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Topic: Fenders

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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Fenders For Your Bicycle
Fenders by themselves won't keep you dry in a pounding rain, but they make a tremendous difference when you are riding roads that are wet from drizzle, recent rain, or snow-melt.
This is particularly true of racing or racing-style bikes, which often are made without frame eyelets to attach the fender stays to, and with insufficient clearance under the brake bridges and calipers to allow fenders to clear the tires.
Fenders don't extend down as far as they might for maximum protection, because the ends would be vulnerable to damage from curbs and the like.
www.sheldonbrown.com /fenders.html   (576 words)

 wooden fenders
The fenders are cut in half to avoid the brake area altogether, and custom hardware has them mounted in front of and behind the brake.
I should have cut the bottom of the fender off and installed a mudflap, because it caught on a steep curb I rolled off of, and it broke near the brake.
The fenders (hardware included) only weigh about 1/2 lb., and are very sturdy on the bike.
www.sonic.net /~maryking/wooden_fenders.html   (1242 words)

 Peter White Cycles Fenders
The stainless fenders are a bit heavier, a lot less expensive, and come in a variety of sizes; 700c x 40mm, 700c x 50mm, 650 x 40mm, 650 x 50mm, 26" x 40mm and 26" x 50mm.
I don't recomend it, since those fenders aren't as tough as the stainless Berthoud fenders, and the wind acting on the flap may cause the SKS fenders to crack.
It is not to be used on the carbon fiber fenders.
www.peterwhitecycles.com /fenders.asp   (995 words)

 WTI Fenders -- Add the finishing touch!!
The fenders are available in either white or fl gloss gelcoat or in a sandable gray primer gelcoat finish.
W.T.I. Fenders are "sandwiched" on the lower corners with stainless steel for a secure mount.
The fenders flex with the frame of the truck reducing fender stress.
www.wti-fenders.com   (313 words)

 WTI Fenders Full Fenders with Lights
These lighted fenders have the light box enclosed in the rear so your tires are not throwing debris at your lights or wires.
Where each harness fonnects to the fender is a twist coupler, this lets you disconnect the wires to remove the fenders without cutting any wires.
If your fenders need to be painted to match the color scheme of your truck we recommend painting the sandable, gray primer gel coat fenders.
www.wti-fenders.com /fenders/full-lights.htm   (466 words)

 Boat Fenders
These ribbed boat fenders are inflatable and manufactured of heavy-duty marine grade vinyl, to ensure a long life and excellent flexibility.
The ANC One-Eye Boat Fender, is a full length ribbed fender, and has a smooth, shiny surface, that is designed to protect a boat's finish.
This new fender concept provides superior protection for all types of boats, at dock side, or while boats are rafted together.
www.tmpmarine.com /pages/boat_fenders/boat_fenders.html   (443 words)

 Bicycle Fenders (Mudguards) From Harris Cyclery
Fenders include the stays (struts) and the hardware to attach the stays to the fenders only.
In addition, the use of Sheldon Fender Nuts permits periodic removal/re-installation of the fenders without disturbing the centering adjustment of your brake calipers.
Fenders don't generally come with the bolts that attach to the frame, or if they do, they're generally of crummy quality.
www.sheldonbrown.com /harris/fenders.html   (1162 words)

 Downey Off-Road
They are flared about 3” wider than a stock 4WD fender, and they have been changed from the original stock “squarish” opening to a perfectly round opening.
These fenders attach to the top of the 2WD or 4WD inner fender panels using your stock fender mounting bolts, and the fenders perfectly blend into the stock side marker lamps.
Tacoma fiberglass fenders retain the same wheel well shape and curvature, but raise it about an inch above the hood, then bulge it into a 4” wider stance.
www.downeyoff-road.com /BodyComponents/FiberglassFenders.html   (158 words)

 HEARTH FENDERS, hearth fenders and club fenders for your fireplace SNH UK Online Shop
Hearth fenders on offer are made to order and are hand made in the UK, so delivery can take up to 2 weeks from order, all fender dimentions are interal.
To find the correct size of the fender, you will need to take the measurements from your hearth (extenal) and this will be the internal of your new hearth fender.
Each hearth fender is hand made in the UK and carefully designed and hand-crafted and made to fit your individual hearth size.
www.snhtradecentre.co.uk /fenders.html   (435 words)

 SVB-Boatparts - Fenders
These inflatable Fenders feature a heavy-duty construction and reinforced eyelets on either end so they absorb collision better and last longer.
This fender is shaped like a step with rugged eyes for hang up at the railing.
The angle dock fender is fully adjustable up to 90°, ideal for corners of pontoons.
www.svb.de /html/Fenders.html   (164 words)

 Fend For Yourself
Conventional fenders always try to squeeze into the area between the tire and the brake, but one of the advantages of making your own fenders is that you aren't bound by convention.
With the stays attached to the fenders take the pair of back stays (the ones that will run parallel to the ground) and figure out where you'll need to punch the zip-tie holes for attachment to the rear triangle of your bike.
In the case of the sample bike in the photograph, the front fork doesn't have fender eyelets and there is minimal clearance between the fork and the tire.
www.mile43.com /peterson/FendForYourself.html   (2090 words)

 Fat Katz - Custom Tanks and Fenders
These hand-made, cold rolled, 13 gauge steel fenders have made a great impact on the industry and models such as the "Vegas" fender have become icons in the industry.
They also carry a line of strutless fenders, front and rear fender blanks, and like the fuel tanks, you can order custom, one-off fenders or have any type of modification done to your specs.
We are also pleased to announce our new extra wide fenders, made to fit the newest 280-300 series tires that have just been added to the market.
www.fatkatz.com /pages/fender_01.html   (281 words)

 Honjo fenders
We also have a 4 mm fender stay and 4 mm hardware (the stay and mounting posts are normally 5 mm) for lighter weight applications such as this.
Unlike less expensive fenders which attach to the frame with a tab that is either folded up out of the fender material or riveted on, Honjo fenders are through-bolted directly to the frame.
a longer threaded portion and stronger construction for use where a fender stay and a rack mount must be accommodated.
www.jitensha.com /eng/fndrs_e.html   (272 words)

 Every street rod part and kit you need
Bracket assembly must be used with fender mount 175 series disc brake assemblies or fender mount disc brake caliper mounts.
Fender brackets may be modified to fit B10720, B10730, or B10740 fenders.
Fender brackets must be modified to fit B10815, B10816.
www.tperformance.com /street_rod_store/fenders   (338 words)

 Ford Car Fenders: Fender Flares, Fender Skirts and Custom Ford Fenders that Scream Your Car\'s Presence
Fenders are those inclined metals shaped and positioned over each wheel guarding it from splashing of water and mud and also to push aside obstructions.
But somehow, there are fenders that might not be suitable to your taste or maybe, you may want to replace it to have something new.
Ford fenders are designed to install easily and fit perfectly to your Ford vehicles.
www.innerauto.com /Ford_Parts/Ford_Fenders   (468 words)

 Road Bike Fenders from REI.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This hybrid/touring fender set is compatible with disc brakes and works with frames and forks without eyelets.
These all-terrain, clip-on fenders are easy to install and remove, depending on the riding season.
This road fender set is quick and easy to mount--plus the fenders are extra lightweight and durable.
www.rei.com /category/4500787.htm   (128 words)

 Fender - Fenders - Partstrain.com
Fenders are the panel found on the sides of the vehicle located in the front of the doors.
Minor automotive accidents often are called fender benders, since an impact to a vehicle's bumper often will bend the sheet metal at the edge of a fender.
Some fenders are also ergonomically designed to avoid wind resistance and make the vehicle more aerodynamic.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByDepartment/Fender   (981 words)

 SSR Fenders - Marine Fenders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
SSR offers a complete range of marine fenders, designed and engineered to provide the correct type of protection for every conceivable situation.
The quality of SSR products - proven in installations worldwide - enables you to select SSR fenders confident in the invaluable protection they provide and in the knowledge that they will be long lasting and trouble-free.
For your fendering applications not suited to our laminated fenders, please visit our sister company Maritime International, Inc. to review their complete line of molded rubber fender systems for large commercial dock fendering applications.
www.ssrfenders.com   (161 words)

 Rivercity Bicycles Full Wood Fenders
Using only the finest hardwoods such as ash, maple, purpleheart, rosewood, walnut, australian lacewood, and wenge, the fenders are laminated with waterproof glue and finished with teak oil, which is a widely available marine or outdoor finish.
Full Wood fenders are available to our cutomers outside the local area through a phone order; simply call with your specific fitment and to check on the very latest availability of hardwood varieties and we will ship the fenders to you.
Full Wood fenders are strong enough to be mounted on a bike which is to be carried on a roof rack, unlike other fenders, which could be blown apart.
www.rivercitybicycles.com /product_info.php?cPath=27_130&products_id=505   (331 words)

 Saturn Fenders - Auto Fender @ Car Parts Wholesale
A fender is a car part which provides not just protection to your wheel well openings from the damaging effects of road debris like mud or from bumps and scratches; it can also be an accessory that can spice up your ordinary automobile.
There are also several fenders that are ergonomically designed to avoid wind resistance and make the vehicle more aerodynamic.
A fender skirt can also be a great add on, it is a removable panel that could be placed above and almost halfway the tire.
www.carpartswholesale.com /cpw/saturn~fender.html   (320 words)

 B-S Trailer: Fenders
Metal Fenders Heavy duty stamped fenders are made from 16 gauge galvanized steel.
Fenders can be drilled to fit a variety of mounting options.
Metal fender brackets for 8" and 12" fenders are available in flush mount and offset, two brackets used per fender.
www.easycartsecure.com /B-STrailer/Fenders.html   (229 words)

 Custom Fenders for Harley and American V-Twin Motorcycles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
These fenders are the finest quality fit and finish on the market today and have the stretched tight to fit look that most custom builders are trying to achieve on their custom builds.
The fenders are formed as one piece from #14 heavy gauge steel, with no center seam.
The result is a stronger and much smoother fender that requires no grinding of welds and using fillers to smooth the seam.
www.streetwalkerexhaust.com /product_Xcess_Fenders.html   (373 words)

 VeloNews Forum - Bike Talk - Re: fenders
You might be able to put a seatpost-mounted rear "fender" on.
I then ran the rear fender over the brake bridge, cutting away wht fender as needed with a razor knife.
I drilled the short leg for the brake bolt and the long one twice for the bender, drilling the fender to match.
www.velonews.com /phorum3/read.php?f=2&i=71102&t=70957   (644 words)

 Skellerup Industries Ltd, New Zealand: Fenders
For axial mounted fenders, mounting spigots are factory fitted in one end and to avoid instability the length is limited to 1.2 times OD.
Extruded from natural rubber, these fenders are ideal for handling medium loadings and are equally as appropriate to truck loading bays as they are to wharf/vessel protection.
Skellerup are suppliers and distributors of Seibu, Type 11, TTV, V and NW style fenders for wharf or vessel fendering.
www.skellerup.co.nz /fenders.html   (310 words)

 Easystow Fenders
Compare that to the 5 to 10 psi most fenders handle and it means they won't give up when the going gets tough.
But having the best fender in the world with no place to store them is not the whole solution.
Space is valuable on any boat, large or small, so we made our fenders to easily deflate, storing in a small fraction of their inflated size.
www.boomkicker.com /Fdrindex.htm   (380 words)

 GMC Car Fenders: Let Your Vehicle Stand Out in the Crowd!
Fenders are the panels mounted on the sides of the vehicle positioned in front of the doors.
As a part that provides more stamina to let the vehicle combat the toughest off-road trials, fenders likewise prevent mud splashes and road debris hits that may ruin your car style and contribute to some possible damages.
Truly indeed, GMC fenders and fender flares are for the vehicle enthusiasts who love to purchase exciting and exotic accessories for their cars, trucks, or SUVs.
www.innerauto.com /GMC_Parts/GMC_Fenders   (331 words)

 Inflatable Fenders | Boat Fenders
Tuff End fenders are for heavy duty marine applications.
Constructed from the same flexible, resilient vinyl as our Super Gard, Big B, and Hull Gard fenders, the end in each Tuff End is injection molded for extra strength and reliability.
Tuff End fender ends are made from injection molded vinyl tested to 2000 psi tensile strength, the strongest in the industry!
www.scalisemarine.com /InflatableFenders1.htm   (214 words)

 marinefenders.biz - marine fenders, dock fenders, marine dock fender, non marking gray fenders - index
The Pro-Tek line of marine fenders designed for today's generation of fine yachts is the result of 4 years of development and testing for impact resistance and environmental compatability.
A curved base that provides a snug form fit to the piling to help maximize the impact absorption of the fender and minimize impact against the piling
Unlike traditional designs our proprietary durable stainless steel anchoring system* holds the fender in place under unusually severe impacts.
www.marinefenders.biz   (107 words)

 Custom Yamaha Fenders
This Yamaha fender was inspired by '70s muscle cars and truly fit the personality of your motorcycle.
Note: All fenders are considered “custom applications.” This Yamaha Fender is shown fitted to bike equipped with stock wheels and lowered rear shocks.
These unique fiberglass Yamaha fenders are stretched and detailed with bodylines featuring an inverted wheel well that will have viewers holding their breath in awe.
www.tejasthumpcycles.com /metricbikes/metriccruiser/parts/fenders/custom_yamaha_fenders.htm   (706 words)

Fenders (mud guards) seem to be a common topic of conversation among Friday owners.
Most bike shops have some full coverage fenders for "big wheels", and some shorty fenders for 26" mountain bikes.
They may have some plastic fenders for kid's sidewalk bikes, but they will probably not be of a quality to stand up to everyday use.
bicycles.thurstons.us /fenders.htm   (244 words)

 Famed OEM and Custom Motorcycle Fenders   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
These motorcycle fenders are made of rolled steel with welded radius contours wire loom and reinforced lower edges.
With regards to roller fenders, they are made for custom narrow glides with front 18, 16 or 19 inch wheels or rear custom 7 ¼ to 9 inch wheels.
Finally, Jesse James Gunslingers fenders are for fronts with 16 to 19 inch wheels or rears with 7 to 9 inch wheels.
www.a1articles.com /article_13518_31.html   (508 words)

You will need to trim the fender stays for most applications.
Rear fender is designed to mount to EZ-1 Sport.
Good inexpensive fenders for homebuilders to adapt to their projects
poweroncycling.com /FENDERS.htm   (144 words)

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