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Topic: Fencing

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Fencing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The earliest known depiction of a fencing bout, complete with practice weapons, safety equipment, and judges, is a relief in a temple near Luxor built by Ramesses III around 1190 BC.
Bayonet fencing was somewhat slower to decline with competitions organized by some armed forces as late as the 1940s and 1950s.
Their aim is to encourage "sensible" fencing and reward initiative and circumspection at the same time, in particular to reward fencers for properly made attacks, and penalize fencers for attacking into such an attack that lands, an action that could be lethal with sharp blades.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fencing   (8701 words)

 Fencing Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com
The modern sport of fencing originates in the late 19th century, when swords became obsolete as duels of honor became outlawed in most European countries and fencing, in order to survive, had to reinvent itself as a sport.
As a sport, the emphasis of the modern sporting tradition is on training athletes to win at competitions with often arbitrarily defined rules, as opposed to the older, "classical" tradition of fencing, seeking to preserve training with the sword as a means of self-defense and for the formal duel.
The clothing which is worn in modern fencing is made of tough cotton, nylon or kevlar.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/f/fe/fencing.html   (1906 words)

 Fencing Online
Although fencing is one of only four sports to have been involved in every modern Olympic Games since their inception in 1896, it has been mentioned in the past as one of the disciplines that may be eliminated from future Games.
Fencing recently underwent numerous revisions to its rules and structure to improve its value as a (televised?) spectator sport, perhaps in the hopes of improving its Olympic viability.
Fencing development is=20 asymmetrical and few other sports use the same muscle groups, so=20 this is a difficult question whose answer depends largely on what=20 aspect of your training you really want to focus on.
www.fencing.net /faq.html   (6701 words)

 The Value of Timing in Tactics
The main task of tactical fencing activities are: a) to avoid beeing hit, b) to prepare an action and, c) to score a hit.
The feeling for "fencing surprise" is inborn but, under the influence of training, it improves in that: a) the ability to recognise and take advantage of appropriate situationsincreases with practice and experience b) the resistamce to opponenent's surprise action is also increased.
Among the manifestations of "fencing surprise" are situations which: a) a competitor, usually when defending himself, takes advantage of the situation which has arisen mostly on the opponent's initative; b) the situation given rise to the "fencing surprise" is created by the fencer, mostly attacker, who imposes his movments and initiative.
www.ii.uib.no /~arild/fencing/text/tactics-txt.html   (2222 words)

 Frequently Asked Questions about Classical and Historical Fencing
Because the techniques of classical fencing evolved from the traditions of the dueling ground, the focus of the training is to enable the fencer to survive in an actual combative situation on the terrain.
Historical fencing encompasses all the weapons and styles that precede the 19th century, when the weapons were worn as sidearms for civilian defense and personal combat.
Sabre fencing as taught at the Martinez Academy is based on the Italian dueling sabre of the late 19th century which, it is important to note, is different from the military weapon.
www.martinez-destreza.com /fenfaq.htm   (4439 words)

 Fencing101: Welcome!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
I was chosen in my school: a fencing coach came in and sorted every people between the ages of 7 and 10.
Rapier fencing spread from Spain and Italy to northwest Europe, in spite of the objections of masters such as George Silver who preferred traditional cutting weapons such the English broad sword.
Fencing from a young fencer's point of view, part 1 -- Anna Zsarnóczai writes about fencing in Hungary as a child.
www.whatisfencing.com   (409 words)

 The Jack of Swords - Classical Fencing - St. Louis, Missouri   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Classical Fencing is a continuation of over 500 years of fencing and sword fighting.
Fencing is a western martial art, emphasizing form and control rather than speed and power.
The techniques are different than sport fencing but the way we teach fencing, it is a skill that lasts forever and you can continue for as long as you wish.
www.thejackofswords.com   (363 words)

 Fencing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Guildford is fairly typical of the majority of fencing clubs in the UK, in that we have (and always have had) a mixture of ages and fencing interests, from young children to pensioners and everything from purely social fencers, right up to keen competition fencers (and every level in between).
Fencing is off course a very old "sport" (if you take the definition of sport in this case to include any use of blunted or bated swords) There is, apparently, a series of reliefs in the temple of Medinet-Habu near Luxor that may well record a fencing match.
Traditionally, fencing as we know it was supposed to have taken a break during the Middle Ages due to the weight of swords designed to bludgeon their way through plate armour.
www.palus.demon.co.uk /FENCING.HTML   (1778 words)

 Fencing :: Escrime :: Fechten :: Ontario Fencing Association Homepage
Inspiring, reflective, and brimming with the author's irrepressible joie de vivre, Running With Swords is the often hilarious story of one young woman's Olympic dreams and the passion, tears, the happiness and madcap adventure that went along with chasing those dreams across the map of Europe and beyond.
The book is the remarkable story of young athletes from around the world, of the sacrifices made in pursuit of those dreams, of the friendships forged, and the joy of participation, whether on the track, in the field, on the ice, in the water, or on the piste.
As of the 2005-2006 season prior to the announcement of any competitive event or any fencing event not hosted within your regular practice venue, a request for sanction should be sent to the OFA at least 30 days before or by August 24th, 2005.
www.fencing.on.ca   (1188 words)

 PSUFC Homepage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Pennsylvania State University Fencing Club accepts students, faculty, and staff of the university as well as members of the local community.
The Penn State Fencing Club is for all levels of experience and fitness (and, naturally, all genera, phyla, species, races, genders, majors, heights and eye colors).
Finally, there is "open fencing," where members suit up and fence whomever is not fencing at the moment.
www.clubs.psu.edu /up/fencing   (385 words)

 Fencing Time
Fencing Time is designed to be easy to use without sacrificing power and flexibility.
Fencing Time is unique because it is the only program available that was created by a fencer who is both a professional software developer and an experienced tournament coordinator.
Fencing Time is currently in use by over 100 clubs and divisions nationwide.
www.fencingtime.com   (232 words)

 The Fencing Center Of San Jose
Olver, a San Jose resident, started fencing in the LA area 6 years ago when his mom signed him up for fencing lessons.
He and his friend rode their bikes to the Y where fencing was offered.
Botenhagen began fencing in the spring quarter of 1985 at Humboldt State University.
www.fencing.com /news/nr01.htm   (380 words)

 NBS Gym - Fencing
Congrats to our 7 youth fencers who qualified for the National Junior Olympic Fencing Tourney: Peter K, Christian C, Christian P, Alex M, Hannah T, David S, Sarah K! NBS Gym's Raleigh Fencers is a recognized United States Fencing Association club.
We provide all necessary fencing equipment for beginner use until you decide if fencing is for you.
Fencing is a finesse sport, requiring mental and physical dexterity.
www.nbsgym.com /fencing.html   (256 words)

 Dog Owner's Guide: Fences
To prevent digging under, bury the bottom of the fence several inches in the ground or fill a narrow trench along the perimeter of the fence with concrete.
Most fencing is expensive; if you don't have a fence and are planning on getting a dog, add a fence to the budget.
Hidden fences are sold under such names as Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Pet Stop, Dog Guard, etc. In these systems, an electric wire is placed underground around the perimeter of the portion of the yard where the dog is to be confined.
www.canismajor.com /dog/fences.html   (2216 words)

 The Fencing Center Of San Jose
The Fencing Center, founded in 1981, is a not-for-profit member based foundation to further the development of the art and sport of fencing at the local, regional, national and international levels.
When we were founded we were the only non-institutionally based fencing organization in the Central California Division.
Fencing Center and all trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.
www.fencing.com   (122 words)

 Fencing Association of Manitoba   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Manitoba Fencing Association was incorporated in 1978 as a non-profit organization and is volunteer based.
The Manitoba Fencing Association is in partnership with and funded by Sport Manitoba and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation.
The MFA is a member of the Canadian Fencing Federation and through which also belongs to the Federation International d’Escrime (the international sport governing body).
www.fencing.mb.ca   (200 words)

 Technorati Tag: fencing
Fencing - Home Depot 6 months with no payments and no interest on fencing from The Home Depot Installation Services - Installation you can trust.
April 20th, 2006 Pool fencing legislation review The State Government is putting forward a number of proposals in relation to pool fencing legislation...
Local Fence and Gate Contractors Install, repair or replace a fence with ServiceMagic screened contractors in your area.
www.technorati.com /tag/fencing   (524 words)

 Rice Fencing Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Especially if you are in the first five or so years of your fencing experience and you have taken the summers off.
We know that good information about fencing can be hard to come by, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from trying this exciting sport.
While the concept behind fencing is simple (poke your opponent and don't let yourself get poked), there are many sublteties involved that you just can't understand by reading.
www.ruf.rice.edu /~rfc   (1166 words)

Two rivals stand opposite each other and feint, lunge, parry and riposte until one scores the required number of hits to win.
Evolved from the ancient form of combat, fencing is one of only four sports that has been featured at every modern Olympic Games.
It was the first to include recognised professionals in a medals competition after modern Olympic Games founder Pierre de Coubertin arranged special events for professional fencing "masters" in the original 1896 and 1900 competitions.
www.olympic.org /uk/sports/programme/index_uk.asp?SportCode=FE   (186 words)

 Elizabethan Fencing
Until the advent of the smallsword and the French schools of fence, the Italians and to a lesser degree the
This is not to say that earlier fencing schools did not exist.
This is to reflect the spelling of the word used during the Elizabethan period and that this art is based on fencing...
jan.ucc.nau.edu /~wew/fencing.html   (546 words)

 ALBERTA FENCING ASSOCIATION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The AFA is the govening body for fencing in Alberta.
Edmonton Fencing Club is graciously hosting this year's Provincials Banquet! The Banquet will take place on Saturday 22 April, 7 p.m., at the St. Albert Inn (also a venue hotel), at 156 St. Albert Road in St. Albert.
Tickets are $35 per person, and include dinner, and lots of great fencing conversation! The AFA's Athlete and Volunteer of the Year Awards will be presented at the banquet as well.
www.fencing.ab.ca   (307 words)

 Columbia Fencing's Web Page
This is the site for the team that has won more NCAA Fencing Championships and more Ivy League Fencing Championships than any other team.
He is the author of the FIE's first written test for referees and works with referee development and testing.
Fencing in New York City, for more information.
www.columbia.edu /cu/fencing   (706 words)

 WPI Fencing Club
His family writes to say that he passed away recently, that he had fond memories of the fencing program at WPI and that his time in the club meant a lot to him.
The Fencing Club Officers, who run the club and schedule matches, are elected each year by the club members.
The club encourages Fencing Club Alumni to keep in touch and return to fence the current club teams.
users.wpi.edu /~fencing   (415 words)

 Fencing New Zealand - Home
Fencing strongly from the first round Jessica Beer stormed through the 115 strong international field from the start.
She beat the world 8th ranked fencer, Sonja Tol (Holland) for the top 16 round where she came within an excruciating 1 hit of the final of eight, surviving a broken blade and torn breeches, to lose 14 -15 to Julie Leprohon of Canada, and taking 13th place.
On the second day of fencing, she was unable to advance further, finishing with a 33rd place.
www.fencing.org.nz   (560 words)

 Martinez Academy of Arms - Classical Fencing lessons in New York City
The Martinez Academy of Arms is a unique school that preserves the tradition of fencing as the study of the sword in its realistic application in personal combat.
The structure of the school is based on that of the fencing academies of the past.
Modern competitive sport fencing and theatrical fencing are not part of the curriculum.
www.martinez-destreza.com   (426 words)

 ORIGIN - Ultima Online - Playguide
The art of fencing requires a dexterous hand, a quick wit and fleet feet.
Your Fencing skill is checked automatically each time you enter combat equipped with a dagger, short spear, pitchfork, kryss, spear or war fork.
A high skill in Fencing improves the chance that your strike will land upon an opponent.
guide.uo.com /skill_42.html   (196 words)

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