Global Oneness.
The Feminist Witch tended to believe that Witchcraft was a religion especially suited to women because the image of the Goddess was empowering and a strong weapon against patriarchal tyranny.
Dianic Feminist Wiccans must have a Priestess present for a Circle ritual to be held and encourages practitioners to be involved in feminist and humanist issues.
www.experiencefestival.com /feminist_spirituality   (1129 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions: Wicca and Abortion Rites
Feminist spirituality promotes a belief that women are goddesses.
Within feminist spirituality a woman is taught that she is the goddess incarnate.
Practitioners of feminist spirituality agree that the unborn child is a human life, however they don't believe that life begins at conception.
www.forerunner.com /champion/wiccafaq.html   (818 words)

 Essays.cc - Feminist Spirituality And Goddess Religion In The United States
Goddess religion and feminist spirituality have increasingly been embraced by men and women as an alternative to the patriarchy found in traditional biblical religion.
Feminist spirituality acknowledges that female power is independent from all outside forces.
Although the popularity and acceptance of feminist spirituality seems to be increasing, Wicca and other groups are still not afforded the same status and recognition as other religions.
www.essays.cc /free_essays/f3/nyv246.shtml   (1924 words)

 National Catholic Reporter: Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality for Women and Men. - book reviews
Spirituality, or the ways human beings think, feel and act with respect to God, is perhaps the most revealing of the areas Ashe and Chittister explore as they consider the past effects of patriarchy and the future potential of feminism.
Rather than being a denial of the hierarchy's legitimate concern for sound teaching and unity, women's desire for an "autonomous existence" and ministerial roles commensurate with their human dignity is a protest against the excesses of patriarchy and clericalism.
Perusal of the historical record reveals giants of the spiritual life such as Teresa of Avila whose gender in no way inhibited influence, and important junctures in the development of canon law at which the prevalent tide of patriarchy and clericalism was stemmed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1141/is_n44_v34/ai_21230198   (1024 words)

 spiritual.ca - Spirituality   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Spirituality is the natural expression of one's ow...
Physical, emotional and spiritual health is in the palms of your hands.
Ghanaian leaders balancing their vocation with spirituality or letting their spirituality direct the country's progress or having "a divine mandate to lead the country into a state of total transformation," as stated by D...
www.spiritual.ca /Spirituality/all/search   (291 words)

 "Male Spirituality": A Feminist Evaluation
They "act like spiritual beings with a life of their own" (Kelsey 76), and they are ambivalent, that is, they can be turned to good or evil.
The second leg of the male spiritual movement, then, is to go from the "common feminine" to the "deep masculine." This is the "wild man's journey." Rohr holds up John the Baptist as a model.
"Spirituality," as the term is used by the men's movement, does not mean that these authors propose a certain method of prayer, stress common worship, or suggest faith-based involvement in social concerns.
www.users.csbsju.edu /~eknuth/xpxx/malespir.html   (5772 words)

 Concilium 2000/5 In the Power of Wisdom Editorial
While there are many different ways in which the multifaceted topic of feminist spirituality could be explored, we have invited the authors to inquire into the links between feminist spiritualities and diverse feminist struggles on the one hand and the importance of human or divine Chokma/ Sophia/ Wisdom as their hermeneutical horizon.
She argues that unlike traditional spirituality, feminist spirituality is not [9] expressed in warrior and fighter images or in mental pictures of war and battle but creatively uses the biblical traditions and images of Divine Wisdom-Sophia.
She describes a feminist spirituality of struggle as a boarder spirituality, a spirituality of roads, of public plazas, and of doors.
www.concilium.org /english/intro005.htm   (1402 words)

 Women and Men in God's Own Image--Joan Chittister on feminist spirituality -- Beliefnet.com
If feminist spirituality deteriorates into mere femaleness, and its goal becomes the control or diminishment of men, it would only be patriarchy's last late trick on the human race.
There is a spiritual reason for men to see women as discrete and effective public figures, as well.
It produces a sense of self-confident pride in the woman, yes, but it also requires humility of heart in the man. If a woman is a whole person, if she can do things for herself, and a man find himself compelled to recognize this, then she is clearly his equal.
www.beliefnet.com /frameset.asp?pageLoc=/story/145/story_14510_1.html&boardID=71338   (598 words)

 Feminist Spirituality
In the summer of 2001, Mountain Meadow Girl Scout Camp in New Jersey was advertised as a 'feminist camping experience [for] children of lesbian, gay, transgender...
She seems to be pointing to monastic Catholicism, not the Celtic witchcraft which preceded and later blended with Roman Catholicism and mysticism in Celtic lands.
She writes, "I hope you will be intrigued enough to investigate Celtic spirituality further on your own" and suggests her readers follow a link to celtic.com.
www.crossroad.to /News/feminism.html   (3436 words)

 Catholic World News : Morphing Catholicism into Eco-feminism
That feminists seek to make a goddess of Divine Wisdom is ironic, since they have so noticeably failed to acquire even mere human wisdom, for which their need is clearly desperate.
Surely some feminist scholars must know that the use of the feminine pronoun in Scriptural references to Wisdom is a matter of grammatical gender; in Hebrew and Greek, all abstract nouns are feminine.
Like most of feminist theology, this exercise is simply a propaganda campaign, exhibiting less intellectual honesty and scholarly objectivity than one might find in a public-relations campaign by the advertising council.
www.cwnews.com /news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=21156   (2559 words)

 Feminist Perspectives - Jesus Christ and Feminism
Feminist perspectives have often criticized various religions for their treatment of women.
Illustrations of religious abuse of females can be pointed out in the United States and internationally.
What many feminist perspectives don't take into account is that Jesus would have been one of feminism's greatest allies.
www.everystudent.com /wires/women.html   (583 words)

 EVE ONLINE | Native American Spirituality
She specifically targets purported feminists in the New Age movement, a movement several women described as politically problematic (see Monica Sjöö's work on New Age Patriarchy).
There are feminists, however, who practice Wicca, Goddess worship, paganism, etc. Although these gynocentric spiritualities share an earth-based focus with Native spirituality, we felt they certainly have a dynamic and raison d'être altogether their own.
A woman of color lent her support by remarking that spiritual principles are universal, and that all peoples simply overlay them with their own cultural coloring.
eve.enviroweb.org /perspectives/issues/native.html   (974 words)

 “WEAVING A FEMINIST SPIRITUALITY: 1) RECLAIMING THE ‘F’ WORD (A   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
I fell in love with one such feminist who sometimes wore a T-shirt saying “I’d rather be smashing the patriarchy.” Amy (who would become my life partner and soul mate) and other feminist students helped open my eyes to the reality of sexism and the promise of feminism.
Maybe the most important word in the title of the series—“Weaving a Feminist Spirituality” is “a.” Had I substituted “the” for “a,” this whole endeavor would be a very different—not to mention grandiose—undertaking.
This means that the starting point for feminist spirituality is one’s own experience rather than a theory or a sacred text or creed or someone else’s words.
www.focol.org /fvuuf/Feminist_Spirituality_1.html   (2518 words)

A croning ritual and crone herstory from the Feminist Spiritual Community of Portland, Maine.
Traces the legacy of the goddess from pre-history to patriarchy, and proposes an evolution from the dominator to the partnership model of social organization; a women’s spirituality classic.
Signs, symbols, and images demonstrate that goddess spirituality is rooted in Western civilization; a highly illustrated and readable book from this preeminent archeologist whose ground-breaking work challenged patriarchal assumptions.
www.croning.org /pages/758470   (1107 words)

 Belili: Cynthia Eller response -- 5-28-03
But I also think feminist spirituality is an important and interesting movement in both feminist and religious terms.
I know it’s hard to understand this when it comes to matters close to your heart, but it’s possible for me to like and admire individual women who advocate matriarchal myth—to even be glad that they’re contributing to the public debate—while not agreeing that matriarchal myth is either accurate or helpful.
Christian feminists often try to make themselves look more sensible and moderate by pointing to a group that is even more “extreme” than they are: in this case, goddess feminists.
www.belili.org /marija/c_eller_response.html   (1103 words)

 Anglican Theological Review: Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality for Women and Men
Feminism is asking men to wake up and see what's missing in the picture-in themselves-and to devote themselves for the first time in history to the wholesale countenance of brain over brawn, of love over hate-the only weapons women have ever had (p.
Feminist spirituality bridges the isolation of both women and men and gives both of them a chance, finally, finally, to be whole (p.
It is Ronald Rolheiser's Seeking Spirituality: Guidelines for a Christian Spirituality for the TwentyFirst Century.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3818/is_200001/ai_n8882519   (619 words)

 Feminist Spirituality: "Working" MatriFocus Web Magazine
My first work mentor was a wife before she was a feminist.
My staunch response was, "She knows what she needs." But it took me years to learn what she knew -- that full-time jobs are more than full-time, they take most of your energy as well as your time, and if you're not careful they define your life, your purpose, your relationships and yourself.
I was a workaholic before I was a feminist, so it seemed natural to work for ten or twelve hours, rush to a meeting or workshop, write for a couple of hours, and sleep a few hours before starting the process again.
www.matrifocus.com /IMB04/feminist-spirituality.htm   (1255 words)

 Feminist Spirituality of St Teresa of Avila | Doing my Homework
This expression of spirituality through feminism was, in many ways, started by Teresa of Avila in her writing of “The Interior Castle.” Her prayer communicated the femininity of a woman’s soul and spirituality has been expressed in many ways over time, yet before this image, women had been excluded from these divine realities.
In 1535 at age 20, Teresa decided that she wanted to enter the Carmelite convent of the Incarnation in Avila; yet as she was beginning her spiritual life there in 1537, she became very ill....
After her near death experience, Teresa’s spirituality enervated, resulting in a lack of devotion to her prayer life.
www.doingmyhomework.com /show_essay/4833.html   (336 words)

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